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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


On a tiny, tiny, wild island that didn’t even have a name on the map, the air trembled slightly, tearing out a dark rift in time.

“Are we there yet?” The voice had the distinctive rasp of a voice change. A small leg wearing white socks and uniform shoes stretched out from the crack first.

When he was rescued by Jing Man and Mu CangZhou, Suther was still a six-year-old, suspected degenerate, soon-to-be-extinct embroidered thread dragon whelp. Now he was sixteen years old, and in two years, he’d be able to join the Quick Transmigration Bureau!

This was Suther’s last long vacation so he applied early for an off-world trip, and once school was out, he rushed to the Quick Transmigration Bureau to tear open a space-time rift. He did not have time to change out of his student uniform. His silver hair was the same as his school days, and was combed back meticulously. He was carrying a bento box in his hand, which was a companion gift brought for Brother Man, containing a lot of delicacies of the Dragon’s Realm.

On his back was a leather school bag, which contained the teacher’s holiday homework…

When he walked into the space-time rift, Suther had a longing expression on his face and couldn’t wait to see Brother Man and Brother Zhou. After standing still, the expression on his face suddenly turned into confusion.

There was water in front of him, sand behind him, and no one around for a hundred miles. It was not like the beautiful Sky Blue Star with diverse culture and species that Brother Man and his team mentioned!

Suther’s eyebrows furrowed in anger as he nodded a few times in the void, and he let out a questioning voice, “System, don’t you usually land at the Quick Transmigration Bureau? I only have two months of vacation time, so I can’t waste it like this.”

The system, which was bound to the host for the first time and did not know that this situation did not apply to otherworldly travel, explained, [The Quick Transmigration Bureau is not yet stationed on Sky Blue Star, so in order not to affect the order of the community, stowaways can only land in the wilderness. You should be able to make it across in time to meet them].

Suther found a tree and sat down. Looking at the shimmering sea in the moonlight, he opened his lunchbox and touched some fruits, asking, “Which way are we going?”

[Don’t rush, I’m connecting to the star network, their network is very slow…]

“Hurry up, then.” In a short time, Suther had eaten more than three times the size of the lunch box. However, it was not a big problem, there was still a lot inside, since it was a small space used for storage.

He packed up his things, quietly hugged his legs and waited, looking at the sea waves trembling.

A short while later, the system spoke: [I found where they are! Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base! The star network shows that the last public appearance was at this location!]

Suther looked at the map for a moment, hummed, walked to the open beach, and closed his long, narrow eyes. The sound of wind breaking sounded, and the teenager disappeared from the spot.

A young embroidered thread dragon with a shoulder height of two meters, a body length of five meters, covered with multicolored scales, and a circle of silver scales around his neck suddenly appeared out of thin air from where he stood. His body shape was the same as a Western dragon, but his wings were much larger than the average Western dragon, almost twice as large as the body.

Suther’s short claws crossed the air twice and turned in place a few times to find a good position.

His wings waved with great effort, fanning out a hurricane of wind in preparation for takeoff. Takeoff was the most laborious procedure, he flapped his wings hard in place for ten minutes.

When his claws were about to leave the ground, the system’s voice came, chagrined: [Wait, Suther, use stealth! There are no embroidered dragons in Sky Blue Star!]

Suther, “…Why didn’t you say so?”

He had to stop and do the hand trick to be invisible! The wind that he had been trying to save was wasted! You don’t know how difficult it is for a half-ton dragon to create wind to fly itself out of thin air!

When he started to fly towards Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base, Suther’s heart was full of expectation and he was flying happily in the air in a dazzling way. He had no idea that he had made a mistake… He didn’t know that his beloved Brother Man had lost his memory and couldn’t recognize him at all…


The next day, Jing Man was stung by the hot and bright sunlight as soon as he opened his eyes, and he glanced at the time on his terminal – 11:46am.

“Why did I sleep until this time…” He recalled for a moment. He tossed and turned last night and couldn’t sleep. Then, at about 2:00 or 3:00, Brother Mu came knocking on the door… He ran to the guest room and slept in the same bed with Brother Mu, and only then did he finally fall asleep.

