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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The gate was slowly closing when Lu RanKong stepped on the front cover of a military vehicle in front of him and leapt over the heads of several soldiers at the entrance, dashing into the gate like an arrow. Only after landing, the soldiers reacted and raised their guns.

Lan Yu followed, slashed the forearms of two of the soldiers, making their ion guns instantly fall to the ground, and also rushed into the gate gap. The automatic door slammed shut and the soldiers scrambled to open it, pressing the alarm on their arms.

A lieutenant colonel from Goseti had come from the side after hearing the commotion, and quickly turned off the soldier’s siren.

“Commander Jiang, the two of them are rushing in!” The soldier shouted in panic.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiang said, “Just rush in, that’s Colonel Lu and Colonel K of Zata Planet.”

“I know who they are, but there are rules—”

“What are our peripheral personnel on guard duty guarding against?” Lieutenant Colonel Jiang asked indifferently.

The soldiers looked at each other and replied, “Lontan people…”

“Isn’t that enough? You should have heard about these two Colonel’s deeds, right? They have already caught several Lontan people, so since they want to go in, they must have a reason to go in.”

The soldier looked at the gate, then at Colonel Jiang, and shut his mouth.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiang patted him on the shoulder and went to the side to continue his patrol.

Lu RanKong rushed through the gate, not finding Lin Zhu’s figure. There was a large garden in front of him, and a building in the distance, which should be a ward. During the inspection, the patients weren’t allowed to disturb their daily state, so they could still be seen in their gowns, walking with the nurses. He was about to go to the ward building when he was stopped by Lan Yu, who caught up with him.

“There’s no one in front of the ward building. They should be visiting other places, don’t go there yet.”

Lu RanKong stopped a nurse pushing a wheelchair, showed his officer’s ID and asked, “Did you see an officer pass by?”

The nurse shook her head, “I didn’t meet any officers.”

“Then where did the people they were visiting go?”

The nurse knew that those who could enter the hospital today were not ordinary people, so she pointed to the back and said, “They are in the office building, listening to the director’s briefing.”

Lan Yu looked in the direction she pointed and saw a small four-story building in the shade in the distance. The two of them ran down the pathway and encountered several patients on the way. Some were sitting on benches, some were squatting in the grass on the side of the road, and the nurse was patiently by their side.

Fifty meters in front of the building stood a dozen soldiers, and around the building stood personal guards, watching the surroundings vigilantly and speaking into their intercoms. The soldiers pressed their guns on their belts when they saw the two running towards the small building.

“Stop right there!”

Lan Yu ran while pulling out his officer’s card, mouth bellowing, “Empire stationed in Tower Planet 3rd Army mecha battalion Colonel K and Colonel Lu RanKong. There’s evidence that a Lontan person has mixed into the sanatorium, now to be pursued. “

“Colonel K and Colonel Lu? A Lontan person came in?” The soldiers looked at each other and tensed up.

The two men ran closer and asked, “Did a Captain officer just approach the building?”

The soldiers, who had obviously heard of the two men, shook their heads cooperatively, “No, not a single person.”

“Then did anyone go upstairs?” Lu RanKong asked.

“No, this is the only way and not only we are here, there are guards around the building and on every floor. Emperor ChengFa and the chiefs are upstairs, accompanied by guards, and no one else went up during this process.”

Lu RanKong wiped the sweat off his forehead and finally sighed in relief, looking at Lan Yu and whispered, “He hasn’t come over yet, that’s good.”

Lan Yu asked the nearest soldier, “Where will the chiefs go next?”

The soldier replied, “They will go to the ward building to see the convalescent patients, and then they will go to the mother and child center.”

The two men looked at each other, “To the ward building…”

Lan Yu took two steps and then turned around, held out his hand to the soldier and moved his finger, “Give me two HR5s.”

The soldier said, “I only have one…”

“Give it…” Taking the tossed injection, he handed it to Lu RanKong and held out his hand to the other one. The soldier hurriedly fished out the injection and tossed it over as well.

