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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Did you hear me?”


“Why do I feel that the way we get along with each other is no different from before?”

The summer after their first year of high school, because they both failed their classes, Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu were taken by Kaczki to study again.

Because the air conditioner was broken, the only thing in the room was the electric fan buzzing. Although they were already not interested in studying, this kind of environment really made it more difficult for people to concentrate. The three of them were sitting on the floor around a low round table, with their final exam papers and reference books on the table.

“What kind of relationship do you want to have?” Kaczki slouched on the table. Every time he tutored these two, he was more exhausted than he was studying on his own.

“I think we should be more like lovers.” Qi Ling Chao himself was not quite sure.

“Yes. Just now we even kissed.”

“Well, that’s what I said.”

How should he describe it? It felt like their relationship was lacking a bit of ambiguity? …Or maybe there was no romantic atmosphere at all. Even though they were dating, they still met in this small room where they knew each other well, blowing on the old electric fan and joking around.

“Is that not enough?”

Kaczki got up, moved over, and lifted his head to kiss Qi Ling Chao’s lips.


Qi Ling immediately closed his eyes.

He’d been used to it for six months, but every time he felt the other person’s lips, his heart beat faster.

Kaczki had really been ‘learning’ about love, and learning fast.

“I want it too.” Cheng YuanMu dryly interrupted them.

“Then you come over here.”

“It’s too hot, I can’t move.”

As soon as the word ‘hot’ was mentioned, they two who had been self-hypnotized regained awareness of this serious problem.

“Why is your air conditioning broken again?”

“It’s always like this cause it’s old. I can make do with what I have, but male and female father don’t bother to replace it, and in the end, they just don’t want to spend money.” Kaczki helplessly said.

Cheng YuanMu opened the communicator to check his bank account, “’ve been working part-time this summer, but really can not afford to buy a new air conditioner.”

Kaczki sighed, “Ugh. I’d like to make a lot of money in the future.”

The three of them slouched at the table. It was impossible to imagine what life would be like in the future.

After studying for a while in the heat and with beads of sweat gradually appearing on their foreheads, they also became less efficient, so they decided to go out to the public library.

The public library was spacious, cool, and usually empty, but recently there had been a lot of people coming in because of the heat, but it was not too noisy. The only downside might be that they couldn’t do anything sticky and intimate in public.

“Hey, isn’t that Yi Yi? What a coincidence.” Kaczki sat down not long after, pointing to another table not far away.

Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao peeked out and saw that it was indeed the inferior female. 

They had met once in the school library by chance. They later found out that the female was a year above them, not very talkative, and seemed a bit withdrawn, always lounging alone in the library. Kaczki was interested in the books he was reading and occasionally went to talk to him.

He found that he had a lot in common, and then they got to know each other.

“I’ll go say hello.”


Kaczki went over.

As soon as he left, the two men’s expressions became tense.

“I told you, he must have a crush on that ‘Yi Yi’ guy.”

“I also think so.” Cheng YuanMu nodded with certainty and frowned.

“But they do talk well,” Qi Ling Chao said somewhat reluctantly, but had to admit this.

“In fact, there is a question I have been a little curious about,” Cheng YuanMu lowered his voice, “As females actually understand, that most males will marry several females, or many female concubines or something like that, right? But now in this situation, what are your thoughts?”

“I can understand, but…”

Qi Ling Chao did consider this issue. But he imagined that Kaczki might marry someone else, perhaps introduced by his family, or some kind of system match, a future matriarch, he thought of all kinds of possibilities. But no matter what, he and Cheng YuanMu must still be the most unique and important existence.

But the female called Yi Yi, every time Kaczki and he chatted, they smiled very happily. And they were talking about some topics that he and Cheng Yuan Mu did not understand, which made them very frustrated.

“Does this not make it seem like he is the true love, and we are the villains?”

This is not the so-called bamboo horse is not the enemy of heaven?

“I’m back. What did you say?”

“Nothing.” The two replied in unison.

Kaczki scanned back and forth suspiciously, then sat back down. He was sure they were whispering something, but didn’t want him to know.

“Are you jealous?”

“Cough, cough.”

Qi Ling Chao almost choked on his saliva, realizing that this was a library, he quickly lowered his voice. Kaczki was surprisingly straightforward about this kind of thing. Of course, the two of them would not be able to hide their feelings and their mood showed on their face.

Cheng YuanMu nodded, “To be honest, a bit.”

“Well…” Kaczki looked a bit embarrassed. He did have a good feeling about Yi Yi, although it hasn’t been long since they got acquainted, they were already having pleasant chats. But if Ling Chao and YuanMu were against it, of course he would still choose them.

“If you like him, I will not say anything.” Cheng YuanMu said.

“Although I do not like him, your decision is your own,” Qi Ling Chao reminded in a small voice, “But we are still more important, right?”

Kaczki gave a ‘that’s for sure’ look and replied, “Of course.” 

Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao were defeated, they really couldn’t beat Kaczki’s smile. As long as it was his request, his wish, it was reasonable.


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December 30, 2020 7:41 pm

This guy. He’s some kind of harem protagonist winning all their hearts like that.

January 2, 2021 11:26 pm

What a flirt!

Thanks for the chapter!

July 29, 2021 5:51 am

So that’s how it went.
Is the Matriarch and Monarch the same thing I wonder. If so, isn’t it unusual for an inferior female to take that role in a famiky with multiple females? Maybe it won’t be YiYi.
Thank you for translating.

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