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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Since Norman took An Jin into the entertainment area, the eyes of the three people in the glass house had been falling on them, and after Norman left, they all fell on An Jin.

“No wonder His Majesty is attracted to him.”

“Look, the rest of the mermaids are moving closer to His Majesty’s beloved fish!”

One man couldn’t help but worry aloud, “I don’t think they’re bullying the new fish, His Majesty’s mermaid seems to be here for the first time.”

The one opposite him opened the terminal. “If the situation is not right, I will contact the staff immediately and separate them as soon as possible.”

After two seconds, three expressions flinched. “Why did they start fighting each other?”

An Jin also froze as the mermaids approached him, and he wasn’t nervous at all because he clearly felt the friendly sentiment the mermaids were conveying to him. There were five mermaids in total; the golden mermaid swam towards him from the shade alone, and the other four all swam from near the highest slide.

The four mermaids met halfway, and then neither would let anyone swim too close to him and…began to fight.

“Bastard, I’m in front!”

“I obviously swim faster than you, I want to be in the front.”

While the two fought, one that had been a little behind went around them and continued to swim forward. Another mermaid saw this and his tail slapped to the surface; he lurched forward and pressed this mermaid’s tail down. “Let me go first!”

Their claws and tails came together and the water splashed with huge waves, accompanied by the mermaid’s roars and bickering words.

An Jin floated in the water, following the water’s ups and downs, his heart beating a little faster because he was scared. He was a little confused. Why were they suddenly fighting?

At this time, the golden mermaid came to him, white-gold eyes quietly looking at him.

The golden mermaid’s hair and tail were golden, eyes were white-gold—beautiful features. It was not the same as Little Silver’s playfulness, but more like a cold beauty.

An Jin’s attention shifted to the golden mermaid, and after the amazement, his heart was slightly surprised. He felt a sense of resemblance from the golden mermaid, which was completely different from when he saw Little Silver. He instinctively knew that this golden-tailed mermaid, like him, was a mermaid with the ability to procreate.

This was the information that the inherited memory knew that after differentiation: the one without fertility was called Tek mermaid, and the one with fertility was called Aisa mermaid.

He subconsciously looked at the four mermaids that were fighting together, and they gave him the same feeling as Little Silver; they were all Tek mermaids.

The golden mermaid raised his hand, removed the pearl hairpin from his hair and handed it to An Jin. His voice was ethereal and cold, his tone was sincere. “Here you go.”

An Jin’s eyes fell on the golden mermaid again and froze. “Thank you,” he said with a smile, remembering his experience with Little Silver. “This hairpin suits you very well, you look good just wearing it.”

Platinum eyes looking intently at him, the golden mermaid calmly stated, “You’re very pretty and will look beautiful in it.”

His expression was so serious that An Jin was a little embarrassed. “I don’t like wearing hairpieces.” He blinked and asked curiously, “Why did you give me a gift?”

The golden mermaid’s head tilted slightly; his expression was as cold as ever, and he thought for two seconds before saying, “I want to be close to you, to make you happy.”

An Jin’s heart stirred, and he thought of the information he had been told by his heritage. So far, the information was all true.

The mermaid’s memory and adult differentiation, only he fits the situation; the rest of the mermaids were not the same. It was probably really related to the genes brought back by the expedition.

The golden mermaid put his hairpin back on his head. An Jin saw him looking at the four mermaids who were fighting with a calm face, and couldn’t help but ask, “Is it okay for them to be like this?”

The golden mermaid replied, “It’s okay, they just want to rush to court you. If you don’t like it, just tell them to stop.”

An Jin hesitated and decided to try and see how much influence he had on the mermaids. He looked at the fighting mermaid and advised in a gentle tone, “You guys stop fighting and let’s talk.”

The four mermaids pulling their hair, grabbing their tails, and grabbing their wrists…froze in unison, then let go of their hands and turned their heads to smile at An Jin, their eyes shining brightly.

An Jin’s mind inexplicably flashed two words: so good.

The dark green-tailed mermaid grabbed the green-tailed mermaid who wanted to come forward and asked An Jin, “Who do you want to get closest to you?”

An Jin thought about what they said in the fight and realized that they were stealing the spot next to him. He felt surprised and looked at the bright clear eyes of the mermaids, having the feeling that he was the child king.