He got up and washed up, then went back to his bedroom. The kids were already awake and FanFan was wearing a bib with cream on it, so he guessed Brother Mu had already fed the kids.

ZhiZhi was not at home, they still couldn’t be far away from Brother Mu and wasn’t crying, so they should have been taken away.

“Daddy! You’re awake!” Of the remaining three babies, Xiao Jin had the sharpest eyes.

After finding Daddy appeared, he ran over quickly with his little feet happily. With all four paws, he tugged at Jing Man’s pant legs and tried to climb up.

A “tear” sound was just heard– Although the cloth of his pants was very tight and durable, a dragon child with increasingly hard claws scratched out a few rows as if a cat scratched the same marks, and ripped his work pants into a pleated skirt.

Everyday he would hug Daddy’s thighs, tried and true, why did it not work today?

Xiao Jin did not react, fell heavily on his buttocks, metal feathers knocking out a sound, attracting the attention of the other children.

FanFan and Xiao Shui, who were trying to learn how to talk, put down what they were doing and looked over in unison.

He didn’t know if his butt was injured or not, he hurt so much and he wanted to cry. But in front of his younger brothers, he could not cry. The pale golden little dragon child’s mouth curled downwards and blinked his eyes to let the tears dissipate.

Rubbing his bottom, he looked at Daddy’s miserable pants and whispered, “Daddy, are the pants okay?”

“Come on, let Daddy see if you’re hurt.”

Xiao Jin was almost to his thighs just now, and listening to the sound of this fall, it was not light. Jing Man was in no mood to care about his pants. He quickly picked up the dragon child and went to the bed and sat down, pressed his son to his leg and started to examine his tail.

Seeing the wound, Jing Man sucked in a breath of cold air, heartbroken.

Ah, he was bleeding. A few scales had broken off and stuck into his flesh. It hurt to look at.

Even though he was hurt, his son was still only concerned about his daddy’s feelings. Jing Man’s heart was as soft as cotton, warm and yielding.

“Daddy, don’t worry about it!” Xiao Jin felt that after lying on Daddy’s leg, the pain had disappeared, and was very delighted inside. When he saw his brothers’ eyes on his buttocks, he blushed and twisted his body to get off Daddy’s lap.

“Don’t move.” Jing Man looked back, and he understood.

“FanFan, Xiao Shui, you stay here and don’t move around, I’ll take Brother to find the first aid kit.”

He carried Xiao Jin to the guest room and took out the family first aid kit. The broken scales had to be pulled out with tweezers as soon as possible.  He picked up the tweezers and gestured twice, the cold metal light flashed and made a cold, hard, merciless clicking sound.

The thought of poking Xiao Jin in the ass with this thing made Jing Man’s heart ache. He was very steady, but his hands were shaking with the tweezers…

On second thought, Mu CangZhou was the head of the egg breeding base, so he must be better at using tweezers than he was, so he should do it…

“Xiao Jin is in pain, right?” Jing Man touched the back of the dragon child and felt his body was a little stiff.

“No, it’s not very painful.” Xiao Jin shook his head. His eyes fell on Daddy’s torn pants, and he blamed himself.

Jing Man softly asked, “Where did Father and ZhiZhi go, did they say before they left?”

Xiao Jin, “To get my big brother back.”

Big Brother? Aren’t you the oldest? But then it hit him, Big Bear!

Then, it was uncertain when Mu CangZhou would be back, so Jing Man had to try to help his son pull out the scales himself. He checked, a total of five scales broke off, three pieces stuck in the flesh.

This little dragon baby’s nails were so strong, but his scales were so brittle.

Jing Man used a wet towel to clean the wound. After picking up the disinfected tweezers, he was hesitant to do it.

“Daddy,” just when he was at a loss, Xiao Shui’s voice came from the door.

Jing Man, “What’s wrong, Xiao Shui?”

“Hair, can.” Xiao Shui looked back, FanFan did not follow him. He ran over with small steps, his teeny figure tilted his head to look at Daddy and opened his arms for a hug.

Jing Man understood, bent his spine, and grabbed him with one hand.

As soon as Xiao Shui stood still, he used his long, dark blue hair to roll over the tweezers in Jing Man’s hand in a swift manner. With a frown, he moved quickly to pull out all three broken scales.

