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After Becoming a Mermaid, I Was Kept

 by Humble Servant Girl

Year: 2020

Genre: BL, mermaids, mpreg, children

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 99 chapters, 1 extra

Translator: Addis

Editor: Kiramekineko

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An Jin, who had an extinct water ability, transmigrates to an interstellar world and becomes a mermaid captured by His Majesty on the planet Sio. He is careful to play the role of a pet, but finds that the interstellar human is extremely obedient toward the mermaid, not like a pet, but more like a mermaid master. His Majesty also discovers something special about the little mermaid as he gets along, and An Jin’s water ability gradually shines through… This is a novel in which a mermaid and human are interdependent with each other, but are unable to communicate, resulting in a heartwarming cognitive difference. The overall story is light and warm, but not lacking in excitement, and the text is very smooth. It depicts a fairy-tale love story, sweet and warm.

Chapter 1: He Became a Mermaid

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


A sharp pain came from his fingers, and An Jin subconsciously retracted his hand and jerked his eyes open. The pain behind his head made him frown subconsciously.

“Eh, he’s awake!” The doctor shouted in surprise and excitement.

An Jin’s head was a bit confused. Hadn’t he been killed by a zombie? He looked at the owner of the voice, a man in white with a happy-looking expression on his face, and leaned over after meeting his eyes.

An Jin saw the silver needles flashing in his hands and his pupils and fingers shrank at the same time. He hurriedly moved back, trying to pull away. However, his feet were not controlled, and instead of moving back, they lifted upwards. He froze and looked at his feet, and was surprised to find that his feet were not feet anymore, but a blue fish tail!

The fish tail lifted up and the transparent fins at the end of the tail unfolded like a fan. There was water sliding down from it, and the blue fish scales reflected the light. Beautiful… An Jin was stunned.

“Slap…” he froze, as the fish tail unloaded and fell into the water, stirring up the water, and drenching him.

The doctor next to him likewise didn’t escape the water and was dripping wet. He thought the little mermaid had lost his temper and hastily stopped approaching. He stepped back a little, hiding the silver needle, and held up his hands in a show of weakness. 

“Don’t be angry,” he coaxed. “Do you want something to eat?”

An Jin looked at the doctor, his heart beating wildly. He actually did not understand the doctor’s words at all, and the pronunciation was very strange.

After the apocalypse, the international channels collapsed. He had only seen foreigners in his first year, and those people spoke English, while this man’s words were obviously not English. He hesitated for a moment, not venturing to speak, and not understanding why the doctor was holding up his hands and backing away, but it made him less nervous.

He blinked and the droplets of water staining his eyelashes slid down to the ends of his eyes, tickling them. He raised his hand to wipe it off, and only when it touched the end of his eye did he stop moving and stiffly move his hand to his eyes.

His hands were white and slender, but the nails were very long—more than three centimeters. The edges of the nails were silvery, and at first glance, very sharp, with transparent webbing between them.

An Jin froze for a moment, took a deep breath to stabilize his emotions and looked warily at the man in white. “What is this place?”

After saying that, he froze again, his scalp tingling. This was not his voice at all. This voice was soft, like a ball of cotton. His Mandarin was always very good, but when he spoke , it sounded vague and soft, not like a question and more like a pout.

He clearly saw, after he spoke, that the doctor’s eyes instantly clicked on like a bright light, his face glowing, and bla bla bla bla began to speak.

“My God, that is absolutely the best sounding voice I’ve ever heard! Are you calling me? It’s almost like I’m dreaming!” The doctor, conscious of his lack of words and completely unable to express his praise in words, couldn’t help but move closer to the little mermaid, wanting to rub his pretty hair and express his affection.

An Jin couldn’t understand what the man said, and when he reached out, he subconsciously avoided it, but there was resistance behind him, so he couldn’t move back.

Seeing that the hand was almost in front of his eyes, he rolled to his left with a violent force.

