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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


[The NSFW continues… a bit in the beginning]

“Isn’t that good?”

Huan Xiu, who had just been letting Xi Ran do it on his own, couldn’t help it, and started to thrust his hips upwards. The connection between the two gradually became a little sticky. It was sweat mixed with the liquid secreted from Xi Ran’s back hole, sliding down to the hidden skin between their legs.

Xi Ran knew that most male Zerg were not naturally stronger than female Zerg, so they didn’t like female Zerg to be above them during sex and felt it was oppressive. This was why inferior females, though basically infertile, were loved by male Zerg for their delicate beauty. Looking at Huan Xiu’s expression, he seemed to enjoy it, and probably didn’t care about this position.

Xi Ran was silently relieved.

“Are you distracted?” Huan Xiu, keenly aware of Xi Ran’s distraction, put his hands on his strong waist and pushed up with force.

“……!” Xi Ran shuddered with excitement, “I… I dare not… Mn! Ah…!”

Huan Xiu had stopped using his hands to rub Xi Ran, but after he had been completely aroused, Xi Ran’s penis didn’t get any softer. At the same time, Huan Xiu could also feel Xi Ran’s back acupoint getting wetter and wetter. He was still a little surprised at first, but then he thought that the posterior acupoint of a female Zerg had ‘this function’, so it was not a surprise.

The thought ‘Is he angry?’ that flashed through Xi Ran’s mind had not been completely digested, when it was disrupted by the next round of fierce attacks.

Except for the estrus period… No, even in the estrus period, Xi Ran didn’t think he had ever lost control like this.

“Mas-master… Mnn…” Xi Ran was still straddling Huan Xiu at the beginning. As he moved slowly, he couldn’t hold his position anymore. His waist and abdomen became soft, and his body fell quite a bit, but he didn’t dare to press down against Huan Xiu, and even supported himself with his arms.

Huan Xiu couldn’t stop even a little, and the intense sex lasted for about twenty minutes. Xi Ran, who was still working hard before, became this limp because of himself, which made Huan Xiu unable to stop in every sense of the word. Xi Ran’s hair was wet with sweat, damply hanging down and stuck to his forehead, and his Adam’s apple trembled slightly as he gasped for breath. Huan Xiu suddenly remembered the scenery that he saw when he opened his eyes in this world for the first time. Xi Ran also had such wet hair in front of him…

This is probably also a kind of fate?

Thinking of something else, Huan Xiu pulled Xi Ran down to his body during the final sprint. Because of this, Huan Xiu’s belly rubbed against Xi Ran’s penis. Under such close friction, Xi Ran and Huan Xiu almost came at the same time.

This body’s physical strength was not as good as before. After he finished, Huan Xiu felt a little short of breath. His head was still in a state of bliss, Xi Ran came back to his senses first, “Master, I’m sorry… I’ll wipe it off for you!”

Huan Xiu looked down in confusion and found that Xi Ran was trying to wipe off the cloudy white body fluid on his abdomen with his hands in a hurry.

“It’s okay. I’m going to take a bath anyway.” Huan Xiu grabbed Xi Ran’s hand and signalled that he didn’t care.

“Okay. Then I’ll help you with the water.” Xi Ran’s chest was still rising up and down, but obviously he had almost recovered. Before Huan Xiu could answer him, Xi Ran got out of bed and quickly went to the bathroom, as if he wanted to redeem himself.

Huan Xiu didn’t come back to his senses and was still lying on the bed, listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom. Even though the exercise was done, at least they could’ve still held each other for a while… Xi Ran was so quick to slip away.

Of course, he didn’t care about such trifles. Huan Xiu was already aware of these customs of the Zerg race. However, the customs of the Zerg were theirs and Huan Xiu still thought of himself as a human being, so there was no reason to say that he had to obey other’s habits in his own home. He wanted to find someone suitable to have a stable relationship with and live a small life, not to find a servant to serve him…

Take your time. Huan Xiu realized that there was a long way to go to communicate with Xi Ran. When he got up and went to the bathroom, Xi Ran had already filled half of the bathtub with water for him and was squatting on the tile, reaching out, to test the water temperature.

“Master, it’s not right yet.”

“Let it go. You don’t have to squat down and watch.” Huan Xiu said as he undid his shirt button. Xi Ran saw this and immediately stood up to help him.

Xi Ran did everything by himself, which made Huan Xiu feel that he and Xiao Ye were in the same age group and he was back in kindergarten.

After taking off his clothes, Xi Ran was ready to go out, but Huan Xiu stopped him and asked him to take a bath with him. Anyway, the bathtub was big enough and Xi Ran had been sweating.

“I’ll just take a shower.” Xi Ran was referring to the smaller bathroom outside the house.

Huan Xiu had already stepped into the bathtub and sat down, and the water rose a lot, “Come on. Xiao Ye may decide to use the bathroom at night.”

Xi Ran hesitated for a moment, but still obeyed Huan Xiu’s wish and stepped into the bathtub. The water level rose a lot more. He was bigger than Huan Xiu, so he deliberately leaned to the corner for fear of squeezing him.

“My bathtub is pretty big, isn’t it?” At least it’s just right for two people. Huan Xiu waved his hand and asked Xi Ran to come over.

As soon as Xi Ran relaxed a bit and stretched his legs a little, he heard Huan Xiu continue to ask, “Can you just call me by my name?”

“This, this is not good…”

Seeing Xi Ran’s embarrassed look and nervous tension, Huan Xiu felt that his expectation had jumped too high all at once. 

“Well, mn, let’s not talk about that. How about what happened to Xiao Ye?” Huan Xiu thought for a moment and decided to start with this topic to make the conversation easier.