“Shall we send them to Lin Zhu?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong shook his head, “No, just keep the place under guard. Instead of splitting up to look for someone, only the two of us will go.”

“Remember, there’s a Lontan person mixed in the hospital. Don’t let anyone upstairs, no matter who it is.” Lu RanKong admonished.

“Understood…” The soldiers stood at attention, “We will guard the place, not even a fly can go up here.”

The two walked towards the ward building, discussing as they went.

“Since K didn’t go to the office building, he should go to the ward building early to prepare, and the chiefs will go there next.” Lu RanKong said.

“Wait…” Lan Yu suddenly tugged at him.

“What’s wrong?”

“These patients and nurses should be looked at too.”

Lu RanKong looked at the patients and nurses who were sunbathing on the lawn and said, “No need to ask them, send them all back to their wards and keep them under close surveillance.” He turned his head towards the office building and waved to some soldiers from afar, “Get six or seven people…”

Lu RanKong pointed to the patients and said, “Take all the patients and nurses here to the treatment building and keep them under guard until after the inspection.”


Lan Yu saw that when Lu RanKong was talking to the soldiers, the nurses had a nervous look on their faces, and several of the patients looked over there evasively, even the one who was squatting in the lawn pretending to be a mushroom raised his head.

Lan Yu narrowed his eyes and said to Lu RanKong, who approached him, “These people have a problem.”

Lu RanKong looked at him, “These people? There seems to be too many of them?”

“They’re reacting strangely, whether they’re nurses or patients.”

Lu RanKong pondered for a moment and said, “Then go ask…”

He asked the soldier to stop and walked to the patient crouched in the lawn, knelt down to examine him, then said, “Let’s start with this mushroom.”

The ‘mushroom’ didn’t react to the presence of the man in front of him, as if he was a real mushroom, and waved its head slightly when a gust of wind blew by.

Lu RanKong looked at him for a few seconds and then suddenly stood up and said, “No need to ask, he’s just playing dumb. Let’s just take him away.”

When one of them was about to touch the mushroom, he suddenly jumped up and took two steps backwards, shouting, “Don’t take me away! Don’t take me away!”

Lu RanKong looked aghast and scurried out of the room, and in the next second, the injection was already on Mushroom’s neck.

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t have pretended, I was wrong.” Mushroom’s body didn’t dare to move, as he shouted.

Not far away, several patients and nurses ran towards them, their mouths following in panic, shouting, “Sir, sir! Don’t do this, we can’t help it, we were wrong.”

The soldiers drew their guns and pointed them back, saying, “Don’t come over, stand still.”

Those people were so scared that they didn’t dare to run further and stood still.

Lan Yu looked at the situation, he didn’t think that he was a Lontan person, but still asked, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Mushroom replied with fear and trepidation, “We are the doctors of the hospital.”

“Doctors? These are?” Lu RanKong withdrew the needle from between his neck and nodded to the other patients.

The patients stood still and nodded, and the nurses were busy proving, “Yes, all of them are doctors.”

Mushroom said with a bitter face, “The big shot came to inspect the hospital, and the top asked the hospital to do what they normally do, but do we really dare to release all the patients? What if something goes wrong? So we had to pretend to be patients ourselves.”

“We were wrong, we didn’t expect the military department to be so strict, they had to arrest us for pretending to be patients.” The closest patient kept wiping cold sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.

Lu RanKong laughed incredulously and added, “Very dedicated, you guys.”

“It’s alright.”

Lan Yu coughed with his hand against his mouth and asked, “So, have you seen anyone else pass by here?”

“No, no…” Everyone shook their heads in unison.

“None of you have ever left alone or encountered any unusual phenomenon in the middle of the day, right?”

Everyone said, “I didn’t find anything unusual, but I didn’t dare to leave in the middle, in case those big people came out of the office building.”

At that moment, the sound of beeps came from Mushroom’s body.

