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Chapter 86
Translated by Jouissance of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Fire Phoenix’s staring eyes made a feeling arise in Boss Jin – a feeling of tormenting this guy.

When he saw that look for the first time, he thought it must be a rational and domineering king phoenix. But now, taking a closer look, perhaps this guy really has the domineering airs of a true king, but rational and intelligent? God is always fair, at least it’s not stupid?

It’s absolutely impossible to intimidate a guy like Fire Phoenix. It’s also difficult to bribe him. The best way is to use a soft knife and start from that tender, feeling heart, so XiaoXue’s honeypot operation was a necessity! And before that, the Black Phoenix needed to be healed as well.

So Boss Jin smilingly ignored the provocation in Fire Phoenix’s words, and easily bypassed it, arriving at the black phoenix’s side. His eyes narrowed suddenly.

“…How is it? “Jin Yu looked at Jin Qian, who had finished his examination, his voice slightly unsteady.

Hearing this, Jin Qian raised his eyebrows at Jin Yu and shrugged, “You already know the general situation, why ask me? Anyway, this guy is different from Wangwang. Wangwang is a semi-finished product. No matter how Wangwang is physically, it still has its own mind. However, the one in front of us can’t be better, physically speaking. Even S-level monsters can’t compete with it, but it’s mind is gone.”

Hearing this, the expressions of Jin Yu and the other people around him changed. Shan Bailu frowned at the black phoenix that was the size of a basketball court and asked, “What do you mean? Even if it’s been mind controlled, didn’t the big boss manage to restore Wangwang’s mind before? Since it’s in good health, there should be no problem.”

Shan Bailu’s words made Li Xiao and Cheng Liang nod, but Jin Yu and Qi boss, as well as the Phoenix lying beside the black phoenix, didn’t respond. Jin Qian looked back at XiaoBai who was looking at him, a vein on his forehead bulging, but in the end he clasped his forehead and said.

“That’s not the same thing at all. How do I put it? Although Wangwang was controlled before, the nerves of Wangwang’s brain and memory center were intact. So Wangwang could recover after the chip was removed. But this big guy is different. There are also control chips in his brain, three of them even! But perhaps it’s because he had such strong feelings towards something or because his willpower was immense, he once had signs of breaking out of the control he was put under. So those people, in order to make sure he couldn’t break out of it, simply decided to go all the way and destroyed the nerves and memory center in his brain!”

Jin Qian’s words were ground out with considerable rage, “That means even if Jin Yu can take out all three control chips in this big guy’s brain, this guy will only become a black phoenix who can’t recognize anything and will rampage without a mind of his own!”

Jin Qian’s words surprised Shan Bailu, Li Xiao and others. Although they had thought that this big guy had probably experienced abuse before, they didn’t think that those people would go so far. In order not to keep their yoke tight, they even destroyed their minds!

That was when the unresponsive Fire Phoenix’s eyes suddenly flashed with a deep pain and hatred. Her mother died protecting them and their father, self-destructing in order to take down those people’s warships with her. Before they even managed to walk out of the grief of the loss of their mother, their father was captured trying to protect them. They were kept apart for ten years!

When they finally managed to track down his father, they didn’t expect the other to meet him with ruthless attack. Their father didn’t even respond to their mother’s name. Such a change almost made Fire Phoenix furious, wanting to burn the whole city of humans!!

They had only ever experienced cruelty from humans, but they were taught from childhood to get along well with humans. When Fire Phoenix saw their father’s appearance, they couldn’t help but sneer. These are they humans they were meant to be friends with?l! They did their best to treat them well, but what did they get?!

Before coming to this place, Fire Phoenix planned to die with their father. Even if their father doesn’t recognize them, their pride can’t allow them to be the puppet of human beings who would wipe their minds and turn them into the walking dead!! And Fire Phoenix thought, if they can survive this time, then even if they had to cooperate with vicious beasts, they would make sure the humans paid a painful price for their stupidity and ignorance!!

However, they had never expected this.

Looking at the faces of these people who seemed to bear them no ill intent, even if they didn’t want to admit it, they could feel a sense of reassurance coming from the young man who was frowning at their father. Coupled with this strange place that radiates energy and warmth constantly, they couldn’t bring himself to even try and kill these people.

But though these people had saved them, they would not change their mind! Humans deserved to die! Their father can’t come back, not only can’t come back, but he’d become a crazy beast who only knows how to kill!! Their hatred for humanity, in any case, will not disappear even one bit!!

Thinking this, the Phoenix, who was lying on the ground in low-spirits, suddenly burst with shocking and decisive firey energy. In the next moment, they suddenly rushed at their father furiously, their eyes filled with pain and madness.

Father, I’ll kill you. You and mother are waiting for me over there. I will go to make amends to you after killing all the humans!!


