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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin looked at the time and then looked at Norman. “I want to go to the mermaid center.”

Norman’s eyes twitched. “Have you made an appointment with someone?”

An Jin was surprised. He didn’t know why he thought so, but he shook his head honestly. “No,” he paused, “something came up.”

Norman then gave the order for the hover car to go to the mermaid center without asking any more questions.

When they reached the recreation area, An Jin jumped into the water and heard Norman call his name. He put his hand on the shore and tilted his head to look at Norman.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s head. “Shall we go back for lunch?”

An Jin nodded.

Norman removed his hand. “Go play.”

He turned around and went to the glass house, opened the terminal, and browsed files, occasionally looking at the little mermaid in the water.

An Jin was soon surrounded by mermaids, all trying to get in touch with him. He found that all the mermaids were wearing terminals on their wrists, so he first taught them how to operate them, exchanged contact information and created a mermaid chat group.

“In the future, even if you don’t come to the mermaid center, you can still communicate with each other in the chat group.”

Little Silver said while entering the chat group, “Damn two-legged beast, such a good toy, but only now bought me one!”

An Jin also entered the chat group, and the next moment, he heard countless voices. “Hey, hey, hey, hey…”

On the virtual panel, dozens of avatars were displayed. All of them were mermaids who were playing with the terminal.

An Jin reminded them, “Take care of your rest and don’t chat too late.”

“I know!”

“I’ll remember.”

Meanwhile, the glass house breeders were discussing it. “Let’s create a group chat to learn more about the mermaid’s preferences.”

The proposal was agreed to by all, except Norman.

A military officer was chosen as the representative. “Your Majesty, would you like to join the group?”

Norman thought about it for a moment and agreed. If anyone’s mermaid clung to An An, he would find the mermaid’s breeder and let the breeder accompany the mermaid! After the mermaids learned the terminal, they asked An Jin again when the translator would be ready.

An Jin thought about it and said that the file had already been translated, so it shouldn’t take long. “It will be ready in two days.”

The mermaids were happy and discussed what they would say to the two-legged beasts once they could understand them.

An Jin looked over to Ling Ling, who was being held from behind by Rui Rui, and the two heads came together to discuss.

Rui Rui said, “I like to live with your two-legged beast, my two-legged beast is so bad aesthetically.”

Ling Ling replied, “Then let’s use my pool as our new room.”

Rui Rui rubbed Ling Ling’s face. “Yes!”

“You’re getting married?” An Jin asked, surprised to hear about the new house.

Ling Ling’s white-golden eyes lit up and he hmmed.

Rui Rui’s red tail waved from side to side. “Ling Ling is so good looking, I want to mate with him soon and be with him!”

An Jin was a little embarrassed that the mermaid’s style of speech was too straightforward. He whispered, “How did you determine that you liked each other?”

Rui Rui said, “I just like Ling Ling! When I don’t see him, I miss him, when I see him, I’m happy. I want to hug him and be close to him!”

Ling Ling blinked. “Me too.”

Rui Rui’s chin rubbed happily on his shoulder, he raised his eyebrows and said happily, “We were born for each other.”

An Jin’s eyes flashed with thought, he was with Norman every day, except for the day he spent the night in the sea, and that day, he always seemed to think of Norman. He pursed his lips and his eyelashes flashed quickly. He had some desire to be intimate with Norman.

Norman came close to him, and his heart couldn’t help but thump. His thoughts turned, Norman said he liked him, did he want to be intimate with him? He unconsciously wagged his tail and touched his chin again, thinking about the touch of Norman’s fingers resting on it not long ago. He abruptly moved his hand away and looked in the direction of the glass house.

“An An, are you looking for a mate too? Consider me ah!” A green mermaid swam in front of An Jin, lifted his long hair, straightened his upper body, and showed himself fully.

An Jin subconsciously took a step back, pulled away, and shook his head.

The cyan mermaid cocked his head. “An An is not satisfied with me?”

An Jin cried and laughed, he was not impressed with this mermaid. He had probably only seen it two or three times.

An Jin said, “You’re fine, I just…might have someone I like.”

“Someone?” Cyan mermaid wondered.

An Jin didn’t explain, just his cheeks were slightly hot, and he almost instinctively said the words, he really does like Norman, right! Suddenly he was looking forward to being alone with Norman.

