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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


The night was slightly cooler, and the silvery blue light of the stars was lighter than in summer, spreading to the ground in the treetops with a cool feeling. On the second floor balcony, An Jin was sitting in a wheelchair, wearing a white shirt on top and a thin blanket covering his tail, not feeling cold at all.

His gaze was gentle and focused on the virtual screen.

Norman was worried about his health, and he knew that his ability was very attractive to the rest of the family, so he didn’t want to put himself in danger and didn’t show up. Norman sent him back to his place and accompanied him to dinner, only to head to the banquet hall at his urging.

After Norman left, he had the wedding videotaped for him, and An Jin kept watching the vow scene over and over again. He was so nervous that he didn’t pay attention to the details, and through the video, he watched all of Norman’s reactions clearly.

Watching Norman looking at himself intently in the video, the temperature on An Jin’s face rose uncontrollably, and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up in a warm curve. His blue eyes were full of happiness and he couldn’t help but raise his hand to touch Norman’s eyes in the video. He was engrossed in the video when his bracelet vibrated with a message alert.

He had changed the message alert to vibrate mode this morning to avoid being disturbed by the ringing. He switched messages and before he could read them, his bracelet vibrated again and he received message after message and continuous communication requests.

An Jin froze, his heart tightened, and he subconsciously worried about Norman. He checked the first message, which was from Little Silver, asking about his pregnancy.

An Jin was a bit surprised, he originally wanted to tell his friend when he was sure of the baby’s race. “Mn, there is a baby, it’s not even a month old yet.”

He finished and opened the rest of his messages, only to find that they were all related to the baby. He pondered a little, opened Starnet, saw various questions about his pregnancy, and after browsing, he knew why, and jumped straight to Norman’s message.

An Jin looked at the time, not long ago, the words were expressed between the lines of joy. An Jin couldn’t help but smile, it was obvious that Norman was in a very good mood.

Little Silver’s communication soon came through and An Jin picked up. Little Silver sounded very excited. “Congratulations An An!”

An Jin’s blue eyes were happy. “Thank you Little Silver.” He asked with concern, “How are you doing on Rabe?”

“Very well,” Little Silver said, “I’ve been watching your wedding today when school is out, and I’ll definitely see you when I take a long vacation.”

“Okay,” An Jin reminded again, “when you come back to Siao, let me know in advance.”

Little Silver agreed and talked to An Jin about school again before hanging up the communication.

Immediately afterwards, An Jin received another communication from Ling Ling and Rui Rui. The two mermaids shared the communication, and they expressed their blessings and said they wanted to come see him.

An Jin thought about it and agreed to meet tomorrow afternoon.

After replying to his friend’s inquiry, An Jin simply forwarded Norman’s message, thanking everyone for his concern and blessings, and then said he was very happy.

After An Jin finished his speech, he searched for tips on editing.

He received the video of the whole wedding, and he also had the video of Rabe’s wedding. He wanted to edit the vow scenes of both weddings separately and then combine them into one video.

This way he could watch what he wanted to watch anytime. He felt something and quickly looked at the door and saw Norman pushing his way in, and he was a little surprised when his eyes swept over Norman’s body.

Norman had changed into silk pajamas, black and slightly wet. He apparently showered before returning to the room. Norman usually took a shower in the bedroom, except for a casual shower after a workout.

Norman stood in the doorway for a while, looking at his smiling little mate, his heart full of warmth. He walked up to his little mate, kneeled on one knee, raised his hand, and touched the white soft side of the little mate’s face, his deep eyes focused. “Are you tired?”

An Jin’s heart skipped a beat when he looked at him. He shook his head, suddenly smelled a hint of wine, and was a little surprised. “Have you been drinking?”

Norman withdrew his hand and frowned slightly. “Still smell?”

An Jin understood why he washed up and then went back to the room, and he smiled. “Very light.” Seeing Norman get up and stand two meters from him, he added, “Very good smell.”