He took out a terminal from his jacket pocket and clicked it on, a deliberately low but nervous voice came out, “Are you ready? They’re coming downstairs soon.”

“Ready…” Mushroom glanced at Lu RanKong and Lan Yu and replied stiffly.

“But there’s good news. The big shots don’t have a lot of time, so they won’t be visiting the ward building, they’ll just leave for the next location.” The voice carried an overwhelming cheerfulness.

A few doctors in hospital gowns let out a soft cheer.

Lu RanKong whispered to Lan Yu, “In that case, the only place left that hasn’t been cleared is the medical building, and the main entrance.”

“Your father and the others won’t go to the medical building anyway, and wherever he’s hiding now, he won’t have a chance this way.”

Lu RanKong hooked his lips easily and said, “Just check the area in front of the main gate.”

“Then you guys keep working, we’ll go somewhere else.” Lu RanKong said to the doctors and instructed a few more soldiers to go back to their posts.

“Okay, okay, thanks.” Mushroom panted, “Can you please keep this a secret and not report it to the police?”

Lu RanKong led Lan Yu towards the gate and waved his hand, “Keep up the show, your acting is not bad.” Then he stopped and asked them, “Where are the two officers who came in to check out the other day?”

“Huh, there were officers who came in for screening?” Mushroom looked at the nearest patient.

The patient said confusedly, “No…”

Lan Yu explained, “Just four days ago, they came in as a patient.”

“Four days ago, four days ago…” Mushroom slapped his head and exclaimed, “Four days ago the director brought in two patients, and the surveillance showed them trying to sneak out of the ward in the middle of the night and snooping around with a murder weapon they found somewhere. Because they were too dangerous and also aggressive, they were put in temporary confinement…”

As Mushroom’s voice grew fainter and fainter, Lu RanKong laughed and continued walking with Lan Yu toward the gate, saying under his breath, “Let the officers out.”

“Yes, yes, yes…”

Not too far out, Lu RanKong’s terminal rang.

“It’s Liu Deng…” He said as he tapped on the terminal.

“RanKong, are you and K at the mental healing center?” Liu Deng asked.

Lu RanKong returned a bit glumly, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

“You two are not allowed to go in without a thorough examination—”

“General Liu, why did you send Chen YuTan and the others as well? Things almost became bad you know?” Lu RanKong’s voice got loud.

LiuDeng sighed, then he explained, “Originally the mecha battalion was there but there was a sudden situation this morning. Goseti had four teams of garrison just get on the train to become physically ill, and after examination it was determined that it was a problem with the breakfast, the ingredients weren’t fresh. At that time, the Grand Prince said to cancel today’s inspection, but those chiefs were very insistent. The latter had no choice but to get our mecha battalion to fill the number.”

“The breakfast went wrong, and also affected four teams of local garrison. There must be something wrong in the Goseti army.” Lu RanKong said.

“The results of the investigation have not yet come out. Those chiefs insist on following the usual process, and Emperor ChengFa has to take care of their ideas when the proposal to contact Lontan Planet has not yet been finalized.” Liu Deng’s voice is a bit helpless, “But fortunately, they merely checked the surroundings.”

“But something has happened, and no one has been found so far.” Lu RanKong’s eased heart became anxious again.

“Colonel K, Colonel K…” A weak voice came from behind the flower garden not far from the main gate.

Lu RanKong hung up the terminal directly and turned around quickly with Lan Yu.

Lin Zhu was staggering out from behind the flower bed, his face was pale and leaves were hanging from him. He stumbled two steps and then held onto a tree beside him, “I just… Just got invaded by a Lontan person.”

Lan Yu both exchanged a quick glance, held the injection in his hand and took a step closer asking, “What happened exactly?”

Lin Zhu held on to the tree to catch his breath, “Chen YuTan… Chen YuTan is a Lontan person. Just now outside, he called me aside, then I was invaded.” He pressed his hand to his temple and said with a painful face, “I was in a trance for a while until the Lontan person in my body had disappeared, then I slowly woke up.”