After thinking about it, he swam towards the middle and drew a half circle with his finger in front of his body. “No need to fight; you are all in front of me when you go around in a half circle like this.”

The dark green mermaid praised, “You’re smart!”

The cyan mermaid added, “Smart and beautiful.”

“Smart, pretty, and gentle.”

“Bastard, don’t learn my words; you learn them better than I can say them, it’s too much!”

“Because I’m smarter than you.”

“Do you want to fight, asshole?!”

An Jin was speechless as if he saw kindergarten children.

“Thank you for your compliments,” he thanked politely, then placated, “You all say things that are nice to hear.”

The noise died down, and the mermaids looked at him with glowing eyes.

The dark green mermaid took the seven-colored hair band out of his hair and handed it to An Jin. “Here you go!”

The cyan mermaid took off the ruby hairpin. “For you.”

The rest of the mermaids, not to be outdone, all took off their beautiful decorations and gave them to An Jin.

In the glass house, the three people who were worried about the solid-colored mermaid being beaten up by the group looked at each other.

“My family’s mermaid really has the guts to fight with His Majesty for a mate!”

“The pure-colored mermaid is so popular with other mermaids.”

“This is a decision made by the mermaid, it has nothing to do with me, and His Majesty’s jealousy has nothing to do with me either!”

An Jin looked at the various beautiful hair ornaments in front of him and felt the kindness conveyed by the mermaids. His eyes curled and he said seriously, “Thank you guys, you look great in them. I’m not used to wearing hair ornaments.”

The mermaids put the hairpieces back on their heads, and the dark green mermaid spun in place, his seaweed-like hair cutting a nice curve, bringing out the water droplets shining in the glare.

“What do you think of me? How about being my mate?” The green eyes looked at An Jin expectantly.

An Jin was shocked and was about to politely decline when the dark green mermaid was whacked on the head by the cyan mermaid. “Love rival, let’s fight!”

“Love rival, fight with me first!”

An Jin hastily advised, “Don’t fight. Thank you for liking me.” He could feel the mermaids’ fondness for him, straightforward and simple, so he also replied directly, “Sorry, I can’t be your mate.” He thought for a moment and politely introduced himself, “My name is An An, what are your names?”

The gold mermaid said, “Ling Ling.”

The dark green mermaid answered, “Gu Gu.” 1

“…” After introducing each other, An Jin pointed to the slide in the distance. “You guys go play, no need to surround me.”

“I like to be around you.”

“Yes, it’s comfortable to stay with you!”

An Jin thought for a moment. “Then let’s play together.”

He looked at the high slides, excited and scared, and finally chose the gentle, medium-height slide to play on first. He soon found he had made the right choice, the fish scales were slippery, sliding from top to bottom, much faster than the slides he used to play on.

The wind whistled in his ears, the view was all a mirage, his heart was high, and before he could return to his senses, he landed in the water. He rooted into the water, tail swinging deftly, dropping his head to the surface, ruffling his hair that had been pressed into his eyes by the water, eyes unconsciously bent up.

His heart only then came back to life, beating violently. After the thrill, he felt extraordinarily relaxed, with an uncontrollable smile on his face.

The golden mermaid slipped behind him and swam to his side after landing in the water, looked at him quietly for two seconds, and concluded, “You really like playing with this.”

An Jin nodded and looked towards the highest slide, a little scared and excited.

Four mermaids slid down from the height and gathered around him. “An An, do you want to play?”

An Jin plucked up his courage. “Play, the highest one!”

In the afternoon, Norman went to the mermaid center to pick up the little mermaid and met Xie Li, the director of the Military Academy, at the entrance. He gave Norman a military salute. “Your Majesty.”

Norman nodded. “Chief Xie.”

The two walked into the recreation center and saw in the central pool, five mermaids with their heads in a circle, their tails lazily slapping the surface of the water, looking in a very good mood.

“Hm, my two-legged beast is particularly silly. Every time I have to beat it up, only to know to give me food.”

Gu Gu said, “My two-legged beast roars and jumps around every night, I feel like he might be crazy.”

An Jin was a little surprised and curious, and was about to ask about the details when he felt someone watching him. He looked towards the waterfront and saw Norman. He changed from floating on his back to floating vertically and said to his buddies, “I’m going home, you should go home too.”

Ling Ling asked, “Are you coming back tomorrow?”

