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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han’s face only belatedly burned a little after he finished speaking.

The day and night of V Proton wasn’t the same as in the core area, so even though it was already late at night where He YunTing was, Lin Han had only just gotten off work.

Grr watched TV without listening to anything outside the window, Lin Han tried to suppress the panic that was about to spill out of his heart, and confirmed that the doors and windows of his room were closed tightly. He originally lived near the Imperial Military University, which was always quiet at night, and for professional reasons, his corner had a unique quiet atmosphere.

The video function of the communicator was very well done, as long as both parties agreed to connect a virtual electronic light screen would pop up, and could clearly and without delay show the opposite scene, and hear each other’s voices.

It wasn’t the first time they opened a video message, the last time He YunTing wanted to use a strange reason to invite Lin Han to the base to participate in practical training, and accidentally used Lu AnHe’s communicator to connect. The two looked at each other speechless for a moment, He YunTing bluntly said “Mr. Lin is very beautiful. “

After He YunTing hesitated for a long time before clicking on the agree option, when he saw the face he hadn’t seen for several days again, he felt that it wasn’t without reason that he would say it out of the blue at that time.

The youth was really beautiful, especially now that he was obviously nervous and shy, but he had the courage to do something he had never done before.

His pupils were clear, almost through the point of the world’s juvenile gas but a closer look at his cheeks, they were a little red. His lips were also, because of apprehension, were bitten, showing little tooth marks, like moisture and color after a long kiss.

He seemed to have just taken a shower, his hair was partly dried, since the ends were still slightly wet. In the warm light, he was wrapped in pureness, and from so far away, He YunTing felt like he could smell his clean and soft scent.

Even though he couldn’t touch the other, the youth reached out his hand across the screen and waved at him like he was nudging his nose on the day he left, saying, “He YunTing.”

Lin Han saw the other’s environment clearly, it was the mecha pod of M2742 that the two had stayed in numerous times before when they were trapped in the border area.

He YunTing’s expression still seemed to be in pain, still trying to hold on to keep his expression from changing significantly. One hand was propped up on the sophisticated and complex operating table, his five fingers were flexed, each knuckle clearly distinguishable, even the pale blue veins were visible under the thin skin of the back of his hand.

Knowing that he was in the mecha cabin, Lin Han’s tension was slightly relieved. That mecha was the most familiar to him, and M2742 sound insulation and protection were excellent.

But even if it was difficult for He YunTing, his eyes were still chasing him, not willing to let go for a moment.

He just didn’t speak.

“When are you guys leaving again?” Lin Han asked.

“Soon.” He YunTing’s tone was still steady, even without meeting, he wouldn’t lie to Lin Han, “Overnight.”

Lin Han moved his lips and fell silent again.

He still didn’t know how He YunTing survived the previous susceptible periods, just sitting alone with the hatch closed? Even Lin Han’s own desires were hard to face. He didn’t know many things that were worse than death, smelling his pheromone flow, but he didn’t care, only silently tried to endure the torment.

He saw He YunTing in a military uniform sharp and flat, only the sweat seeping out from under the brim of the hat and slightly messy forehead hair, telling Lin Han that at this moment he was actually not calm.

“Look at me.” Lin Han said the same thing as before, “If you have any difficult feelings, tell me.” He saw He YunTing’s hesitation and patience between his eyes, and softened his tone a few points, more gently than when he was talking to Grr, “Only I can hear, only I can see.”

He YunTing, of course, turned off the mecha’s routine recording and video functions, leaving only the most basic energy for lighting, excluding the faintly flashing indicator table. The entire cockpit was filled only with Lin Han’s image, and his voice.

He saw the Omega’s lips open and close when he opened his mouth, and every word carried a sweetness that could almost be embodied by himself, and the vigorous and intense desire to invade. For a few seconds, He YunTing used almost all his efforts at the moment to convert this horrible thought into a not-so-gentle gasp.

“He YunTing, I would never deny you.” But Lin Han didn’t give him the chance to continue holding back, or rather, he was baiting him from the beginning.

“…Hot.” A moment later, He YunTing finally said the first word beyond his endurance.

This one word seemed to open up a certain unspeakable layer of separation between the two, and even though he was prepared, Lin Han took a deep breath before speaking very slowly, “Then do you… Do you want to do something to me?”

The Omega was wearing comfortable pajamas, a stark contrast to the well-dressed officer in front of him. One soft, one sharp, one sweet and pure, one cold and hard but gentle. The last time he helped He YunTing, Lin Han didn’t have much skill, but now that he was so far away, he understood that sound and picture were the most important things at the moment.