Before lunch, Norman took the little mermaid back to the palace. After lunch, An Jin’s blue eyes rolled and he was about to talk to Norman, when there was a soft sound and he turned his head. Norman raised his hand and looked at the message, then said to him, “The translator is ready and needs your help to test it.”

An Jin’s thoughts immediately turned to business and his eyes lit up. “No problem!”

“I’ll have them send the first batch of translators over?”

An Jin thought for a moment and asked, “Is it at the military headquarters?” Norman nodded and An Jin immediately said, “Can I go to the military headquarters?”

He wanted to see where Norman was working.


Norman led An Jin into the military building, and all the soldiers passing by couldn’t help but have their eyes fall on An Jin, and only when Norman’s eyes swept past did they rush to move away.

When they arrived at the technical department, the head of the translator project greeted them from afar and saluted, “Your Majesty,” and then looked at An Jin warmly after Norman nodded. “Thank you for your hard work.”

An Jin shook his head to indicate that it was fine.

When he walked into the room, the person in charge handed a small earring to An Jin. “After much consideration, the earring is easier to carry and has a low presence, do you think it is okay?”

An Jin nodded, but didn’t take the earring. “We can wear it. I’ll speak in mermaid, try to understand it.”

The person in charge put it on, and An Jin asked, “Can you understand me?”

The person in charge’s eyes lit up, and An Jin said some more common words from the document, and the person in charge answered them right away.

The person in charge said happily, “No problem, I’ll have the factory process and produce it immediately.”

An Jin hesitated and asked, “Will everyone be able to have a translator?”

“What are you worried about?”

An Jin explained, “The mermaids are very simple, I am afraid they will be cheated by others.”

Norman pondered. “Only mermaid breeders and mermaids should be given matching translators. Mermaid protection associates, mermaid centers, and mermaid hospitals can apply for them according to the process and count them strictly.”

The person in charge hastily responded, “The breeders and mermaids are in different locations during the day, and they will be mailed uniformly at night.” He took out two earrings. “This is yours.”

Norman took them, looked at the little mermaid’s white earlobes, and attached the earrings to the little mermaid’s bracelet. He didn’t wear them either, but attached them to the bracelet and opened the terminal connection.

After doing the translator test, Norman was ready to take the little mermaid home, but before he got into the hover car, An Jin’s bracelet suddenly rang.

He picked it up and heard a scream of fear and anger from the mermaid. “Bastard two-legged beast! Get away from me, you provoke me again, I’ll kill you!”

At the same time, there was a manic, violent, human roar, and a clanging sound beyond it, as if something had been destroyed. An Jin looked at the memo and remembered that the other party was a purple mermaid. “Bubbles?”

When Bubbles heard An Jin’s voice, he realized that the communication was open, and quickly shouted, “An An, help! My two-legged beast is crazy, he’s trying to kill me!”

An Jin quickly said, “Press the orange button, I will come to you immediately, you take care of safety.”

Bubbles did as An Jin said.

On An Jin’s virtual screen, an orange dot immediately appeared, which was Bubbles’ real-time location. He showed the screen to Norman. “Something seems to have happened to Bubbles.”

Norman looked at it and immediately recognized where Bubbles was located in the area, his face got serious, and he instructed to hover to the destination. Seeing the little mermaid look nervous, he reassured, “It should be Eamon’s spiritual riot. Don’t worry, I have Agent A with me.”

Soon, the hover car landed in front of a villa in the military district, where a white ambulance was already parked. As soon as the door of the hover car opened, An Jin felt a manic aura that made him feel very uncomfortable.

Norman’s sword brows furrowed and he said in a deep voice, “Not a good situation.”

He pushed the little mermaid out of the hover car, and as soon as he did, he saw a number of people standing about fifty meters from the villa. An Jin also noticed and turned his head to look. Even from a distance, he could feel that the atmosphere among those people was very low, and some of them had red eyes.

“It’s His Majesty!” Seeing Norman and An Jin, one man came back from the heaviness and shouted in surprise.

“His Majesty has A agent, the general is saved!”

“Your Majesty, you go see the general!”

An Jin looked at Norman, who had a serious expression and asked the young mermaid first, “Can you stand it?”

An Jin nodded, this level, although uncomfortable, was much milder than Norman’s spiritual riot. Norman was about to take An Jin into the villa, when he heard a grumpy roar coming from inside the villa, while the sense of mania grew stronger and stronger.