The rest of the mermaids looked at him with shining eyes, and An Jin, sensing their anticipation, replied, “Yes.”

An Jin swam towards the shore with his tail wagging, and the rest of the mermaids swam with him.

“Wow, you’re so cooperative today.”

“You’re following the solid-colored mermaid, right?”

An Jin arrived at the shore, tilted his head, and subconsciously smiled at Norman.

Norman rubbed the top of his hair and leaned down to pick him up as An Jin looked at the rest of the mermaids. “See you tomorrow.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

An Jin noticed that Gu Gu’s master was a very handsome looking boy, looking to be around twenty years old, with dyed dark green hair, very flamboyant and hip. The person who picked up the mermaid to go home found that his own mermaid was very cooperative today, and during the process of sending him to the mermaid car was extraordinarily well-behaved, unlike the usual him who wanted to fight.

In the hover car, Norman asked, “Did An An have a good time?”

An Jin’s eyes were bright and he nodded his head. “I met some friends. Did you see that gold mermaid? His name is Ling Ling, and the dark green mermaid…”

Norman listened attentively to the little mermaid, his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s face that was showing a vivid expression, and his eyes unconsciously softened.

I’m glad I let the little mermaid go out and make friends, the little mermaid is more lively.

An Jin spoke excitedly, but he did not intend to meet Norman’s eyes, and clear blue eyes flashing slightly, averted his gaze. His voice lowered, he said decisively, “I have to go tomorrow.”

Norman said warmly, “Okay.”

He asked the young mermaid what he wanted to eat for dinner, and the two of them ordered their meals on the way. Once they returned, An Jin first removed the impurities from the ingredients and then returned to the mermaid’s room.

While waiting for dinner, An Jin floated in the water, leaned against a large crab, and opened the lesson to reinforce the words he learned in the morning. The little mermaid bowed his head, his slender, upturned eyelashes flapping like a small fan every now and then, and Norman felt only as if each step swept into his heart, tickling his heart to watch.

A short while later, he noticed the little mermaid’s fingers suddenly curled up; remembering the little mermaid’s sensitive perception, he understood that he had made the little mermaid uncomfortable, so he turned around and left the mermaid room.

After An Jin received the chef’s notification that he had three minutes to eat, he closed the terminal, sensed Norman’s location, made sure he wasn’t nearby, applied his spiritual force, and the next moment, his tail turned into two feet.

He did not remove the scales from his face, it was unnecessary and too wasteful of spiritual power. His feet still had no strength, and from the ramp at the corner of the pool to the shore, such a short distance, he walked for more than a minute.

Walking to the mobility scooter, he gripped the handle tightly while turning back to the tail, while mentally planning, later before going to bed, to exercise the strength of the feet.

Norman came downstairs and was ready to find the little mermaid for dinner when he saw the little mermaid driving the mermaid car in circles in the living room.

Seeing Norman, An Jin smiled and gave the order to the mermaid car, “Go to the dining room.”

After the two of them finished their dinner, An Jin drove the mobility scooter back to the mermaid room and looked at Norman. “Do you have something to do tonight?”

Norman replied, “Anything with you.”

An Jin looked at him expectantly. “Will you cooperate with me?”

Norman nodded. “Sure.”

Back in the mermaid room, An Jin stood on the mobility scooter and turned on the live ball by voice.

Norman didn’t telegraph that there would be a live broadcast today, yet viewers had already set the live stream to special interest and were alerted as soon as the broadcast started. After a day of fermentation, An Jin became even more popular and super hot throughout the Star Alliance.

Both because he was a pure color mermaid and had a relationship with Norman. Siao Empire’s His Majesty Norman was known to be a battle madman, and the populace of the stars were very curious about His Majesty Norman’s identified mate, not to mention the fact that the other party was also a mermaid.

An Jin had already adjusted the pop-ups to smart mode yesterday, but even so, there were still so many of them scrolling so fast that it was impossible to see the exact content clearly. Suddenly, a very eye-catching colored horizontal bar appeared above the virtual screen, scrolling from left to right, topped by a super dazzling model of a battleship.

This is a gift special effect of the Star Ocean platform, a battleship for 10,000 star coins, with a system-set pop-up screen, or you could edit it yourself.

[Janu Star viewers questioned, is this really not a human impersonation?]

