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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


An Jin looked at his tail and froze. Since he and Norman got together, he stayed mainly in human form and would only change into mermaid form when he needed to swim somewhere. There was no special change and he would always maintain his human state.

When he slept last night, he was sleeping in human form. He woke up last night and became a mermaid? He wrinkled his eyebrows to recall what happened before waking up, but thought about it and did not remember anything. He slept very well, slept, and then woke up and his feet had turned into a tail.

He tried to turn his tail into legs with a thought, but the tail did not change. He opened his eyes slightly, and a fearful thought came to his mind, Could he no longer become a human?

He took a deep breath, hand grasping the bed sheet to calm down a little, ignoring the “I have a mate and can transform” method, he used his spiritual force to change his legs, and the next moment, the tail disappeared, replaced by white legs.

At the same time, his abdomen became slightly painful, and he issued a muffled grunt.

“An An!” Norman opened his eyes the moment he heard his voice, and saw him sitting slightly bent over, and quickly got up and grabbed him. “Stomach pain?”

An Jin did not expect him to wake up suddenly. His eyes shifted to his uncovered lower body, his heart beating wildly, and he hurriedly gathered up the open hem of his shirt. He pressed his hand on the hem, felt his abnormal abdomen, and hurriedly turned his legs back to the tail.

The uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen disappeared immediately.

He stayed for a moment, turned his head to look at Norman, looking a little panicked and a little surprised, and his blue eyes filled with a little joy.

Norman raised his hand and touched his cheek, and then lowered his forehead for a while. Norman pulled back a little, his sword eyebrows furrowed. “Your body temperature is so low, you are cold.”

He lifted the quilt to cover An Jin. He thought that little mate was going to turn back into his tail because he was shy, and didn’t think much of it. An Jin’s heart beat faster, raised his hand to touch his forehead and cheek, and did not feel the body temperature had become low.

No, he trusted Norman’s judgment. Norman knew his body temperature of both forms well and would not make a mistake in judgment. He automatically changed to mermaid form, low body temperature…

After having the complete inherited memory, he knew mermaids very well: this was obviously a sign of pregnancy! He grabbed Norman’s sleeve and asked nervously, “Do you…you remember, how many days did I go in heat?”

Norman’s memory was very good, his little mate’s special date was remembered very clearly. “Seven days.”

An Jin was more sure of the suspicion in his heart; to fertilize eggs, it required seven consecutive days of sex.

An Jin let go of Norman’s sleeve and held Norman’s hand, not telling Norman his guess directly, deciding instead to be more cautious so as not to make Norman unhappy. Suddenly, it occurred to him that Norman had said earlier that he did not want children for the time being.

Whenever they were intimate, Norman always wore a condom. It was during the previous heat, that he was too eager, the condom was destroyed by him, and did not give Norman the opportunity to use it again.

He looked at Norman. “You…” He eventually didn’t ask what would happen if he got pregnant and said, “I want the doctor to check me out.”

Norman found his hands trembling slightly, and couldn’t help but guess that little mate felt very uncomfortable, so his face became more and more serious. “I’ll inform Hornád to come.”

An Jin thought for a moment. “I’ll have Dr. Billy, the mermaid doctor, come too.”

Norman’s heart became more worried and carefully carried the little mate out of bed. “I’ll take you to the mermaid room.”

He knew very well that when the little mate was in mermaid form, he preferred to stay in the water. If mermaids were not well, staying in the water was also more conducive to recovery.

An Jin let him hold him, his fingers resting on his chest. He lifted his eyes to see his expression and tightened jaw, finally coming back from the shock of pregnancy. He gently wrapped his arms around Norman’s neck. “You don’t have to worry, I’m fine.”

Norman only thought the little mate was reassuring him. He lowered his head and kissed his little mate on the forehead. His voice calm and soothing, he comforted, “Don’t be afraid.”

An Jin’s mind was slightly stabilized,and his right hand gently rested on his abdomen. He was feeling a little panic and some expectation.

Norman put the little mate into the pool, and the little mate’s thin silk pajamas immediately clung to his body, making the two points in front of the chest extra obvious. His eyes darkened slightly. He got up and went to the closet and took out a black t-shirt. “Wear this.”

An Jin was surprised for a moment, then looked down, immediately found his current appearance. His cheeks burning, he turned his back to take off the pajamas and changed into the t-shirt.

Norman’s eyes only lingered on his little mate’s fair skin for a moment before leaving.

When he first met the little mermaid, the little mermaid had been unclothed. Then he saw the little mermaid’s naked body without feeling, but now…no, just one look at it would make his heart rise and fall.

Soon, Dr. Billy, the mermaid doctor, and Hornád arrived and asked An Jin what was wrong while examining him.

An Jin carefully said what he felt, “I woke up in mermaid form, and it was not comfortable to change to legs. I had to spend spiritual force, and when I changed into legs, my abdomen was in pain.”

Billy read the results of the test, looked excited and exclaimed, “King, you are pregnant!”

Almost at the same time, Hornád made the diagnosis, his tone of voice was elevated. “Empress, you are pregnant!”

Hornád had learned a lot about mermaids when he was on Rabe and knew that An Jin was an Aisa mermaid and could become pregnant. So even though An Jin was seen as male by the eyes of Siao people, he was not surprised but just excited to learn that An Jin was pregnant.