The smell of alcohol was faint, not unpleasant. He was surprised, because he hadn’t seen wine in reality. He controlled the wheelchair closer to Norman and grabbed Norman’s hand.

Norman took his hand back and leaned down to pick him up. “Let me help you take a shower.”

An Jin was worried that Norman was under the influence of alcohol and grabbed Norman’s sleeve, gently reminding him, “The doctor said it’s best not to…do it for a month.”

Norman’s footsteps missed a beat. He lowered his head to his little mate and kissed his forehead. “Do not be afraid, I remember.”

An Jin let go of Norman’s sleeve and allowed Norman to send him to the bathroom. Since he was pregnant, Norman was worried about his tail being inconvenient and insisted on helping him take a shower. He had no worries before about climbing up and down with his tail in tow, but now that he had a baby, he was not so sure. Even if he’s using a wheelchair, although he was embarrassed, he let Norman help.

After washing, Norman walked to the bathroom with the little mate, who was covered in pink, and looked down and asked, “Do you want to go back to the mermaid room?”

An Jin shook his head. “Just sleep here.”

He was now at level six in his ability and had very precise water control and slept with plenty of moisture near his tail.

After learning he was pregnant, he slept in the mermaid room that night, and Norman moved to settle in the mermaid room for the night. He now did not like to sleep alone under the water, but also wanted Norman to rest well. So after consulting with the doctor, there was a waterbed in the bedroom, and he slept in the bedroom every day.

Only Norman worried about him and asked him where he wanted to sleep every day.

Norman carried him to the waterbed. The room temperature was suitable, and neither of them felt cold when sleeping on the waterbed.

Norman took the little mate in his arms, stroked his soft head, and asked after a moment of silence, “Do you want to live here or in the palace chambers?”

An Jin did not like to live in a big empty house, and he knew that Norman did not live in the palace chambers, and there must be a reason. He said, “Here is good.”

Norman kissed the corner of his mouth with his eyes. “Whenever you want to change places, just let me know.”

An Jin nodded.

Norman pondered for a moment and suggested, “Shall I get some helpers to take care of you?”

An Jin frowned slightly, he was not used to having strangers in his familiar surroundings and he did not think he needed helpers.

The housekeeping robots, Blue and the cook, took care of all the household chores, and he was now living comfortably. He put his thoughts into words straight away.

Norman stroked the side of his face. “I’m in the military most of the day, and it’s inconvenient for you to be home alone.”

An Jin disagreed. “It’s convenient, the housekeeper can handle anything, and if I don’t feel well, I’ll contact Hornád and Billy immediately. He’s at the villa next door, he’ll be here soon.”

“You, as mermaid king, and as my Empress, should have many people to take care of you.”

An Jin hurriedly waved his hand. “No, and don’t you forget, I can also turn my tail to two legs now.”

Norman thought about it and held the small mate. “Good, no helper, rest early.” He also reminded him, “Don’t turn into two legs until necessary.”

An Jin immediately nodded. “Okay.”

The next day, Dr. Hornád and Billy examined An Jin, made sure he was healthy, knew he didn’t like to be disturbed, and left.

Norman accompanied An Jin to breakfast, and after breakfast, An Jin looked at the time and said, “I’m going to plant the base.”

After he returned to Siao, he purified the soil at the plantation every day, and he purified two greenhouses every day.

Norman had previously determined that purifying the soil would not affect An Jin’s health, as it did not prevent him from getting up and pushing the wheelchair. “I’ll take you.”

In order to facilitate An Jin’s movement, Dean Collet had a transfer belt built in the middle of the office building and the planting area, exclusively for An Jin’s wheelchair to use. But the conveyor belt had not yet been put to good use, as Norman gave An Jin a ride every day.

When he saw the two of them, he quickly greeted them with a very excited expression. “His Majesty, Empress, the cabbage and white radish planted in shed one and two have sprouted!”

Norman glanced over there. “About little yield when mature?”