“Splash…” After a moment of weightlessness, An Jin landed in the water. He was surrounded by water, which made him feel safe from the inside. He kept his eyes open in the water, not feeling any discomfort, and breathed smoothly, no different from being on the surface. He looked up and saw a chaise lounge in his original position, with the front end slightly raised and the back soaking in the water.

He almost immediately pictured him lying on the seat before, with his tail soaking in the water.

The man in white stood looking at him from the recliner, waving at him, his tone a little urgent, but gentle, with a sense of coaxing and persuasion. “Little mermaid, come here, I haven’t examined you yet!”

An Jin could not understand, and he did not approach. He tried to control the tail, and the body swayed up and down. He felt it, understood the movements, and swung the fish tail forward. His body moved back smoothly, further away from the man.

Between moves, the hair floating in the water swept over his earlobe, and was a little itchy.

He reached out and rubbed it with his fingers. His earlobe was soft, the touch was no different from before, and when he moved away, he touched the edge of his ear. It felt hard and cool, and when he touched it, he realized that a fan-shaped hard fin was wrapped around the outside of his ear.

An Jin dropped his hand with mixed feelings, and as his fingers hooked into his hair, his scalp hurt slightly. He moved around, grabbed a handful of hair, and put it in front of his eyes. It was aqua blue, slightly curly fine silk, smooth and full of shine, beautiful.

An Jin thought he was dreaming.

However, all the sensations were too clear and too real for him to deceive himself. He let go of his hair, closed his eyes, opened them and looked down, taking a closer look at his body.

The upper body was not much different from before, except that the skin was whiter and more delicate, and glowed white and lustrous. The upper body and the tail of the fish  overlapped perfectly and harmoniously. Blue scales like small fans overlapped from the waist and belly below the arrangement to the tail of the fish, the very end was transparent glazed tail fins that could be retracted.

He touched the fish scales with his fingertips and they felt cold and smooth. Finally, he touched his face, and could feel that his cheeks were covered with tiny soft scales.

Obviously, he had been reborn as a mermaid.

He turned his back on the man in white and used his water ability. Almost in the blink of an eye, a fist-sized ball of water appeared in front of him. He was slightly relieved that his water ability still existed. Although it was weak, it gave him peace of mind.

After the apocalypse, if he had not awakened his water ability he would have died.

I wonder what kind of existence the mermaid has in this world and whether water ability is useful. He thought for a moment, wanting to test the attitude of the man in white to see if he could get a little information. He turned around, looked up at the man, and for a moment could barely manage his expression.

The man held a black fishing rod in his hand, under which dangled a long, processed fish, which had been skinned to reveal a pinkish flesh with some black spots on the meat.

An Jin watched this scene of ‘fishing with fish’ in silence.

If he wasn’t the one being caught, he might have found it amusing.

The doctor stared at An Jin, saw that he was quiet and did not look angry, and pressed the retractable button, and the fishing rod became longer.

An Jin then saw the fish dangling closer and closer to him.

When his eyes unconsciously fell on the fish, his Adam’s apple rolled uncontrollably, while the words ‘want to eat’ popped up in his head.

An Jin: “……”

This was definitely not an emotion he should have. He did not like to eat raw fish, not to mention that this fish white and pink flesh was interspersed with tiny black spots, and he did not know if it was old.

He had starved and been hungry in the apocalypse, so he did not mind this small flaw, but he would only eat it if he was hungry.

It must be because he became a mermaid and was affected!

He hesitated for a moment but decided to go along with the man’s move, as he wanted to find out more about the man. He first simulated in his head how to control the direction of the fish’s tail, swinging it and moving forward smoothly.

By the time he reached out and could touch the fish, unsurprisingly, the fish moved forward again.

An Jin: “……”

He pretended not to notice and was ‘hooked’ by the fish all the way to the shore and caught the fish without any problem.

The doctor took a black metal disc and said gently, “I’ll give you a checkup, don’t get angry ah.”

An Jin looked at the man. The silver needle in the man’s hand was gone, and sensing the man’s friendly attitude, he blinked and didn’t move.

