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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Norman walked into the utility room with the little mermaid in his arms. A quick sweep of his eyes over the little box told him that it had been disassembled. An Jin picked up the box and took out the helmet, put the box back in place, looked up at Norman, and happily gave an ah.

Norman’s eyes flashed with surprise, the little mermaid’s action to open the box was too sharp, obviously not the first time doing so. An Jin’s right hand supported Norman’s shoulders to straighten up, the left hand took the helmet to Norman’s head to wear.

Norman tilted his head, avoiding the small mermaid’s action.

The Little mermaid helped him heal spiritual riots, transmitted spiritual power to him, and worried about him. As long as it does not violate the bottom line, he did not begrudge meeting all of the little mermaid’s requirements. Except that now he was holding the little mermaid, and wearing a holographic helmet would affect his vision and was inconvenient.

An Jin did not give up and continued to put the helmet on his head.

Norman avoided it again and said in a deep voice, “Don’t move.”

An Jin’s movement paused, and he looked at Norman’s expression. He wasn’t angry, was he?

Norman was not angry. He looked down at the little mermaid, “Like the helmet?”

An Jin shook the helmet. With his eyes curved, his attitude was obvious.

Norman said soothingly, “I’ll show you later.”

He said this while holding the little mermaid in place, slowly turned around so that the little mermaid could see what was in the room, and asked, “Is there anything else you want?”

An Jin looked at the helmet, and all he could see was the helmet.

Norman understood that the little mermaid was specifically looking for the helmet. He carried the little mermaid out, went back to the mermaid room, and asked the robot to put the helmet aside before putting the little mermaid into the water. An Jin floated on the shore, pointed to the helmet in the robot’s hand, and called out urgently a few times.

“The helmet can’t touch the water,” said Norman, picking up the helmet, putting it on his head, and squatting down in front of the little mermaid, “I’ll put it on for you.”

“…” An Jin thought: No, that’s not what he’s trying to do! 

He leaned forward and reached his hand towards Norman. Norman looked at him and didn’t stop his movement. He had gotten to know the little mermaid a little better, and was no longer as wary of him as he had been at first. He did not suspect that the little mermaid was trying to attack him. He observed the little mermaid’s movements in order to understand the little mermaid better.

An Jin moved slowly with a little tentativeness, saw that he did not stop, and his eyes lit up. He quickly reached his hand to the right side of the helmet switch, and with a click, flipped the switch.

Norman was unprepared and entered the holographic world with a twinkle in his eye. It was not the first time he’d entered the holographic world, so he appeared directly at the location where he was last time before going offline.

“Team Leader Tang!” An inch-headed man saw him and immediately his eyes lit up, “I…”

Only after the words started, he saw the figure in front of him abruptly disappear.

Down? Offline? The head of the inch was frozen, and then he thought back hard: He didn’t just  say annoying words, right?

As soon as Norman exited the holographic world, he was confronted with the bright eyes of the little mermaid. He originally thought that maybe it was a coincidence, but when he saw the appearance of the little mermaid, he could be sure that the little mermaid knew that wearing the helmet and pressing the switch would enter him into the holographic world.

He thought of the skillful movements of the little mermaid taking out the helmet and flipping the switch. Could it be that the little mermaid had entered the holographic world? Did he find it interesting and wanted to share it with him?

An Jin touched the edge of the helmet with his fingertips and gently lifted it upward, looking at Norman expectantly.

Norman took off the helmet and handed it to him. An Jin took it and put it on his head.

After two seconds, he took off the helmet and put it on Norman’s head again. Before he could put it on, he took his hand back and put it on his own head. After going back and forth several times, he stared unhappily at the helmet. Then he held the helmet in his left hand, his right hand index finger outstretched, sharp nails along the central axis of the helmet, as if wanting to cut the helmet in two.

He tensed his little face, looking very unhappy, but his hands controlled the strength, so as not to break the helmet. With his experience with Norman, he was sure Norman would understand what he meant—he wanted to wear a helmet with Norman.

Norman didn’t let him down; he hadn’t scratched out more than a centimeter before his wrist was squeezed.

“Don’t move,” Norman said, taking the helmet aside and handing it to the robot.

An Jin reached out in a hurry, as if he wanted to take the helmet back.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give it to you later,” said Norman. He picked up the little mermaid and walked out of the mermaid room and went to the second floor bedroom.

He put the little mermaid in the bathtub and let the water submerge his fishtail. He looked over to the little mermaid, who was sitting against the bathtub, his head not next to the water.

But after entering the holographic world, the body was likely to slide, if wearing a helmet, the helmet would get wet. Norman thought for a moment, holding the small mermaid shoulders, and used slight force.

An Jin did not understand, and moving with his force, his body turned one hundred and eighty degrees, right in front of the tub. His tail slipped and he braced his hands on the sides of the tub before stabilizing his body.

Norman thought for a moment and put a towel on the front of the tub, then placed the little mermaid’s arms in an interlocking position on the towel.

An Jin blinked. What was he doing?

Norman took the helmet from the robot’s hand and put it on the little mermaid. After putting it on, he put his palm on the side of the little mermaid’s neck and applied a little pressure.

An Jin’s neck was very sensitive. When the warm palm touched him, he hurriedly shrank his neck and raised his tail up. His eyes were slightly open to look at Norman.

Norman moved his hand away. “Don’t be nervous, I don’t want to attack you.”

An Jin saw that he looked serious and upright, and his tail slowly dropped and smoothed out.

Norman thought for a moment, raised his hands, folded them, made a face on the arm pose,  and instructed, “An An, learn from me.”

