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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Huan Xiu didn’t know exactly when Huan Ye went to bed. Huan Xiu wanted to temporarily modify his plan and ask for takeout to cushion his stomach. However, Xi Ran was strict with Huan Ye who slept in late and insisted on waking him up. He said that children couldn’t start sleeping in late at this age.

Huan Xiu thought Xi Ran was a strict father compared with himself. He went to sit on the sofa on the first floor and waited for two people. After a while, he heard the rush of footsteps from upstairs, and Xiao Ye came down in a hurry.

“No, I’m sorry I got up late.” Huan Ye couldn’t help blushing at the thought of his fathers waiting for him.

“No hurry.”

“I’m ready.” Huan Ye quickly patted his face, saying that he had finished washing and could go out at any time.

At noon, both of them and Huan Ye, who had just got up, were a little hungry. So they went out and went straight to the restaurant and quickly got brunch. Thinking that Huan Ye would be able to resume school tomorrow, Huan Xiu specially took care of whether he had any learning supplies he needed. However, Huan Ye did not ask for it, so he said that the old ones were enough.

Huan Xiu thought about the arrangements for the afternoon, and it seemed that Xi Ran and Huan Ye had never been to the cinema. Xi Ran didn’t have that money when he was a child. Later, when he went to the military headquarters, he didn’t have much personal time, and he didn’t enjoy life. He concentrated on training. Huan Ye had been self reliant. Xi Ran was always on the front line, and his care was limited. So far, his life was quite monotonous and boring.

Huan Xiu decided to go to the cinema together in the afternoon. Although he wanted to go on a date with Xi Ran alone, it was good to take Huan Ye with him. In the future, there would be opportunities for them to spend time alone.

However, it didn’t work out as expected. Halfway there in the car, Xi Ran suddenly received a phone call, saying that the military department had approved his initial application and was willing to let him return from the logistics department to training camp and other places as a instructer, but the specific situation still needed to be discussed in person.

“Now? Or next week? Now? I’m… “

“Go if you have something,” Huan Xiu whispered

“Ah, I have time now. Mn… Okay, yeah. Thank you.” Xi Ran hung up the phone in a few words and said to Huan Xiu with some apologies, “I didn’t expect this to happen. In fact, we can go again next week… “

“No. It’s not business to watch a movie. I didn’t buy any tickets. It’s not good to delay your work. Haven’t you been looking forward to being transferred there for a long time?”

“Mn. Then I’ll take you there and try to pick you up when it’s over, okay?”

“Are you sure? Don’t stare at us. I’ll take Xiao Ye home when it’s too late.”

Xi Ran nodded. Seeing the natural joy on Xi Ran’s face, Huan Xiu knew that he was really happy. Although it was harder to be an instructor or a trainee in terms of physical strength than in the logistics department, maybe that was the right place for Xi Ran.

They stopped at the side of the commercial center, and Huan Xiu and Xiao Ye were ready to get out. Xi Ran was ready to watch Huan Xiu leave and start the car again, unexpectedly, the other side opened the door and Huan Xiu returned.

“Have you forgotten something, Master?”

Huan Xiu gave Xi Ran a kiss on his mouth, “I wish you all the best.”

“Thank you? Thank you…” Xi Ran was not used to such a mixture of blessing and kissing, and subconsciously reached out to touch his lips that had just been kissed. But the warmth felt  deceiving in his heart.

After a peek at the side of the road, Huan Ye pretended to see the scenery.

After Xi Ran left, Huan Xiu took Xiao Ye’s hand and took him directly to the theater counter to buy tickets. In fact, they could go home directly, but he could see the expression on the child’s face was filled with expectation when he saw the poster for the film just now, so he thought that the film must be watched today.

“I want to see that, okay?” Huan Ye wandered back and forth among the posters, and asked, with a slight lack of confidence.

Huan Xiu felt that this was great progress. Huan Ye wanted it and even asked for it. With his other father he couldn’t do it. 