“Blood, blood.” The learned words were still limited, and Xiao Shui’s desire to express himself was curbed, sulking to himself.

Jing Man reacted and hurriedly took the hemostatic antiseptic spray and sprayed it twice on the affected area, waiting for it to coagulate into a scab.

He was just stunned. He did not expect the medusa’s hair to be so powerful. First of all, the force was so strong that he couldn’t even snatch the tweezers from his hand. Secondly, Xiao Shui’s manipulation of the hair was so precise that he just witnessed everything, and the tweezers didn’t shake at all and didn’t let the wound expand.

“Xiao Shui is amazing.” Jing Man touched Xiao Shui’s head with an envious face, then watched as the hair tenderly wrapped around his hand.

“Thank you, Xiao Shui,” the pale golden dragon also wagged his tail. Xiao Jin was lying on his back and did not see what happened, but after his brother came over, his butt gradually stopped hurting.

Xiao Shui heard these words, was embarrassed, came over and also leaned on Daddy’s lap.

The three formed a picture of their own. Not much time was left as the remaining little white tiger also looked for their traces and ran over, standing in the doorway meowing and growling. The little white tiger did not need assistance. He grabbed the bed sheet and climbed onto the bed, and Jing Man’s lips hooked up into a deep smile. He smoothly fished out the nail clippers from the medical kit, “Here, let Daddy see if your nails need to be trimmed.”


Not much later.

“Woof woof woof!” Big Bear finally came home and barked happily as soon as he entered the house to announce his takeover, then jumped up and down happily.

A single dog created the effect of chaos.

“Big Bear, sit down first.” Big Bear loved ManMan and missed him, especially since he hadn’t seen him for a long time.

Seeing this, Mu CangZhou smiled helplessly and put ZhiZhi on the table so that the dog would not jump up and knock them over. He held down the restless dog and untied the rope.

Sure enough, the next second, the big golden retriever, like a shot arrow, zoomed to the second floor.

In the master’s bedroom, he did not see his master, so went over in the bedroom and sniffed around, barked a few times, and turned around and ran away.

At that moment, Jing Man hid in the attic room on the third floor with the children in his arms.

Jing Man lowered his voice and tiptoed, “Shh – keep quiet and see when Big Bear finds us.”

The dragon child, white tiger, and medusa also followed his example and shushed, trying their best to suppress the excitement in their hearts, quietly squatting in the room.

Only Xiao Jin had seen Big Bear, the rest of the children had only heard of this legendary big brother but never seen him. However, that didn’t stop Daddy from proposing the idea of hide-and-seek, and everyone raised their hands in approval.

It was inconvenient to have such a big place as home. Big Bear searched everywhere he could, but still didn’t see his master. The dog ran around shedding hair everywhere, and the sweeper followed behind with constant warnings. The more he searched, the more he lost confidence, and now the only place left was the locked door.

Big Bear ran in a circle back to Mu CangZhou, who was watching the show, stood up and stomped on him with his paws, pushing him to help find him together.

Mu CangZhou knew Jing Man and the others were still home and turned to ZhiZhi, “ZhiZhi, want to play hide-and-seek with us?”

Hide-and-seek? It was recently talked about in the language packet, and it was so much fun! ZhiZhi nodded their head and said in a delicate voice, “Yes.”

Mu CangZhou picked up ZhiZhi and asked him, “Where do you think Daddy is now?”

The invisible blood tie linking Jing Man was lost by the hand of Tian Yuan, so ZhiZhi could now only feel his father’s location, and they shook their head with a frustrated face.

Mu Cangzhou, “It’s okay, then we’ll follow Big Bear brother to find them together.”

“Woof woof woof!” At this moment, Big Bear waited at the door of a room, urging with his barks.

“One, two, three, found you!” Mu CangZhou held the doorknob and counted together with ZhiZhi.

The result of opening the door was an ordinary guest room…

He looked at Big Bear and wondered, “Do you not know where he is?”

Big Bear didn’t give him a look and ran to the next doorway to sit down, scratching the door with his paws and barking in the middle of his voice.

