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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The lead in the conversation was soon in Huan Xiu’s hands. He made such a hasty decision for many reasons – some good feelings at first due to coincidence of fate, a half-repaying mentality, and some sympathy inevitably mixed in. He was sure he was influenced by the environment as well. In this society, as a male Zerg, it seemed that marrying a concubine was not a big deal at all. So Huan Xiu went along with the impulse without thinking.

In the future, Huan Xiu would think that this was a rare but correct impulse.

Xi Ran was not stupid, and the sudden ‘good things’ made him wonder if there was any abnormality behind this, but he certainly made a choice that was beneficial to his child at the time – after all, he had no other choice.

Without Huan Jiade’s malicious push behind the scenes, the big news that should have been more compelling was not widely known at this point. The Shi family seemed to have learned that the female Zerg, who had been divorced from them, had ‘remarried’. After investigating Huan Xiu’s information, it was found that this male Zerg was really uninteresting, so they paid no attention to it anymore. But this matter still spread in a small area.

Kaczki, at the next table over, had the biggest reaction to it. Maybe because now he was more familiar with Huan Xiu, he didn’t worry too much about what he said.

“Really? Have you been drugged?”

Huan Xiu frowned, “Don’t say that.”

“I’m joking. It’s a little unusual, but if you think it’s fun, that’s great too… Ah, is it that you actually have a crush on the little one? That’s not good, brother.” Kaczki gave Huan Xiu a ‘you don’t, do you?’ look.

Huan Xiu felt very powerless and clarified to himself, “You. What’s going on in your head right now? It’s all wrong.”

“I’m only talking without much thought…” Kaczki realized that there was no door on his mouth again, and laughed.

Huan Xiu feels that this can be regarded as a ‘flash marriage’. He asked Xi Ran to go back and explain the decision to Shi Ye, and then went through the formalities the next day. The procedure for accepting concubines was very simple, and it was not even necessary for the male Zerg to go to the center to handle it in person. However, Huan Xiu did not follow the customs at this point, so decided to do it himself.

Xi Ran kept the same low posture as last time, and kept telling Huan Xiu that he didn’t have to spend time on such things. Huan Xiu, who had an idea in his mind, naturally just ignored it and let it go.

If it was not for professionalism, it was likely that the front desk Zerg would have dropped his jaw right now.

“That’s all right, isn’t it?” After signing his name, Huan Xiu returned the form to the front desk Zerg.

“Thank you. That’s… that’s fine.” The front desk Zerg still couldn’t hide his surprise completely. The whole time, he kept looking at Xi Ran’s direction silently, as if to see what was special about this female Zerg.

Xi Ran, who seemed to have been used to this kind of scrutinizing gaze, kept staring at the floor without saying a word.

“I’m sorry to trouble you with driving,” after leaving the marriage center, Huan Xiu got into the passenger seat. “Have you told Xiao Ye about this? Was he startled?”

“Yes. Xiao Ye is perfectly fine.” Xi Ran carefully warned Shi Ye what to say and what not to say after seeing Huan Xiu. He didn’t know what kind of children Huan Xiu liked. He just hoped that the opposite party would not be like his previous male Zerg, and raise his hand against the child at the slightest displeasure. Thinking back to the last time they met, Huan Xiu, who was still a Zerg stranger, took the initiative to help Shi Ye. Xi Ran was relieved. Although his previous experience had left a negative impact on him, Huan Xiu should be the only gentle male Zerg in existence.

“I would definitely be shocked, too. But I’ve met him once before, so he should remember me, right?”

“He should, yes.” Xi Ran immediately affirmed.

“You don’t have to be so formal. Didn’t we speak naturally the two times we met before?” Huan Xiu referred to the first meeting and then accidentally bumping into Shi Ye at the school gate.

“You are our Master now, it is not the same.”

Do as the Romans do? But Huan Xiu was really uncomfortable, “I don’t care really, but it’s strange to hear you calling me ‘you’ 1 now.”

“……Master.” Xi Ran took a step back.

“Let’s start with this first…” The other party couldn’t say it, and Huan Xiu couldn’t force it.

Naturally, Huan Xiu went to Xi Ran’s rental house not to spend the night, but to let him pick up Shi Ye. His house was big enough for the three of them and they didn’t need this one. The Zerg had a custom that the concubines and below must hand over their money to the family owner for safekeeping. The female monarch could be lenient depending on the situation, so even though Xi Ran was a military female before, he was left with nothing after being swept out.

