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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin thought back on the doctor’s attitude and the act of throwing food, and the more he thought about it, the more he thought that his suspicion might be true. He might have really turned into a pet!

An Jin was frozen in place, wondering what to do.

After a moment of panic, he soon calmed down again. Perhaps he had misunderstood. He had a fantasy and made a fist to cheer himself up silently, but when his fingers were bent, the tip of his nails were pressed against his palm and he couldn’t hold it at all.

An Jin: “……” His courage leaked away. He relaxed his fingers in silence and crossed his fingers tightly opposite each other, making a fist with both hands. It did not matter, he reassured himself. No matter what his identity, he would definitely live well.

Beep— was drumming, a crisp electronic tone came from the right, An Jin looked back and looked over.

Two men walked in through the sliding open door, one in a white coat and one in a black suit. The man in the white coat walked forward with an angry face, and the black suit followed behind him, trying to pull, his forehead sweating with anxiety.

“Professor Jin, I promise the mermaid is fine, really fine.”

Professor Jin spoke with anger, “You actually want to hide! The topic of the attack on the Star Auction House is already a big hit on Starnet.” His tone became more aggravated, as he continued, “I should not have agreed to your Star to undertake this month’s mermaid auction, if the mermaid had any…”

Speaking here, he met An Jin’s gaze, and his voice was instantly mute.

An Jin blinked with a look of bewilderment. Are they arguing?

The man in the suit was quietly relieved to see this, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and gave the doctor a thumbs up. Fortunately, the mermaid woke up, and his anxiety slowly died.

This mermaid was the only high level mermaid in the last a hundred years! Mermaids were ranked according to the color of their hair, eyes, and tail. If these three parts were different colors, they were low level; if two parts were the same color, they were intermediate level; and if all three were the same, they were high level. The higher the mermaid level, the better the effect of singing to heal spiritual riots.

The number of mermaids bred by the research institute was small, and the number of intermediate level and above was even smaller. After a mermaid reached adulthood, the mermaid would be auctioned off and later bred by the buyer.

However, whenever there was an intermediate mermaid coming of age in the research institute, the mermaid auction in that month was bound to be widely popular.

This month was even more unusual, not only was there an intermediate mermaid adult, there was also a high level mermaid—a single pure colored mermaid adult.

Many people, from the birth of this little mermaid, began to count the days waiting for him to come of age. It took a lot of effort for the Star Auction House to get the opportunity to undertake this auction from the fierce competition.

Unexpectedly, at noon, the research institute sent the mermaid to the auction house. The auction house was attacked in the afternoon, and the mermaid was also accidentally injured, becoming unconscious.

It was a good thing he had woken up!

The doctor deduced from the previous situation that Professor Jin was here for accountability, so he hurriedly said, “Professor Jin, the mermaid is fine.”

As he spoke, he opened the test results in his terminal and showed them to Professor Jin.

After Professor Jin looked at them carefully, his face relaxed a bit, but his tone was heavy. He looked at the man in the suit, and said, “Boss Bernie, the scientific research institute only sent the mermaid to Star at noon, and Star was attacked in the afternoon. Your secrecy work is really disappointing.”

Bernie’s face was not good either. “We always focus on secrecy before the propaganda work is launched. I admit that I am responsible for the oversight this time, but the responsibility of leaking the information, I dare not take.”

“What do you mean?” asked Professor Jin angrily, wrinkling his eyebrows. “Are you saying that someone at the research institute leaked the information?”

Bernie did not directly return his words, but said, “Not only the research institute, but all the auction houses participating in the bidding of the research institute, those who have a heart, would know that the mermaid was delivered to Star today.”

Professor Jin was dissatisfied. “This situation has never occurred in the past.”

Bernie was also helpless. Before there was no pure color mermaid ah!

Dare to take the risk to leak the news? Did not the pure color mermaid represent huge benefits?

He could not help but say a fair word for the company’s security team. “If this auction was not in Star, I’m afraid the other side would have already gotten it.”

Professor Jin snorted lightly. “When the bid qualification is identified next month, you see if the appraiser will believe you in this statement.”

Bernie shrugged his shoulders, looking a little helpless, but his heart didn’t care too much.

His goal had never been just a pure color mermaid. After holding this month’s mermaid auction, even if he no longer undertook the auction of the research institute, it did not matter.

Anyway, having auctioned the only pure-colored mermaid in nearly a hundred years, it was already enough to make Star’s reputation.

Professor Jin stopped arguing with Bernie, who noticed that the little mermaid had been very quiet and couldn’t help but worry.

He squatted in front of An Jin. “Why so quiet, is he uncomfortable? Injured?”

An Jin saw him approaching, and his tail wagged and moved back, pulling away.

He sized up Professor Jin, and the middle-aged man looked at him with an expression clearly tinged with concern and anxiety.

He blinked in confusion, not understanding why Professor Jin reacted this way.

Suddenly, his heart tightened. Did it mean that the original mermaid knew Professor Jin?

His backward movement was perverse and made Professor Jin worried?

He thought about it and tentatively went up, grabbed Professor Jin’s sleeve, tilted his little head and looked at Professor Jin, smiling at him.

The next moment, Professor Jin seemed to be nudged in the acupuncture point. The whole person froze, followed by reddened eyes.

An Jin: “……”

He abruptly withdrew his hand and looked at Professor Jin blankly.

