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Chapter 69: Middle-aged balding.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The feeling of pain was never experienced before. After recovering from the pain, Wen Jin immediately turned his lower body into half the size of his original body, guaranteeing that he would not touch it casually. Then he straightened up his waist and took a deep breath against the wall.

“What kind of clothes do you wear?!” For the first time in his life, he felt the pain of his eggs being pulled. Wen Jin’s voice was filled with resentment and he looked in the direction of Dewitt.

The other person’s face was not very good-looking, but his brow slightly frowned and seemed to be scared by his just expression.

“Did you wear it?” Dewitt seemed to be looking up and down for the source of Wen Jin’s expression and finally his eyes fell on his clothes, which were just right. His eyes were somewhat surprised.

These were his clothes. Especially the coat covered with it. The Marshal’s military emblem was only owned by Dewitt in the whole empire. It couldn’t be better distinguished, but the size of it… But absolutely not his.

“Yes.” The clothes on his body looked very fit from the outside, but Wen Jin still had a lingering palpitation. When he stood up from the wall, he could not help but make his bottom smaller. After consoling himself that he would not talk about it for half a day, he started again. “A little magic, you don’t want to try that around the Uttar. What were you doing inside?” Wen Jin said, paused, as if something had been punctured and covered up in his mind again. His eyes moved down in memory, staring at the slightly bulging position beneath Dewitt without concealment, then narrowing their eyes and abandoning them. “You’re done?”

“… No.” Dewitt was very wronged. When he saw Wen Jin’s face turn white like that, his heart cracked. With these thoughts, his lower body had already recovered. “Usually that’s the case.”

How was that possible? Wen Jin subconsciously wanted to retort. He said how he did not look like it. However, he subconsciously compared the size of the tent he had just come in to see with the current situation.

The refutation that slipped to his mouth was swallowed back by Wen Jin. His ears were feverish, his head twisted and he went out without saying a word.

Behind him, Dewitt witnessed the whole process of Wen Jin’s change of face. He hooked his lips and his smile was somewhat unintelligible.

He followed Dewitt to the outside of the room and met several curious eyes. Wen Jin couldn’t help frowning.

This reflected that his face should be unfamiliar in this place. Usually, the group of people had to check in and out so much, hands and eyes brushed back and forth. If there were no Dewitt nearby, he might have been stopped long ago, but maybe it was because Dewitt was beside him that the group of people stared at him. Wen Jin thought so, turning his head and looking at Dewitt.

As for the way these people fought in the past, Chen Xiong lied to him. Chen Xiong was under surveillance because he could change into a person. His situation was similar. It was hard to explain the appearance of such a big living person and he didn’t know what his little tail was thinking.

However, when he turned his head, he did not see any confusion and embarrassment from Dewitt. The other party seemed very open and handled a few pop-up messages.

So Wen Jin put his heart down and looked left and right. Occasionally, when curiosity was great, he simply pushed the door in. The whole process was basically in front of him, followed by Dewitt, who was constantly pulling and pulling at the young person who forgot to see, so he would bump into things, or keep up with the explanations.

“Well? Aren’t you going to see the Uttar?” In this way, when Wen Jin ran through the whole floor and lingered in one of the rooms for nearly twenty minutes, he realized that he seemed to have such a task.

“I can take you around if you want to.” Dewitt said, naturally stretching out his hand and sweeping the hair glued to Wen Jin’s face behind his ears just after he had run around.

“We can’t run away…” Wen Jin did not react excessively to his actions, but looked at him with interest. “But this room is so interesting. How did you create these illusions?”

Wen Jin was attracted as soon as he pushed open the door of the room. It was still a hard corridor with steel and concrete outside. However, as soon as he entered, the whole world seemed to have been changed.

At the beginning, Wen Jin’s eyes were drawn to a primitive forest. The room had been touched by Wen Jin, but it was not too big in all. However, the primitive forest in front of him looked like an invisible end and when he came in, his feet were clearly flat. However, when he walked forward, the floor would create a touch of stone and grass according to his position. And sometimes Wen Jin clearly thought he had run a long way, but when he turned his head, he would find that Dewitt, who had not moved since the beginning, was behind him.  

This magic was amazing! According to Dewitt, it was like a simulated training ground, where the scenery could be changed at will.

“This is a holographic image.” DeWitt answered Wen Jin’s question, while partitioning the air conditioner out of a light plate to reduce the transparency of the surrounding impact.

So Wen Jin saw four walls behind these images and even the luminous surface on each wall. They formed a very mysterious intersection point in the air. Finally, he pulled out a miraculous scene of a vast grassland in the small room.

Wen Jin suddenly realized, “That’s the same as the big hammer I saw when I was in Gourmet Street… It was a hologram?” He remembered that there seemed to be one in Dewitt’s house and it seemed to be the same.