As the male Zerg, Huan Xiu couldn’t help but complain about the female Zerg’s poor status.

There was not much luggage, so Xi Ran asked Huan Xiu to wait in the car, and asked Shi Ye too, to get in and wait for him to carry the luggage down by himself. Considering that Xi Ran seemed to have been injured before, Huan Xiu asked if he needed any help, but he was naturally frightened and refused.

So a male Zerg and a cub were sitting in the car.

When they met last time, Shi Ye’s attitude towards Huan Xiu was fairly normal. After learning that he had become his new ‘male father’ this time, the child became frightened. When he saw Huan Xiu, he was so nervous that he couldn’t talk.

Huan Xiu guessed at a glance that Xi Ran might have put too much pressure on Shi Ye earlier… or that the ‘male father’ in his original family was a very bad character. In a sense, both guesses were accurate. Huan Xiu was helpless, his nominal relationship was getting closer, but in reality distance soared, and he didn’t know if the losses outweighed the gains.

After several trips back and forth, Xi Ran moved quickly. So when he got back to the car, there was a thin layer of sweat. His exposed neck and the unique Zerg pattern on his wrist darkened a little. Huan Xiu, who was in the passenger’s seat, inevitably took a second look at this view.

“Shall we go now?”

“Mn.” Huan Xiu transmitted the address to Xi Ran’s communicator.

What followed was a trip with little conversation, and Shi Ye in the back seat dare not speak out.

When the boat comes to the bridge, it’s natural to be straight. Instead of making a forced conversation, Huan Xiu casually turned on the radio in the car, which made him feel less embarrassed. A while ago, when he chose a place to live in, he didn’t expect to buy a ‘new house’ 2 . Fortunately, he had enough money and bought a spacious one, otherwise he would be in trouble now.

Xi Ran tossed his meager luggage back into the house, while Huan Xiu went to the kitchen to fiddle with the simple ordering system. When he lived in the Huan’s house before, there was a kitchen staff cooking dinner every day. After he moved, he relied on the takeout system. The taste was reasonable, and it was much faster and more convenient than the ‘takeout’ in human society.

Seeing that Huan Xiu was ordering takeout, Xi Ran put down his things and quickly walked into the kitchen, “Master, I can make dinner.”

“You can do that? But you’d rather not today, it’s a little late. You’ve had a long day, is there anything you want to eat? Come and have a look?” Huan Xiu glanced around the living room and saw Shi Ye, this little one, standing at the door, trembling and so he said, “You also come and have a look at it, Xiao Ye?”

“Ah, anything is good…” Shi Ye was obviously taken aback by the nickname.

Huan Xiu somewhat helplessly turned to Xi Ran and asked, “Did I look scary just now?”

It was Xi Ran’s turn to be startled, “How could it be! He didn’t mean that, but he is a little afraid of strangers…”

Huan Xiu said, “…I’m just kidding you. Don’t be so nervous.”

Both Zerg, a big one and a young one, were in a state of ‘startled birds’. Even the suggestion for dinner was left to Huan Xiu. He had no choice but to follow his memory of going to the family restaurant and order them a meal of similar taste.

After a very quiet dinner, Huan Xiu arranged a room for Shi Ye. The room was originally intended to be a guest bedroom. At least there was a bed for the time being, but for the rest he could only say would be added later.

“Thank you…” After politely thanking him, Shi Ye quickly dived into the room with his luggage, and was quiet as if he didn’t exist in the house at all.

“Is he afraid of strangers or is he always so introverted?” Huan Xiu felt that Shi Ye’s cleverness was totally beyond his understanding of primary school children.

“All of the above.”

“Isn’t it usually a noisy age? He’s a little too quiet. Is he okay?”

“It may get better in the future.” Xi Ran was ashamed to mention this.

So Huan Xiu didn’t ask any more questions. He went downstairs, glanced at the dining table and found that the disposable chopsticks had been taken back already by the nimble Xi Ran for recycling at some point. He was stunned for a moment and said, “It’s been cleaned up. So fast. Let’s back to the room.”

“Master, my room is…?” Xi Ran stood still.

Huan Xiu was puzzled, “Huh? Are you… not going to sleep with me?”

