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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


Apart from some advertising push, the first message he saw was Jing Man’s dad.

[Dad: Has ManMan arrived yet?

[Dad: Before you gave Big Bear, you said you would pick it up in a few days and take it home, but now it can’t sit still after the appointed time. I’m busy with work and can’t stay with it.]

[Dad: Uncle Wang said Big Bear misses you. You should contact Uncle Wang and explain it yourself.]

Uncle Wang was Jing Man’s father’s secretary, a dog sub-race.

The beast people were more or less able to understand the mood of their own animals, so he took care of animals in addition to completing his share of work. He was responsible for helping to feed and take care of the golden retriever Jing Xiang.

Seeing this message, Jing Man hurriedly found a quiet place and dialed Uncle Wang’s number. The video was quickly connected, and the middle-aged man on the other side was smiling.

“ManMan, wait a minute, I’ll go get Big Bear and Jing Xiang to come over.”

With that, he opened his mouth and let out a few loud barking sounds, and the da-da-da sound of a dog’s paws scratching the ground immediately rang out over there.

Uncle Wang set up the personal terminal and let the two golden retrievers into the picture. Big Bear saw his master first and gave an aggrieved whimper twice, paws in the air scratching a few times. Then, he sat up straight and tilted his head and let out a few barks, seemingly pouring out his heart’s indignation.

Jing Xiang sat aside with a carefree look, and stroked Big Bear’s head twice with her paws. Then, she barked at Jing Man and wagged her tail as a greeting.

Jing Man’s peach blossom eyes hooked up, eyes wet toward his aggrieved dog son, and issued a coaxing child’s voice, “Big Bear is a good boy. Play with Jing Xiang for a few more days, then I’ll go home to pick you up. Daddy has something very important to go out for a while, I hope you can agree. Big Bear, do you agree?”

As a big golden retriever who loved his master, Big Bear quickly lost the battle and gave a woof to Jing Man’s request. After coaxing the dog, Jing Man went on to the next task.

Half of the next messages came from Long Gui.

[Long Gui: How come Mr. Xiao Jing didn’t come to Long’s for lunch today? I want to hold Xiao Jin!

[Long Gui: Is our home cooking recently not to your liking? Where is it bad? Tell us, we will immediately change it!]

[Long Gui: It’s been three days… Is Mr. Jing busy with something? I’m getting worried, please reply when you get the message.]

Jing Man guffawed, after exchanging contact information, he realized that Long’s receptionist lady had so much inner drama. He hastily replied – [Sister Long, I’ve been away on some business recently. Don’t worry, Long’s is still my top 1 favorite restaurant!]

The other half of the messages came from Feng Huo, whom he coincidentally met today. This was the first time that the two of them had chatted with Star Messaging after exchanging their personal IDs.

[Feng Huo: Xiao Jing, my room number is 2321, come and play when you have time!]

[Feng Huo: #picture # My brother said this gem lair lacked some fire, the quality of the gems inside was mixed.] 

[Feng Huo: The AI helped us change to room 2320, the gems are new, and Xiao Ze likes it.]

[Feng Huo: #video#, hahahaha my brother also went in as his original form to play.] 

[Feng Huo: Xiao Jing, no more chat. My brother wants to take a break, see you later.]

According to this shifting expression of Feng Huo, Jing Man completely unfolded all the things that Xiao Feng did after they left his sight. He gently hooked his lips and found it interesting.

Replied – [Xiao Feng, I’m in room 2221, we seem to be quite close.]

After a while, Mu CangZhou came over. He said, “ManMan, I got a number on the egg breeding base website, it seems to be quite busy recently, we can’t be scheduled until the day after tomorrow.”

At that, Jing Man looked at the calendar. Today was August 10th, the day after tomorrow was the 12th, and the final deadline was the 14th, so they were just in time.

In the afternoon, Jing Man and Mu CangZhou planned to take the kids to meet Feng Huo and see if they wanted to take a road trip.

When they arrived at their door, Jing Man was about to knock on the door, but Mu CangZhou was quick to pull his sleeve.

The expression on Mu CangZhou’s face was a bit unnatural, Jing Man understood and listened.

