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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


As the sun set in the west, the food street gradually became more crowded with tourists, bustling and full of fireworks. Jing Man looked around and didn’t see Mu CangZhou’s figure. He looked puzzled, and at first suspected that Mu CangZhou had taken Xiao Jin and ran away.

But on second thought, he banished the thought from his mind.

The two of them were now eating and living together, and Mu CangZhou had plenty of opportunities to steal the children. At home, he always woke up earlier than he did, and he could take all six babies away with him, then he probably wouldn’t ever find them again.

It didn’t make sense to run away with a child now, it should be an urgent matter… He could understand it rationally, but Jing Man was still very upset in his heart. If he didn’t believe in his character, after finding out that the dragon child was carried away, he would have called the police right now.

Mu CangZhou did something very irresponsible this time, and he didn’t take more than a few seconds to say something to him. Didn’t he know he would be worried?

“Guest, the dumplings you asked for are ready. May I ask if there is anything else you need?” A word from the helper of the Shui family dumpling store brought Jing Man’s attention back.

The young man lowered his eyes and swept a shadow under his long eyelashes, “No, thank you.”

Jing Man finished the check, took the assortment of dumplings, and continued his search for Mu CangZhou. After walking a few steps in a certain direction, he suddenly heard ZhiZhi sobbing in his pocket.

Jing Man slapped his head, remembering the special connection between this father and child. If Brother Mu was too far away from the baby, they would cry. He set his mind on trying to hurry to coax ZhiZhi, and moved along the opposite direction to start looking for the man. Sure enough, this side was the right direction.

After walking out for nearly half a street, Jing Man saw a thick crowd of people flooding the surrounding area. There were people holding their personal terminals or carrying camera spheres to stream live.

The one in the middle was definitely Mu CangZhou, if he was not mistaken.

“Excuse me, excuse me, thank you, my friend is inside.”

Jing Man protected the dumplings and ZhiZhi, pushing and shoving towards the center. When he got inside, the first thing he saw was a crying, tender woman sitting in a large white mussel shell. No feet exposed, her body was connected to the mussel shell, soft and boneless. She must be an aquatic mollusk sub-race.

The woman’s voice was mournful, covering her face with her hands and crying, “Baby, hold on… You must be okay…”

Seeing this scene, Jing Man’s heart felt a shock. Sky Blue Star had an unwritten rule. No one could show their original form in public. This woman must have suffered a heavy blow.

And Mu CangZhou was standing at the side, with two other people with a gloomy face examining a water-blue hatchling egg.

His family’s pale golden dragon was held at his waist with one hand. Xiao Jin struggled to get out when he saw Daddy coming.

Jing Man paid special attention to the hatchling egg, the top was broken some, the color around the body was very dull, not too healthy looking. It was not at all comparable to his family’s aquatic egg that looked like reflected water ripples.

“Daddy! Daddy is here!” Xiao Jin shouted childishly, tugging Mu CangZhou’s sleeve to let him look over there. Mu CangZhou raised his eyes to look.

The young man who was mixed in the crowd, with a worried face, never letting him shift his eyes away, was really here.

He said something and walked straight over to explain the situation to Jing Man, “ManMan, I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. I just heard someone say that there was a hatchling egg that was laid prematurely over here, so I came over in a hurry.”

In fact, the order should be replaced. He left from the queue in front of the Shui Family Dumpling Shop first, deliberately deviating from the sight of his subordinates. Only after that did he hear the passersby talk about the premature birth of the hatchling egg over here.

After finding out that there was a reason for the incident, Jing Man immediately understood. He grabbed the dragon child and gave an encouraging smile, “Give me Xiao Jin, Brother Mu go help.”

Time passed, and under the watchful eyes of the onlookers, the hatchling egg finally broke its shell again with a click-click-click sound.

But this time the broken place was the middle area, the eggshell broke a large hole, the inner liquid gushed out like open floodgates, simply not stopping. As the water flowed out several times more than the capacity of the egg shell itself, Mu CangZhou hastily used an instrument to plug the hole for the egg.

His family’s second child was born without any mucus, and the eldest child had only a thin layer of placenta, which dried up quickly.

Jing Man had never seen such a picture before and exclaimed, “Oh my God, why is there so much water flowing?”

Struck by apprehension, the woman in the mussel shell cried even louder, “Baby, baby you have to hold on…”

The onlookers saw this rash young man, with just one sentence, stimulate the aquatic mother into such a frenzy. Fearing that he would speak out again, a man quietly pulled Jing Man to the side.

“Young man, you listen to me. The aquatic race contains a lot of water in their bodies, and most of their second forms are born with water and have to live in water until they take human form at the age of one. So, they need to have the right water environment from the moment they are born.” He lowered his voice, “If you let the babies keep losing water in their bodies, they won’t be able to keep their lives. The woman just said that she and her husband are both from the mussel sub-race. The child would have been born in a few days, but is somehow suddenly premature. There is no suitable aquatic egg incubation environment around here, the mother was frightened into her original form and the father ran to buy an aquatic incubator. If it wasn’t for these kind midwives stepping forward, this baby would have been out of breath, thanks to being near the egg breeding base.”

After the words, he patted Jing Man’s shoulder, “Young man, you and Dr. Mu seem to know each other?”

Jing Man only wanted to eat melons, and did not want to grow melons1. Secretly with Xiao Jin’s fleshy body, blocked ZhiZhi in his pocket, and prevaricated, “We’re together.”

Li Gu nodded his head, full of envy, “Fortunately, Dr. Mu is here. He is the most powerful gold medal midwife, the others are not as high as his rank, so they all take his advice. Just now, if he did not come, the remaining three midwives would not be convinced by anyone, each holding their own views, all thinking their own ideas were more robust and better for the baby.” He sighed, “They argued so much that they almost dropped the egg. The situation seemed to get more dangerous after the eggshell broke open a bit.”

At this point Mu CangZhou’s voice came loudly and in a tense tone, “The child’s situation is not good, the air is getting into the shell, and the water itself is making her vomit a lot. If we don’t take action, she will suffocate. Does anyone have pure water in their hands that we can borrow?”

“I have, I have!” Li Gu was not in a hurry to talk to Jing Man. He immediately squeezed in with the people who had water to contribute.

Bottles of sweet mineral water were carefully poured into the eggshell from the crack on top by the midwives. As a result, a bottle was poured, while the little mussel spit out half, the situation was still not optimistic.

“Hello, husband…” Hearing the bell, the mussel woman wiped her tears to connect the personal terminal. Hearing the situation over there, she cried even louder, “What? Nearby aquarium hatcheries are all sold out?! I told you to prepare in advance, you did not prepare … If the baby dies, I will not live!”

It appeared that she momentarily forgot the point and began to blame.

Mu CangZhou held his forehead, brow wrinkled very tight.

He called on his terminal and ordered, “Does anyone have a fish tank, turtle tank, landscape tank, anything that can hold a small mussel? Any container, to cover the egg.”

“… Oh good, then you go with the boss to his house to get the old incubator, as soon as possible.”

A container for water, is it?

Jing Man’s mind appeared in front of the snack street statue fountain, raised his hand and asked, “Brother Mu, would the fountain work?”


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Translator Notes:

  1. Jing Man means he wants to watch drama, not create drama.


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