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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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As it turned out, nutrients didn’t get any tastier with a kiss.

But Lin Han couldn’t struggle, and He YunTing didn’t need his guidance this time, his fingers holding his chin so that he had to slightly tilt his head up, then forcibly pry open his teeth and ferry the semi-thick liquid into his mouth.

“Mmnh…” Lin Han mumbled twice, his hands hooked around the other man’s back and patted it subconsciously, but it didn’t stop him from moving. Instead, he pressed deeper and harder, tightly against his lips, so that, whether it was a plea for mercy, nutrients, or anything else, it couldn’t leak out and had to be swallowed in full.

Lin Han was nervous and in pain, even though it wasn’t the first time they kissed, he couldn’t help but feel his heart pounding as soon as the other man came up to him; and in pain because this stuff really didn’t taste good, but He YunTing’s tongue kept pushing the nutrient over.

He YunTing was really serious about feeding him the nutrient. This time he took most of the tube in one mouthful, feeding it all in little by little, carefully and gradually, and only after making sure there was nothing else in Lin Han’s mouth did he slowly move away. He reached out and pressed the corner of his lips, preparing to swallow the remaining small half of the tube that way.

Lin Han, keenly aware of He YunTing’s thoughts, hurriedly snatched the nutritional supplement from his hand, and said with concern, “I’ll drink it, I’ll drink it, I’ll drink it by myself.”

Then frowned and quickly solved the remaining half of the tube, and also showed He YunTing the empty packaging to prove that his words were true.

He YunTing also properly checked to make sure there was nothing left before getting back up and helping Lin Han get a glass of water, throwing away the empty nutrients for him, and sitting back down next to him. He YunTing raised his hand, and just when Lin Han’s heart was alarmed about what he was going to do, he started to button Lin Han’s shirt one by one, and then he fixed the shirt on his chest and the wrinkles on his collar for him without slowing down.

He wasn’t the one who cherished time like gold now, he just wanted to simply spend some time with him, that was all.

Lin Han went back to the days when he used time as a pointless commodity, but now, placed into the present, He YunTing would devote all his time on him, watching him everywhere he went, not wanting to delay for a moment, not parting for a moment.

The people of the Empire only knew that the General was brave and steadfast, but always cold and unapproachable, and looked very hard to talk to.

Only Lin Han knew many details about He YunTing, and all the matters of his heart.

You’re the sun for all people, but only shed a gentle warm light on me.

“You have to drink the nutrients.” He YunTing didn’t know what he was thinking, and Mr. General gave a dry cough as he said this with a straight face.

“…” Lin Han gave him an eerie look.

This way did work, but, to be honest… It was completely unlike He YunTing’s style.

When this guy invited himself, he either used the excuse that Lu AnHe’s mecha was broken or that it was for the glory of the Empire, but after being together, this skill of his actually skyrocketed, and if Lin Han wasn’t still able to read minds, he would almost think that He YunTing was a different person.

But He YunTing thought that there was nothing wrong with doing so, and even turned his head sideways and locked eyes with Lin Han.

Lin Han’s heart moved and grabbed He YunTing’s finger.

【If he still doesn’t want to drink later, this is the only way to go.】

Lin Han raised his eyebrows and looked up at him.

He YunTing gave him a look and also squarely let him hold it, the voice of his mind not concealed at all.

【If this is the case, combined with the dosage, I’ll need to be prepared to do it more than once per day.】

Lin Han: ?

【After all, this way, more or less, you’ll eat a little. I won’t let this affect your daily dose.】

Lin Han, “…?” He looked at He YunTing’s frank face and twitched the corner of his mouth, “…thank you, but there’s no need to consider consumption and dosage.”

He YunTing’s expression didn’t change much, “I should.”

He really had no other selfishness, feeding nutrients with a deep kiss to ease his worry since Lin Han wasn’t willing to drink it.

“…” Lin Han drew his hand back, feeling at a loss on what expression he should make. When he finally registered in his mind what this man had done and what was on his mind during these few minutes, he still couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “I sometimes don’t know if you’re really stupid.”

He YunTing didn’t answer the question, but he didn’t seem to be offended by Lin Han’s comment either. Lin Han previously felt that he couldn’t even read He YunTing with his mind reading skills, but now he felt that this person was actually so transparent that he could grasp all his emotions.

It was just that he was never willing to talk about it.

Lin Han’s lips curved a little higher, knowing that there were still too many things waiting for He YunTing, so he reverted to the topic just now, “Regarding the matter of Xi Yuan, think about it. Or more directly, I can find a chance to contact Luo Qi,” before He YunTing said anything, Lin Han thought about it and added, “to see if I can hear anything useful.”

Surprisingly, He YunTing quickly dismissed Lin Han’s idea of contacting Luo Qi, “No way.”

Xi Yuan was fine, after all, he was with the Crown Prince, and Wen TianYao was a person who valued his personal image so much that he wouldn’t have any problems with general socializing.

