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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

[NSFW chapter (a bit in the beginning and oh boy at the end]

Xi Ran’s technique was a bit clumsy, but Huan Xiu could see that he was working hard.

Huan Xiu hadn’t taken a bath yet, but Xi Ran took the initiative to put his entire penis into his mouth without complaint. It seems that he was not good at using the skills of his tongue, so he just sincerely played with it again and again, and he had gagged a little several times, but he resisted it. 

Huan Xiu leaned back against the door and lowered his head slightly. It was an irresistible sight, but he also felt guilty. He reached out his hand and held Xi Ran’s cheek, slightly slowing down the rhythm.

“Oh… Mn…”

Xi Ran looked much more relaxed and his eyebrows were no longer tightly knit together. He seemed to realize that Huan Xiu was thinking about him when he slowed down. He looked up at him with surprise and gratitude.

Huan Xiu was struck down by this slightly direct and extremely erotic of the situation.

Xi Ran felt his desire suddenly rise in his mouth, twitching. Xi Ran didn’t know why Huan Xiu’s desire suddenly became stronger, but he at least confirmed that his Master did not dislike his behavior, and perhaps it was the opposite, so he felt relieved.

After about ten minutes, Xi Ran continued to help Huan Xiu with his mouth without any fatigue. Because of his lack of skill, Huan Xiu didn’t want to make his jaw sore with this real action. Just when his desire was about to shoot, Huan Xiu took the initiative to pull out of Xi Ran’s mouth and did the last few strokes by himself.

“Mmm…!” Huan Xiu hadn’t masturbated at all these days. Besides, he was young and virgin, and he was a neat shooter. Xi Ran did not move and was shot in the face by Huan Xiu’s semen.

It was too erotic——

Huan Xiu recovered from the pleasure of his climax and saw Xi Ran’s semen stained face, still half kneeling and looking up at him. He couldn’t help thinking like that.

Xi Ran’s skin color tended to be a wheat color due to his years of training and carrying out tasks outside. The Zerg lines, which were one color deeper than his skin color, were all over his skin. They didn’t look dense or too fancy. In Huan Xiu’s opinion, they had a mysterious beauty. His muscles were so well proportioned and tight but it was just not uncomfortable to look at.

“Why didn’t you avoid it?” Huan Xiu quickly reached out and wiped Xi Ran’s face to remove the semen. He wanted to go to the bedside table to get a tissue to wipe his hand, but his pants were halfway down and it was hard to move, so he simply took off his trousers and went to get the tissue naked.

After wiping his hand and throwing the paper ball into the basket, Huan Xiu looked back, thinking, oh, Xi Ran is still kneeling there. 

“Get up quickly. Isn’t it cold on the ground?”

“Sorry, you had to do it yourself…” After hearing Huan Xiu’s words, Xi Ran stood up and thought about it. He also picked up Huan Xiu’s pants and put them on the footstool beside the bed.

“Is it time to fold your pants?”

It was like Huan Xiu got poked in his funny bit, and finally, he couldn’t help laughing. It was mainly because Xi Ran, a strong man over 1.8 meters, but right now he was like his wife, following him to pick up his pants and folding them, which made him feel that this contrast was very cute.

The most frequent words Xi Ran said to Huan Xiu after they met were ‘sorry’ and ‘I apologize’. To prevent him from apologizing again, Huan Xiu said before Xi Ran opened his mouth, “No apology is allowed.”

“……” Xi Ran opened his mouth, but swallowed the words back.

“Come here.” Huan Xiu sat on the bed, patted the bed and motioned for Xi Ran to come.

“May I?” Xi Ran still looked a little intimidated, as if the bed in which Huan Xiu slept was a holy land, and he dare not get close to it.

“Ah, yes.” Huan Xiu scanned Xi Ran’s whole body, and his desire rose again. The Zerg were originally a sexually active race. Because of the low birth rate, if one didn’t love bed sports, the total number of Zerg, especially the number of male Zerg, would be even worse. But now that he was a little bit sober now, there was something else he wanted to talk to Xi Ran about rather than to continue what needs to be done.

Xi Ran was usually resolute in his actions, but now he was very careful and cautious, and he couldn’t hide his nervousness. After climbing into bed, he froze to one side, not knowing whether he should wait for Huan Xiu’s instructions or continue to serve him.

“It may be a bit shameful to ask this question at this time… but what did you do with your ex-husband? How did you get along? Can you tell me about it?”

