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Translated by J.

Editor: Addis

After a brief rest, Shen Xiulin finally caught his breath and sat up on the bed, “I forgot to ask, have you been eating flowers and drinking plain water this whole time?”

“Tell me about it!” Ye Xi got all riled up as soon as he was reminded of his diet, and unleashed a wave of incessant grumbling, “My character can only eat flower petals and drink alpine snow water. If I eat anything else in front of the NPCs, I’d lose experience points. It’s outright abuse!”

A trace of heartfelt sympathy appeared in Shen Xiulin’s eyes. However, since Ye Xi was a rather imperceptive straight male, he did not possess the ability to comprehend someone else’s feelings from their expressions alone.

With a head of hair that could curl up at any moment, he continued his bitter protest in front of Shen Xiulin’s beautifully toned chest, “Although I won’t starve to death on a diet of flowers and water, but the cravings are real! Last night I even had a dream about eating braised pork. I almost cried when I woke up…”

I’m really tempted to just pour some sauce onto your chest and take a bite out of those pecs!

But I can’t say that out loud!

“…And the problem is, I can’t afford to cry either. My tears are made of diamond, so I’d go blind if I actually cried.” Ye Xi let out a tormented sigh, “This is not the kind of life a human being deserves.”

“I see.” Shen Xiulin waved his hand, then stood up and walked towards the door.

Ye Xi immediately shut his trap.

Gulp, did I annoy the Chief Executive with my nagging?! Where are you going, sir? Do you need some peace and quiet?

Shen Xiulin left the bedroom in swift strides, then returned after a few minutes. He explained to Ye Xi, “I asked the kitchen to prepare some after-dinner snacks for you. You can eat in the bedroom, no one will see.”

Ye Xi was so moved that he wanted to pick Shen Xiulin up and swirl him around a few times.

But he did not dare to do something like that, so he exclaimed from the bottom of his heart, “Sir, you are amazing!”

Shen Xiulin said mildly, “How am I amazing?”

“You’re amazing in every way.” Ye Xi turned on his inner sycophant and praised with passion, “You are a talented and decisive leader, who is generous and kind to his employees, …”

Not a shred of appreciation could be seen on Shen Xiulin’s face. He furrowed his brow and asked, “Am I only amazing at work?”

“No, in life too!” Ye Xi immediately changed tact, “You are handsome and tall, charming and considerate.”

Seemingly satisfied, Shen Xiulin glanced at Ye Xi with what looked like a smile forming on his lips.

That’s right, isn’t the Chief Executive a long-time bachelor? Ye Xi continued his wily flattery, “You are the perfect man. You must have plenty of admirers, I wonder who will be lucky enough to marry you one day.”

Shen Xiulin’s face lit up from Ye Xi’s praise, and a gentle delight seeped through the corner of his eyes to the tip of his eyebrows. He spoke languidly, “I know whom.”

So, there’s already a candidate for the future Mrs. Chief Executive. Hehe, our Chief Executive is full of surprises. You gotta watch out for the quiet ones!

Ye Xi winked at Shen Xiulin and revealed a cryptic smile that said “a man understands”. He decided to get on the bandwagon early and began praising the future Mrs. Chief Executive, “She must be a dazzling beauty to turn your head.”

Shen Xiulin’s glacial face finally melted. He smiled, “A beauty indeed, and quite adorable.”

Ye Xi continued his compliments, “With her beauty and your charm, it sounds like a fairytale romance in the making!”

Shen Xiulin glanced at him and became despondent, “But my crush 1 is a bit dense. I don’t know if it’s real ignorance or just pretence.”

Ye Xi slapped his thigh 2 and counselled his superior as follows, “It doesn’t matter if she’s pretending or not, you should just come out with it and speak your mind. Like hold her against a wall and forcefully profess your feelings for her!”

Shen Xiulin fractionally narrowed his eyes, “I don’t think that will work.”

With downcast eyes, Ye Xi carefully searched his brain for ideas. He stroked his chin as he spoke, “Maybe her feelings for you aren’t deep enough just yet. You should pay extra attention to her wellbeing and maybe ask her out on more dates? Don’t worry, sir, with your appeal, there isn’t anyone in this world you can’t win over.”