Luo Qi though, he wasn’t sure of his ultimate purpose. Xu Zhiheng could even directly strike. Although Lin Han currently didn’t seem to be associated with these events, there was no guarantee that these madmen wouldn’t strike without warning in the next moment, and ultimately cause any irreparable situation.

Lin Han quickly understood He YunTing’s concern, remembering his own physique and mental power, and remembering Xu Zhiheng and Lu AnHe, who had just gotten out of danger, “Are you afraid that they will use me for Burning Blood experiments without saying anything?”

He YunTing didn’t answer, but the change of expression on his face told Lin Han the answer. He YunTing took a while before answering, “Anyway, Xi Yuan is fine, Luo Qi is a no.” 

Lin Han looked at He YunTing and said, “But, you’d be there.” 

His eyes were very bright, dark pupils without the slightest impurity, the tip of his nose was glistening, his lips looked sweet and delicious, looking at He YunTing with a kind of concentration and certainty of innocence. He wasn’t unaware of the world, nor was he unaware of the dangers, but it seemed that as long as he was there, he wasn’t afraid of anything.

He YunTing still didn’t agree, and Lin Han inexplicably decided that in this matter, even if he pouted, it was useless, he wouldn’t agree.

“Okay.” Lin Han said with some regret, “Then when Wen TianYao comes to you again, remember to call me.”

He really wanted to help He YunTing with something, but He YunTing was used to facing these things alone.

“How far can you generally read a mind?” He YunTing suddenly asked.

Lin Han recalled the first time he heard the voice of his mind when he had this ability, and the first time he met with He YunTing the other person’s subconscious, and the almost graphic memories of when he hugged him apprehensively after Ji Meng’s accident.

“Usually it’s that moment’s thoughts, and if the other person has few distractions, then I can read his subconscious that he doesn’t necessarily understand—” Lin Han recalled He YunTing’s startling “hard” remark from before. With that distracting memory, his face floated with a trace of embarrassment but he quickly suppressed it, “But if it’s more times, I could empathize with them.”

He could read the uncertainty and guilt in He YunTing’s heart, see the tombstone he had carved in his heart for the dead sergeant, and also when he came to the base to find him after his ability was restored, he only grabbed his hand for a while and probably knew the cause and effect of the incident.

Lin Han finished looking at him.

He YunTing’s eyes obviously sank for a moment after hearing Lin Han’s words, and only after a moment did he reopen his mouth, “So… I’m a coward.” He didn’t expect He YunTing to admit it this time, “I’m afraid of many things. You can read me.”

Read the burning love and deep affection in his heart, but also read his worries and fears when he was alone in the room.

Originally the two should be more carefree after being together, but He YunTing was the opposite of this. Obviously, when leaving the battleship, he could say such sure words, but now it was like he started worrying about everything, afraid that Lin Han would suffer even a little bit of harm.

Lin Han’s heart was suddenly gripped. He put a hand over He YunTing’s, and He YunTing interlocked their fingers, and he could hear He YunTing’s unease.

“Mr. Lin isn’t timid at all,” He YunTing didn’t seem to be instantly accustomed to calling his name directly, and at this moment his tone sank at those thoughts, “If it weren’t for you, I might not have said it for a long time.”

Lin Han’s fingers clenched a little tighter.

【I thought that only that Kudzuar could hear the confession.】

Lin Han blinked, “You took advantage of me in my sleep… What did you say to Grr while I was sleeping?”

No wonder Grr wasn’t so repulsed towards He YunTing when he woke up the next day and watched the news. Instead, He YunTing took the initiative to pull his hand out this time and said, “The same as what I said to you earlier.”

Lin Han felt for the first time that it was such a pity that he couldn’t read the mind of the Oddbound creature, “You’re really…”

He YunTing stood up again, “I apologized to him and said I didn’t bully Mr. Lin.”

“Why are you calling me Mr. Lin again?” Lin Han pointed it out, “Just call me by my first name.”

“Oh.” He YunTing didn’t respond quickly this time, “Okay.”

Lin Han felt that He YunTing was sometimes stupid, and just as he was about to nod, he heard He YunTing say, “But everyone else also calls you Lin Han. So, that’s not different from Mr. Lin.”

Lin Han finally couldn’t stop glaring at him.

When he grabbed his hand and forced him to confess, when he wanted him to take his nutrients, he held it in his mouth and then came up to kiss him, which he also learnt by himself. Lin Han almost thought that He YunTing was about to get rid of his mumbling and clumsiness in love and run to the next stage.

The so-called mastery was just a flash of light, he was still the same dumb as a stone most of the time, the universe’s straight Alpha.

A moment later, He YunTing suddenly opened his mouth, “…Han Han?”

His voice was already low, but when Lin Han’s mother had called him by this nickname before, she had clearly carried a more doting and soft tone. He YunTing called it seriously, and although his tone sounded hard and even a bit like an order or something, it really wasn’t quite the right word for him to say, so it sounded awkward. 

Lin Han hadn’t heard these two words for a long time. Now once he heard them, his face suddenly turned red. He couldn’t help but step forward to cover He YunTing’s mouth, “Okay, okay, okay. You can call me whatever you want.”


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