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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Hearing him say that, the always smart Ji Meng was half slow and said, “What?”

Lu AnHe helplessly repeated again, but his tone unconsciously softened a bit, “I said, I am your fellow soldier.”

He had never spoken to an Alpha like this before and should have felt strange or uncomfortable, but unexpectedly, Lu AnHe now just wanted to make his roommate happy.

“Oh.” Ji Meng replied in a low voice, then looked up again and said “Mn” with a smile.

The other’s mood changed only for a moment, but Lu AnHe was still keenly aware that Ji Meng was somehow depressed.

He didn’t hesitate to go closer, squatting in front of Ji Meng, and said sincerely, “I’m really fine, believe me, I had a sense of measure and didn’t get hurt.”

“But…” He thought about it and said, “How did you find out that the person on the mecha was me?”

“The moves.” Ji Meng said, “It was obvious.”

He then mentioned a few details about his mecha driving that even Lu AnHe himself wasn’t aware of.

For example, how he would unconsciously veer to the right at startup, or how he would habitually store energy in the calibrator even during maneuvers, and so on.

Only after Ji Meng finished the fifth point did he conclude in a clear manner, “So it must’ve been you.”

Lu AnHe lost his smile, then said very solemnly, “Thank you nonetheless.”

Although he had estimated that there would be no serious consequences, he was clear that Ji Meng’s first time protection still saved him from a more serious impact.

“Since you’re confined for a week,” Lu AnHe mulled, “Then I will come over every day to keep you company, and tell you about the daily training content to prevent you from falling behind, okay?”

“Huh?” Ji Meng didn’t expect him to say that, and just when he wanted to say something, Lu AnHe covered his mouth with his hand again.

So he couldn’t say anything else.

After confirming that Ji Meng would not say “no”, “don’t” or any other refusal, Lu AnHe removed his hand and pinched his hair again.

These days he has become more and more comfortable with this action, “Okay, don’t refuse, I won’t be found out.”


Ji Meng nodded.

Lu AnHe briefly told him about today’s training, and after that, he chatted with Ji Meng for a while, complaining about the small size of the confinement room, saying it was very inhumane.

During this time, someone brought over food, so Lu AnHe immediately stood close to the innermost wall, holding his breath without saying a word, so no one noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Only when it was late did he sneak back in as he had come.

After confirming that Lu AnHe had left for good, Ji Meng sat alone on the bed in his confinement room, remembering what Lu AnHe had told him during the day, and finally opened his mouth with a voice that only he could hear.

“——I won’t refuse, ah.”

The following week, Lu AnHe really did as he said, finding opportunities every day despite the pressure, and sneaked to the confinement room to accompany Ji Meng for a period of time.

The last day it seemed that the instructor was suspicious, but in view of Lu AnHe’s care for his roommate and the fact that the matter was really Ji Meng’s mistake for the sake of Lu AnHe, it wasn’t pursued in the end.

Ji Meng was locked up not knowing that in the past few days, every time the people remembered that day, they lamented that this recruit that was always smiling without a presence or talking much actually had such strength. From then on no one dared to underestimate him, nor did they dare to speak more of the matter, only accusing Yi Nan, who had already left the team, of not being anything good, actually not hesitating to take advantage of the exercise because of jealousy.

What was puzzling to them was that in the next examination, Ji Meng still showed remarkable competence and was far ahead in the overall score, as if the previous week of confinement didn’t have any effect on his training.

After that, the entire training department gradually went on the right track, and the trainees began to adapt to the intensity of each level of training, doing their best to break through and work hard to be a truly outstanding soldier.

Since then, Ji Meng hasn’t been in the confinement room, and this matter was no longer mentioned as time went by.

Soon, the day of completion was approaching.

The training was finally loosening up a bit towards the end, and if necessary, students could choose a training intensity that suited them, after all, everything was in preparation for the final final assessment.

S students didn’t have to worry about this. These two years they have endured all kinds of suffering, so their training was also ahead of everyone else and they could basically pass the assessment with a high score. Therefore, these days, it was mainly the students of other grades who came to the former S-class training ground to practice, while the S-class students had a rare chance to relax for a few days.

The last day before the end of the school year Lu AnHe seemed to have gone out early. Ji Meng didn’t care at first, after all, these days there were always other levels of students who came to them, either for sparring or for guidance. Both of them had good personalities, and they basically wouldn’t refuse, so Ji Meng didn’t think too much when he found out that Lu AnHe wasn’t in the dorm.

It wasn’t until lunchtime, when everyone was seated in the cafeteria, that Ji Meng looked around and couldn’t find the familiar shadow, which gave rise to some doubts.

After all, his roommate was the number one glutton, and recently the two didn’t secretly store snacks in the dormitory, so how come Lu AnHe didn’t come to the cafeteria?

Seeing that a long time has passed, Ji Meng finally couldn’t hold back and sat down next to one of the A students who was looking for Lu AnHe for training yesterday, “Have you seen Lu AnHe?”