Bang thud!!

The Phoenix stared at their father less than a meter away from them with their flaming red eyes, as well as at the man who stood in front of their father idly watching them, unable, for a moment, to figure out what had just happened.

At this time, Li Xiao, Cheng Liang, Shan Bailu, Jin Qian and Wangwang, Da Bai, Xiao Bai, Baozi, ErHei and the watching beasts, all took several steps backwards. They looked at the Boss Qi who was blowing his fist with the look beasts had when watching goldfish.

Holy fuck, wasn’t that way too OP??? You fucking dismantled a super S-level monster’s strongest attack with one fist! So shameless! So damn terrifying! We’re all normal people and beasts. Where the hell did this abomination come from?!!

“Well, does it hurt? Should I rub it for you? “Jin Yu squinted at his boss.

The latter raised his eyebrows. A typical case of giving and inch and taking a mile, but he’d let him take that mile. He reached out his hand for Jin Yu to knead.

On the other side, boss Jin didn’t think boss could be so shameless. In the end, he held boss’s hand in his hand and rubbed it hard, then changed it into a pinch.

“I say, don’t you know that murdering one’s own father will get you struck by thunder? Besides, don’t you know that destroying the natural environment, especially the natural environment of a primitive forest like this, is also going to get you struck by thunder? Lastly, don’t you know that even if I just took over the site and am only taking care of it temporarily, you’ll get struck by thunder if you think you can do anything you want on someone else’s territory and ignore the boss of this place? So! ErHei! ”

At Jin Yu’s cry, ErHei reflexively summoned thunder and struck the Phoenix. Seeing the Phoenix’s dark gaze turn on him, ErHei put his tail between his legs and pushed XiaoXue in front of him.

Hey uh, your future top is staring at me, hurry and tell them, we’re all beasts, I was forced to listen to the boss so that’s why I shocked them! It wasn’t of my own volition!!

But XiaoXue didn’t see ErHei’s expressive eyes at all. All he could feel was being scorched!! He wanted to go to the East Pole Glacier!!!

Cough, chirp… [So, nice to meet you, how are you…]

The Fire Phoenix glanced coldly at this guy covered with ice dregs and turned their head away. They hated all things cold!

“Come on, look at me, look at me!” Jin Yu waves his hand and draws the angry eyes of Fire Phoenix. Then he smiles contentedly and says: “So, I just said that your actions were very horrible to the point that they will get you struck by thunder, right? And now that you’ve been hit by thunder, how do you feel? ”

Chirp. [I will kill you.]

Bang thud.

For the second time, Fire Phoenix was beaten down.

Finally, the prideful guy couldn’t take it anymore, angrily chirping. [You disgusting human! Why do you care about me!! Father is about to wake up, I don’t want him to die a mindless animal!!]

Hearing this, Jin Yu picked at his ears and shook his head. “This is why sometimes I really don’t have anything to say at people who are too hot-blooded. XiaoXue.”

XiaoXue trembled upon hearing this. Then, under the fierce gaze of Fire Phoenix, he beat his wings, gritting his beak.

Thus a certain Phoenix was half buried by ice dregs.

“To cool you down.” JinYu smiled, and the next sentence made that guy wake up in an instant. “Then I will help your father remove those chips together with the asshole doctor, and purify the mind control drugs in your father’s body at the same time. The purification process will be long. After all, your father is massive… so I’ll do it little by little. Of course, this isn’t the main point. The point is, I will try to stimulate your father’s brain nerve as much as possible, to see if it can trigger self-regeneration there. Maybe, he’ll be able to recover some sense of mind.”

Suddenly the Phoenix’s eyes lit up with flames. They were so excited that they couldn’t help themselves. Tweet?!

“Of course, I mean it, but you can see how black he is. I don’t think you can hope for a full recovery. I think the best situation is that he’ll be able to recognize you and regain some reason. As for other aspects, and for any consequences or side effects, I won’t be responsible for that,” Jin Yu said and couldn’t help but think to himself secretly, I hope this big guy will have some common sense when they wake up. Otherwise, he doesn’t know how he’ll deal with this guy burning forests and mountains for a barbeque.

Tweet! [You can rest assured that as long as you can restore my father’s sanity, I will do whatever you ask me to do!!]

All the A-level monsters led by XiaoXue can’t help bowing their heads and mourning. Another guy is going about to walk onto this path… How tragic, they even did it voluntarily. Of course, they themselves had also done so voluntarily… Goddamnit!

While Xiaoxue, in addition to mourning for the newbie and cursing their boss, also made a cross over his chest, wanting to cry. What did this guy say? How can you say that you’re willing to do anything?! Damnit, the consequences aren’t something you and I can bear!!!


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