Norman’s eyebrows were unconsciously wrinkled, An Jin’s face was serious, and the onlookers stepped back, almost sixty meters from the villa.

Half a minute later, four young men in military uniforms came out carrying a middle-aged man, with two doctors following close behind. An Jin saw the middle-aged man’s face and felt some familiarity, and thought for a moment that he had seen it somewhere before.

After the introduction of Agent A, many people called for the sale of Agent A to the public, and this man was one of them. The former head of the eighth legion, Admiral Eamonn, retired from the army before the war, the peak of the spiritual force was SS level, and then dropped to A level.

An Jin looked at his spiritual sea; the area was much smaller than Norman’s, and a large part of it was occupied by black spiritual silk, and at this time, these areas of spiritual silk were burning.

An Jin frowned lightly, just by looking at it, he thought how hard it would be.

“Let go of me and get lost!” Eamon roared furiously, his eyes filled with blood, his face was red, and his forehead was bruised, looking a little mad.

“Quick, control General, soothing agent!”


The doctor reached out from behind, but before the injection was next to Eamon’s neck, Eamon, as if eyes had grown behind him, jerked the back of his head back, and quickly deflected his head into the doctor’s hand, and the soothing agent fell to the ground.

“Harder! I can’t hold it down! Hurry up and inject.” The soldier carrying the stretcher and holding Eamon’s left leg in one hand said through clenched teeth.

Another doctor approached with the injection in his hand, and was immediately greeted by Eamonn’s red eyes. “Get out of my way!” His arm muscles bulged and he struggled frantically, shouting, “Let go of me.”

The young man who was holding his right hand stumbled a step and immediately stood up again, choking on a sob. “Father, calm down, let the doctor give you a palliative.”

“It’s useless! It’s useless!” The man yelled, elbowing the youth like a maniac.

“Give him a drink.” Norman spoke up at the right time.

Both the men carrying the stretcher and Eamon on the stretcher, stopped and their eyes looked toward the door.

“Your Majesty!” The youth’s voice was excited, and the two doctors’ eyes suddenly lit up.

Eamonn looked intently at the glass tube in Norman’s hand, his struggling movements calmed down a bit, and he muttered, “Agent A!”

The youth grabbed Eamon’s arm and hesitated for a moment, fearing that if he let go, Eamon would go berserk. Eamon had already dropped a lot of things before, and even hurt himself. Norman stepped forward and quickly and accurately made Eamon drink the pure nutrient.

The youth looked to Norman gratefully. “Thanks to Your Majesty.”

Norman went back to the little mermaid and watched Eamon’s changes.

Eamon had obviously fallen into a riot, not unlike when Jim was about to fall into riot.

An Jin stared intently at Eamon’s spiritual sea, the spontaneously combusting spiritual filaments on the inner side gradually went out and turned gray, yet soon, they were ignited again by the slightly outer burning spiritual filaments.

An Jin frowned, Eamonn’s spiritual sea state was really too bad, worse than Norman before.

The youth’s delighted look quickly disappeared, a doctor lightly exhaled, the tone slowly lost. “Useless.”

Eamonn’s eyes cleared for a moment, but his eyes were soon stained red again, the severe brain pain made him manic to the extreme. He was losing his mind, just wanting to destroy everything in front of him.

Norman took another dose of nutrients, and An Jin grabbed his wrist and looked up at him. “I’ll try.”

He could see spiritual silk, and he knew the transient state of the spiritual sea better than anyone there. One A agent to replenish the spiritual force was too little. If only a cluster of spiritual silk was burning, A agent could play an important role, but with Eamon in this state, a separate A agent was completely useless.

The spiritual silk recovered by the A agent would soon be ignited by the rest of the spiritual silk, and more spiritual power must be input at once to quickly extinguish all the burning spiritual silk.

Norman’s palm fell on the small mermaid’s shoulder, and his deep voice reminded, “Be safe.”

An Jin smiled at him and then looked at Eamon.

In the midst of everyone’s amazed gaze, An Jin opened his mouth to sing.

The light and ethereal song rang out, as if the spring breeze brushed by, taking away all the dust, and like running water, washing the body. An Jin focused on Eamon’s spiritual sea, and blue energy particles uninterruptedly poured into it, like a heavy rain, dousing the spontaneous combustion of spiritual silk.