Xi Ran looked at Huan Xiu with a nervous expression, as if he was saying, ‘What’s wrong with him?’

“What happened to the dropping out he mentioned last time?”

“The next day after the wound was treated, I asked him what happened, and he wouldn’t tell me. I was in the process of the withdrawal procedures for him, so he simply didn’t go back to school again after that day.”

“So… He should be able to go back to school now?”

“Yes, I’ll go to the school and provide the current account information…” Xi Ran nodded. “Thanks to you, Master.”

“Do you want me to do anything? I’m going to college every Wednesday or Friday anyway. The Institute is also very close to there.” Huan Xiu asked in passing.

Xi Ran hurriedly declined, “I don’t want to bother you with such a small matter.”

“Anyway, if you need any help, don’t hold back and tell me.”

Xi Ran raised his head and stopped talking.

“Ah, really? What’s the matter?”

“Speaking of Xiao Ye, he actually doesn’t have a surname now. He only has a first name on his Zerg profile.” Xi Ran said with an ashamed expression and with difficulty. Huan Xiu didn’t understand the other party’s meaning at first, but Xi Ran’s further explanation made him understand. After Shi Ye was swept out with Xi Ran, he was not allowed to continue using the surname of the male father ‘Shi’ and became a single name. In the Zerg race, names with only one word were basically regarded as orphans.

“You should know that I was born an orphan, and I had only one word. It was only after entering the army that I was given my present surname at random.” Xi Ran explained.

“I see. So what can I do for you?”

“I originally applied for him to take my surname, but the application is still being processed. I was wondering… if you don’t mind, would you let Xiao Ye take your last name? Xiao Ye is really a good boy…” Xi Ran looked into Huan Xiu’s eyes, his gaze flickering. “I’m sorry, isn’t such a request too much? In fact, you are willing to accept him into the house, which is already very…”

“I haven’t even said anything yet, so why do you think I won’t agree? It’s no problem. I’ll deal with it later. My family name is not a precious thing.”

“……Thank you.” A stone fell from his heart, and Xi Ran couldn’t help but smile with relief. Huan Xiu felt that this was the most relaxed and natural smile he had ever seen from him. It was the right thing to ask about Xiao Ye.

It was very important for the young to get the care of the male Zerg. In Huan Xiu’s memory, the body grew up safely without a female father, but after the accidental death of the male father, he grew slowly and became more and more gloomy. It can be said that male Zerg could influence the spirit and growth of the cubs around him to some extent.

In a large family, the cubs who were favored or loved by their fathers would grow faster and better, which was also the case.

Huan Xiu thought about the time he saw Xiao Ye before, and the events of tonight. He felt that Xiao Ye’s mental state already had some problems. He hoped he would get better in the future. He was not particularly fond of children, but Xiao Ye was particularly clever and introverted, which made it difficult for people not to feel sorry for him.

After taking a hot bath, Huan Xiu couldn’t help feeling a little sleepy. After leaving the bathtub, he couldn’t resist Xi Ran, who insisted on wiping his body, so he let the other party do it.

“I’ll do the hair myself.” Huan Xiu took the towel from Xi Ran’s hand and put it on his head. Otherwise, the other party would have to take care of the hair as well.

Because he helped Huan Xiu first, when Xi Ran finished cleaning up a little late, so by the time he returned to the bedroom, Huan Xiu was already in bed. Just now, the bedclothes in a mess due to sex affairs had been slightly smoothed up by Huan Xiu, but there was still a little bit of lascivious smell.

“Come to sleep. I’m going to graduate school tomorrow. It really feels like we are married…” Huan Xiu said casually.

“What time does Master need to get up and go out?”

“I’ll leave at nine.”

“I’ll drive you.” Xi Ran volunteered.

“Mn, if it’s not too much trouble.” Huan Xiu didn’t show any courtesy to him. The former owner of the body had never taken the driver’s license test. Huan Xiu did the research, but after all, driving a hovering mini spaceship was not the same thing as a four wheeled vehicle on earth at all. He had to learn from scratch, which made all of his cells scream “troublesome”, so he has been dragging it till now.

Xi Ran went to the other side of the bed, lifted the quilt and went in, close to the edge of the bed opposite to Huan Xiu. Huan Xiu didn’t want to bluntly point that out, so he reached out and turned off the bedside lamp.

“Good night.”

“Ah,” Xi Ran turned his head, and Huan Xiu, who was a Zerg across from him, closed his eyes. He responded jerkily with the same words, “…good night.”

A female Zerg’s night vision was very good, Xi Ran saw the corner of Huan Xiu’s mouth rise quickly.

Huan Xiu fell asleep very fast. He thought that he would be a little uncomfortable with Xi Ran sleeping beside him, but maybe the other was too quiet without moving a muscle as he was sleeping on the side of the bed. The room was as quiet as himself. In addition, the earlier “bed exercise” had some sleep boosting effect on this not-so-strong male Zerg, so Huan Xiu soon fell asleep.

Xi Ran was really having trouble sleeping, and was afraid to even breathe. After Huan Xiu’s breath calmed down, he moved his stiff body a little. For the first time in his life, he was sharing a bed with a male Zerg.

Xi Ran also realized somewhat suddenly that he was actually living with the male Zerg who he had rescued by chance. And became the other’s concubine. He originally thought that the other was doing this out of kindness, and was simply willing to provide a place for himself and Xiao Ye, but on the first night, he was loved by the other without mercy – on this very bed.

It was something he’d never felt before….

Xi Ran was not good at thinking. At the moment, all kinds of information in his mind were mixed together, making him confused.


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