This pop-up screen was particularly conspicuous, and the audience was inspired to reward.

[This Siao person expresses that he is definitely a real mermaid! Aaaahhhh, An An is too cute, right?]

[Wearing clothes and a ‘skirt’ that looks like a tail, standing on a mobility scooter, he really seems to be fake!]

[Ahhh! Scream, I designed the fishtail dress An An is wearing! Oooooh, I came full circle.]

An Jin looked at the pop-up and looked up at Norman, who received his gesture and walked to the other end of the pool and beckoned, “An An, come here.”

[Your Majesty, wake up! Don’t give him a hard time if you like him, he’s just a little mermaid.]

[Anonymous whisper, as if losing his mind ……]

The pop-up screen was immediately a row of whispers +1.

However, the next moment, more than five billion viewers were stunned, only to see the small mermaid’s delicate little face tense slightly. With a serious look, his fingers gripped the handle tightly, and then his wrist gently rotated. The mobility scooter started steadily, although it was only the slowest speed, it was also shocking.

Pop-ups immediately appeared with many words such as “ah” “wow” “gosh”. Because of the intelligent mode, which excluded a large number of similar words and showed pop-ups that included almost all words that expressed words that express surprise.

When he saw the little mermaid steadily park the scooter in front of Norman, the pop-ups stopped for a moment and then sped up.

An Jin tilted his head and looked at Norman, his blue eyes shining brightly, his whole little face saying “please praise”.

Norman’s eyes were soft. He raised his hand and rubbed the top of An Jin’s hair. “An An is so smart; you learned it so quickly.”

An Jin met his profound eyes and his heartbeat suddenly accelerated. He secretly took a deep breath, collected his mind, and as he had said before, his eyes curved as if he was happy to be praised.

[Ahhhhhh, it’s too cute, right?]

[I declare, I am the CP fan of His Majesty Norman and pure color mermaid from now on!]

[His Majesty is so gentle, and the little mermaid is so nice and cute and smart!]

[I’m going to buy a scooter to teach my mermaid!]

[Don’t buy it, I’ve just tried it, the car is already ruined, the person is still lying there.]

Norman turned on the cartoon, picked up the little mermaid, and put the little mermaid into the water as he had said before. An Jin leaned against the big crab and watched the cartoon intently, occasionally following the lead of the cartoon, clapping his hands and applauding, or giving a thumbs up.

During class, he kept staring at the teacher’s long hair, grabbing his own hair and tilting his head.

[Cute, he’s really smart, like he realizes he can tie up his hair.]

At this point, Norman called out to the little mermaid from the shore. The little mermaid swam over and Norman handed him a blue hair band. Norman wrapped the hair ring around his finger, made a demonstration, and pointed to the little mermaid’s long hair, and then pointed to the teacher.

An Jin took the hairband, went back to the middle of the water, leaned against the crab seat, and raised his hand to tie his hair. He tied it untidily, the hair on top of his head was messy, however the end of his hair was tied very solidly, exactly as Norman’s hand had done.

He finished tying it and shook his head; his hair was steady and not coming undone. He then turned his head to look at Norman, his eyebrows arched in a way.

Norman’s breath caught in his eyes and he complimented him warmly, “An An is really smart.”

An Jin was satisfied and turned his head to look at the animation screen.

Norman scanned the pop-up screen, and not surprisingly, saw a bunch of compliments and confessions to the little mermaid. Norman’s eyes were slightly sunken, and suddenly he felt that the little mermaid’s week was too long planned.

It was hard for him to let so many viewers see the little mermaid’s cute appearance every night. He raised his eyes and looked at the little mermaid. With his tail unconsciously wagging leisurely and a clear smile on his face, he was obviously in a good mood.

Norman pressed the idea of letting the little mermaid speed up the plan; the little mermaid being happy was good enough.

An Jin looked at the pop-ups from time to time and found that people seemed to accept it well, sighing that he was smart, but not sounding extraordinarily surprised.

What surprised him was that there were many more fans of his and Norman’s CP.

Of course, in addition, there were also a lot of people who could not understand Norman actually liking a mermaid that was smart, but was just a pet.

But as soon as this kind of words appeared, would brain fever CP fans back the thesis: go back to your ancient times to live!

An Jin found that those who questioned the comments, often did not dare to show up again. He learned when he browsed the Star Network at night that it was not “dare not”, but that the moment they spoke, they were blocked.