Shen Xiulin revealed a gentle smile, “Promise?”

Ye Xi slapped his chest with confidence, “Of course, you will definitely win her over!”

Shen Xiulin gave Ye Xi a deep, meaningful glance as he revealed a very complicated look in his eyes.

The food arrived a few moments later. Compared to the late-night barbeque at the Murong residence, the Huangfu late-night snack service was an even more extravagant affair. First, a dozen people brought in an enormous table. Then, like the dinner service, attendants brought in platters of gourmet cuisine in a long procession and covered the entire table with food. However, the most irritating part was, out of all the food, only a plate of tossed flower salad was placed in front of Ye Xi.

“You may all leave.” Since the food had now been served, Shen Xiulin dismissed all the servants with a few waves of his hand before turning to Ye Xi, “Go ahead, enjoy.”

Ye Xi was so ecstatic that he almost died on the spot.

There were many varieties of gourmet food on the table, originating from countries across the globe. Having eaten only flower petals for several days, Ye Xi’s eyes instantly glowed like a thief in the Cave of Wonders. He paused several times while browsing through the food around him, then realised he did not know the names of any of these expensive looking dishes, nor where to begin eating.

“You should start with some appetizers.” Shen Xiulin extended his arm and placed two dishes in front of Ye Xi, “Here you go, try the mango prawn salad and shredded jellyfish in balsamic vinegar.”

Trembling with excitement, Ye Xi ate a large mouthful of each. He was filled with so much joy that his eyes curved into the shape of crescent moons and rose petals rained from his head like crazy.

“For your first course, you should try the Boston lobster with vanilla butter and caramelised orange zest…” Shen Xiulin got up and retrieved another two dishes, “and veal in white sauce. The creamy flavour is perfectly balanced by the sprinkle of wine in the sauce.”

Ye Xi was so enthralled by all the food that happiness dissipated from him like chimney smoke. He completely forgot about the scary fact that he was being served dinner by his boss.

“The Thai-style curry crab and pandan chicken aren’t bad either. Here, try a bit of both.” Shen Xiulin continued laying plates in front of Ye Xi. He even picked up a crab and de-shelled it for Ye Xi, who was too busy stuffing his face to do so himself.

After de-shelling the meat from an entire crab and placing them in the crab shell in front of Ye Xi, Shen Xiulin stood up to retrieve a small jar and a big pot of something red from thirty metres 3 away. “Though I’m afraid these probably won’t compare to the Hunan-style braised pork belly and spicy little crayfish you love.”

With his mouth stuffed full of food, Ye Xi nodded like a madman, “Om nom nom!”

Chinese food is the best in the world!

He swallowed the food in his mouth before swiftly picking up a piece of braised pork. Then slightly stunned by Shen Xiulin’s knowledge of his favourite food, he asked, “Sir, how did you know I liked those two dishes?”

Shen Xiulin moved onto peeling crayfish shells for Ye Xi and replied while multitasking, “Every time there’s a company banquet, you would pack more of those two dishes into your plate than anything else.”

Ye Xi blushed, feeling slightly embarrassed, “You noticed, sir.”

He’s so observant even when he eats! He sure deserves to be part of the ‘successful elite.’

On the other hand, even someone as amazing as the Chief Executive still has to work so hard. A nobody like me should be doing a lot more than just pigging out at banquets! Ye Xi immediately fed himself some home-made words of inspiration, which successfully knocked off a few more points from his IQ…

Shen Xiulin dipped a de-shelled crayfish in the pot of soup, then held it in front of Ye Xi, “Open your mouth.”

Once his cravings had subsided, Ye Xi’s IQ returned with it. Ye Xi belatedly realised the terrifying fact that not only did his company’s CEO de-shell crayfish and crabs for him, he even fed Ye Xi from his own chopsticks! Ye Xi frantically waved his hands, “I can do it myself, I can do it myself.”

“The sauce is dripping.” Shen Xiulin insisted in a highly suggestive tone, “Quick, open your mouth.”

Having missed all of the suggestions in Shen Xiulin’s voice, Ye Xi dutifully opened his mouth and swallowed the small crayfish whole. In his haste, he even bit the end of Shen Xiulin’s chopsticks.

