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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Seeing him like this, Mu CangZhou laughed, “Of course you can cancel the contract. You have the qualifications to buy the child supplies, so you do not need to use this mall.”

“Right! Then, let’s cancel the contract!”

Why give your good kids to an audience that doesn’t know how to appreciate them?

Jing Man immediately opened the terminal and began to study how to cancel the contract. However, a big hand reached over and turned off his terminal. It rubbed his head very smoothly, and kneaded the upturned black hair into becoming even more out-of-place, raising it up like a small hedgehog.

A low laugh echoed in his ear, “It’s time to eat dinner.”

Hearing the word ‘dinner,’ the little white tiger immediately became more energetic than anyone else, and his eyes became round. He dropped the puzzle and pounced on all fours towards the door, “Eat, eat, eat! Go, go, go!” 

Because he ran too fast and his body was too light, his feet slipped when he turned the corner and threw out a perfect drifting arc.

“Woof woof.” Big Bear moved his body without a moment’s hesitation, letting the children leave him.

After that, his head crouched on the ground, allowing ZhiZhi, Xiao Jin and Xiao Shui to crawl on top of him and carry them up with a flick of his tail.

He had high shoulders and long legs, and his size was as big as a hundred palm-sized little white tigers. Within a few steps, he overtook FanFan, who was the first to leave.

Xiao Jin looked at the little white tiger that was left behind and ran harder with a grumpy face, “Hahaha, FanFan is not as fast as we are.”

Xiao Shui, holding ZhiZhi in one hand and Xiao Jin in the other, wrapped his hair tightly around Big Bear’s neck to prevent them from falling down. Without looking up, he said, “He’s trying hard enough…”

After the meal, Jing Man went through the app, found the cancel button, and clicked on it with a sneer.

However – [Failed to cancel, your live stream hours for this month have not been met, please stream enough time and try again].

Ugh, that’s annoying.

He wanted to cancel the contract because the live stream made him very unhappy, and as a result, it wanted him to try hard to stream.

Jing Man didn’t believe it and called customer service, “Hello, I’d like to ask about manual termination.”

The result was that the other side rambled a reply, “Because you have a record of purchasing June Snow Live platform goods this month, you must complete the live stream task for the month. If you want to forcefully cancel the contract, in addition to paying three times the breach of contract fee for the gift bounty during the live stream period, you will also have to deduct 10 points of citizenship credit. We suggest you think about it.”

Hanging up the phone, Jing Man bristled, and his goodwill towards this platform dropped a lot.

When he bought something with his popularity value before, there was no hint at all, and at that time he didn’t consider canceling the contract. When crunch time came, he realized that this platform actually had dark rules. It seemed that in the future, he must be careful and read through the contract again and again before signing.

It was okay to pay the fee, but he couldn’t just let them deduct his citizen’s credit value!

In Sky Blue Star, everyone’s initial credit value was 100, which decreased when they committed a violation. Many stores and establishments were closed to people with a credit score of 95 or less. Those with a credit score of less than 60 were only allowed to move within a three-block radius of their homes.

Any violation of the law, whether black or white, would be permanently deducted from 10-100 points and would never be added back. Any moral infractions like daily violations and fare evasion on the bus would also deduct 1-10 points when caught, with a little restored within a year.

As far as he knew, many good stores with high ratings in the QingYuan District were forbidden to people with credit scores below 95. Plus, after graduating and going into employment, employers would certainly check his record, and he did not want a blemished history.

Seeing the displeasure on Jing Man’s face, Mu CangZhou came over and took a look. He pursed his lips and said, “Although the platform is reasonable, it’s still a bit greedy. Both the money and the credit value are deducted. How about you play something random to get enough time and leave it at that?”

Jing Man lowered his eyes, the tone of voice was low, “Well, there’s no doubt that before the popularity increased, livestreaming was very fun…”

Seeing the four children play with each other, Jing Man’s heart moved slightly. He still wanted to share the children’s growth with everyone. He turned his head and asked, “Brother Mu, why don’t I build my own live stream platform? It’s forbidden to post pop-ups that have nothing to do with live stream content, and I don’t expect people to send gifts, so I’ll stream from time to time and share the babies.”