Dewitt responded, “Structurally the same.”

This was very interesting for Wen Jin, especially after Dewitt showed him how to play with all kinds of images, what sniping mode and what escape mode, Wen Jin immediately included this room in one of the items that he would have to take if he returned to Honghuang in the future.

Then Wen Jin reluctantly followed Dewitt to the direction of the supervisory office.

“Like it?” Dewitt, who looked at Wen Jin interest all the way, asked.

“Yes.” Wen Jin, who had just played, was in a good mood, with his eyes bent with a clear smile.

Dewitt looked at him, his hands hanging on the side of his legs twitched a little and for a long time he didn’t respond, when the Inspectorate was close at hand.


Cassey’s life was very hectic recently. In the past month or so, he wrote more reports than in the past year. The crisis of his middle-aged baldness was getting worse and worse. Every day when he saw the two words of the report, he could not help feeling nauseated. He deeply doubted whether he had offended any of the reporting elites in his previous life and would torture him so much in his life.

Especially two days ago, because he gritted his teeth at the interrogation brigade, he brought the trump card from the interrogation brigade. Cassey and the team had not confronted each other for a long time. It was really a shame to look for it. As a result, the interrogation was still at a loss and the trump card was almost on the barrel. Every day now, it depended on him. 

He couldn’t help but balk at once.

After reporting on the morning trial of the undercover Uttar, Cassey felt his back stiff, complaining that this kind of civilian grinding was not suitable for him at all and stood up to relax.

Just when he twisted his back, he glanced up casually and saw two people approaching him in the corridor.

To be honest, Cassey was shocked at the beginning.

Marshal’s uniform was different from that of ordinary soldiers. Coupled with Cassey’s loyalty to Dewitt for many years, it was no exaggeration to recognize it thousands of miles away. So when he saw the familiar coat, he straightened up immediately and tried to salute unconsciously, but when he looked back, he found it was not quite right.

He didn’t think it was very similar.

Cassey looked at it carefully, then looked more and found more wrong. He pushed one of the chairs beside him and felt wrong after pushing. However, his regret was too late.

There was a colonel sitting in the chair, looking straight at the screen in front of him. He frowned and twisted his head after being pushed.

“… Hey Seif, who am I Iooking at?” Cassey ignored the others ugly face and pointed to the two men who were moving closer and closer to him. The more he looked, the more he felt that the young man in the marshal’s clothes seemed to be very beautiful. When Cassey used to like to wander around the red light district, his favorite one was this type, which was very exciting to touch.

Seiffer looked at Cassey with disgust and withdrew his shoulders from his hands without any trace. His voice was serious. “He’s wearing the marshal’s uniform but he’s not a marshal. Shouldn’t you go over there? What are you doing standing here?”

“Why are you so annoyed?” Cassey glared at him. “That man has a thin body. I’m going to go up and make sure it’s done in two seconds. I’m fine again.”

Seiffer commented indifferently that the provocative Cassey almost ran away on the spot, along with other civilian soldiers who grabbed the topic in time, “Major General, Marshal is also ah, right behind that man.”

“What?” Cassey was stunned. When he looked closely, he found that Marshal was really behind him. They walked back and forth. Marshal’s eyes were always on the young man in front of him.

And amazingly, today’s Marshal was out… but didn’t bring the little fox?

Cassey, with a cold heart, took two steps forward and straightened up.

All the soldiers behind him stood up with him and the neat voice sounded in the surveillance room, “Marshal!”

Dewitt responded. He was just casually wearing a civilian uniform. The uniform that he should have worn was on Wen Jin. The scene fell on the top buckle of Wen Jin’s incomplete tie for those who were accustomed to Dewitt’s uniform in the army and to the meticulous look of Marshal’s uniform on Dewitt didn’t worry about it.

Cassey’s eyes could not help glancing at Wen Jin and the more he looked, the more curious he was. This was the type he liked. The side of his nose was very straight. With the outline of his face, it was supposed to be a handsome face. But those peach-blossom eyes added some flavor to his face. But he was dressed in the marshal’s clothes. Every time he looked at it, he had a feeling that he will not live long if he touched the boy. Cassey wondered in his mind, but before he could catch his eye on his opponent’s lips, he was blocked by a body.

“Report.” Dewitt’s voice was a little cold.

Cassey was a stimulant. Marshal Dewitt was not afraid to lose his temper for such a long time, but this word really hit the soul and he wanted to talk about his dreams with all his sincerity.

“… Still nothing.” Cassey shivered and began to report honestly, but just as he was about to withdraw his eyes from the youth, he accidentally crossed Dewitt’s shoulder and looked up at the young man who he had never met. His chin was slightly raised, his eyes were slight and he looked at him with some sarcasm.