“Let me try one too.” Shen Xiulin quickly picked up another de-shelled crayfish with the same pair of chopsticks and placed it in his mouth, then nodded, “Not bad.”

Out of nowhere, a sudden rush of unease swelled up inside Ye Xi and a silence fell between them. After a few more moments, Ye Xi laboured to restart the conversation, “This dish is really tasty. But it’s so fancy, I don’t even know what it’s called, haha.”

Shen Xiulin waved his hand dismissively and tried to comfort him, “I don’t know what it’s called either.”

Ye Xi, “…”

But you just rattled off the names of all those dishes, something sauce, something balsamic, then Boston something, Italian something. It seems the wealthy and the common folks come from different worlds after all…

Shen Xiulin slightly arched his brow, “I learnt their names only after eating them every day in this world.”

Ye Xi immediately became uncontrollably jealous.

The sub in this lousy novel has no rights at all!

“In the real world, I usually just eat from the company cafeteria.” Shen Xiulin continued, “The chicken rice from window number five is really tasty.”

Our Chief Executive is so down to earth. A faint warmth radiated from Ye Xi’s heart, “I like the chicken rice from window number five too, I’d have it at least three times a week.”

Shen Xiulin’s lips curved, “I know, I often see you in the queue.”

Ye Xi scratched his head and laughed. His previous anxiety around Shen Xiulin had somewhat dissipated over the course of their shared meal.

Once they had their fill, Shen Xiulin called in the attendants to remove the table. Ye Xi used a napkin to wipe his mouth spotless so no one could see any trace of grease. Then he haughtily sat on the bed, staring straight ahead, with an expression that said ‘this little fairy is not the least bit interested in all that greasy human food.’

Amused, Shen Xiulin smiled as he watched Ye Xi’s act. Once the attendants had left, Shen Xiulin quickly got under the covers. He pulled back the duvet and patted the spot next to him, “Come here, let’s keep working on the quest.”

I can’t put this off forever. Ye Xi cringed as he walked over and laid down next to Shen Xiulin. He straightened his legs, rested his hands in front of his chest and stared peacefully at the ceiling, in the standard resting position of a corpse in a coffin…

“Relax.” Shen Xiulin laid on his side as he watched Ye Xi. He propped up his head with his hand and casually rested his gaze on Ye Xi’s face.

“Yes, sir.” Ye Xi dutifully separated his closed legs by a small margin, “I’m relaxed, sir.”

Shen Xiulin paused for a moment before asking, “Are you playing with me?”

Ye Xi forced his innocent eyes wide open, “What?”

Shen Xiulin felt a headache coming, “Nevermind.”

Since they laid so close together under the same covers, Ye Xi could almost feel Shen Xiulin’s body heat seep in from the side of his body. He could clearly hear every breath from Shen Xiulin, as well as the sound of every small movement from Shen Xiulin’s body rubbing against his clothes. So, bit by bit, the good rapport and friendly atmosphere from their earlier meal gradually slipped away under these peculiar circumstances…

Shen Xiulin suddenly interrupted the awkwardness with, “Ye Xi,” he pointed to the space above them, “look.”


Author’s Notes:

The end of Chapter 13 is just as aggravating as the end of Little Gods’ 4 Chapter 12, hahahaha (This is not a plug, really)

I got so hungry writing this chapter…

The little princess finally got to eat meat!!!!!!


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Translator Notes:

  1. It’s really hard to avoid using ‘he’ here. Although ‘he’ and ‘she’ are spelled differently in Chinese, they are pronounced in exactly the same way. So, SXL can say ‘he’ all he wants in front of YX, and YX will continue to think he said ‘she’, but the reader will know that he actually meant ‘he’.

    As a side note, Chinese is not a gendered language. The Chinese word for ‘she’ was only invented in the 1920s by a man who was trying to translate western literature into Chinese, and consequently became the subject of scorn by early Chinese feminists for inventing this word. Prior to that, the Chinese word for ‘he’ covered all of ‘he’, ‘she’ and ‘it’, which are still all pronounced the same way even today.

  2. to physically express ‘I know the answer’
  3. ~100 feet
  4. Another one of the author’s books
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