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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xi Ran went to ask and found that his friend would leave soon after he came back in a few days, so he had to set a meeting time in a hurry. In fact, the other party wanted to visit, but because Xi Ran quickly ‘remarried’, he was afraid that Huan Xiu would not like it, so he didn’t want to take the initiative.

Back home, Huan Ye looked up and asked Xi Ran, “Is it Uncle Lan?” 

“Yes, it’s him. You remember.”

“Mn,” said Huan Ye, nodding. “He brought me nasty candy.”

Xi Ran was amused. His friend, like himself, had no interest in life and was not good at coaxing children. The gift he bought at the first meeting left Huan Ye with a deep first impression.

“Then I’ll ask another one to come too, or I’d have to host twice…”

“It’s up to you.” Without asking more, Huan Xiu simply dropped this sentence.

Huan Xiu left everything to Xi Ran, who was worried. He lived in an orphanage since he was a child. After entering the military headquarters, he had been living in a dormitory. In his previous marriage, he lived in that foreign-style house with great trepidation. This was the first time that he had entertained guests as a ‘master’.

Since Xi Ran wasn’t available on the weekend, the time couldn’t be adjusted, so he invited two Zerg to dinner on a weekday. Fortunately, he has just got the position of an assistant instructor, he was not too busy.

Huan Xiu was more concerned about whether he could be an instructor with his health and whether he needed to live in the army. Huan Xiu was relieved to learn that a married Zerg could go home every day even if he was in the army. He didn’t really want to see his spouse only once a week or half a month.

Huan Xiu applied for a driving class, hoping to get his driver’s license as soon as possible. Now Xi Ran insisted on giving him a ride instead of letting him take a taxi. However, the military department and the research institute were not on the same route. So Xi Ran had to get up early to take him. He dropped Xiao Ye off at the gate of the primary department, and then sent him to the research institute to the east of the college. Then he turned around and went back all the way west to the military headquarters.

On the evening of the day he invited his friends to dinner, Huan Xiu, like the previous days, went to the primary school gate to pick Huan Ye up first and then took a taxi home. Huan Ye’s return to school was very smooth. Although he got some strange looks after entering the school, he fundamentally had confidence in his identity and family, so he didn’t get into any more trouble. The teachers were a little surprised at how the small cub changed so much in just half a month.

Zerg children who occasionally encountered Huan Xiu holding Huan Ye’s little hand home at the door could guess what was going on.

“Xiao Ye.”


In the car, Huan Xiu suddenly thought of something, “Let’s make a celebration party for your female father.”

“What is that?” Huan Ye was a little confused.

“Didn’t he get the job he wanted? How about we pick him up at his place of work in a few days, give him presents, and cook for him at home?”

Of course, Huan Ye nodded, “Okay, okay! But… isn’t male father bad at cooking?”

Huan Xiu was embarrassed. “…That’s right. We can also go out and eat.”

So Huan Xiu and Huan Ye talked about this secret in whispers.

One big and one small arrived home first. It took about an hour for Xi Ran to come back with his friends.

“Master.” The first thing Xi Ran did when he entered the door was to greet Huan Xiu, and then leaned over to let his friend in.

Huan Xiu came out to welcome them. He knew that Xi Ran’s friends must have come from the military headquarters with him, and he must have talked about him on the way. He was curious what Xi Ran said about him.

“This is my friend, Lan Ji.” Xi Ran solemnly introduced the female Zerg beside him who also bowed down and nodded solemnly, which made the atmosphere very dignified.

“No need to be so formal.” Huan Xiu waved.

“This is the one I mentioned before, my subordinate, Lu Yien.”

“I’m so sorry!”

Huan Xiu was startled, and a young man named Lu Yien suddenly bowed to him and apologized loudly.

“I told you it wasn’t your fault…” Xi Ran seemed to be a little annoyed about this, as he must have apologized like this many times.

“Come in and talk.” It wasn’t proper to be crowding the door. Huan Xiu moved into the house first. It seemed that if he didn’t move, the three female Zerg at the door would stand there forever.

He was also surprised that Lu Yien looked very… young. Unlike the physique of Xi Ran and Lan Ji, he was obviously one size smaller, thinner, and his face was much younger.

“Are you not yet an adult?” Huan Xiu asked out of curiosity.

“Ah, yes! I’m still in the late third phase.” Lu Yien replied nervously.

“He’s the youngest in the first team, and he’s a top student in the training camp.” Xi Ran said matter-of-factly, but Lu Yien became even more depressed because of it.

“But it turns out I can’t…” He was still haunted by Xi Ran’s protection. He had never known that actual combat was such a cruel thing.

“You are still young. Besides, I didn’t hurt myself just to save you.” Xi Ran didn’t want to snub Huan Xiu. He said two words and kept looking at him for fear that he would not be happy being left out. Huan Xiu didn’t care about this. He knew what Xi Ran meant so he smiled graciously at him.

Lu Yien chattered next to Xi Ran, while Lan Ji was sitting next to him quietly. Huan Xiu usually worked with inferior females and male Zerg, so this was rare. It was the first time that he saw such a lively and sunny female Zerg as Lu Yien. However, according to Xi Ran, his family environment was excellent and he was also a high-quality student. It was not surprising that he had such a character.