The doctor opened the virtual display of the intelligent terminal and gently placed the disc on An Jin’s left wrist, carefully checking each line of numbers on the screen. An Jin looked at the display in surprise, and then at the silver bracelet on the doctor’s wrist.

This was the age of advanced technology!

His eyes glowed and he looked at the display with some regret; he didn’t know a single word except the numbers. He watched as the man smiled and removed the metal disc, guessing that the man was perhaps a doctor giving him a physical examination.

He was more reassured that this was good news, as the humans seemed friendly to mermaids.

Of course, no definite conclusions could be drawn yet, after all, he had only seen one person.

The doctor pointed to the fish in An Jin’s hand. “Eat it, your body is fine.”

An Jin didn’t understand what the man meant, but could see that the man wanted him to eat the fish. He hesitated for a moment, but he didn’t know when the next time he got food would be, so it was time to eat more and keep his strength up. He stared at the fish for a moment, raised his right index finger, and crossed his nail on the back of the fish. A thin slice of fish was attached to the surface of the nail.

An Jin was shocked, his nails were actually so sharp!

Then his eyes lit up, this was combat power!

He raised his hand and handed the fish filet to the man in white.

The black spots in this fish did not make him feel very comfortable, so just in case, he had to try the man’s attitude.

The man froze, with an expression between joy and bewilderment at being hit by a big prize. “You… are giving it to me to eat?”

God, he must be dreaming! The ferocious food-protecting mermaid would actually offer him food! He was definitely the happiest Siao person in this world!

When An Jin saw that he was not eating, his heart tightened. Could he really have poisoned it?

The next moment, the man quickly picked up the fish filet, put it in his mouth and swallowed it in one bite, looking intoxicated, like he had eaten some kind of mountainous seafood.

“Thank you, wuu, my life is complete.” The doctor was touched and showed a big smile to the little mermaid again. How could there be such a well-behaved mermaid?!

An Jin couldn’t understand the doctor’s words, but he saw his smile, so he raised the corners of his mouth and returned it.

The doctor was obviously frozen, and his smile froze on his face.

An Jin was embarrassed, remembering the scales on his face, and couldn’t help but raise his hand to cover his face.

Was he too scary looking now? Thinking this, a little apology appeared in his eyes. It was his fault for being ugly and scary.

“Oh, my God!” The doctor came back from his daze and burst into a scream, simply more excited than a star-crossed girl seeing her love bean. “Smiling! You smiled at me!”

An Jin was shocked. The first time he heard a man’s voice so high that it split, he moved his fingers and forced himself not to cover his ears, which was not very polite.

Looking at the man’s excited and happy appearance, he was relieved. It seemed that the man just froze and should not be shocked by his ugliness. Perhaps, he cocked his head to find a reasonable explanation, was this the other man’s first time seeing a mermaid smile?

The doctor was so excited that his fondness for the little mermaid instantly reached its peak. He got up, went to the freezer and got a tub full of different varieties of fish and placed it in front of An Jin.

An Jin saw his act of throwing food and politely said, “Thank you.”

A soft voice rang out, as gentle as a feather brushing against his ear. An Jin was a little uncomfortable, he wasn’t quite used to the current voice.

The doctor, however, was enchanted. It sounded so good! His eyes shone brightly, and were full of doting and fascination.

An Jin touched his gaze and his heart tightened.

Something was not right!


This gaze, why is it so much like how the sister next door used to look at her Persian cat’s eyes? An Jin froze, and a bad feeling came to his mind. He was not a pet, was he?


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Mermaid UwU~

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I really like this author and opening chapter.
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So MC transmigrated from a zombi apocalipse… into a mermaid body… Nice opening. That human is sus with that needle … he took blood or administered poison? Sus very sus. But.. the MC is not defenceless sharm claws and mesmerizing voice… oh and that water ability (water can cut through things… be ware hooman). Now the only problem is learning the language.

Thank you for the chapter and the new novel!!💖💗💖💖

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Thanks for translation. Found it completed in NU looking forward to the novel

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Lol the doctor’s so funny, but if he sees AnJin as a pet, then that would be so adorable

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