A nice, youthful voice flowed out from the doorway. The sound was charming and hazy, with a humid and burning temperature. It was the love and lust that flowed between them. 

This was the first time Jing Man had heard a live version, or a live version from an acquaintance.

Jing Man’s hands and feet did not know where to go, his heartbeat was 80 mph, and his blood was flowing backwards. He should have felt very strange in his heart.

It was clear that now people were born synthetically, why did they still cling to that aspect of pleasure? Yet, a trace of envy sprang up in his heart.

Subconsciously, he seemed to want to grab the ultimate, abundant love. Suddenly, it was as if someone had picked him up from the river of time.

There was silence all around.

Mu CangZhou’s eyes sank, looking at the tips of Jing Man’s slightly red ears, and his throat rolled. If it was not in the corridor, if his baby did not lose his memory, then he could have had the pleasure he had for seven years.

But now, Xiao Jin and ZhiZhi’s two pairs of eyes were watching. It was not the time…

In his heart, he laughed.

Mu CangZhou came close to Jing Man and whispered, “Jing Man, let’s go, they seem to be busy.”

For the first time, his full name was called by that low voice. For a moment, Jing Man’s heartbeat seemed to speed up, but also seemed to freeze. His brain was empty and filled with cotton candy. In the silent space, the voice broke the ice and snapped him back to reality.

“Okay, okay.” Jing Man lowered his head, his heart feverish, not daring to look at Mu CangZhou.

The images of intertwined men lingered in his mind…

For a moment, it changed to his and Brother Mu’s bodies.

But Jing Man was not in the least as fearful as he thought, more like fine water flowing into a river, a grain of rice accumulating into a bucket.

In the elevator, they went from the twenty-third floor to the first floor.

They stopped three times, and eleven people went up, seven people went down, and four came with them to the first floor. The two people have not spoken, and Jing Man did not look up.

They walked out of the hotel, the evening breeze blowing lightly, and leaves fell.

Jing Man looked up and found that it was the naughty birds chasing each other for fun. The green leaves, which were in their prime and should not have fallen with the wind, were inadvertently ripped off.

Thirsty for no reason, Jing Man asked, “Brother Mu, is there any place that sells drinks around here?”

“Yes.” Mu CangZhou lowered his head and wanted to ask Xiao Jin something. Their relationship became closer after playing together. In order to not tire out his father, he ran and laid in his father’s embrace, “Xiao Jin, do you want to eat egg tarts?”

“I want to eat!” The dragon child licked his pink tongue and raised his claws to make a two-finger comparison, meaning he wanted to eat two.

“Okay.” Mu CangZhou gave a laugh, “There is a snack street over here, let’s go over there for food.”

Jing Man followed, touching ZhiZhi hidden in his pocket and setting their peach blossom branch straight.

The snack street seemed to be dominated by the night market. Not many were open at this time, and many shopkeepers were moving things to the door. However, there was already a long line at one store.

Jing Man took a sip of milk tea, he looked up and asked Mu CangZhou, “Brother Mu, what does that store sell?”

It had been years since he’d been here, and Mu CangZhou had forgotten the specifics of this place.

At this time, relying on his tall height, he took a peek at what the food in other people’s hands looked like. Then it came back to him, “The Shui Family Dumpling Store sells various flavors of dumplings. The sweet ones are similar to jicama. The salty ones have vegetables and meat.”

Jing Man’s interest was instantly filled, and he ran happily to the queue. Almost to the front of the line, Mu CangZhou raised his eyes to look at the helpers here, and immediately took two steps back. He almost forgot, this store was the one his base colleague Shui Xuan’s family opened.

If he were recognized, the vest that was so easy to put up would fall off, so leaving this side was the best policy. Jing Man did not notice that the person behind him had disappeared, and was gulping at the appetizing variety of dumplings in the window.

Whether it was the sweet and sticky, colorful, fruit-flavored dumplings that looked like fudge or the savory dumplings with vinegar sauce, he wanted to eat them all!

“I want this one, this one… and this. Brother Mu, what do you want?” After waiting for half a day, no one answered. He looked back and Mu CangZhou had long since disappeared with Xiao Jin.


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