Unexpectedly, instead of picking a cartoon or funny comedy, Huan Ye chose an action fighter movie. He was a little carbon copy of his father with his hobbies.

Although Huan Ye pretended not to have seen it just now, before the movie, he had seen Huan Xiu and his father kissing, “That father, you just kissed female father…”


“Normally… Will it be like this?”

After thinking about most of the situations in Zerg society, Huan Xiu said, “Mn.That’s what happens when you’re in love.”

Huan Ye’s eyes twinkled, and he came to the conclusion, “Is that why you are so affectionate that you kissed him?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that…” It’s hard to explain. Huan Ye hesitated for a while, as if he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to open his mouth. He struggled for a long time.

“What’s the matter? Isn’t that understandable?”

“No,” said Huan Ye, looking up. “That… Was that love that night? Last night I heard the voice of father… “

“Cough, cough…!” Hu Xu was almost choked by the coke. Was the sound insulation of their house so bad? Or how was the sexua; education of the Zerg people? If an average child heard that sound, would they know it’s ‘that?’

“I, I didn’t mean to…” Huan Ye was a little upset. He just didn’t go to bed immediately last night. Instead, he was reading a book. Because he didn’t know some words, he wanted to go to see if his father had time to teach him. As a result, he overheard from outside the door. But he also knew that he could not disturb them, so he ran back quickly.

Huan Ye remembered hearing his father’s painful voice before, and he had always had a shadow over what the male Zerg and the female Zerg do in the same room. But he remembered that it was not painful to hear his father’s voice yesterday, so he was curious.

He glanced at Huan Xiu and thought, this male father was such a good Zerg, no matter what was done in the room, he should not let his female father suffer, right?

“That’s a kind of love.” Huan Xiu explained in a low voice. In his view, children’s sex education should be at least eight years later. But now that Huan Ye knew, it was better to explain.

Huan Ye hesitated for a long time. Maybe he was too patient, so he became bold to say it, or asked the words hidden in his heart, “That… Will male father ever fall in love with another Zerg?”

“Hmn?” Huan Xiu didn’t expect that Huan Ye would ask about ‘that kind of thing.’ Instead, he turned to pay attention to it and said, “I don’t have that plan.”

“Really?” Huan Ye opened his eyes wide and looked at Huan Xiu’s face without turning. “So we can always do this?”

“Mn,” Huan Xiu chuckled, “but you won’t want to be around us anymore once you grow up.”

“No way.” Huan Ye shook his head desperately to express his sincerity.

Although it was not good to take advantage of children’s promises, Huan Xiu still wanted to learn something about Xi Ran’s past through Xiao Ye’s mouth.

“Xiao Ye, do you think that your former male father and your female father were not in love?”

Huan Ye was very responsive, shaking his head almost violently, “They weren’t…”

“Shhh…” Huan Xiu asked him to keep his voice down. After all, he was waiting for the resting place for the opening of the film. Fortunately, no one noticed near their seats, “I know you don’t like him. But that’s also true, isn’t it? I don’t care.”

Huan Ye struggled in his mind for a while, and his father told him not to mention the past with the new male father and try to please him as much as possible. But that was when he first came to this home. During this period of time, Huan Ye had completely removed his guard against Huan Xiu. In the face of his father’s questions, it was very difficult for him not to open his mouth.

“He hates me so much that he will hit me. I have only seen him a few times. But if he is in a bad mood, he will beat female father. Although female father told me that there is no trace left, I think he looks uncomfortable. There are good-looking uncles at home, and then there are the male Zerg children. Male father liked them, but he didn’t like us…” As he spoke, he watched Huan Xiu’s reaction as if he would stop if he frowned.

Huan Xiu listened quietly and touched his head. “Thank you for telling me.”

Huan Ye didn’t know what the use and influence of what he said was. On the surface, at least, Huan Xiu looked the same as before, and smiled at him gently, so Xiao Ye calmed down.

