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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“How’s it going lately?”

“Nothing too serious.”

“Be careful. Don’t be like me.” Xi Ran said this in a self mocking tone.

“You’ve done everything you have to do, it was just bad luck,” Lan Ji comforted. “It’s good to be in the training camp since it’s much more comfortable than fighting on the front line. I want to quit if I have a chance.”

“You are still young.”

“You’re not much older than me…” Lan Ji was a little angry, but he held back his words. He knew that Xi Ran wanted to fight again. Commoners like them who had no background, once they did not have a task, there was really nothing left.

He had watched Xi Ran’s ascent step by step, but because of his status, he was hindered by all kinds of obstacles. It was also because he saw how desperately Xi Ran had worked in his last marriage and how powerless this Zerg was that now after he was divorced.

So he was a little shocked to hear that Xi Ran remarried after coming back from the front line. Although Xi Ran said that his partner was a very excellent male Zerg, he felt that he was not a good match at all. After seeing him today, Lan Ji felt a little relieved.

Giving the four enough time to have their conversation, Huan Xiu waited until dinner was ready before coming down from upstairs. Maybe because they’ve been talking for a while, but the atmosphere was not as gloomy as in the beginning. Huan Xiu casually asked Lan Ji about Xi Ran when he first joined the army. Since he seemed really curious and interested in Xi Ran’s affairs, Lan Ji put down his guard and softened his attitude. He was not as reticent as he was at the beginning.

“I used to be very ordinary, nothing worth mentioning.” After listening to Lan Ji’s praise in front of his Master, Xi Ran felt a little embarrassed. He didn’t think he was that good.

“Even as ordinary, you must’ve been very good.” Huan Xiu replied.

Lu Yien also talked about Xi Ran with Lan Ji. In his eyes, he had never met a better officer than Xi Ran.

Looking at Lu Yien, Huan Xiu thought that he was cared for and raised by his loving male father and female father. The combination of these conditions made him think that maybe Xiao Ye would feel this way when he grew up?

The awakening and development of the Zerg was really unscientific, especially the jump from childhood to adulthood was too large. Huan Xiu thought it was too hard to imagine that, in the near future, Xiao Ye would change from a cub who only reached his thigh into a tall ‘teenager’ overnight.

Huan Ye wondered why his male father was looking at him emotionally during the meal.

After dinner, Lu Yien insisted on giving Xi Ran things, which seemed to be expensive care products. Xi Ran had received a lot of them during his hospitalization, which seemed helpless. However, Lu Yien was too enthusiastic, and it was not easy for him to refuse. He had to accept it, saying that this was the last time and asked Lu Yien not to spend any more money.

“I heard that you were responsible for the quick transfer. Thank you.” Huan Xiu also said politely. Lu Yien repeatedly waved his hands and said that this was what he should do. Besides, it was not difficult.

Lan Ji and Xi Ran were not talkative people. Lan Ji simply said goodbye then left. Since his senior was leaving, it would be too embarrassing for him as a junior to stay, so Lu Yien waved his hand and quickly withdrew. He warmly invited Xi Ran and Huan Xiu to visit his home.

Huan Xiu came back from the door, picked up the dishes and went into the kitchen, “Your subordinate is so lively. It’s rare to see such a female Zerg.”

Xi Ran glanced at Huan Xiu’s expression and said, “Mn, his family spoils him, which is quite unusual. But he is really excellent. He is famous for jumping several grades in the military academy.”

When Huan Xiu put down his dishes and chopsticks in the sink and wanted to go back to get more, he was stopped by Xi Ran who just came in, “I’ll do them.”

“I’ll feel guilty if I don’t do anything.” Huan Xiu was still not used to the wonderful life of sitting and waiting for meals every day, and then giving up to do nothing after eating.

“Master has already done a lot.”

A lot? Huan Xiu began to think about what he had done.

“Then I’ll put these in the cupboard.” Hu Xu picked up the gifts Lu Yien had put on the floor before, opened the bags and sorted them out carefully.

Xi Ran looked at him several times while he was doing that, which made Huan Xiu wonder what he had done wrong with the bags.

“What’s the matter?” Huan Xiu turned around.

Xi Ran seemed hesitant, but he couldn’t help saying, “Is Master… interested in Lu Yien?”

“Hm? It’s because I haven’t seen such a female Zerg before.” Huan Xiu said, thinking there was something wrong.

“It’s true,” Xi Ran reluctantly smiled, “but he’s actually young…”

“Wait, stop, did you misunderstand something?” Huan Xiu swiftly interrupted him.

Xi Ran didn’t say anything. He looked at Huan Xiu.

“I’m not interested in him in that kind of way, okay?”