An Jin understood. Norman put the palm of his hand against the back of his neck, slightly pressed down, so it was for this! He followed Norman’s example and rested his head on the side of his arm.

This way, lying on his back, his body was much more stable and would not slide, but was also very comfortable. He suddenly understood. Norman let him stay in this position and was worried about him getting the holographic helmet wet.

What a meticulous master.

Norman observed for a while to make sure the little mermaid was not uncomfortable in this position and would not slip into the water, got up to get the other helmet in the other room, and re-entered the bathroom.

He asked the robot to move a single sofa next to the bathtub and then opened his terminal, connecting the two helmets, setting it to peer mode.

In the mode options, Norman thought about it and chose parent-child mode.

After the preparation, he put on the helmet, leaned against the sofa to adjust to a comfortable position, and then turned on the switch.

Not surprisingly, they were directly sent into the parent-child settings room since it was his first time entering into the holographic world as a parent.

At the same time, An Jin entered the holographic world.

An Jin froze. He hadn’t flipped the switch yet! On second thought, he guessed it was related to Norman’s operation of the terminal.

A mechanical voice sounded, “It is detected that you are entering the holographic world for the first time accompanied by your parent, please listen to them.”

An Jin: ???

After the mechanical voice disappeared, he came to a room full of children’s interests, opposite a mirror. He saw at once the ordinary-looking but extremely tall man inside the mirror.

Norman himself had a great body, muscular but not exaggerated, both beautiful and strong.

The man in the mirror was at least two and a half meters tall, with bronze skin, arm muscles like a fist bulge, and a strong physique—every part of the body showed strength.

An Jin froze. This was Norman?

So Norman had King Kong in his heart!

Norman also froze slightly. He was accompanied by a teenager. The teenager had a long body and an extremely delicate appearance. This was the little mermaid?

An Jin froze for a moment to regain consciousness. This should not be his reaction! His eyes widened, his mouth formed an O-shape, and he pointed at his feet with a shocked expression, “Ah!”

Norman called out tentatively, “An An?”

An Jin turned his head to look at him, maintaining his shocked face with dedication.

Norman met his watery blue peach blossom eyes and was sure he was the little mermaid.

The mermaid actually had a human figure in the holographic world?

Norman did not venture closer, fearing that the little mermaid would not recognize him, and introduced himself first, “An An, I am your master Norman.”

An Jin’s eyes moved from his feet to his face, his expression turned to surprise, he called out happily and took a step towards Norman. His heart moved, and the moment his foot landed on the ground, his body swayed and lurched to the side.

Going from the fishtail to two feet, immediately walking would be too fake. When he entered the holographic world before, he couldn’t even walk well at first. An Jin silently praised himself for his rigor.

Norman was very fast. When the teenager’s body was still some distance from the ground, one hand wrapped around the teenager’s waist, holding the teenager steady.

An Jin’s right hand was on his arm, the palm of his hand under the muscle bulge. This exaggerated muscle was rare in the real world, and An Jin could not help but pinch a little.

It didn’t move.

“…” An Jin awkwardly withdrew his hand, tilted his head to Norman, and smiled.

Norman’s eyes flashed with amazement, full of admiration, and not any extra thoughts.

The next moment, he frowned. This kind of look in the holographic world was too attention-grabbing. He wondered if the little mermaid would change his image.

An Jin, on the other hand, quickly thought about how to get Norman to change his image?

Soon, his heart moved, and he pulled the black hair in front of his forehead, his cheeks slightly puffed. “Aah, aaah, ah.”

Norman grabbed his wrist. “Don’t pull, it will hurt.”

Senses in the holographic world were exactly the same as in the real world. An Jin pouted unhappily and pooh-poohed some more. Norman saw that the little mermaid didn’t like black hair and guessed that he wanted long blue hair.

Norman thought for a moment and slid both hands down to pinch the teenager’s waist.

An Jin let out a soft cry and the next moment he was sitting on Norman’s strong left arm, his body pulled up abruptly. He hurriedly held on to something to stabilize his body. He looked at Norman’s head, and his hands hurriedly slipped to holding Norman’s shoulders.

Because this position was similar to holding a child, he blushed slightly. He did not expect such a scene, where he would have known that Norman, who was always serious, would actually set such an exaggerated image for himself in the holographic world.

Compared to him, he was like a giant. Using two hands to hold him was a waste of strength. In Norman’s opinion, this position was the smoothest for carrying around the one who couldn’t walk. He immediately decided to learn to walk as fast as possible.

Anyway, after the tail became two legs he could not walk at first, but he had already played.

Norman held the teenager to the left side of the mirror. The mirror was the teenager’s shape setting panel. He wrinkled his brow, as if he was doing something very difficult, changing the hair settings one by one.

Hair color, thickness, shine… After he finished changing it, he looked at the preset interface to think back and make fine adjustments.

An Jin looked at the hair that was almost the same as when he was in mermaid form and got anxious.

How could this work? Short black hair with this face was enough to attract attention, if it was replaced with long blue hair, he was afraid he’d be like an immortal.

An Jin reached out and slapped the second system on the face and gave a few happy ahhs.

Norman’s eyes fell on the plain, featureless system face for two seconds, then turned his head to look at the excited little mermaid. “Like it?”

An Jin continued to point at the system face, smiling brightly. Norman thought to himself, it seems that mermaid’s aesthetics were vastly different from humans.


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Oh, how I wish An Jin would stop pretending to be unable to speak… but I guess it’s still too early for that. So Norman uses an exaggerated image in the virtual world… interesting.

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