Mu CangZhou, “Believe you once more. One, two, three, found you!”

Soon, the rooms on the second floor were guessed by Big Bear, and they still hadn’t found anyone. When they reached the stairway, ZhiZhi suddenly spoke up, with a small wooden hand pointing to the ceiling, “Up there.”

Hearing their words, Big Bear, who had been leaping downstairs, turned back in one direction and ran upstairs instead. When he arrived at the third floor, Big Bear was about to rush to open the door, but ZhiZhi shook their head and still pointed upstairs.

Mu CangZhou was convinced and carried them upstairs again.

The two and the dog arrived below the attic and looked at the ladder that had obviously been moved today. They shouted at the door, “Woof woof woof/one, two, three, found you!”

When playing hide-and-seek with Big Bear in the past, Jing Man didn’t even run to such a difficult place. This time, he knew that Brother Mu would help, so he took the children to this place. When they heard the sound, they all panicked and looked at Daddy for help.

Jing Man carried his sons over one by one and said in a wild tone, “Mu CangZhou, I have your sons. You have one minute to open the door and let me out!”

Xiao Jin was puzzled, “Daddy?”

“Hahahaha it’s okay, Daddy loves you.” Jing Man gave each of the three children a kiss on the head and explained embarrassingly, “I can only open the attic door from the outside, so we can’t really get out until he opens it.”

There was a rustle, the door opened and the ladder was lowered.

Jing Man, “Brother Mu, you carry the babies down first.”

“One.” The pale golden baby dragon child was put on Big Bear’s back.

“Two.” A fluffy white tiger cub was placed on his head.

“Three.” The cold medusa was placed on his shoulder.

Mu CangZhou stretched out his hand again to catch his beloved one.


Jing Man, “Brother Mu, get out of the way!”

Mu CangZhou looked up at him, and Jing Man leaped with an unrestrained expression. The corners of the mouth were pulled into a smile and peach blossom eyes were slightly up with pleasure.

From below, Mu CangZhou could see that Jing Man’s clothes revealed his white waist and protruding hip bones, tantalizing his heart. But, this person jumped down and only gave him a look.

The dog was happy as he sat on the ground. Hugging his dog son, Jing Man began to feel deep father and son love…

Jing Man didn’t read Mu CangZhou’s meaning, and gently coaxed Big Bear who hadn’t seen him and was upset for a long time, sulking for half a day. After that, he waved his hand and called all the children and Big Bear back to the bedroom.

He first said to the children, “This is Big Bear, your older brother! Daddy’s big baby! Then, he introduced to the dog, “Xiao Jin, you already know him. The one with flowers is called ZhiZhi, the white tiger is called FanFan, and this icy, long-haired child is called Xiao Shui. Big Bear still has to protect them and love them.”

Big Bear seemed to understand, but the children’s scent was already very fragrant, not to mention the scent of his owner. He loved his children to death.

These babies just hatched less than a month ago and in his eyes, they were as cute as small toys. As a tall, strong, fit and big golden retriever, a paw could knock over three and a half of them.

But the big golden retriever had a good upbringing, was a good friend of man, and was a good partner of the master.

Big Bear would absolutely not touch the babies with claws or teeth, and would protect the babies, just like protecting his master! The babies were also excited to have such a spirited creature suddenly appearing around them.

Xiao Jin got a hint from his siblings and coyly moved his slightly uncomfortable butt over to scratch Daddy’s freshly changed pants.

Xiao Jin, “Daddy, we want to play with Big Bear.”

Jing Man was not sure, “Then let’s play, aren’t you guys playing right now?”

“Not like this.” Xiao Jin tilted his head, his golden brown eyes ManMan was expecting, “Can we play hide-and-seek?”

After a moment of contemplation, Jing Man nodded and said, “Let’s set a range, just play on the first floor, don’t go out. By the way, you are only allowed to hide on the ground, no climbing up and down, in case you fall.”

Xiao Jin just wanted to agree, but then he thought that there would not be much room to hide, and his face was a bit embarrassed.

Jing Man read the hesitation in his son’s eyes and touched him on the head, “You are still too young, if you get hurt like you did today, Daddy and Father will be very distressed and sad.”