Xi Ran nodded.

“Why do I have a feeling you don’t get it?” Huan Xiu came closer. Xiao Ye had already gone back upstairs, he didn’t want to speak too loudly and be overheard by the child.

“But you care and I’m happy about that.”

Huan Xiu remembered Xi Ran saying that ‘he would try to stay by his side’. It was true that the other party had made efforts, but it was really just ‘staying,’ not ‘trying to monopolize’.

“Does it bother you?”

Huan Xiu shook his head, “How’s that possible? I just hope you can tell me whatever you’re thinking honestly.”

Xi Ran hesitated for a moment, looking a little tangled, “Monarch…”

“Mn? What?”

Xi Ran sighed, “Master will marry a monarch sooner or later.”

“Why?” Huan Xiu was confused.

“……” Xi Ran was also confused, “Is it true that Master will not marry in the future?”

Huan Xiu never thought about the difference between a female monarch and a concubine. It was hard for a normal person not to imagine life with three wives and four concubines under this social background. However, Huan Xiu thought that it was impossible to keep multiple relationships and divide the feelings into several parts at the same time. And once there was chaos with the relationships, it would bring countless troubles and disputes. Now that he was living his second life, he just wanted to have a comfortable life with one love.

“No,” Huan Xiu shook his head. “Do you want me to? Hm… do I not treat this matter with enough importance? In fact, I don’t understand the difference between a monarch and you. You are the only one in my family. So you have my everything.”

“……” Xi Ran was dumbfounded, because Huan Xiu’s tone was like he was asking what they were going to have for breakfast tomorrow. For a moment he thought he was joking.

“Does Master mean… you want me to be your female monarch?”

Seeing the look of surprise on Xi Ran’s face, Huan Xiu felt that their communication still had a long way to go.

“Don’t stand in the kitchen. Let’s go back inside and talk slowly.”

After ten minutes of conversation, they went back to their room.

“Huh? Why do you think I prefer a slimmer figure? Just because I used to like an inferior female?”

Xi Ran nodded his head, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. It’s just that I heard about it by chance last time when I was by the fountain at the university. But I don’t have a position to ask you about such things either……”

“You.” 1

“……You.” 2

In this situation Huan Xiu insisted on helping Xi Ran correct the name problem.

“I heard that you love him so much that…… you said you would only marry him. Is that…… the case?” Xi Ran seemed confused. He was instinctively seeking proof, but he didn’t know what he could do about the results.

“This matter is a bit complicated…” Huan Xiu was also in a difficult position. This body did love Ai Le so much that he committed suicide because of him. He didn’t want to muddle things up with, ‘I used to like him, but now I don’t like him at all’. After all, he really didn’t like that inferior female, but to explain it clearly would involve his human background.

“Master doesn’t have to answer.” Xi Ran didn’t pursue it though, instead shrinking back so quickly that Huan Xiu himself retreated before he could say anything.

“All I can say is, ‘I’ don’t like him. Even if he comes back to me, even if some Zerg like him…… shows love to me, I won’t feel anything,” Huan Xiu added, “I know it sounds unreasonable, how someone can forget about an old love so quickly, right? But it’s true. I just want to have you. If only you could believe it.”

“I believe it.” Xi Ran was quick to nod, though. He looked straight into Huan Xiu’s eyes, bluntly.

“So quick to answer? Really?”

“There is no need for Master to lie to me like that. Even if it won’t be in the future, at least you think so now. I’m happy.” Xi Ran quickly curved his lips in a small smile, but Huan Xiu could see his emotions in his eyes.

Huan Xiu really didn’t know what to say.

“I really don’t know what to say to you, should I say you’re stupid or straightfor…… mn……!?”

Huan Xiu stopped mid-sentence.

Xi Ran, surprisingly, came over to kiss him of his own accord?

This time it was Huan Xiu’s turn to be silly.

He caught a glimpse of Xi Ran’s hand clenched so hard, that it turned white slightly trembling. He was probably very nervous. Xi Ran also obeyed Huan Xiu’s instruction to ‘close your eyes when kissing’, and sent his lips up gingerly with his eyes closed, stopping quietly for a few seconds without any force. Soon, the soft touch left again.

Xi Ran reached out and pressed his hand to his chest, opened his eyes, and whispered, “My chest is stuffy and sore. Is it because I liked it?”

“……You’re really clueless about this sort of thing.”

“Then would Master be willing to teach me?” Xi Ran stared directly at Huan Xiu.

Huan Xiu was speechless at Xi Ran’s sincere request and could not stop laughing for a long time, “I think you will definitely learn well.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Xi Ran has used the formal you to address him.
  2. And Huan Xiu repeats it.


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