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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


When Suther got out of the jacuzzi, he wrapped himself in a towel. After tapping his fingers on the terminal, the room’s own housekeeping AI brought out the washed and dried school uniform and started ironing it.

Suther thought to himself that when the clothes were ironed and he was clean and decent, he could go out and find Brother Man and Brother Zhou.

The two of them had always said that there was nothing good to eat in the Dragon’s Realm, but Sky Blue Star had a much wider variety of food than the Dragon’s Realm, and now it was finally time for them to treat him to a meal.

But before that, there was one very important thing left to do. He dabbed some pomade and slowly pushed his silver hair back in the mirror, “System, help me find the exact coordinates of Brother Man and Brother Mu right now.”

[Sorry, but Sky Blue Star has not set up a Quick Transmigration Bureau yet, so we can’t pull up the encrypted data. We can only find the time and location of their last appearance on the star network. 8.10, Snack Street Shore. #video#]

Suther watched a short video clip from the news and ranted, “That was ten days ago! They haven’t been seen since?”


Suther, “So, you’re checking the neighborhood surveillance for me?”

[I’m checking, so far it’s the afternoon of August 18, so wait.]


Jing Man got a message that popped up on the terminal –

[Dear Baby’s Breath and His Babies, the system detects that your live stream time this month has not yet reached the minimum requirement, please hurry up and start livestreaming as soon as possible!]

[You have 28 hours of live stream time this month and have completed 3.7 hours.]

June Snow Live platform.

Jing Man understood, the live stream platform was rushing the broadcast mercilessly. His eyes fell on the time and he exclaimed, “This time is not right!”

He remembered that he had only live streamed once and the time was definitely less than three hours.

Then where did the extra time come from…

With questions, Jing Man opened the long-lost Jun Snow Live room and found that it was almost full of unread messages and alerts.

He took a cursory glance at them–

[When will Baby’s Breath start livestreaming again? Will you schedule a time? I love your kids, come on, come on!]

[Anchor, quickly start the stream, if not, the children will be big soon! orz]

The same as the last time, almost all of them were urging for more.

Jing Man looked at the children. The four babies were sitting or lying on Big Bear, playing with toys and chatting a bit every now and then. He thought to himself that only Xiao Jin had met with everyone, so it would be better to broadcast Xiao Jin’s daily routine.

So, once he finished absorbing the metal on the wings and returned to a little golden dragon with golden flesh wings, he would be ready to start streaming.

Xiao Jin took the opportunity to rub against Daddy’s chest, “Daddy, you said you want me to livestream, what is livestream for?”

Jing Man, “To show the brothers and sisters on the Star Network what western dragon hatchlings are like, and their daily lives. They are not as lucky as Daddy to see such a cute Xiao Jin every day.”

Xiao Jin seemed to understand and sat on the bed. He wagged his tail and asked, “Can’t we show them the life of a little treant, little white tiger, and little medusa together?”

Before, when he was the only one born, it was boring to stay alone. Now, he had his siblings with him and was happy. Hearing these words, Jing Man looked back at the kids and found that their faces were also full of doubts.

Facing the puzzled eyes of the children, Jing Man smiled and said, “Daddy thinks we should do it one by one. For now, let Older Brother live stream first. Wait for a while and then change, so we all have a share.”


The first live stream was when Xiao Jin was still very ignorant, all soft, following the voice package while learning language. Today, he was already a big dragon child that was a little heavy to hold.

Jing Man sighed in his heart, while rubbing the little dragon’s head, and adjusting the video camera Feng Huo gave him earlier. He opened the live stream room and was just about to start the livestream when he saw on the recording screen the birth of FanFan and Xiao Shui on 8.11.

Jing Man’s eyes widened, what’s going on?

No wonder fans had risen to 100,000, their births were also recorded. After scrolling through the history of pop-ups for a while, Jing Man became enlightened and his mind went blank. It turned out that last time he recorded, he touched the live stream button by mistake…

He had no idea that the camera sent by Feng Huo was directly connected to the live stream… It could quickly start the live stream with one click. Then, let’s not split it up and meet everyone together directly.

Jing Man put Xiao Jin back to Big Bear and let him reunite with his siblings, smiling awkwardly, “You’ve already met everyone when Daddy didn’t know, so let’s livestream together from now on.”

He fixed the perspective, so that people would not be able to adjust the perspective.

This time, the start of the June Snow platform also reminded fans and soon the live stream began to fill with people, one by one.

The screen showed a sturdy, cute, drowsy golden retriever lying with two front paws holding a small treant that had a flowering branch beginning to grow buds. The small treant was playing with the dog’s paw. On the side of the fluffy belly sat a little white tiger and little medusa, both of whom were playing with a puzzle. And their old friend Xiao Jin had his neck craned back looking at his wings, practicing how to make them open and close.

[Front row! Finally, after many days, the show is on! The four children are reunited, so cute ahhhhhh!]

[Crap! I strongly refused to believe you guys when you said that this family has a lot of children. Now I kneel, the anchor’s family really has god-like genes. I like the children you have!]

[The canine sub-race is going to be envious! I also want a bunch of children around me!]

[It’s said that medusa will petrify people when one looks at them, is it true? #curious#]

Jing Man cleared his throat, didn’t enter the frame, and held out his hand and waved it in front of the camera.

