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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


At the beginning of the second year of high school, Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu went through three evolutions one after another, so they could basically be called adult females.

Most Zerg evolved three times at the age of 18 or less and later at 20 years old. So this time period in the same age was considered early, originally the two people who were particularly conspicuous at school, had grown in size and were now more outstanding.

Kaczki and the two had more than a full head difference, so he appeared particularly short. He complained all the time about how he hadn’t reached his third evolution yet. After all, he now had to stand on his tiptoes to get a kiss, which was humiliating.

“You two are getting so big.” Kaczki grumbled.

“Soon, at most two years, you will also grow taller.” Cheng YuanMu comforted him. Of course, this kind of consolation did not help much.

Imagining Kaczki becoming an adult made Cheng YuanMu slightly blush, not in embarrassment, but only because of the expectation. In order to develop a good body, in the Zerg law, the relationship with third stage pre-evolutionary males was strictly prohibited. In short, although they were now in a relationship, further activities would have to wait for some time.

“Why are you slightly blushing?” Kaczki keenly noticed the change in him.

“Just finished playing ball, a little hot.” Cheng YuanMu could not directly say ‘I’m masturbating to the thought of having sex with you in the future’.

Kaczki was very happy that Cheng YuanMu and Qi Lingzhao had joined the basketball club and soccer club respectively. Sports students would have extra points in the future, not to mention the fact that there were clubs after school, which indirectly reduced the chance of them getting into fights and trouble. The teachers already didn’t like them, and if they got into more trouble, they might get suspended or expelled. He didn’t want to see that.

After the club, he came to meet the two in the atrium on the first floor of the school to go home together. Cheng YuanMu came first, so they chatted while waiting for Qi Ling Chao.

“I can’t even do anything at school.” Kaczki sighed.

“That’s right, if it gets to the teachers, your male and female fathers will know immediately.”

Although it was clear to anyone who was paying attention that the atmosphere between the trio had become a little more ambiguous, they really didn’t get too intimate at school.

Kaczki hummed and said, “I’m okay with that. It’s true that my male and female fathers don’t really like me hanging out with you guys, and I’m sure it’s even more so with romance, but it’s my business anyway, and they can’t control it.”

“Re-really?” Cheng YuanMu, a little surprised, asked, “Does this mean you want to formally introduce us to your elders?”

“Yes. It depends on whether you are willing or not.” Kaczki nodded his head.

“Of course I am!”

“As long as you promise not to go out and cause trouble all the time–” Kaczki cautioned.

“Okay, okay.” Cheng YuanMu immediately agreed, he and Qi Ling Chao in fact have been very restrained recently.

After a while, Qi Ling Chao came running over with sweat, and they walked outside the school together.

When they passed by the atrium, they saw Yi Yi’s figure across the flower bed. He was holding a pile of books and was surrounded by a group of inferior females and a few female Zerg.

“Sorry, I’m going home.”

“What kind of home is a place where you live?”

“That’s funny.”

“Don’t go, you haven’t finished talking yet.”

The female Zerg’s unique hearing power allowed Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao to hear the conversation from a distance. The malice and banter contained in the other party’s words was obvious, and it was obvious that the inferior female named Yi Yi was trapped and couldn’t get out of the situation.

“Hey, it’s Yi Yi. He hasn’t gone home yet.”

“Yi Yi!” Kaczki waved his hand and greeted loudly.

“It’s the male.”

“This guy still knows the male Zerg?”

“Isn’t this the famous group of three?”

The group of Zerg who were bullying Yi Yi muttered a few words, and when they saw Kaczki walking towards them, they left one after another.

“Kaczki.” Yi Yi’s smile was a little stiff. He saw Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao behind Kaczki, and he nodded to them politely in greeting.

Qi Ling Chao didn’t respond. They were clearly love rivals, but every time they met, even though this female was cowering, he always had a polite attitude. Qi Ling Chao saw this as the other showing off, which made him really angry.

“Those were your friends just now?”

“Ah no, just classmates.”

“Are you going home now? Do you want to go together?”

“Mn, I’m going back now. But our homes are not the same way.”

Clearly, he was not in good shape, pale, and hurried away after a few words. Kaczki was confused, thinking the other person was not feeling well.

Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao looked at each other and sighed inside. Only males who had never understood what ‘bullying’ is would be ignorant about such a situation.

But the one called Yi Yi seemed to be trying to hide the fact that he was being bullied and did not want Kaczki to know about it. The two of them did not have to be good people and explain to Kaczki. The two of them just had pretend they didn’t see anything.

But then, coincidentally, a week later, they ran into a similar situation again.

“Is he always being bullied?”

“Who knows?”

This day, Kaczki had tutoring outside of school, so he didn’t join them. Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao bought sports drinks from the kiosk next to the school playground after their club meeting, and after drinking and wiping their sweat, they walked through the atrium towards the entrance of the school and ran into each other again.

Kaczki wasn’t there, and they didn’t think they had any responsibility to save the day.

“I heard that the male was very nice to you last time, right? I wonder if he knows what you do?”

“Let go, it has nothing to do with him.” Yi Yi wanted to leave, but was blocked by the two inferior females, who clasped his wrists so firmly, that he could not break free.

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave.”

“Lend us some money to spend.”

The back of Yi Yi’s head hurt, and the hair on the back of his neck was grabbed.

“Uh-huh…! I, I don’t have any money to give you guys.”

“Didn’t your female father go out to sell, don’t you earn a lot?”

“Aren’t you selling too?”