Many people under the post expressed their support for His Majesty and said that His Majesty’s sharp blocking was very dominant. When he was ready to close the terminal, he inadvertently swept through the entertainment news and the afterglow of dark green flashed by. He looked over and realized that it was the breeder of Gu Gu.

It turned out to be a Star Alliance superstar.

“…” An Jin watched as Gu Gu roared and screamed and danced, so it was practicing singing and dancing?

He suddenly felt that the generation gap between mermaids and humans was infinitely large.

The next day, Norman visited the military base in the morning. The head of the base accompanied Norman to review the latest warship, and after observing the soldiers driving, warmly invited Norman to drive it himself. Norman refused and took the royal escort back to the palace.

The person in charge was very surprised, knowing that Norman was a combat fanatic, and every time there was a new warship, he would inevitably drive it himself to test it.

The adjutant beside the head whispered, “I heard your Majesty returned to the palace at noon. What did you go back to the palace to…” a sentence he did not finish asking, as the person in charge understood. His voice paused, and the tone was full of emotion when he continued, “I did not expect that one day, from His Majesty, I will experience the four words of the iron man with a tenderhearted meaning.”

When Norman returned to the palace, the little mermaid was already waiting in the dining room, and he carried him to the seat.

An Jin gripped the edge of the table with both hands and said politely, “Thank you.”

“An An you’re welcome,” he said with a very shallow curve of his mouth, “I’m happy to.”

An Jin tilted his head away from him and concentrated on eating. Norman found that the little mermaid was easily shy, and his eyes could not help but flash with thought. Perhaps the little mermaid’s mind had really matured.

If he didn’t understand anything, he shouldn’t be shy. His eyes moved slightly, and he helped the little mermaid to eat and poured a glass of orange juice.

After eating, Norman sent the little mermaid to the mermaid center entertainment area. The entertainment area of people and mermaids was obviously more full than yesterday. Norman scanned the people sitting in the glass house and looked at the mermaids approaching the little mermaid, and seriously reminded the little mermaid, “Ignore strangers.”

An Jin nodded, it was not yet exposed that he could speak interstellar; he would not open his mouth, much less pick up on people.

After Norman left, the mermaids who were keeping a distance swam up to An Jin, with the golden mermaid Ling Ling still at the front. An Jin smiled and greeted them, and then introduced himself to several other unfamiliar mermaids.

The new mermaids raised their hands to their heads, and when An Jin saw them, he quickly said he didn’t like hair accessories and stopped them from trying to give him gifts. He was ready to take the mermaids to the middle of the water, as he had done yesterday, but Ling Ling refused, his white-gold eyes looking at the entrance and his tail wagging anxiously.

An Jin felt he was in a bad mood and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Rui Rui didn’t come today,” Ling Ling said, his voice not rising and falling, seeming a bit cold.

An Jin couldn’t help but wonder, “Who is Rui Rui?”

Ling Ling blinked his pretty eyes. “A friend.”

Gu Gu waved his dark green tail and said with a smile, “It’s Ling Ling’s prospective mate.”

The side of his face was still cold, but his transparent ear fins were red. “No.”

An Ji’s heart made an oh sound, and he guessed Rui Rui was Ling Ling’s boyfriend.

Gu Gu said, “Rui Rui comes every day, and he didn’t come yesterday.”

An Jin reassured, “Maybe his mast…two-legged beast was busy and didn’t have time to send him over.”

Ling Ling bowed his head, his long, slender golden eyelashes casting shadows on his face, and he didn’t look in a good mood. An Jin thought about it and said in a warm voice, “I brought delicious food, please eat, okay? You face the direction of the entrance, so when Rui Rui is here, you can see him immediately.”

Ling Ling looked at the entrance and nodded. An Jin noticed the rest of the mermaid’s bright eyes and invited them too. He swam to the shade on the right with the mermaid, ready to share a snack.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Ling Ling = 泠泠 = sound of water flowing x2; Gu Gu = 谷谷 = valley x2.


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An Jin’s influence is strong but very gentle and kind… so sweet. Love it! If the people on the broadcast think that him riding the mermaid car looks fake, they are in for a big surprise when he starts talking. I hope RuiRui is okay and it was just his 2-legged beast being too busy to send him.

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