Soon, the withered black spiritual silk was moistened by the rain, becoming lighter and lighter in color, turning into a healthy white. Like rice paper stained by water, this cluster of white slowly spread out and grew larger and larger in area.

When the song was about to end, the originally obscure spiritual sea was renewed, and the white spiritual silk extended towards the edge.

An Jin froze, hesitating to stop early, and was hesitating for a moment when a wave of spiritual weave abruptly dispersed from Eamon.

“Oh my god! It’s escalating!” A doctor exclaimed softly.

The crowd of distant onlookers roared, and some people couldn’t help but come closer despite the spiritual weave.

The youth clenched both hands, his eyes full of excitement, and clenched his teeth, not daring to speak for fear of disturbing the mermaid who was singing.

Eamonn stifled more than a grunt; at the same time, his spiritual sea expanded, expanding the area, the edge of all black.

An Jin did not expect him to upgrade so quickly, before Norman’s upgrade, maintaining the spiritual sea filled state for several days. He looked at those black spiritual filaments and fought off the idea of ending the song early and didn’t stop until he finished it.

“Are you okay?” Norman looked down at him.

An Jin nodded, he still had half of his spiritual power left, and the spiritual power was still recovering, a very healthy state.

Eamonn returned to his senses. During spiritual force riots, the events that happened in his mind were as if covered with a layer of blood-colored gauze. He steadied his mind, and in a hoarse voice said, “Let go.”

Hearing his voice steady, the eyes of the few people holding him down could not help but redden, excited and happy. Eamon got up from the stretcher, stood upright and raised his hands, and gave Norman a standard military salute.

Norman returned the salute.

Eamon looked at An Jin and held back his excitement. “I don’t know how to thank you, but whatever you ask, as long as it doesn’t violate the moral law, I will do my best!”

He was in his forties, but his face was haggard from the spiritual riots he had been suffering, yet his eyes were bright and spiritual.

An Jin became serious at his solemn attitude, and seeing his firm and serious look, he thought that if he refused, he would be in debt to the people. So he said, “I’ll remember.”

He finished asking, “Where is Bubble…your purple mermaid?”

A look of remorse appeared on Eamon’s face. “So his name is Bubbles! I must have scared him just now.”

He looked at his son and took Norman and An Jin to the mermaid room.

As soon as they entered the mermaid room, the purple mermaid, who had been floating on his back, immediately rolled over and yelled, “Damn you, two-legged beast, how dare you come back! Why don’t you continue to provoke me!”

Eamonn soothed, “Sorry, I lost my mind earlier and scared you.”

“Even if you pout, it’s useless, I won’t forget your abominable behavior just now!” Bubbles waved his sharp nails.

An Jin came out from behind Eamon. “Bubbles, you misunderstood, he was in a spiritual riot, not provoking you.”

He explained, Bubble’s angry expression dissipated, and he said to Eamon, “Since An An pleaded for you, I’ll let you off this time. Next time if you dare to do that again, I’ll kill you!”

Eamon turned his head and asked, “What did he just say?”

An Jin only said the general meaning. “He does not care anymore.” He wondered and asked, “Bubbles should be singing morning and evening, why do you still have spiritual riots?”

Eamon said, “Recently my spiritual state is very poor. As long as I am close to the mermaid room, Bubbles will be angry, screaming. BeforeI lost my mind to the spiritual riots, I wanted to hear him sing and rushed to the mermaid room, the results frightened him.”

An Jin understood that the mermaid was sensitive to the poor state of spirituality and felt manic, and the mermaid even thought he was provoked. He calmed Bubbles, made an appointment to see him tomorrow, and left Eamonn’s house with Norman.

Soon, the news that An Jin sang to heal Eamon who had fallen into spiritual riots, while also restoring Eamon’s spiritual power from B rank to A rank, soon exploded on Starnet.

[What a strong spiritual power, not bad for a pure color mermaid!]

[An An shouldn’t know General Eamon, right? He can offer healing to strangers!]

[No wonder His Majesty recognized him as a mate, I’d be willing to do the same if it were me! With An An, not to mention spiritual riots, spiritual power will always be full!]

[Kneel down and beg An An to open up, I want rumors, I am willing to hire him for 300 million a month!]

