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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The two of them didn’t speak for several minutes.

Lin Han could hear the shouting of late students not far away, throwing out their own opinions. He could hear the TV from the living room, playing Grr’s favorite episode, where the Alpha Slag was tearfully watching his former lover find a new love. He could occasionally hear the rustling on the other side’s communicator.

There was no voice.

He YunTing was doing well in restraint, breathing very lightly. It didn’t take long for him to completely calm down, and even cleaned up a bit by himself when Lin Han didn’t make a sound. While the dirt could be wiped away, the smell in the cockpit couldn’t.

Lin Han opened his mouth, but couldn’t make a sound right away. When he heard the rattling of the metal buckle, Lin Han felt a slow blush.

What had he done…?

Lin Han’s face was already a little red from the fever, and he moved his leg awkwardly, even touching a little wet spot.


Omegas weren’t the same as Alphas and their bodies were made to be suitable for picking, although it was said that the estrus and susceptible period were similar in nature, requiring marking, caressing and mingling between Alphas and Omegas, but there were still differences in the implementation of the specific.

In the case of pheromone isolation, in general terms, one yearned to be possessed, and the other wanted to take over. So Lin Han wasn’t like He YunTing who could get significant relief after a simple front-end release, even though he had a release before the other, but because of this release, there was still some unspoken feeling of emptiness.

For the first time, he blushed at his Omega physique.

The day would come when he would be like this, as long as he was Omega, the essence was no different. The warmth somewhere in his body hadn’t stopped, his hands were sticky, but he was lying on the bed as if he had given himself up.

Now He YunTing must be leaning on the driver’s seat, the expression on his face was probably long back to normal. He didn’t know if his uniform jacket was off or over his body, he was no longer so meticulous; between his original clean appearance, there would be some lust. 

Where his hands were placed, his eyes at that certain moment weren’t so cold.

It wasn’t at that moment, his mind and body were only himself.

Just now, he was so focused on nervously inducing, until now, when he slowly came back to his senses, Lin Han felt that his throat was dry.

What was more important… 

The entire mecha must now be filled with the fragrance of ebony mixed with a light fishy smell, so thick that it would drown a person in it, with that person’s unique scent.

Lin Han had just unconsciously licked his lips, when he heard He YunTing’s voice finally, “Mr. Lin.”

Lin Han’s movements suddenly froze, and was glad that the video message had been turned off at this moment, and paused for a moment before saying, “I’m here.”

Thinking of He YunTing’s ‘beautiful’ just now, and then thinking of the other party’s gasp through the light screen, Lin Han felt that he had been happy too early. He could only comfort himself by saying that it was good that he wasn’t really in heat. Lin Han finally asked him, “So, are you… Are you feeling better?”

Even though this did ease Alpha’s discomfort to a great extent, Lin Han knew that the susceptibility period wouldn’t pass so easily. But for He YunTing, it was enough.

“I am.” He YunTing replied. He really didn’t seem to have much fun or desire in his old life, and he could feel far more satisfied than they did as long as he got less than a tenth of the ordinary sweetness.

Lin Han thought while he couldn’t help but feel heartbroken. Then, it must be too bitter for him to meet and kiss with him alone, perhaps it really was inevitable. And two seconds later, He YunTing, who had taken the initiative to turn off the video message himself, actually resent the invitation.

Lin Han stiffened for a moment, looked down at his still unclean body and sticky hands, and asked. “Why did you…”

I thought you turned it off.

It was clear that he had told him that he could turn on the video message at any time, but Lin Han was still in a blush from the flashback and just wanted to take a shower and bury himself under the covers. He was about to say no when he heard He YunTing add, “I want to see you”.

He YunTing wasn’t the only one who couldn’t refuse him, he also mistakenly gave his consent after he had opened his mouth so bluntly.

As soon as the light screen popped back up, Lin Han saw the person on the other side.

The cockpit light wasn’t very bright, Lin Han could only see the epaulets on his uniform jacket and his meticulous, focused expression. In contrast to himself at this moment, Lin Han’s eyes flashed and his head was buried a little lower.