Huan Xiu was really curious. Xi Ran’s reaction and skills were all green and astringent. This wasn’t like a Zerg who had been married once before. He almost acted like a virgin. From others’ gossip, he could also guess that Xi Ran’s previous marriage was not a good memory. If the other party didn’t want to say it, Huan Xiu didn’t think it was a problem – anyway, he had a lot of secrets that he hadn’t confessed.

But he still wanted to ask, hoping that the question would not embarrass Xi Ran.

But Xi Ran bowed his head, without any resistance, and began to explain to him.

“In the beginning, I was introduced to the Shi family through my boss. A few years ago, I was advancing in the military office very quickly, and many nobles would choose targets among military females. Being an orphan, I didn’t have much of a choice… I was also rather stupid at the time. When my boss mentioned it, he was worried that rejection would affect his own development, and I agreed without thinking.

“I don’t have any advantages and my former master preferred inferior females. There are a lot of female servants and concubines in his family, so I had not served him many times. It just happened that after a few times Xiao Ye came along. Of course, after discovering that Xiao Ye was a female Zerg, he basically didn’t come to see me anymore.

“After Xiao Ye was born, my former master came once in a while. Maybe because he was in a bad mood and Xiao Ye was at a noisy age, he got rough with the baby. I couldn’t help make a few remarks and contradict him, which annoyed him… Later, the rumor spread that I was seriously injured when I was on duty because of my carelessness, and I couldn’t fight on the front line anymore. After being dispatched back to the logistics department, I was no longer useful to his family in any way. Earlier, I angered my former master, so…”

“……So it’s like that?” Huan Xi asked casually, but didn’t expect Xi Ran to tell him so thoroughly. He didn’t know how to comfort Xi Ran, and the experience was a capital tragedy. “That’s why Xiao Ye is so timid?”

“……Yes.” Xi Ran looked ashamed. Obviously, he felt that he was a failure as a female father.

“Where did you get hurt?” Huan Xiu looked up and down along Xi Ran’s body. His body was perfect, and there were no scars anywhere on his skin.

“On my bone wings. It doesn’t affect basic usage, but it’s a little bit slow. It’s deadly for army Zerg.”

Huan Xiu remembered that the female Zerg had wings. Usually they folded them up and put them inside their body, around the shoulder blade. Bone wings would not be used for daily movement and would only be deployed in combat and critical situations.

So far, he had never seen bone wings with his own eyes.

Then, suddenly, Huan Xiu asked a slightly sharp question, “So… Do you have any feelings for your ex?”

 Xi Ran suddenly looked up at Huan Xiu and shook his head, very flustered, “No!”

Huan Xiu chuckled. “You don’t have to worry about whether I care or not. I want to know the truth.”

Xi Ran looked into Huan Xiu’s eyes and said firmly, “……I really have no feelings for him.” 

“Oh? So… can I ask what you think of your second marriage now?” Huan Xiu’s tone changed and he asked with a smile, “Do you feel like there will be an inkling of a developing relationship?”

“Master…!” Xi Ran’s expression became an embarrassed flush. It seemed that he didn’t expect that after hearing this, Huan Xiu’s attitude was still so casual.

Huan Xiu sighed in relief, “I feel more at ease now that you’ve told me about the past. At least I made sure you don’t like your ex now, so that I don’t have to worry, that it’s a thankless move in the end.”

“……Master, you are very good,” Xi Ran said. “You are handsome, have a good background, and are gentle and kind-hearted. You’re an ideal target for many Zerg. Someone like me… is not good enough for you.”

Huan Xiu knew that in such a social environment, female Zerg like Xi Ran had been suppressed for a long time, until his self-confidence had been lost. So he thought about it and changed his way of asking, “I’m interested in you now. Do you want to push me away?”

Xi Ran stopped for a moment, but didn’t continue to argue, “No. I don’t know why I am so lucky, but since I have such an opportunity, I will try my best to please you and stay with you.”

Huan Xiu was amused by his statement.

“But what you said just now may not be accurate…” Huan Xiu suddenly reached out and pulled Xi Ran over, laughing and joking, “Gentle and kind…  can you even tell in bed?”

Xi Ran was serious and refused to give in on this question, “You are willing to let a concubine in your bed, isn’t that being gentle and kind?”