“Your old Lu?” After all, the two always appear in the dormitory as a unit. They were so sticky that others would often joke about it, so when he heard Ji Meng’s question, the cadet specially added a “your” as well, “He didn’t tell you?”

He answered after mulling it over, “Yes, this kind of thing is almost the same whether I tell you or not. He’s in the pheromone isolation room.”

After all, they were all Alpha, so Ji Meng instantly understood, “Okay, thanks.”

The participants were basically all Alpha, Beta were rare, so what needed attention was the susceptibility period. In order to prevent the susceptible Alpha from influencing each other and eventually fighting, the training department has long been prepared for this, specifically for the susceptible Alpha, they prepared a fully equipped pheromone isolation room.

The trainee with the susceptible period would apply for entry, and the isolation room not only to ensured that the Alpha in the inside pheromone would not leak out and affect others, but despite the susceptible period without inhibitors, the isolation room still thoughtfully prepared a class Omega pheromone slow-release agent, so that the Alpha wasn’t too tormented.

The cadet watched Ji Meng suddenly stand up and walk straight towards the entrance of the canteen, holding his spoon in his mouth and saying, “No, where are you going? No training this afternoon?”

He couldn’t be heading to the isolation room, right? Even the best of brothers weren’t like this, suffering together.

The thing about susceptibility was that they were all Alpha, and if anyone was susceptible, they would certainly avoid them with the best of intentions, not to mention the discomfort of not avoiding it — who wanted to go up against the same type of pheromone at the most horrible time? It would also be a lose-lose situation.

The most important thing was that Lu AnHe’s performance in the training department was known to everyone, his susceptible period was bound to come raging, unless someone really wanted to deliberately provoke trouble, no one would go up to ask for trouble.

Lu AnHe locked himself in the isolation room by himself, and he only turned on the room’s soothing spray, the Omega pheromone-like slow-release agent was put aside, but not turned on.

He was still complacent about his susceptibility and not being discovered by Ji Meng — after all, in the past two years he has been stuck in Ji Meng’s personal training or other unavailable time so he couldn’t shut himself off in the isolation room, and only after it passed would he return as if nothing had happened, unnoticed. Sometimes Ji Meng would ask why he hasn’t seen his susceptible period, and Lu AnHe would smoothly dismiss him with reasons such as “My susceptible period isn’t that difficult.” and “The isolation room of the slow-release agent is very good and effective”.

When he was gritting his teeth to survive a wave of suffocating heat, he suddenly heard a noise from the door.

Lu AnHe was still half leaning on the sofa, unable to support his body, when he noticed a person through the glass door outside.

Ji Meng pursed his lips and stood outside without saying a word, his eyes staring straight at him with sweat dripping down his forehead.

The glass door isolated Lu AnHe’s overflowing pheromone, and likewise isolated his voice.

He stood up from the sofa, took a step to the door, printed his finger on the door, shook his head at Ji Meng and made a gesture.

He knew Ji Meng could read lips, and Lu AnHe said, “Why are you here? Go back quickly.”

But Ji Meng walked closer as if he didn’t understand, and put his hand over the clear glass door, looking like their fingers were pressed together.

“I’m fine…” Lu AnHe still wanted to continue, but found that Ji Meng’s eyes strayed and landed on the untouched Omega slow-release pills on a side table.

It’s over.

Lu AnHe suddenly thought to himself.

He was discovered.

When he was plotted against by Yi Nan, Ji Meng was able to pull out his gun in front of everyone and make the other party apologize to him, and now he found out that he wasn’t taking care of himself during his susceptibility period, and he didn’t know what Ji Meng would say or do after he came out.

Lu AnHe felt strange.

It was clear that Ji Meng looked harmless and always allowed him to grip his hair, but now he had a bad feeling.

I’ll wait until the susceptibility period is over and apologize to Old Ji.

Lu AnHe decided in his mind.

For now, let him go back.

Lu AnHe thought so, and before he could speak again, he saw that Ji Meng had no intention of leaving, and began to observe how to open the door.

It was easy to open such a door for Ji Meng, so when Lu AnHe saw that he was ready to break in directly, he was afraid that he would enter the confinement room again because of this, he finally sighed and took the initiative to open the door for him.

As soon as the door of the isolation room opened, a high concentration of Alpha pheromone slammed unceremoniously in his face.

Ji Ming gritted his teeth, resisted the repulsive shock, took two steps in and closed the door.

In fact, Lu AnHe’s pheromone wasn’t unpleasant, a very fresh grassy smell, but the susceptible period wrapped in the Alpha’s unique desire to control and destroy, so Ji Meng, another Alpha wasn’t feeling too good.

“Lao Ji,” Lu AnHe’s voice was a little soft, the corners of his mouth barely pulled a smile, “…What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t tell you about my susceptible period… Nothing else,” he explained, “I’m just afraid you wouldn’t be able to stand my pheromone and fight with me, that wouldn’t be good.”

