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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


There were many people surfing on the internet, and one after another people rushed into Jing Man’s live stream. Such a beautiful, little, light golden dragon child like Xiao Jin was rarely seen in the whole Sky Blue Star, not to mention the cutest hatchling stage. Anyone who liked western dragons couldn’t help stopping here.

Feng Huo gave Jing Man’s camera its own filter, which could blur out the surrounding irrelevant items to change the scene, making the picture more clean and beautiful. It also effectively protected the privacy of Jing Man’s home.

Just seeing the image of dragon Xiao Jin sitting on a cloud, eyes wide open as he followed the AI, learning to speak. Seriously frowning, little claws in the air fussing, childishly reading, his tail from time to time swinging.

The audience who came in was cured.

[Sweet and Fragrant Osmanthus: This little dragon child learns things so fast! This fat dragon is really cute! #Gift: small snowflake x10#]

[Damselfly: I remember when my son was young, he was not honest when he was learning to talk. He was always distracted by other things. Is the anchor’s child really a dragon? It is said that a fierce dragon can be taken on from a young age? #Gift: small snowflake x3#]

[Beautiful Eyebrows: How is this dragon child so beautiful?! Absolutely beautiful!!! Followed Followed! #Gift: Snowball x3#]

[Silvergrass: I’ve never seen this before. The anchor ID has “babies” in it, does the family have several dragon babies? Team up to steal kids 1/100.]

[Beautiful Eyebrows: I have an urge to buy lots and lots of gold and silver jewels for the little dragon child and build him a jeweled lair. The dragon roars! #Gift: Snowman x1#]


Jing Man scrolled at the end of the terminal.

The small snowflake seemed to be a free gift, and a viewer could receive one for ten minutes of watching, and could receive 48 of them a day.

Other gifts were just purchasable items, ranging from 1 to 18888 yuan1. The cheapest was the snowball, while the most expensive was the snow mountain. A purchased gift of 10 yuan2 could be redeemed for a little popularity value, and one small snowflake could be redeemed for a little popularity value. The audience gave purchased gifts, which were split 50/50 with the platform and him.

The dragon golden retriever costume he had his eye on sold for 500 popularity points.

Instead of waiting for the audience to slowly send gifts, he might as well take the initiative.

Jing Man sent out an announcement – [I can’t build a gem lair for my son, so don’t break the bank and send gifts. Any melting, unwanted small snowflakes can be given to Xiao Jin, for his father wants some popularity value to buy him new clothes!]

The audience was happy to see this line, you’re an anchor not trying to make money? What about charity?

But they also stopped their purchase hands and gave him the free small snowflakes they had saved before.

[Sweet and Fragrant Osmanthus: Where are my little snowflakes? A big pile of small snowflakes like mine? #Gift: small snowflakes x22# Oh, it was all given to Xiao Jin.]

[Silvergrass: I smell a rich person’s breath, waiting for the anchor to buy a jewel nest for the small dragon. #Gift: small snowflake x7#]

[Beautiful Eyebrows: As a western dragon, I cannot quite understand the anchor’s idea, can buy gold and silver jewels, does it not smell good? Do not let me send, I prefer to send! #Gift: snowman x2, small snowflake x1#]


Since that day in the Garden Road dispatch video, Tang Xiaoyu wanted to see the newborn dragon child again. She had an indefinable love for the little dragon.

Her brother idly told her that dragon race genes were more powerful than the undead, and if they fuse genes to breed eggs, there was a high probability they would give birth to baby dragons. So, she blushed and accepted the confession of a handsome dragon boy.3

The result was she found out his second form was an Oriental dragon with long stripes, and not what she originally thought. But the two were really happy together, so she did not cut off the relationship.

Her boyfriend knew how much she loved western dragon whelps in her heart, and today sent over a live stream link of the child to her –

[Yu’er4 my sister forwarded this little dragon child in the family group chat, very similar to the one you are talking about. #link#]

Seeing this message, Tang Xiaoyu’s heart didn’t believe it.

Seeing that the play count of that police dispatch video had broken 100,000, this live room had only 247 viewers, which is more significant?

Definitely not the same child!

When she clicked into the live room, her heart stuttered. The color of this little dragon was the same as the baby hatched that day. And he impatiently learned to speak, calling out words from time to time, the voice was the same as in that video!

Tang Xiaoyu compared screenshots while watching the dragon child. The more she looked, the more she felt it was him.

Her line of sight fell on the anchor’s name, and her heart could not help but beat wildly.

The babies, if this means 6, this was definitely the little brother who picked up the egg himself.

Tang Xiaoyu threw out every single snowflake she had gathered to the anchor.

Incidentally, the name of the live room was posted to the comment section of that police dispatch video.

According to past experience, the police uncles would manage the comment section.

If the name was still alive tomorrow, it proved to be the super-cute little golden western dragon!


Mu CangZhou put his suitcase in the hotel, took a shower, but didn’t blow his hair. He let the water drip from his hair and hazy moisture emanated from his body. It was a hot day at the end of July, and it didn’t take long to dry.

He set out to find a suitable listing on the star network. As soon as he logged on to the star network, an advertisement popped up in the bottom right corner – [June Snow Live reminds you: there is a new live room nearby, click on it.]

Mu CangZhou did not even give it a look, directly closed the ad, and began to fill out the willingness to buy a house.

There was only one suite in the neighborhood that was turnkey, and it was a little old and not very big.

But luckily, it was a single-family villa with a large yard. Anyway, it was a temporary transition, so Mu CangZhou was not picky and made an appointment to see the house directly with the AI.

When he arrived at the place, he saw the villa next door, which was ten times more grand than the house he was going to purchase, which was called a garden house.

Wanting to give Jing Man and his children the best environment, Mu CangZhou turned his head and asked the AI softly, “Is the house next door for sale?”

The small home buyer ball floating in the air turned around and made a mechanical sound: [Not for sale, the owner of that house lives in the house every day].

Rivers were nothing to someone who has seen the ocean. Mu CangZhou raised his eyes and looked at the imposing next door again, envious.

For the house for sale in front of him, it seemed only the greenery was better than others. It was built next to a castle-like house, like a servant building. The yard was full of weeds, two fruit trees were planted, and the shade of the trees was full of green moss. No one should have set foot in it for a long time.

But, it felt slightly better when he entered the house.

There was a housekeeper AI, there was also a sweeping robot every day, the decoration style was on the retro side, and the elderly must have lived in the house. The house was a small place, with three rooms, one kitchen and two bathrooms, and two floors.

The agent didn’t advertise the house, and there was no problem with turnkey.

After negotiating with the home buyer ball and confirming that there were no vacancies nearby, Mu CangZhou sighed softly and signed the purchase agreement. He decided to stay in the hotel for now, buy some new furniture to be delivered tomorrow, and redecorate the place before meeting ManMan.

Just as he walked out the door, a new [Garden Road police summons message] came in.

Mu CangZhou thought: These con men are really persistent, I don’t know what you can do to trick me to the police station ……

Since he had already arrived at Garden Road anyway, it was better to go to see what medicine these con men were selling.


The author has something to say: 

Mu CangZhou: I want to buy the house next door!

Jing Man: Don’t even think about it!

SB: Mu CangZhou is awesome. He can buy a house on the spot!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 1 to 18888 yuan is roughly 16 cents to 2985 dollars in US currency.
  2. 10 yuan = ~1.57 USD
  3. Tang XiaoYu uses 小哥哥 (Xiao GeGe) for her dragon boyfriend. It literally means little brother, but it is used to address a handsome, young man.
  4. Placing 儿 (Er) after a name can be used as a sign of affection.


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