“Are you shy?” As expected of He YunTing, he can always point it out bluntly without reading the situation.

One Lin Han saw him, his ears turned red, but couldn’t help not to look at him, only barely lifting his eyes, before wrinkling his nose and asking, “What are you doing?” Just after he finished, he thought about He YunTing’s straightforward brain circuit and added with a sigh, “It’s the first time for me… So, let me take it easy.”

“Mn,” General took it in stride and even dutifully apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Lin Han blinked and looked at the man in front of him.

What should I say about him?

“Forget it.” Lin Han felt that his shyness had come and gone quickly, and seeing that He YunTing had no intention of making fun of him, he simply drew a tissue and wiped his hands clean, then slowly put his pajamas and pajama pants back on in front of him and sat down with his legs crossed, “I’m not angry.”

“Can you tell me a little about V Proton?”

Taking into account He YunTing’s susceptible period and let him rest more. They really hadn’t been able to understand the situation in depth, so Lin Han didn’t ask more questions, just spoke two sentences, and looked at He YunTing. He couldn’t help but curve his eyes as he smiled, and then called his name.

Just called him by his name, nothing else. After all, he couldn’t ask, ‘When are you coming back?’, nor could he harp on him to be safe, let alone interfere with his decisions and disrupt his plans.

But still, he missed him.

He said and felt that his posture of sitting on the bed with his legs in his arms was too formal, so he lazily nestled back under the covers and talked to He YunTing with his head on his pillow.

After chatting in this position for a couple of minutes, Lin Han rubbed his eyes and yawned.

He was just about to say goodbye to He YunTing, when he heard the other said “Sleep early” first, but didn’t hang up the call. Knowing he wasn’t good with words, Lin Han smiled at He YunTing, didn’t say anything more and nodded his head.

As he was about to hang up, He YunTing suddenly spoke lightly again, “Mr. Lin.” 

The tone of his voice wasn’t quite the same as before, it was without its usual coldness, or the hoarseness that came after his desire had retreated just now. Instead, it was a tone that could almost be described as light and gentle, “Reach out and touch your earlobe.”

Lin Han didn’t expect that after being straightforward once first in such a short period of time, this man would actually start learning again. He blushed and did as he was told, his earlobe was a little hot, while his own fingertips carried a little coolness.

Like the temperature of the other person’s lips.

“—That’s me kissing you. Good night.”


After a short time of recuperation, the mecha formation resumed its journey, heading straight for the central region of V Proton. After crossing the rainforest, when they came into contact with the city again, there was finally something different from the way they came. The ghastly, dead images were gone, and although there weren’t many people on the streets, at least there were stores open, and the policemen in charge of peacekeeping were patrolling dutifully.

The entire city looked tense, but barely lively.

People moved normally, not stiffly, and without the vertical pupils they had encountered when they arrived. Some children who had never seen a large mecha before were so excited that they kept waving at them, and some emotional people even shed tears at the sight of the mecha. They had been trapped for too long, and they needed a new lease on life.

The central city of V Proton wasn’t large, and was considered to be the most economically developed area, but of course, if this development was placed in the Empire. It wasn’t even comparable to the L Zone.

Since V Proton was almost entirely made up of Betas, and there was no large-scale army or mecha, and V Proton’s current mechas for self-defense and protection were almost all models that were on the verge of being eliminated from the most basic formations in the Empire, with extremely poor combat capabilities.

They didn’t stop, driving all the way to the V Proton Star Central City government.

Xu Zhiheng couldn’t stay hidden after all, and Lu AnHe finally made up a reason for him to get involved, which barely counted as joining the formation.

Even when they arrived at the center of the city, it seemed that the government’s communication was disturbed, and He YunTing was still unable to contact the Protonian leaders directly, so no one came to greet them until they arrived nearby. The government building was quite grand, but unlike the Empire, it didn’t have a special mooring for the mecha, so they had to choose the nearest place to land and make sure the surroundings were safe before arranging for the sergeants to leave the mecha.