Lu RanKong stared at him without saying anything, and Lan Yu asked, “What about the Lontan person? Where did it go?”

“I don’t know, only vaguely know that he ran through the flower bed, when I was still dizzy.” Lin Zhu said.

Lu RanKong looked at him, no emotion visible on his face, then walked up to him and said, “Then leave first…”

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

“Do you want me to help you?” Lu RanKong asked.

“No, I can walk.”

When they reached the gate, Lu RanKong asked the soldier outside to open the door, pointed to Lin Zhu and said to them, “This is Captain Lin. He has been invaded by a Lontan person. Take him out of the sickbay to rest.”

The three soldiers were shocked and looked at Lin Zhu like an enemy, one of them darted to Lieutenant Colonel Jiang who wasn’t far away.

Luo Yang, who had been waiting outside the cordon, stood far away and waved at them, asking loudly, “How is it?”

Lan Yu shook his head slightly at him.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiang quickly rushed over and asked, “Did you find anything? Did you catch anything?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Jiang, I suspect that Captain Lin has the possibility of being a Lontan person. I am now handing him over to you to keep him under close guard and send him to the military headquarters quickly, without letting down your guard in the middle of the process.”

“Yes…” Lieutenant Colonel Jiang said in a deep voice.

Lu RanKong said again to Lin Zhu, “Captain Lin, you know the importance of today, so until we are sure of the identity, we have to trouble you a little.”

“I understand, I understand.” Lin Zhu smiled weakly.

Lieutenant Colonel Jiang turned his head and shouted, “More men, more men! Escort Captain Lin safely to the car.”

A group of soldiers, who were guarding the convoy, heard the order and ran over.

Lu RanKong frowned and said, “We don’t need too many men.”

Lieutenant Colonel Jiang turned his head again and ordered, “Just guard the people who came in the first few cars, the rest stay and don’t come.”

Lu RanKong thought about it and said, “Lieutenant Colonel Jiang, you have to escort them yourself. Bring an extra team of soldiers, all equipped with HR5 injections.”

“No problem…”

Lan Yu thought it was a good idea to handle it this way, regardless of whether the K in Lin Zhu’s body was out or not, as long as he was taken out of the mental hospital and then guarded.

“Then go ahead…” Lu RanKong waved his head in Lin Zhu’s direction, “You guys have to pay attention. If any sign of a Lontan person is found during this process, others immediately use the injection on him.”

“Understood, we have all been trained.” The soldiers on the side replied.

With a group of people watching, two soldiers helped Lin Zhu walk to the military vehicle, and the two Lu RanKong went back to the compound.

The gates were closed tightly with them.

“Do you think the Lontan person is still inside?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong frowned in thought and said, “I don’t know, but I can’t figure out his intentions.”

“Just keep an eye out for the unexpected.” Lan Yu said soothingly.

The two of them followed the same path to the office building, and didn’t go far when they heard footsteps coming from ahead. A group of officers and guards trotted ahead to clear the way, followed by a group of people who were talking and marching over.

The front of the crowd was a tall middle-aged alpha. This alpha and Lu RanKong had similar facial features, so Lan Yu immediately recognized him as Emperor ChengFa.

He had the same well-defined face, but Emperor ChengFa had more signs of age, and his tightly pursed mouth gave him a feeling of majesty. He talked with an old man with white hair beside him, and slowly walked towards the gate, followed by the chiefs of the planet and the director with a nervous face wearing the hospital uniform.

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong retreated to the lawn to make way, and Lu RanKong whispered to him, “That’s my father.”

“I know…” Lan Yu whispered.

“The one behind him is my elder brother Gu Jun.”

Lan Yu followed his pointing finger and recognized Gu Jun. The two brothers also looked alike, but with different temperament and eye shape, Gu Jun was a bit more handsome. Gu Jun may have noticed the gaze and cast his eyes their way. After seeing Lu RanKong, his footsteps stopped, and then a smile appeared.