Seeing Xi Ran’s suspicious expression, Huan Xiu once again realized that their conversation might not be on the same wavelength.

“The Master’s room is naturally his own. Even if the male is tolerant, that place should also belong to the female monarch.” Xi Ran also explained. In his opinion, although strange, Huan Xiu may not know much about these matters.

“Since there is no female monarch, you are the only one in the family. I’d like you to take the place.” Huan Xiu laughed.

Xi Ran seemed to think it was against the rules, but since Huan Xiu said that, he couldn’t refuse. So in the end he dragged his luggage into Huan Xiu’s master bedroom. He opened his luggage and wanted to unpack it, but the room was full of Huan Xiu’s daily necessities. Xi Ran seemed hesitant and did not know where he could put his things.

“You’re welcome to do whatever you want,” Huan Xiu waved his hand. “Oh, I remember I have some work to do. I’m going into my study to write an email.”

This was an excuse of course, but if Huan Xiu was present, Xi Ran would still be worried, so he wanted to leave for a while and let the other party unpack his luggage. But when he turned on his computer in his study, he really remembered something about his work. Recently, the teaching assistant’s work had gradually stabilized, and Huan Xiu had become more and more conscientious in preparing teaching plans and materials, which made the professor very satisfied with him.

Although it was not working hours, Huan Xiu took the opportunity to reply to the students’ emails. Probably because of their similar age, many students preferred to contact the TA first when they had questions, rather than the old professor who had a strong sense of oppression.

After forty minutes, thinking that Xi Ran should have unpacked up his things, Huan Xiu tidied up his files and went back to his bedroom.

What he didn’t realize was that Xi Ran not only unpacked his things, but also ‘unpacked’ himself.

As a healthy adult Zerg, this kind of fantasy flashed through Huan Xiu’s mind when he proposed to accept him as a concubine, but he didn’t expect it to come so suddenly. It seemed that Xi Ran had already taken a shower while he was away. Xi Ran had been sitting on the chair in front of his desk with a little caution. When he came in, he quickly got up… naked.


Although there was no one else in the house, Huan Xiu subconsciously and quickly closed the door behind him. “Why did you…”

Since the original owner of the body had no experience, Huan Xiu’s understanding of the sex life of the Zerg people was only theoretical. He knew that female Zerg generally needed to take the initiative in bed in order to get the affection of the master, but he did not know that Xi Ran would take the initiative to this extent. He just asked Xi Ran to unpack his luggage, but when he came back, he saw that the other party was in naked and on standby.

Without saying a word, Xi Ran came to help Huan Xiu unbutton his clothes. Huan Xiu quickly stopped him, “Wait… wait a minute. Why are you getting down to business all of a sudden?”

Xi Ran was stunned for a moment. He seemed to regard his stopping him as disgust. He immediately lowered his head and took a step back, dropping his hand as well.

“Sorry, Master. It’s… I think too highly of myself. Because you brought me to your bedroom, and you also mentioned my figure before… so I misunderstood”

Huan Xiu thought for a moment, and he did say that he was ‘in good shape’. But was that the point? Was this an erotic innuendo among the Zerg?

“You are willing to accept me as a concubine, and you also accepted Xiao Ye. But there is nothing I can give you… After all, my body has been used by another male Zerg before. It’s normal for you to be disgusted. If you don’t mind, I can just use my mouth…” When Xi Ran said these words, his voice was a little low and trembled slightly. Obviously, it was very difficult to say these words in person.

The Qing Dynasty has been dead for thousands of years. Huan Xiu thought. If he really cared about the past, he would not have made such a decision in the first place.

“That’s not what I meant. And you don’t have to force yourself to do this.” Huan Xiu grabbed Xi Ran, who wanted to squat down. He was a little heavy and Huan Xiu couldn’t move him.

“I did it voluntarily.” Xi Ran, still stubbornly squatting down, reached out to untie Huan Xiu’s belt.

“……Oh,” Although Huan Xiu still felt that he and the other person’s thinking had never been on the same page, his body was still very young and inexperienced. Just like this, he had become hard. When Xi Ran held his penis in his hand, he was too hot to speak.

So he uncontrollably let go of Xi Ran’s hand and gave up on stopping him.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 您 – ‘nin’, a courteous way of saying ‘you’
  2. 新房 – also means bridal chamber


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