“As long as you want to.” Mu CangZhou smiled, thinking that the twenty-year-old Jing Man was very interesting, the ideas were one after another for a while, the sky was the limit. However, he believed that if Jing Man really wanted to do it, he would do it well.

Jing Man knew in his heart that he must first stream enough time to get out of his contract with the June Snow Live platform.

In the afternoon, the children were playing in the pool in the backyard. Jing Man’s eyes fell on the property next door. He still had a craving for the vast backyard of the old house bought by Mu CangZhou.

This pool was very small and could barely fit grown adults, not to mention all of the children and the two fathers. It was only suitable for the currently small children to play in.

When the children grew up, he must convince Brother Mu to dig up the backyard to build a large pool. The dappled shadows of the trees were shining on the pool, covering up the too-hot sun. Xiao Jin and FanFan were sprawled out on the inflatable boat, occasionally sticking their tails or paws into the water for a couple of minutes to stir up the crystal water. ZhiZhi and Xiao Shui, the two children who were not afraid of water, were freely swimming up and down in the water, throwing and catching water balls.

As a member of an aquatic race, the little medusa was naturally very pro-water and staying in the water was much more comfortable than staying on land. However, Xiao Shui usually wanted to stay with his siblings. Apart from hydrating his hair and taking a normal bath, he hardly had much time to spend with water.

To be able to soak in the water for a long period of time, the little child was particularly happy, with long navy blue hair spread out, like the beautiful algae under the deep sea.

Jing Man squinted and looked over, ZhiZhi was gurgling water.

He hurriedly spoke to stop, “ZhiZhi, if you are thirsty, go back to drink plant nutrient solution, don’t steal the pool water.”

Okay then. The little treant rose from the bottom of the water with their small head sticking out, spitting out a few bubbles, and began to swim to the shore.

“I didn’t drink the bath water…” ZhiZhi muttered, but their voice was as thin as a mosquito, and they couldn’t even convince themself. Seeing Jing Man looking at them with a smile, they blushed, “Then I’ll go back to my father for water!”

Big Bear did not like water, so he laid down under a tree to hide, with eyes on his master’s babies, ready to go and save them. Jing Man went over with a cold drink, sat down close to Big Bear and crossed his feet to watch the children play in the water.

After watching for a while, he thought the image was nice. He fixed the view and turned on the camera. He pressed the livestream button after the frame was adjusted just enough to accommodate the entire pool without exposing his home environment.

One by one, many people came in between live streams.

[Wow, is there another child to watch?! Pool play? Click to watch!]

[How come there are only three children? Where did the little treant go?]

[Yo, why is it on again? Did the anchor finish his business? I’m actually quite curious to see how you will justify this life?]

[Upstairs, why are you speaking like this? This live stream is about raising babies, thanks. If your mouth is itching to spread gossip, please go to the star blog.]

[I will not be silent, I’ll beep. In addition to beeping, I have to send gifts. #small snowflake X1#]

After scanning the pop-ups twice, Jing Man gave a giggle. Some of the pop-ups were still annoying now, but the most annoying people hadn’t come yet. Still, he didn’t really want to talk, so he raised his hand and changed the announcement directly to – [Live stream time countdown 25:31. Will finish this month’s guarantee and then cancel the contract, thanks.]


“Boss, two crispy fried noodles. 1Put more sauce and take to go, thanks.”

On the Tianhu District snack street, Suther was holding a charcoal grilled squid skewer in his left hand, stinky tofu in his right, and an essential bag of Shui Family Dumplings on his wrist. Although he hadn’t seen Brother Man, he felt that the trip had been worthwhile just because of the great tasting and cute street food on Sky Blue Star.

In the past two days, he ate all the snacks offered on the street because of his good appetite and good teeth. He knew more about which food was good than the locals.