Huan Xiu felt that it was not good for him to sit here for too long. After casually exchanging pleasantries, he said he’d go upstairs to call Xiao Ye to come down to say hello as an excuse to return to his room and leave space for them.

“Master……” When Xi Ran saw that Huan Xiu was going upstairs, he didn’t know what he intended. He got up and followed him to the stairs.


Xi Ran lowered his voice and said, “Is it boring for you?”

“No. I don’t think you and your friends are comfortable with me sitting there, so I’ll go up and rest for a while. I don’t know if you want to cook or get take out but call me when it’s time to eat. “


“Don’t be so restrained,” Huan Xiu quickly sneaked a kiss onto Xi Ran’s lips. He knew Xi Ran couldn’t do anything about it. “This is your own home.”

Xi Ran subconsciously raised his hand to touch his lips again, then realized that there was a bystander behind him, and his hand fell down.

Huan Xiu noticed that Lan Ji’s eyes glanced this way, but quickly moved away. Lu Yien, on the other hand, showed his undisguised surprise. Because his expression was too straightforward, Lan Ji gave him a sideways glance.


Huan Xiu smiled and went upstairs without saying anything. He went to his room and asked Xiao Ye to go out to see the guests. At first, he wondered why Huan Ye could not stay in the room. Later, he gradually remembered that there was such a rule in the Zerg aristocracy that the former cubs could not come out to see guests without the permission of the Master, which was also a point to determine whether the cubs were favored or not. Huan Xiu was also helpless. They had such a small house, a family of three, why would there be such rules.

Sure enough, after Huan Xiu left, he heard the three female Zerg and the cub talking downstairs. He was very ‘sad’. He was very approachable, so how come everyone was silent as soon as he sat there?

It seemed that there was still a long way to go to change his image in Xi Ran’s and his friends’ minds.

After Huan Xiu went upstairs, Xi Ran started to prepare dinner. Huan Ye hadn’t seen Lan Ji for a long time, but he called Uncle Lan very obediently. Lan Ji, who had been tense, relaxed a little and came to embrace him with a smile.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I told you my current Master is treating us well.”

“He looks fine,” Lan Ji sighed.

“You are so strict.”

“I’m not worried about you. I’m afraid you’ll come out of the dragon’s pool and into the tiger’s den.” Lan Ji took another look at the direction of the stairs, as if afraid that Huan Xiu had not gone far enough and would hear him.

Lu Yien was standing beside him, unable to interrupt him.

“You go and sit down.” Lan Ji spoke.

“Oh, oh… okay.” Although not in the same battalion, Lan Ji is also Yu Lien’s senior officer. He obediently went to the sofa and sat down to watch TV with Xiao Ye.

“You’re younger than me, and you worry more than I do.” Xi Ran said with disapproval.

“Thanks to whom?” Lan Ji was not much younger than Xi Ran, but the wrinkles between his eyebrows were coming out in recent years, making him look unfriendly.

Xi Ran didn’t deny it and went along with his words, “Mn. I’m sorry to trouble you about this transfer. “

“It’s nothing.”

While Xi Ran was cooking, Lan Ji helped at his side. As Huan Xiu expected, almost all of their topics revolved around him.

“You said there was no female monarch in the family, right?”

“Mn. It’s just the three of us now.”

“Is he still good to Xiao Ye?”

Xi Ran nodded, his mouth slightly raised. Lan Ji looked at him emotionally. His best friend didn’t smile much before, especially in the first two years. He had a frown almost every day, but these days when he saw him, his smile gradually increased.

“If he really is as good as you say, he should let you be the monarch.” Lan Ji’s words were still unforgiving. Of course, he also knew that this statement was one-sidedly in favor of his friend. Even if it was just the current situation, Huan Xiu’s attitude was rare enough.

“I’m already very happy.” Xi Ran gently shook his head, implying that he didn’t want any more than this. He was satisfied to keep the status quo.

“That thing… Did you tell him?”

“……” Xi Ran didn’t answer, his expression dimming a bit.

“I only said it randomly,” Lan Ji hurriedly said, in a low voice. “You see, you still have Xiao Ye. And you said he treats him like his own…”

“……Yeah. I should have found a chance to talk about it. But it’s a little difficult to bring it up.” Xi Ran nodded, pausing for a few seconds, and confessed, “To tell you the truth, I’m scared. I have never been afraid of anything in my life.”

“I understand. Come to me if you have any questions.” Lan Ji thought that he might understand as Xi Ran’s friend for many years. But in this case, he was powerless to help him.

The topic forced a heavy atmosphere to fall over them.


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December 17, 2020 12:07 am

Ahh. I like Xi Ran’s friends are really protective of him!!

I Wonder If the thing Xi Ran hasn’t told to Huan Xiu is That he can’t have children anymore or something like that?! 😵

Thanks for the chapter!

January 2, 2021 6:55 am

I want Huan Xiu and Xi Ran to have their own child together. But it seems Xi Ran had issue in this area. Last time he is afraid of Huan Xiu expectation for kid too high, now the friend said at least they got Huan Ye. Hmm.

January 16, 2021 5:24 pm

Xi Ran better not be unable to have more kids. I want at least one miracle baby.

July 28, 2021 1:54 am

So far so good. Nice of Huan Xiu to give the female friends some alone time to catch up.
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Happy that ml have good friends.

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