Xiao Jin looked back at his siblings, all of whom were nodding their heads vigorously.

Jing Man smiled and went over to them and said, “Choose one of you to team up with Big Bear as a ghost, who will only look for people, not hide and seek.”

“Okay!” Several childish voices rang out happily.

His children played happily with Big Bear while Jing Man sat on the stairs watching them. Every now and then he went into cardiac arrest.

“Xiao Jin, your brother is really not in the sewer, please don’t break up the house…”

“Hey, FanFan don’t get into the garbage can! The eggplant skin inside is not edible! Right, it’s not good, hurry up and spit it out.”

“Xiao Shui, climbing curtains with hair is also climbing high and low. Get down from the curtains, or you don’t play, go upstairs and learn to talk.”

“Big Bear, your pollen allergy gets worse when you get close to ZhiZhi. Don’t get close to their flower branches. Be patient, Brother Mu said these peach blossoms will be gone in two days.”

“Oh, ZhiZhi picked all the flowers for you, that’s okay. ZhiZhi come here, give the flowers to Daddy, I’ll save them for you.”

His children, although their thought process was amazing, they were not the type of wild children who did not listen.

Jing Man said what not to do and they would just stop.

After a while, Jing Man didn’t have to worry about what they could and couldn’t do.

Mu CangZhou finished his business and walked up to him, sat down on the higher step and unintentionally pressed his calf against Jing Man.

Jing Man felt burned by the warmth, but his current position was the most comfortable for him to adjust many times, so he did not move away. A low, clear male voice rang out behind his ear, bringing up a wet, hot temperature, Mu CangZhou, “ManMan, give me your hand.”

Jing Man, “Hmm?”

The first thought that rose in his heart – why do you want my hand for no reason?

The second thought – the theoretical ring mentioned last night? You bought the ring? So soon!

His heart puffed and his eyes still fell on the children. He did not turn his head to look at him, just deliberately extended his right hand.

If Mu CangZhou wanted him to change hands, it proved that he wanted to put a ring on his left hand.  However, Mu CangZhou squeezed his right hand and kissed him on the palm of his hand.

This was not the same as the promised script!

Jing Man was puzzled and looked back at him. As soon as he turned his head, he saw a magnified handsome face, and he was retained by a light kiss.

When the kiss was over, Mu CangZhou let him go and said seriously, “ManMan, I will always be with you.”

Jing Man blushed and drew back his hand, but felt an itch in his palm. He looked down and a line of numbers appeared in his hand, like a terminal number.

Jing Man was confused, “Brother Mu, what is this?”

Mu CangZhou, “Robot Tian Yuan’s terminal number, in a few days I have to go back to start the quarterly meeting of each district egg breeding base. By then, it will be busy, I may not receive your message.”

Jing Man tilted his head, peach blossom eyes with hazy moisture, the expression on his face hit a question mark, “?”

Mu CangZhou was caught off guard by the cuteness and came over to give him a peck on the tip of his nose, explaining his intentions, “He is a robot, all messages will be returned in seconds. Tian Yuan also has access to the entire base’s cameras as well as my personal terminal, so if you want me, go directly to him.”

Oh… The man was handing over his leverage. It was clumsy, but really thoughtful.

Jing Man gave a derisive chuckle, “Any time I can get him to broadcast live? You don’t need privacy?”

Mu CangZhou raised an eyebrow and touched his ear. “No need, all of me, can be shown to you.”

Jing Man’s cheeks instantly reddened. He just took two steps on the side of the traffic lane, and this man’s wheels ran over him, and he was resigned to his fate…

Two days later, Suther finally arrived at Tianhu District.

With the help of the system’s positioning, he found an unoccupied place and landed safely, transforming into human form and shaking off his tired arms. The back of his head, which was originally combed in adult form, had fallen apart, his body smelled of sweat, and his clothes were a bit wrinkled.

He gave himself self-surveillance, shaking his head vehemently, “No, I can’t go see Brother Man and Brother Zhou like this. System, help me exchange some of this world’s currency to open a room, I need to take a shower.”

After a while, the system replied: [I have helped you check into the Five Seasons Hotel].


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