While Suther waited to hear from Jing Man, he bought himself some clothes to fit in perfectly.

After taking off his student uniform, his overall appearance was much more casual and relaxed, and his deliberate old-fashionedness was dispersed.

After he got the crispy fried noodles, Suther sniffed the crisp, spicy and sour taste, but he still felt unsatisfied. These things simply could not meet the appetite of the embroidered thread dragon. So he turned a corner, he was ready to buy some cold watermelon juice. He knew who had the best watermelon juice in the neighborhood!

At that moment, the system’s voice suddenly sounded: [Suther, I’ve found Jing Man!]

Suther said with surprise, “Really?”

The snail noodle vendor thought he was talking to himself and replied, “Authentic Liu family snail noodles, visible snail meat, of course it’s real.”

Suther was embarrassed for a little while. Sniffing the stinky sour asparagus smell in the air, his nose slightly itchy and sneezed. But after glancing at the bright red, spicy oil of the snail noodles in someone else’s bowl, he gave in to the craving in his stomach, gulped and said, “Then have one, to go, please.”

He now knew that not many people on Sky Blue Star had a system, and it would look strange for him to talk to himself. So, trying to hold down the excitement in his heart, he didn’t say too much to the system and just whispered, “Keep watching, don’t lose the trail again!”

After getting the finished snail noodles, he quickly rushed to the hotel. Back at his place, the system played an audio clip.

[Do you hear this voice as Jing Man?]

Suther nodded heavily, “Brother Man, definitely Brother Man! The first sentence is very gentle, his usual voice, and the second sentence’s tone is his unhappy voice! So, where am I going to find them?”

[I’ve sent him a message in your name, and so far I can only find out the live stream location is in Garden Road, QingYuan District].

“QingYuan District? That’s too far, I’d have to fly for half a month!” Suther’s head was confused, if he remembered correctly… He was now in Tianhu District, two districts away from there!

[Leap travel technology can reach there in two days, do you want to book your ticket?]

Two days! It’s time to get a head start!

Suther gritted his teeth, “Book it!”


ZhiZhi dragged the flowering branch slowly back into the house, having wanted to go upstairs for water themself. But, they felt that their father was a little closer to them and could hold them.

So, they turned a corner. When they almost reached their father, they heard him talking to someone, and instead of his usual gentle voice, there was more than a little anger and distance.

They had never seen this kind of emotion in Mu CangZhou.

ZhiZhi’s small face showed a trace of fear, quietly hiding behind the legs of the stool, not daring to go over.

Mu CangZhou’s face was heavy. He said to the end of the terminal, “Ms. Yan, what you said is not right. We don’t know each other, we don’t have any friendship, I am helping you to corroborate for the sake of Jing Man.”

“Don’t say that, he will not like to hear that.”

“This project you are talking about is illegal and against human decency, I advise you to give it up as soon as possible.”

“If you don’t, I will simply withdraw my previous statement.”

“I believe he will be on my side.”

“Mn, I hope that next time we talk, none of us will stand in court. Bye.”

Hanging up the terminal, Mu CangZhou’s heart rippled, and he could probably guess now why Jing Man never mentioned his parents before.

This woman… Profit-seeking, cold-blooded, brave, and crazy. Did she ever wonder why scientists had to restrict gene expression when they were researching egg breeding technology? And what about the fact that now the fae parents want their children to have the characteristics of two people, which was the general trend.

The liger was unable to reproduce, and had an unstable temperament. Mules born from the combination of donkeys and horses, also had sterility defects. Nature was a wonderful thing, and it presented itself as the best.

Humans should not presume to shake nature by the power of a mayfly, or else… It will be reversed and swallowed up.

Thinking of this, Mu CangZhou lowered his eyes and immediately sent a message to Tian Yuan, asking him to pay more attention to the news of the folk’s black market egg breeding base recently. Feeling a gentle tug on his pant leg, he looked down.

ZhiZhi came back at some point. They stood at his feet with a timid face, biting their lower lip and asking him, “Father, who made you angry?”

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