He said, “Long time no see, everyone. This is Baby’s Breath and His Babies. I was a little busy a while ago, so I didn’t start the live stream. Now I’ve been poked and prodded by the system, and I just remembered that I didn’t finish my task this month.”

“Welcome everyone to my babies, and thank you for liking them.”

[I just want to adjust the perspective to see what the anchor looks like, but it turns out that I can’t actually adjust? I’m dead]

[The anchor’s voice sounds great! I feel like I can make up a handsome man’s image just from his voice! The hands also look good!]

[Ummm, I came from the police records. I want to ask the anchor if the police case before was solved? These children didn’t really appear out of nowhere, did they?]

[Bought from a gene bank I assume, I heard that the underground egg breeding base can breed eggs for people who are not married?]

[As a person who comes from an “underground egg breeding base”, I say that the people in front of me are talking nonsense, they are just an additional layer of privacy that’s all.]

[Oh, you exploit the loopholes you NB1, regular egg breeding bases also will not give out personal information and genes.]

[My family still believes in watching the doctor destroy all the genes after the egg breeding, none of the public egg breeding bases have the time to let people observe.]

[That’s for sanitary purposes, there are special people and special equipment… The previous sisters went to a private base for sanitation concerns…]

Seeing the focus of the pop-up screen go wrong 800 miles away, Jing Man raised his eyebrows. After meeting Mu CangZhou, everything about their life together with the kids seemed reasonable and natural, and the children were very intimate with each other.

He had forgotten that they had appeared out of nowhere in his bed, and that he hadn’t gone through the egg-rearing process at all.

Viewers began to spam bullet screen comments complaining, becoming more and more serious. They gradually started to call people’s wrongs and they would join each other in personal attacks.

Jing Man was annoyed and bored. He wanted to use the live stream to show everyone the growth of the children’s trajectory, but the mood dissipated little by little.

Now the children were still small, and he did not know if they would be affected by the words.

Once they became literate afterwards, it would not be good for them to learn this.

Thinking of this, he said in an unpleasant tone, “If you want to argue, go out and argue. I’m not going to answer personal questions, and I don’t care to be asked again.”


He opened the live stream to share the lives of his children, not to see these people quarrel.

People who often surf the star network and seen a lot of soft and cute anchors, suddenly heard Baby’s Breath’s tone changed, which was somewhat new.

[Anchor, don’t be angry, I’ve been watching the live stream well. I want to eat this mouthful of babies!]

[Right, stay live. I won’t argue, let me be at ease watching these children.]

But to some people’s ears, this was a sign of weakness. They ignored Jing Man’s warning and continued to curse and persist in their output.

[Yo, so quick to react this time? How come you didn’t notice when the little white tiger broke his shell with the medusa last time? Not an accident, right?]

[Yes, I also think that maybe the anchor used illegal means to get the multiracial genes, and then produced these children. He broke the law, and then covered himself up by deliberately going to the police uncle to make trouble. Disgusting.]

[Crap! I hate this kind of foul play that takes up public resources, don’t watch!]

[A friendly reminder, this anchor asked for people to not send gifts. Look at the king list, it has a surprise. An example of wanting to be wildly popular! :)]

Seeing these people make up stuff, Jing Man was speechless. Why don’t you write a book, if you can fabricate lies out of nothing.

He was here to share the cuteness of his own babies, these people seriously missed the point. However, Jing Man also straightforwardly felt the difference between this live stream and the last live stream. The last time the live stream started, not many people watched it, and only accumulated a total of more than 200 fans. However, the live stream room was quiet, and the guests were happy.

The environment was soothing as everyone came in for the children, watching the children and expressing their love for Xiao Jin. This time, although thousands of people were packed in less than 10 minutes, Jing Man felt it.

People didn’t come for the children, few people even mentioned the kids.

Most people seemed to want to unravel the mystery of his babies’ origins, to find out why he had attracted so many fans, even going so far as to use conspiracy theories and fabrications out of thin air. There was no point in this live stream, it might as well be over sooner.

He pursed his lips and spoke in a slightly cold tone, “I’m not going to be on air because I’m busy at home, so I’ll see you again if I have a chance. Thanks for watching.”

When Mu CangZhou finished cooking and came up to call, he saw Jing Man lying on the floor with the children and squeezed in front of Big Bear. Sensing the low pressure around Jing Man, he came over and asked, “What’s wrong ManMan, why are you unhappy?”

Without waiting for Daddy’s answer, Xiao Jin stood up with an indignant expression and said, “Daddy let us livestream for a while, and then he got upset.”

Now Mu CangZhou realized that there were all kinds of people on the star network, even his family’s egg breeding base had a large number of anti fans. ManMan’s popularity was soaring so fast that it must have attracted the attention of people who were interested.

He sat over and put his head on Jing Man’s shoulder,  “ManMan, don’t feel bad. You livestream just for the sake of fun, if not happy we will cancel the contract.”

“Cancel the contract?” Jing Man raised his gaze, tone slightly confused. His wet eyes looked at him, as if he did not expect to have this path available.


The author has something to say: 

Suther: System, have you found Brother Man?

System: The star network is slow! Don’t rush.

ManMan: Super angry! No more live streams!


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Translator Notes:

  1. NB comes from 牛逼 (niu bi). The slang can be negatively used to sarcastically comment on someone’s arrogant, annoying behavior. If used positively, it can mean awesome/fucking cool/badass.


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Thanks for translating and editing.

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People really can be terrible! ><
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