Before Cassey had a heartbeat to think about how his eyes were so familiar, he heard the marshal’s voice worsening in front of him and said in a voice that could freeze him in minutes, “What is going on in the scientific research institute?”

Cassey quickly retrieved his thoughts and ordered a report to Dewitt. “The scientific research institute responded that the physiological response was correct, but the frequency of brain activity was very low. Anyway, it’s like a state of mental dissociation.” Cassey concluded, “But the research institute has no idea how he got into this state without external stimulation.”

Since his attempted suicide, Ondi has been in strict custody around him. There was absolutely no time and space for him to inject similar drugs or open any instruments. There were people inside and outside 24/7 and it is impossible for someone to answer.

Dewitt’s head indicated that he knew, pointed in the direction of the door and said, “Open the door.”

Cassey was stunned. “Yes.”

Not only was he stunned, but several people around him also showed curious eyes.

The conclusion that the frequency of brain activity was low directly declared that no matter how stimulated they were from outside, as long as there was no way to liberate Ondi from this state, it was impossible to obtain the information in the other side’s brain.

And Marshal… Did he still want to try to interrogate?

No, can’t the Marshal have his own way?

The next moment, something very surprising happened. After Cassey opened the door, Marshal did not go in directly. Instead, he moved aside and let the beautiful young man behind him go in first, then followed him.

“… Major General, who is that? Was it a master that Marshal brought in?” Within the Dewitt regiment, the non-war atmosphere had always been integrated and Cassey was not a very high-profile person. As soon as Dewitt came in with Wen Jin, someone outside asked curiously.  

“I don’t know.” Cassey answered, thinking that he was all in a fog. “Can you stop believing in evil and return it to the Master all day long?”

“Well, it’s my hobby, but that man looks really good. Do we have such a person in the army? Even wearing the Marshal’s clothes? I remember Marshal’s clothes… Wouldn’t it be worn casually?”

Dewitt was famous for his unconsciousness and cold blood. At a banquet, the young Dewitt’s outstanding military achievements could easily become the focus of the female guests’ eyes. It was rumored that a young lady at the banquet, in order to have more words with Marshal, stood by Dewitt all night wearing a thin evening dress, without even a coat. Yet, the lady was said to have cried directly after that. When he took the initiative to open his mouth pitifully, she got a sentence, “There is a thermostat in the other room” and it was over.

At that time, after hearing this, the group tried to think about it and found that Marshal really did not have any precedent to give clothes to anyone who took the initiative to wear them.

When the man said that, he was somewhat fanciful, with a gossiping look on his face, but as soon as his voice fell, Cassey reached out and slapped him hard on the head. “What do you think? Are Marshal’s clothes so small that they fit perfectly? Can I have some ink in my head?” When Cassey finished, he pointed in a certain direction. “You, you and… Seif, come in with me to take notes and don’t stop working outside. You’re going to be naked if I find something wrong.”

When Cassey finished, he followed Dewitt in with the names he had called.

It was a rule in the military department. Let alone bringing an unknown young man with him today. Even Dewitt himself couldn’t interrogate ordinary people alone. In the interrogation room and the surveillance room, people must watch and keep records at any time.

“Marshal.” When Cassey walked in, he came up to Dewitt and whispered, “It’s really not very interesting. I’ve used all kinds of methods, a little bit on the line… Yet, it’s no use.”

There were strict rules for interrogating prisoners in the military department, but it was also common for special undercover cases like this to go beyond the rules in interrogation. Cassey said, turning his head and pointing to Seif. “This is the trump card in the interrogation team. I’ll lend him to you. He’s useless.”

There was some ambiguity in what he said and Seif gave Cassey a faint look.

“What did you do?” Before Dewitt spoke, Wen Jin, who had been standing next to him, suddenly used  his voice and the crisp teenage voice fell in the monitoring room. He looked down at the Uttar Ondi, heard the conversation here and half-opened his closed eyes.

The look was quite powerful, as if it could penetrate people in an instant. It was totally different from the beautiful and handsome thing they saw in the corridor just now. After a pause, Cassey answered subconsciously, “The trial… We’ve also tried to build brain links mechanically.”

The latter was developed by experts of the Academy of Sciences in order to stimulate the psychically dissociated powers. However, from the perspective of today’s powers, it is obviously useless.

“Of course that won’t work” Wen Jin gave a sigh and found a chair to sit down. His slender legs overlapped one another.

Feeling a trace of energy floating in the air, Seif found that the data on the detector bound to Ondi suddenly began to fluctuate violently up and down.

His eyebrows wrinkled and he unconsciously rushed forward to hold Wen Jin down. However, before his hand touched Wen Jin’s shoulder, Dewitt intercepted him in mid-air.

Then, in front of everyone, the Uttar opened his eyes, which were completely red devoid of white.

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