Ji Meng still did not speak, still trying to endure the other pheromone pressure over his discomfort.

Lu AnHe himself didn’t even know what he was nervous about.

They were of the same kind.

If their pheromone clashed,  it would be extremely repulsive, they would be mutually annoyed, and wouldn’t be able to control themselves to do excessive things.

He was worried about him seeing him in this state, which was why he didn’t tell Ji Meng.

Lu AnHe felt a little thirsty, but more anxious, and unspeakably irritated, his previous calm and relaxed manner nowhere to be seen.

“Old Ji, you…”

He wanted to say “don’t look at me like that”.

“Why don’t you use the slow release agent?”

Ji Meng shifted his eyes back to him, looking at his chest that was blotted out a little by sweat, and the outline of his collarbone could be faintly seen.

“…It has a really strange smell, I don’t like it.” Lu AnHe originally wanted to find an excuse, but finally replied truthfully.

After all, the simulated class Omega pheromone would still feel really weird.

He saw Ji Meng smile very shallowly, clearly reflecting the teenager from two years ago.

But… it wasn’t quite right somehow.

“Me too.” Ji Meng said, “I don’t like to use that during my susceptible period.”

Lu AnHe laughed dryly, “Right, you’re quirky…”

Ji Meng nodded, but had no intention of leaving.

The smell of grass in the air filled their nostrils. Lu AnHe only smelled his own, and he knew Ji Meng was restraining, trying not to let himself be hooked up to pheromone along with his instincts.

What’s the smell of Old Ji’s pheromone? Lu AnHe suddenly wondered.

“Don’t worry.” Ji Meng’s voice was a little strained, “I won’t let out my pheromone, so it won’t affect you.”

“I just think…”

“Last time I was confined you were with me every day, all to… it’s all about to end, and I want to help you.”

But what can an Alpha do to help?

It wasn’t good to add to the mess.

Lu AnHe looked at Ji Meng silently for two seconds.

Then his smile renewed.

“Old Ji.” His face was the most common smile of all. Lu AnHe naturally got along with people, so he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable with him, he was like a little sun who would always take care of those around him.


Ji Meng also looked at him seriously.

They had been together for two years and had never blushed, and everyone said that the two were the most compatible in the whole camp in one dormitory.

So Lu AnHe felt that such awkwardness was nothing in front of his brother.

“Actually, I don’t feel so good,” Lu AnHe still smiled brightly, as if he wasn’t going through a susceptible period, “Or… try to hug me?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Lu AnHe felt that he had come up with a bad idea.

What was he thinking when he asked an Alpha to hug another susceptible Alpha?

But that was what he really thought at that moment, and he knew Ji Meng was standing in front of him helpless and unable to do much.

He just wanted to say something to cover up this self-created embarrassment, but he didn’t expect the other party to open his mouth before him.


Ji Meng nodded his head, his tone was not a bit joking, “Alright then.”

“Old Ji, you—”

Lu AnHe didn’t finish his sentence before he was pulled into the arms of Ji Meng who suddenly approached him and hugged him firmly.

Ji Meng hugged so hard that it wasn’t until he touched him that Lu AnHe realized that the other wasn’t actually very calm, and that he had been holding back, had been forced to the edge of the cliff by his pheromone, but was forcing himself to keep his nature from overflowing.

His muscles trembled slightly as he reached out and clasped Lu AnHe’s head onto his shoulder and asked, “Is it any better?”

Lu AnHe wanted to say “no, how could two Alphas make each other better?”, but when his reasoning returned, he unexpectedly felt that it really didn’t seem that uncomfortable.

Maybe Ji Meng’s hug was too sincere.

Lu AnHe’s teeth and claws of pheromone were finally pressed down a little, but he was still sweating.

He wanted to break away from this hug, it was too tight, but he didn’t.

That was the comfort of his family’s Old Lu to endure his inner nature.

He finally simply leaned against Ji Meng’s shoulder, slowly waiting for this burst of pheromone to subside.

The tip of his nose was pressed against the back of Ji Meng’s neck, where the Alpha gland was located, but the man, in order to not let him feel uncomfortable, didn’t even let out a little bit of his pheromone.

Lu AnHe was thinking about it and wanted to back away, but when he did so, he accidentally brushed against Ji Meng’s gland… 

It’s over.

He thought to himself.

Guess it’s still going to end in a fight.

Two years of a good roommate relationship was about to be ruined.

Unexpectedly, Ji Meng just stifled a grunt, then re-clasped Lu AnHe into his arms and gave a light laugh.

“Want to bite?”


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😳 It is so sad these 2 could not stay together, as friends or more, and Ji Meng was lost so young. I was not happy about his sudden death at all. Even less so now.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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oh oh oh… bite… 😳
i imagine that smell of fresh grass in the sunny morning after the rain… refreshing. just like anhe himself.
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