This excitement was due to the fact that Siao was about to have a new member of the royal family, but also because he was a doctor and was seeing a pregnant mermaid in a human union for the first time. His eyes sparkled with anticipation. “King, shall I examine you every day from today on?”

The first complete record of a pregnancy from a mermaid-human union would be in his hands!

Billy also said, “King, I will also give you a daily checkup to make sure your little prince is healthy.”

An Jin nodded, not to mention him, almost all modern males had no experience of pregnancy. He was very cautious and would like the two doctors to check him every day, in case of a problem, it would be detected in time. As he nodded, his eyes still fell on Norman.

Since the doctor said the test results, he had been looking at Norman. Norman stood in place, as if dumbfounded. He was so excited that his expression appeared as an afterthought, but soon became worried. He squatted down and caressed the side of the little mermaid’s face. “Don’t be afraid, I will take care of you.”

An Jin grabbed his hand. “I’m not scared.” He surveyed Norman’s expression and said in a serious tone, “I’m a little nervous, no, I’m happy.” He paused, his tone lowered. “You said before you didn’t want to have a baby too early…”

Norman took his hand in his opposite hand, lifted it up, and kissed the back of his hand, interrupting him. “I’m glad though.”

He wanted to have a baby later, just because he thought his little mate was still young, but the truth was, he was looking forward to their baby.

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and smiled.

Norman asked the two doctors about things to note.

Billy explained, “The baby is more fragile in the first trimester, and the mother will be maintaining a tougher mermaid form in order to protect the baby.” He saw Norman’s jaw tighten and smiled. “Your Majesty need not be nervous. A mermaid’s body is strong and does not work hard to conceive offspring, the king is in good health.”

Hornád nodded in agreement. “The Empress’s health has improved a lot, he is currently healthy, did not work hard in the pre-pregnancy period, balanced nutrition and maintained a good mood.”

Norman’s tense emotions relaxed a little. “Diet taboos?”

Hornád looked at Billy, the mermaid doctor knew more about mermaids.

Billy shook his head. “Mermaid’s survival is very strong, eat what you want. Maybe eat more protein in the early stages, more calcium in the later stages.” He said with a benevolent expression, “Adequate calcium ensures that the mermaid eggs are white, large, and hard, and the mermaid will be stronger after birth.”

Hornád questioned, “It may not be a mermaid egg, maybe it’s a human baby, it doesn’t make sense to supplement too much calcium.”

Billy countered, “King’s genes are strong, and chances of it being a mermaid egg is high.”

Hornád retorted, “His Majesty’s genes are also very powerful, super strength, and it may be a human baby.”

Speechless, An Jin laughed, interrupting the two doctors’ rivalry-like stare-off. “Should soon know if it’s a mermaid egg or a human baby, right?”

Hornád and Billy turned their heads to look at him at the same time. “The test will come in a month.”

An Jin smiled. “Then you don’t have to argue, we’ll know then. I’ll pay attention to my nutrition.” He said this while thinking of the upcoming wedding and asked Billy, “Will becoming human affect the baby?”

“No, but it’s best to maintain the mermaid form, the human form is too fragile.”

An Jin felt a sense of unease. “Before, when I turned into human form, my abdomen was in discomfort.”

Billy reassured, “King don’t worry, this is a normal reaction, you just run the spiritual force to protect the abdomen and make the baby feel safe. It will be fine.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and expressed his thanks to the doctors.

Hornád and Billy left together to discuss An Jin’s diet during pregnancy.

An Jin was relieved to learn that he was healthy and pointed to the bathroom. “I want to wash up.”

Norman carried him to the bathroom, where they washed up together, and then they went to eat breakfast together.

Seeing that An Jin was full, Norman spoke up and said his decision, “I will inform the ceremonial department that the wedding is postponed.”

An Jin shook his head in disapproval. “No, you were here too, Dr. Billy said it’s okay to turn into human form.”

He knew Norman was looking forward to the wedding, and he didn’t want to spoil Norman’s expectations.

Norman looked at him and said seriously, “I’m worried about you.”

An Jin held Norman’s hand. His body temperature was low, and Norman sensed this and wrapped his hand.

An Jin’s hand felt warm in his heart. “I’m fine.”

Norman thought for a moment and said, “Then let’s simplify the process, you only show up when it matters.”

An Jin didn’t agree. “You’re so excited about the wedding, I want you to finish the whole process.”

Norman’s eyes were soft. He took his face and kissed it. “We’re already legal mates, I’ve got what I’m most looking forward to.”

An Jin met his deep eyes and finally gave in.

On December 1, the wedding was held as scheduled.

The wedding was so grand that all the member countries of the Star Alliance sent their representatives to observe the ceremony, and many countries were represented by their royal lords.

The two of them were not able to talk to An Jin in person, however. They did not have the opportunity to do so, as An Jin only showed up during the vow ceremony and did not even attend the wedding banquet.

The netizens watched the vow ceremony through live streaming and saw Norman was careful beside An Jin, so they couldn’t help but worry if An Jin was sick.

Soon, they learned the truth.

Norman logged in with his private account and announced the news of An Jin’s pregnancy.

The internet was immediately buzzing with activity: “mermaid human offspring”, “prize competition: mermaid baby or human baby”, and “His Majesty Norman’s double happiness!” Various topics quickly exploded.


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