“It’s all over. Don’t worry,” Huan Xiu comforted, glancing at the time. “The movie is about to start. Let’s go in.”


Hearing the words ‘beat female father,’ Huan Xiu remembered this hatred. He knew that Xi Ran did not want to pursue those things on his own, and that seeking revenge on their family status would only cause more trouble. But he secretly noted in his heart that if there was a suitable opportunity, he must cause issues for the other.

After watching the film, Xi Ran’s text also came, saying that he was finished and would come to pick them up. Huan Xiu agreed, but he realized that it would be troublesome for him to be such a big man that he couldn’t even drive a car, so he was ready to put the matter on the agenda.

After watching the movie, Huan Ye was in a state of excitement. He even didn’t have the formality to talk to Huan Xiu. He took Huan Xiu’s hand and skipped on the way to find Xi Ran. Xi Ran was surprised to see how lively he was.

“They say that watching movies can bring you closer,” Huan Xiu whispered, putting his finger on the back of Xi Ran’s hand as he got into the passenger’s seat. “We’ll come alone next time.”

Xi Ran nodded and looked sincerely at Huan Xiu, “Okay…!” 

On the way, Huan Xiu asked about the job transfer and learned that Xi Ran’s application had been approved. After all, although they were in the same barracks, the details were very different. Good quality didn’t mean it was suitable to educate others. Xi Ran had a long way to go. However, the speed of approval was amazing enough, thanks to the help of his good friend in the military department and a ‘former subordinate.’

Xi Ran’s so-called good friend was made when he entered the military headquarters with him. They once lived in a dormitory and were close to each other all the time. After the injury, the other was worried about him, but he couldn’t get out of his orders and returned to the main star. When he was back for only two days, he looked for Xi Ran.

The other was also a coincidence of fate. When Xi Ran was injured, he subconsciously protected his new subordinate. The other was inexperienced, and even the basic response was slow. If Xi Ran hadn’t knocked him down, he might have suffered more serious injuries than Xi Ran. But now the other was safe and sound. Although Xi Ran thought that he had only done what a normal Zerg would do, his subordinate did not think so. He always came to see him from the beginning of his admission. Later, he didn’t know how to find out Xi Ran’s intention to be transferred. It happened that his subordinate’s family had a little foundation, and it was said that he had run through a lot of relationships to help him.

As Xi Ran said – he didn’t even mention it before – he saved the recruits next to him which caused him to be injured. Huan Xiu thought that Xi Ran had also spared no effort to save himself. He was a little confused. Huan Xiu felt that his idea was too naive. He was even dissatisfied with Xi Ran, not with himself, but with everyone’s efforts.

“You really saved a lot of lives.” Huan Xiu laughed. It was because Xi Ran was such a person that they met and had good feelings for each other, right?

“No, I just did what I could. What’s more, I controlled it within the scope of not throwing away my own life.” Xi Ran replied solemnly.

“Since you have known him since you joined the army, you should be good friends, right? I haven’t heard of him. Please invite him to our house when he is free. That subordinate is welcome. No matter if it is to repay you or whatever, since he has taken pains for you, he should be entertained by us.”

“Is that alright? It may be more disturbing to have him come to our home. I wanted to invite him out for dinner. You… If you don’t mind…” Xi Ran was still trying to adapt to the appellation.


“Of course. Whether it is to go out to eat or come to our home, you can arrange it.”


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Thank you for the chapter! These two are adorable and I’m really happy for Xi Ran now. He made it out of that hellhole.

December 14, 2020 3:49 pm

I think there’s a mistake here. It says: ‘Although Huan Ye pretended not to have seen it just now, before the movie, he had seen Huan Xiu and Xiao Ye kissing.” Shouldn’t it be Xi Ran? Sorry if this sounds rude. Thanks for the chapter!! >O<

December 14, 2020 3:52 pm

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