Lin Han had, after all, spent time in the civilian areas, and some Omegas would use themselves as tradable commodities to make ends meet, and some means more than that. But he was willing to turn on the video for He YunTing was already considered to have the courage, and couldn’t do anything else for a while.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and it seemed that there was no part of his body that wasn’t perfect, even the knot of his throat was so delicate that it was tempting to bite it, suck it with his lips. He wanted to suck on it and swallow all the wonderful sounds that might come out of Lin Han’s lips.

Lin Han continued speaking to He YunTing, “Do you want to come close to me, hold me, and kiss me? You know I want you too.”

Lin Han actually had a wonderful feeling in between the tension.

The man who had never been above the world, who had never seen anything, had taken advantage of the other man’s susceptibility to reach out and pull him down from the altar, tearing off his heavy packaging, letting him fall into lust with his own hands in his own voice. He wanted to get his hands on him. His original abstinent soul was engraved with a brand that belonged exclusively to him.

“Your earlobes must be very cold.” Lin Han said, “Imagine I’m kissing it.”

He didn’t press He YunTing to speak again, but instead took all the initiative into his own hands. Lin Han opened his eyes and pursed his lips as he watched the other man’s calmness gradually crumble, and the desire float up little by little. His voice was a little damp, with the moisture of a fresh shower, and his own innate sweetness.

“Your pheromone smells good, I like it.” Lin Han slightly zoomed in on the electronic light screen of the video message, moving his own body away a little to let He YunTing see the background of his room. “I have helped you here, do you remember?”

The more Lin Han said, the more he also remembered what had happened here before, when they had just returned from the zoo, when they had kissed in broad daylight, their lips mingling. He YunTing was in his not quite fitting, baggy clothes, reaching out to feel him, and then melting in his not quite steady breathing.

“I remember.” He YunTing gritted his teeth, the lack of special restraint after the reaction made the fit of the uniform start to become a little unbearable. He remembered the other man’s long, soft fingers, the fine white, thin skin, and the raw, but fully loving movements.

He said that sex and love couldn’t be completely separated. He said he was the presence of his desire.

“Lin Han…”

He wanted to hug him hard and kiss him again without thinking about it. From the beginning to the end, he couldn’t take his eyes off the Omega’s face in the video. It was all his desire and longing, a carefully guarded treasure. And now, the treasure was trying to soothe him in turn, to make him see himself — fearless even when those horrible things would eat him.

Lin Han’s heart beat faster than ever at the sight of those blue eyes, and he smiled at first, moving a little closer to facilitate a better look at He YunTing’s face. He was bold enough to come up to the point where He YunTing could see all his expressions and blew very lightly.

“You’re sweating, can I lick it off for you? I’m also close to you now, can you smell the pheromone on me?” Each of his words was like a gentle feather, carefully soothing each other’s dryness. Even though light years apart, He YunTing seemed to really fit into his words, and then get peace in each other’s sweet tenderness.

“The belt is a bit in the way.” In fact, Lin Han himself didn’t feel comfortable, after saying these words he couldn’t normally say, his body also began to unconsciously heat up, and he even had the illusion that his heat had advanced. The skin through the collar was flushed with a tantalizing pink, and Lin Han put his hand down and continued to talk to He YunTing, “Hold it down, untie it, and throw it aside.”

“Don’t look at me…” Even now He YunTing still had his sanity left, his voice was split in two, painful and hard.

“Okay.” Lin Han responded dryly, closing his eyes in front of He YunTing, “I won’t look.”

His voice gurgled, but it sounded more maddening than ever, “The one holding you is me.”

“Mr. Lin…”

“Oooh…” The torture was clearly a two-way street, and Lin Han’s words were inevitably laced with a hint of lust. The panting of the two of them were stacked together in this moment, just like those countless ‘I love you’s of He YunTing at that time, “He YunTing, I love you too. I kiss you now on your cheek, I know your eyelashes and eyes, and your lips taste good on them. You should reach over and hug me, right behind me on the bed, you know full well you can do anything you want to me, He YunTing… All that you can do on your own, but now you can try to do it a little faster…”


When the situation was later closed, Lin Han couldn’t quite remember, he was clearly having a hard time himself, his pajamas were falling east and west, and instead of sitting at his table, he was lying on his bed breathing heavily.

And at the top of the final cloud, He YunTing suddenly turned off the video, the moment the virtual screen cut off, Lin Han’s eyes were white, the same raging tide overwhelmed him. No one talked about winning or losing, his desire seemed to drown the two, but love broke away and their desire reunited them.

The desire or possession was just a product of love, no need to talk about shame.

After a long time, he finally heard He YunTing’s voice after the tide faded, although still hoarse, but more deep feelings than before. The video wasn’t opened, he could only hear He YunTing through the electromagnetic waves, “Lin Han, you’re so beautiful.”

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