[Get out of the way, I don’t want a month, sing me a song, let my spiritual power back to A level, I immediately pay 300 million!]

Starnet was talking about it, but An Jin had no idea. He and Norman left Eamonn’s house and went back to the palace. He floated in the pool, looked up at Norman, and couldn’t help but ask, “Are there many people like General Eamonn?”

Norman nodded solemnly. “Many civilians, although not in the military, do not have mermaids and cannot consume advanced nutrients at every meal, and their daily life will consume spiritual power. When the spiritual power is insufficient, it will cause spiritual riots, then spiritual collapse, spiritual downgrade. The lower the spiritual level, the more frequent the riots.” He rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “With the A agent, the military department has less people in spiritual collapse. As long as you take the A agent at the beginning of riots, you can prevent riots.”

An Jin could see the spiritual silk and knew the spiritual sea state very well. “But after taking it once, it doesn’t last long, right?”

Norman stayed silent for a moment, nodded, and seeing the little mermaid with a serious face, soothed, “Because of you, the situation has improved. You provide two hundred daily nutrients, preventing many soldiers’ spiritual force from downgrading, which is very important to the military department.”

An Jin had only seen Norman’s spiritual riot before today, although he knew that people in this world needed spiritual power a lot.

The scene of Norman and Eamon’s riots flashed in his mind, and he couldn’t help but think of the people who had difficulty surviving during the apocalypse. At that time, his ability was particularly weak; even if he wanted to contribute, he did not have the ability, and could only do what he could. Now, he clearly had the ability.

If a large amount of pure food was grown, and they no longer ingested impurities in their daily diet, at least ordinary people should no longer suffer from spiritual riot. He pondered for a moment, thinking of the seeds that had only grown into melon seedlings, and pressed the proposal for the time being.

When it was determined to be feasible, he would bring it up again.

Before dinner, Tech mailed translators to each breeder: one for the breeder and one for the mermaid.

An Jin’s terminal rang one after another, all from breeders asking him to help persuade the mermaid to wear earrings. An Jin then went into the chat room and told the mermaids that the earrings were translators, and the mermaids turned on the outcall to match the breeders’ moves.

“I put them on, can the two-leggeds understand now that we’re talking?”

“Hey, two-legged beast! I’m calling out to you, do you know that?!”

“Two-legged beast, I want to eat flatfish!”

An Jin then received a series of messages: [What did the mermaid call me, why can’t I understand?]

“…” Two-legged beast is not what the document asked him to translate. He thought about it and replied, “The mermaids call humans two-legged beasts.”

An Jin’s terminal had no more new information.

At Mu Chen’s home, Little Silver folded his arms in front of his chest and looked at Mu Chen with silver eyes.

Mu Chen smiled and asked, “Don’t you recognize me? I am your master Mu Chen…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Little Silver’s silver tail slapped violently into the water, splashing a huge wave of water, which hit him, and he got all wet. Little Silver showed his sharp canine teeth. “Stupid two-legged beast, I will challenge you to show you who is worthy to be the master!”

He finished and lunged for the shore.

Mu Chen was too late to retreat and Little Silver grabbed his foot, and he hurriedly strengthened the skin on his foot. “Don’t be angry, you are my master! No, you are not only my master, you are my ancestor!”


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June 19, 2022 9:49 pm

What an eventful chapter!
An Jin seems to be understanding his developing feelings for Norman more and more.
Thanks for translating and editing.

June 19, 2022 10:06 pm

I was expecting that to happen when the name for humans in the mermaid language is exposed, and that 2-leggged beasts call themselves masters. 🤣😂🤣 But now the two species have a means for communication.

I wonder what An Jin is planning? I think we might go back to that little horticulture project of his. I hope it goes well.🤞
Thank you for the chapter!!!

June 19, 2022 11:54 pm

Cultural shock:

Mermaids knowing humans view them as pets.

Humans knowing mermaids call them two-legged beasts

Thank you so much for the chapter :3

June 20, 2022 7:57 pm

I love them so much XD Yes Mu Chen he is your ancestor, but I also want to see them fight hahahahaha the silence after learning what mermajds call humans aaahahahahahaha! Thank you all for the amazing translations!

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Little Silver is definitely something else! I’m glad that they are communicating! and also feel humbled of how thoughtful and helpful AJ is! Thank you for the translation and editing! ❤️

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