Huan Xiu: “……”  

Was that considered gentle and kind? It turned out that it was not that he was too good, but that the conditions of his peers were too bad.

Xi Ran leaned close to Huan Xiu, feeling his still high desire, and looked at him, “Master, if you really don’t mind, you can let me serve you… Use my bottom.”

Huan Xiu was bewitched by Xi Ran’s blunt and explicit statement. His palm covered Xi Ran’s waist and abdomen, rubbed his abdominal muscles, and guided Xi Ran to grasp his still hard member. “I don’t mind…”

Xi Ran lowered his head, with his forehead against Huan Xiu’s chest. One hand was next to Huan Xiu, and the other went around his back to expand himself. Lying on his back, Huan Xiu couldn’t see the movement of Xi Ran’s hand, but he could guessed what he was doing.

After a few cursory moves, Xi Ran pulled out his finger and took the initiative to grasp Huan Xiu’s penis. He lowered his waist slightly and put the tip against his hole.


Xi Ran sat down slowly and quietly until the base of Huan Xiu’s penis. Huan Xiu couldn’t see the other’s lowered face, but he could see that Xi Ran’s arms were slightly shaking. It must be that he inserted it too quickly, and his hole was not completely ready.

“Take your time.” It felt amazing to be wrapped around by the hot and tight walls, but Huan Xiu didn’t like Xi Ran’s attitude as if it was a ‘mission’. They had just met not long ago and were already in bed, they had no combination of soul and flesh, but at least both sides should be comfortable, right?

With Huan Xiu’s instructions, Xi Ran was able to catch his breath. But he still did not dare to slow down, so he raised his body and let Huan Xiu’s penis almost slip out of his tight hole. Then he sat down again and pushed the entire length back in, moving his waist again and again, almost clumsily. He really didn’t have any skills at all.

“Master, is this okay?” Xi Ran asked.

“Not really.” Huan Xiu said on purpose.

Sure enough, Xi Ran panicked and stopped moving.

“I prefer having sex that both sides enjoy,” says Huan Xiu, seriously.

Xi Ran was dumbfounded. For female Zerg, sex was not for enjoyment. Serving their male Zerg and satisfying their male Zerg was what most female Zerg and inferior females were taught from their childhood. For him as a Zerg, the few experiences he had in the past had brought him pain, and he was very fortunate that, as a military female, one of his inherent advantages was that he was good at endurance.

“You see, you are not hard.” Huan Xiu pinched Xi Ran’s still limp penis in front of him somewhat dissatisfied.

“It’s only hard during estrus…” Xi Ran explained.

Zerg had a few days of estrus each season. Their sexual desire was higher than usual, and the probability of pregnancy was doubled during these days. It was about the instinct of biological reproduction. The female Zerg, who had always been ‘hard’ the rest of the time, would become softer and more sensitive during this period. Their body would also have a lot of reactions in front and behind, so as to attract male Zerg’s favor.

“Not now?” Huan Xiu said as he reached for Xi Ran’s penis and kneaded it up and down with a little skill.

“Master…! This, um… It shouldn’t be…” Xi Ran subconsciously wanted to hide, but his back hole was still firmly ‘nailed’ to Huan Xiu. What’s more, according to the rules, he couldn’t really say anything to stop him from doing what he was doing.

“All right, don’t talk. You move your hand.”

Xi Ran was terrified by the fact that this male Zerg was serving him with his hands. However, when Huan Xiu gave the order, he could not turn a deaf ear. He had to keep silent and continue to swing his waist up and down.

‘It’s only hard during estrus’ was nonsense. In estrus, the female Zerg just reacted intensely without external stimulation. Huan Xiu was now giving Xi Ran some help, and soon the latter’s rod was equally hard.

“Er, um… I…” Xi Ran did not understand why he could endure pain, but this pleasure could not be restrained. Now, his moans leaked out of his mouth intermittently. In the non-estrus period, sexual desire was so difficult to suppress, and may even exceed the interest of the Master, which made Xi Ran instinctively uneasy. He unconsciously twisted his waist up and down in a more pleasing manner, hoping to satisfy Huan Xiu.

Feeling his penis being twisted and swallowed tightly, Huan Xiu’s breathing became heavy.


This was more like normal sex.

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thank you so much!

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Now I am thinking that Zerg low birth rate had to do with male enjoyment but female suppression. Maybe most females are too high in tension and depression that their “hormone” are not working right, due to this stinky society rule.

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