Lu RanKong held his hand wrapped around Lan Yu’s half up in front of his chest and shook it twice, raising his eyebrows proudly. Gu Jun quickly sized up Lan Yu from top to bottom and nodded slightly at Lu RanKong.

Lan Yu had acted in so many scenes and had lived in the limelight and the public’s attention, but when he saw these small movements of the two brothers, it was hard not to be embarrassed. He coughed lightly and averted his eyes, but didn’t break away from the hand he was holding with Lu RanKong.

Emperor ChengFa and the elegant-looking old scholar walked in the forefront, talking all the way, followed by a few guards on each side, watching the surroundings vigilantly. In the group of chiefs behind them, someone began to ask those “patients” cordially.

One of the chiefs half-crouched down to talk to Mushroom, who played his role faithfully, his gaze blank, not saying a word.

The chief turned his head to the nurse next to him, “What is he?”

“He thinks he’s a mushroom.” The nurse hurriedly replied.

The chief surveyed the mushroom, “So he can’t understand anything?”

“He can understand, but will deliberately ignore. This kind of patient is immersed in his own world, outside intervention has little effect on him, and needs our private treatment.” The nurse answered.

The chief seemed to be interested in him and kept staring. Lu RanKong and Lan Yu stood not far away and noticed that the mushroom was getting more and more nervous and was shaking slightly.

“He seems to be able to understand our conversation, and has his own emotions.” The chief turned his head to the nurse and said.

The nurse barely managed to keep a smile, “That’s because his condition is already improving after receiving treatment from our hospital.”

Lu RanKong saw sweat starting to seep from Mushroom’s forehead and went over to him and interjected, “Mr. Chief, I know him.”

“You know him?” Chief asked.

“His family is near the military headquarters in Zata Planet, and he was recently sent here. He was very sick, we all know him. He’s clearly better now.” Lu RanKong babbled.

The chief saw the officer’s card on his chest and believed his story.

“This is much better?” The chief still didn’t quite understand.

Lu RanKong sighed and said, “He used to think he was a potato.”

“Ah, a potato? That’s not…”

“Yes, several times he almost suffocated before we could dig him out.”

The chief stood up and exclaimed, “He sure is a lot better.”

The group stood still as the old man introduced the various buildings in the courtyard to Emperor ChengFa, who turned his head as he guided him, and his gaze fell on Lu RanKong, slightly stunned.

Lan Yu saw his gaze descend, and after a half-second pause on the hands they were holding together, and darted a glance at him. That glance didn’t carry any emotion, but Lan Yu’s muscles tensed, he then subconsciously stood straight, holding his breath, his forehead also seeping with sweat.

Emperor ChengFa’s gaze faintly moved away and resumed talking with the old man. Lu RanKong glanced at Lan Yu, whispered to ask him if he was hot, and took out a handkerchief from his coat pocket to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

Lan Yu then saw Emperor ChengFa looking over again, his eyes paused on the handkerchief on his forehead for two seconds before turning around and walking unhurriedly towards the gate.

Lan Yu whispered, “Your father had seen us.”

“I was planning to bring you to him, so if he saw you, he saw you.” Lu RanKong returned with a carefree smile.

Lu RanKong tucked the handkerchief back into his coat pocket, and Lan Yu suddenly felt that the color and shape was a bit strange, and couldn’t help but bring it closer to take a look, and then fiercely threw it into his arms.

“What handkerchief? See for yourself what it is?”

Lu RanKong looked down, looked at the pink baby bib with a tender yellow duckling, before hurriedly crumpling it into a ball cupped in the palm, as he whispered to explain, “Took out the wrong one. The handkerchief is in my other pocket.”

Lan Yu stood still and didn’t say anything, remembering Emperor ChengFa’s gaze just fell on the bib, his heart was a little desperate.


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