Professor Jin looked the same age as his father, and suddenly his eyes were red, so he didn’t know what to do.

Had he done something wrong?

An Jin felt profoundly that the language barrier was just too troublesome.

He must try to learn the language of the humans in this world!

It took Professor Jin a while to come back to his senses, his tone excited as he asked, “Did you guys see that, he just smiled, smiled at me!”

He was definitely the happiest person on Siao Planet!

The doctor looked at the excited Professor Jin and, with difficulty, dejectedly restrained himself from saying  that the mermaid had also smiled at him.

He was actually a little worried that the little mermaid, after waking up, seemed a little off.

Too good and too quiet.

Professor Jin quickly stabilized his emotions and also felt that the little mermaid was quietly out of place and personally gave the little mermaid a checkup.

The data on the little mermaid’s body showed that he was very healthy, just…

Professor Jin said angrily, “The back of his head actually suffered injuries! You still dare to hide it!”

Bernie laughed dryly. “It’s just a bump, not even broken skin, in two days it will be fine.”

Professor Jin glared at him, dissatisfied with his attitude. “Can’t you see he’s not even trying to be mean?”

Bernie inwardly felt that the mermaid was perfect this way, the other intermediate mermaid haunted his head.

Of course, he also knew that this could not be said to Professor Jin, and looked to the doctor.

The doctor understood and said to Professor Jin, “It’s probably a little uncomfortable now that it’s so quiet. The bruises on the back of the head were removed with the healing instrument, but the wounds will still be painful.”

He said in a warm voice, “You’ve seen the test results. He is healthy, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

Professor Jin was about to say something else when his and Bernie’s bracelets rang at the same time. Each of them read the message, and unable to hide his anger, Professor Jin’s eyebrows wrinkled.

“How can this work! How can we auction it tonight? It’s too urgent! We should send the mermaid back to the research institute and wait for its body to fully recover before auctioning it.”

Bernie heard him say that, so he knew they had received the same message. Thinking for a moment, he said, “I think the dean is right to consider it.”

“The news of the mermaid had been known all over the network. Pure colored mermaids attract too many people. The longer we stay, the more dangerous. Not to mention those smugglers hiding in the gutter in Siao proper. I’m afraid that many star thieves will be moved.”

Professor Jin was silent for a while, contacted the dean, hung up the communication not long after, and said to Bernie, “I have to keep an eye on the process after that, in case the mermaid has another accident.”

Bernie did not care. “Then it will be hard for Professor Jin.”

Bernie turned on his terminal, set it to photo mode, and said to the rest of them, “You guys back off a little bit, I’ll take his publicity photos.”

The two men backed up to make sure they wouldn’t block the little mermaid. Bernie used his terminal on the little mermaid and was soon done. He then looked at the time and said to the doctor, “Let him eat something and send him to the exhibit room at a quarter to five while I go take pictures of the other one.”

The doctor nodded and glanced toward Bernie’s terminal. “So that’s a good shot?”

Bernie raised an eyebrow. “It’s enough to see that it’s a solid-colored mermaid, not to mention that I got a good shot.”

The doctor looked at the small mermaid that would be auctioned off tonight, full of reluctance. But thinking about his savings, he let out a silent sigh. If he was not a doctor, it would be difficult to see a little mermaid even once, and he could only be satisfied with this.

A minute later, all the Siao people who passed the qualification of the scientific research institute—no bad records and assets of one billion, which was the starting price of a solid-colored mermaid—all received a photo of An Jin.

There was only one photo, but a glance at it made the heart grow fonder.

The little mermaid was floating in the water, his beautiful blue hair falling on his shoulders, making his skin look fairer. The little mermaid’s watery blue eyes looked very gentle, and gave off a quiet air. People who saw the photo could not help but give rise to the same feeling: he was very good.

These people knew the auction houses very well. Even the grumpiest mermaid in their promotional pictures was also loved. But looking at the photo of the blue mermaid, they couldn’t help but think that this one was different, this one was definitely well behaved!

There were also people who didn’t care if they were well behaved or not, but only came for the solid colored mermaid. After all, the higher the level of the mermaid, the more effective the song was for healing spiritual riots. Anyway, the mermaid would sing when he was happy, had good food and was spoiled. They could not hit back and scold, and must always make the mermaid happy!

The Royal Patrol returned without incident to the military airport. Norman returned to the palace and gave himself a soothing shot, and the spiritual riot subsided a little. He pressed the corner of his forehead in silence when the communication suddenly rang.

He picked up and the excited voice of his personal physician, Hornád, came through. “Your Majesty, you are finally back! The pure color mermaid auction was early, and you almost missed it.”

Norman’s expression remained unchanged. “Mr. Hornád, I thought you were used to disappointment.”

“This time is different!” Hornád said, “I’ve seen the promotional pictures, this time the mermaid will definitely work, and it will definitely cure your spiritual riots.”

Norman refrained from evaluating the unfounded words and asked, “When is the exhibition?”

His spiritual sea condition was so bad that spiritual riots were almost always present, and manic feelings followed him. He must buy a mermaid.

“Five thirty, at the Star Auction House,” Hornád said with a reminder, “and do not forget to go in using a different identity.”

Norman remembered certain unpleasant memories and was even less hopeful about this auction. But he had to go. He could not miss any hope.


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