“No, I’m not! I said I was just working there as a cleaner,” Yi Yi retorted, but was soon pulled by the hair again and shut up in pain.

“That’s pretty much the same thing. Come on, get your wallet out, don’t dawdle.” The group surrounding him laughed. Yi Yi, standing in the middle,  was pushed around, eyes staring at the ground, not daring to shout resistance.

“……” Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao stood still.

“Really unpleasant,” said Qi Ling Chao, gritting his teeth.

The two looked at each other, did not say anything, but acted in unison to walk towards that side.



Several inferior females and the females they pulled to support turned around and were startled to see Cheng YuanMu and Qi Ling Chao.

These two had a notoriously bad reputation within the school. The two of them were known for their bad reputation in the school. In addition, they had their third evolution earlier, and now they were much taller than the group of Zerg, and looked quite intimidating.

“What’s up? We are talking to our classmate. Want to pick a fight?”

Qi Ling Chao clicked his tongue in disgust, “You dare to talk nonsense with your eyes open? It is obvious who is picking on whom.”

He kicked the wall, and suddenly the situation seemed to have shifted.

“What, what, you two punks, do you still have any sense or morals?” Yayoi, who was holding Yi Yi’s wrist, let go of his hand in fear and took a step back.

“We wouldn’t do this kind of garbage even if we are punks.” Cheng YuanMu laughed coldly.

“I know, you two are always following that male called Kaczki, right? Do you know that he gives attention to this inferior female every day?”

When this was mentioned, Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu became even more furious. But at this time, this rage was also directed at this group of small Zerg who didn’t know what was good for them.

“That is also between us, none of your business!”

Qi Ling Chao looked as if he was about to start fighting, scaring the group of female Zerg, who panicked and turned to run away. Their body was smaller, so it was likely that they’d be punched so hard that they would have to go to the hospital with broken bones.

A few of the females among them were clearly far less combative than Qi Ling Chao and Cheng YuanMu, so they naturally slipped away very quickly.

“What garbage.” Qi Ling Chao cursed in a low voice. He seemed itching for a fight, but the other side had run away, and he didn’t want to go after them to beat them up.

“Thank you.”

Yi Yi pulled up his sleeve to cover his wrist, which was clenched red. The hair was yanked hard, so the back of his neck at the hair roots also reddened. No one said anything for a while, so the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

“Why don’t you resist?” Qi Ling Chao asked in an unpleasant manner.

“I’m used to it and if I resist it will be more trouble next time.”

The two of them looked a little angry at his somewhat cowering look.

“Can you please not tell Kaczki about this?” Yi Yi asked tentatively.


The two men looked at each other, and Cheng YuanMu nodded his head.

Qi Ling Chao lowly hummed, “I won’t bother to tell. Why give you a chance to make him feel bad for nothing?”

“Thank you very much.” Yi Yi ignored Qi Ling Chao’s somewhat harsh attitude and bowed deeply to thank him.

“Don’t do this, it’s annoying to watch.”

Yi Yi raised his head, fingers nervously rubbing against each other, and asked in a low voice: “Can I ask why did you help me?”


At Qi Ling Chao’s unpleasant tone, Yi Yi was slightly startled. But he continued, “I thought you guys hated me.”

“Yes, I hate you. But after seeing this kind of scene, I couldn’t pretend that I was not annoyed.”


Cheng YuanMu added, “And, Kaczki is very concerned about you. We don’t want him to feel bad.”

Hearing Kaczki’s name, Yi Yi froze, and his pale complexion seemed to have eased a little.

“You like him too, don’t you?”

Yi Yi opened his mouth, hesitated for a moment, and said, “I’m sorry. But I’m not good enough for him, so don’t worry.”

“Ah…! The dawdling is annoying!”


Qi Ling Chao grumpily grabbed Yi Yi’s collar. This scene made it seem like they were bullying this inferior female, not obvious at all that the two fierce females across from him were the ones who saved him.

“I don’t know if you have a bad family background or what, but you have such a good male liking you, what else do you have to lose confidence over ah?”

Yi Yi showed some bewilderment, and he seemed to be confused why, after he had taken the initiative to step back, instead provoked the two female Zerg in front of him.

The two females in front of him were unhappy.

Cheng YuanMu sighed, he was a little calmer than Qi Ling Chao, “Kaczki is in our hands all the time. He’s showing you affection, but you’re trying to escape? “

They believe more in “Kaczki should get what he wants if he likes it” than “everyone Kaczki likes are enemies”.

“But I…”

“Forget it, it’s useless to talk to this kind of coward,” Cheng YuanMu did not listen to Yi Yi finish, and patted Qi Ling Chao, “Do not pull him up. The teacher will put the blame on our heads.”

Qi Ling Chao released his hand in dissatisfaction.

Cheng YuanMu dropped a “next time no one will help you” after the two picked up the school bag on the ground and left. When they walked away, Qi Ling Chao glanced back and saw Yi Yi still standing in the same place, with his head down, wondering what he was thinking.

“He’s not scared by us, is he?”

“I don’t know.”

The two of them walked out of the school without looking back again.

It took a long time for Yi Yi to move. He slowly squatted down and picked up the books scattered on the ground one by one. The previous torn hair was messy in his face, and the emotion contained in his eyes could not be seen.

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Mmmm…so yi yi is the monarch while the other 2 is the concubines🤔🤔🤔

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What a good mindset these two have. They want their Kaczki have everything he wants.

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No wonder Kaczki is so scummy, it’s because the females around him accommodate all that he wants😂

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These 2 seem blissfully unaware of how intimidating they can be.
Poor Yi Yi.
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