As soon as they landed, many of them were still observing the environment in front of them, but Xu Zhiheng, who got off from Lu AnHe’s mecha, didn’t hesitate and walked towards He YunTing. His hair seemed to be whiter than when He YunTing first met him, perhaps because of the recent events that happened one after another that made him unable to stay away from it; the research results that he had discovered, which were easily sealed and then stolen, and before he could figure out the truth behind it, there was the current incident. What was even more unacceptable to him was that the initiator of the idea was once his own student.

“General!” he said with pathos and discontent in his voice, as if he still couldn’t accept the action that could almost be called a massacre when he arrived, “Why did you—”

“I understand your anger.” He YunTing had known this would happen. He said very calmly, and a side step to avoid Xu Zhiheng’s subconscious attempt to grab his hand, back a step, without any emotion, “So, please also understand my difficulties, until there’s no definite evidence that they will not hurt people, that is the best choice.”

Xu Zhiheng fixed in place, chest heaving, as if trying to calm his emotions. His scientific research might have once been beneficial to humanity, but what was before him now was already such a bloody and cruel reality.

“…Fine.” Xu Zhiheng’s voice was a little dry, “No matter what, it’s something that was once related to me. The reason why I’m here is also because of this.” He said each word with difficulty, “I didn’t think that one day, because of my research, I would let these innocent… people lose their lives.”

Until now, he still called those creatures ‘people.’

“I couldn’t watch them die out in waves, they clearly—” Xu Zhiheng didn’t say anything further for a while. He couldn’t help but fall into self-doubt and began to feel that all his research was wrong. “Then, if there are more of those appearing, please let me at least try to engage…” His eyes reddened and he whispered, “Maybe I can save them, they don’t have to… Please.”

He YunTing stood where he was and looked down at him, his eyes still cold, as if those words had not touched his heart at all, “I hope you know that keeping you safe is much more important than studying these creatures that aren’t known to be human or Zergs. But if there is that possibility you speak of…” He YunTing turned around, “Then let’s improvise.”

Xu Zhiheng finally stopped arguing.

While walking in front of the government head building, He YunTing suddenly thought of something.

Lu AnHe had been in frequent contact with Xu Zhiheng for a while, so He YunTing paused and suddenly asked, turning his head sideways, “Is there any other relevant information about the report of Xi Yuan?” Lu AnHe listened and immediately answered truthfully, “I’m not sure if there’s any relation, but on your birthday three years ago, he once attended a lecture with Professor Xu…”


“How could there be a birthday…” It was just a day that couldn’t be more ordinary.

He YunTing found it strange that Lu AnHe would only talk to him about the month and day of a certain year, and wouldn’t mention any special date at all, which wasn’t easy to remember. And Lu AnHe seemed to freeze for a moment, before immediately re-stating a date.

Indeed it was his birthday, He YunTing also quickly recalled that day was the day of practical training that year, he had a good memory and could even recall the contents of the practical training on that day. It was indeed… A very mundane day.

He YunTing still frowned.

He suddenly remembered what Lin Han had asked him earlier as if in jest.

‘Do you, like, only remember what you want to remember?’


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May 25, 2022 7:01 am

I like how they kissed then immediately went to a and job and now phone sex in the span of like 4 chapters. Phone sex before home base, some would even argue before third. lmao. These chapters have been sweet though.

May 26, 2022 3:58 am

Love these 2 getting messy.
What important snippet has been dragged out He YunTing’s memory.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 27, 2022 11:21 pm

Honestly, I didn’t expect this novel to be as emotionally impactful as it is. At first I only started reading it because I had nothing else to read at the time, but this has turned out to be highly emotionally charged in a gentle way.
Because of recent events though, I can’t take anymore emotional upheavals, even in my fiction. The massacre scene just broke me and I can’t continue reading.
You’re doing a fantastic job and this is a great novel. I’ll be back when I’m in a better head space.

January 5, 2023 11:15 am

Yun Ting is starting to loosen up a bit ” that’s me kissing you goodnight”❣️🥰 I melted

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