Collet was very understanding and cheerfully said, “A greenhouse is about two hundred square meters of land. With the current planting technology, radish and cabbage yield at least ten thousand pounds per mu, that is, a total of at least sixty thousand pounds.”

Norman’s color slightly changed. “I remember for food made into nutrients, the ratio is ten pounds of food a nutrient?”

The eyes of Collet shone brightly. “Yes, when mature, at least six thousand A agents!”

What was the concept of six thousand doses!

Every day, countless people on Starnet prayed for His Majesty to sell the A agent, but His Majesty never let go.

Nevertheless, he still mentioned his willingness to buy every day, and the psychological price he mentioned was getting higher and higher. If these six thousand sticks are sold, they could almost buy a small planet.

And that’s only counting two sheds!

An Jin smiled and quickly did the math in his mind. With his current energy, he could make a thousand A agents a day, or purify the soil of two sheds. The former required one day of his energy, and the latter he would have energy left over after purifying the soil to purify the seeds.

In this calculation, it seems to be faster to make A agent directly, but purifying the soil was obviously more conducive to long-term development.

Also, after the vegetables in the shed matured, they could continue to be planted and recycled, the energy consumed to purify the soil was effectively used; while making A agent, energy did not have the follow-up power.

Norman looked at the shed, thinking that the vegetables in this would become Xu A agent, and his brown eyes were slightly bright.

A agent, for him, meant countless soldiers’ lives, and the military department’s combat power. He asked, “The maturity period is how long?”

Collet replied, “Around seventy days.”

Norman immediately said, “The logistics minister will contact you.”

Collet nodded, His Majesty made this decision, as he expected. After all, February was the spring beast wave, A agent was in great demand, and the recently planted vegetables, which were just ripe at that time, could provide a large amount of A agent.

Norman did not stay long. He went to the military headquarters, leaving Joseph to lead the royal escort to protect An Jin’s safety. In addition to this, An Jin had a mermaid personal guard around; security was very tight.

After An Jin finished purifying the two sheds, he went straight back to the palace. He floated in the pool in the mermaid room and leaned on the big crab to study the interstellar text.

The documents coming from the technical department were getting harder and more specialized, and he was struggling to translate them, but he could always ask Norman.

He was watching the instructional video when he received a message from Mu Chen. “Empress, are you free now?”

An Jin was a little surprised and replied that he had a message from Mu Chen.

An Jin answered and Mu Chen asked, “Empress, have you been busy lately?”

“No,” An Jin said, and after a pause, added, “you can still call me An An.”

He was used to strangers calling him Empress, but he felt strange and uncomfortable when his friends called him that.

“An An, I’d like to ask you a favor.”

An Jin was puzzled, Mu Chen usually said things quite straightforwardly, but today he stammered.

“You say, and I will help you if I can.”

Mu Chen said, “I have a document that I want you to translate into mermaid language.”

An Jin immediately agreed. “No problem, it’s just that the translator also needs to be updated recently. The content is rather difficult, I translate slowly, and your document may take a few days to be translated.”

Mu Chen replied, “It’s okay, my documents have quite a lot of terminology and may not translate well either, you should not be tired.”

Otherwise His Majesty would definitely not make him look good!

After he hung up, An Jin received Mu Chen’s document. He browsed through it and found that it was all about mecha, with words he didn’t know. He suddenly thought of the reasons why Little Silver had stayed on Rabe, and the language barrier was one of them.

Mu Chen’s document should be for Little Silver, right? If Little Silver could understand Siao’s mecha lessons fluently, Little Silver could come back to Siao!

His personal guard had masters of driving mecha and could teach Little Silver how to use the mermaid’s energy to his advantage to drive a mecha. He decided to finish translating the technical department’s documents as soon as possible, and then start taking mecha-related text courses.

After thinking about it, he did not tell Little Silver the news, lest he spoil the surprise Mu Chen was going to give Little Silver.


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