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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


This statement undoubtedly made the students who were discussing this matter explode.

The original worldly students were the most easily compelled objects, lacking a calm analysis of events, only thinking that they knew a certain point that others didn’t, and that they were right, able to grasp the truth from a few pieces.

He looked at his classmates with a self-righteous look.

The student who was dreaming of a relationship with General was the first to jump out, calling the teenager by his name with dissatisfaction and retorting, “Qin Zian, what are you talking about? Don’t include the General in a rumor that you’re making up.”

“Rumors?” Qin Zian had anticipated that he would be questioned for saying so, not only did he not panic, but he also had a little more superiority. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me. You guys still think General is a hero still, don’t you?” He sighed in mock annoyance, “It’s true that lack of thinking and deep understanding makes you live happier.”

“What else?” Now some of the remaining students came to their senses, “What does that mean? What do you know and say so, you’re slandering the General, you know?”

Qin Zian originally wanted to pretend to show off, but was stimulated by these words.

He was an Alpha, his grades and mental strength weren’t bad, his family was good also. As soon as he was born in the core, his parents’ work and economic strength, although not the top group of people in the Empire, compared to those who had to fight for their lives to squeeze the core of the ‘common people,’ he had been considered a child born with a golden spoon.

The people who were absolutely strong but low-key, like Qin Zian, were kind of better than the average person. On the one hand, less calm, on the other hand, this superior feeling dominated him. He hesitated for a while, from the nasal cavity of a hum, said, “Anyway, I guess after a while everyone will know, he can’t hide it even if he wants to.”

A few people were confused by his words, an impatient one looked up, Lin Han was lowering his head, as if he was busy with his own business, so he said in a louder voice, “Say it clearly, what’s the point of keeping people hanging?”

Qin Zian snorted a little, as if he finally couldn’t hold it in after whetting his appetite, cleared his throat, and beckoned the curious students to come together. Although his voice was lowered, Lin Han wasn’t far away and could still hear a general idea, “It seems that… when he first arrived at V Proton Star a few days ago… he killed all the people in the three cities…”

Not surprisingly, he heard a gasp.

The Omega student’s face turned red at the news, “What are you talking about? He’s not like that.”

“That’s the way it is, my father is in charge of V Proton Star communications. There wasn’t even any news from there before, and then only when the symptoms improved were the communication channels reopened.” Qin Zian continued his story, “but before the communication was opened, there were three cities disconnected. It is said that… There’s not a single living soul left there.” When he said this Qin Zian still gritted his teeth, after all, once upon a time he was like these people, with a filter of blind admiration for He YunTing. He said, and his voice got smaller, “Anyway, it’s all true. It can’t be concealed for long, you will all know when the time comes, I’m just telling you in advance.”

There were still people who didn’t believe him, and their tone was eager, “Where’s the evidence? What’s the proof?”

“How can he kill someone indiscriminately when V Proton Star has clearly said he found a way of recovery?”

Qin Zian himself became angry, “I said it’s the truth, what does it matter to me if you believe it or not? He dared to do so and must have thought that it would be talked about, but the General is so powerful, our righteous indignation also has nothing to do with him.”

One female student was about to cry, “It can’t be, there must be some reason why he did that…”

Finally, someone was moved by Qin Zian’s words and thought, “Speaking of which, it seems that General was like this when he killed the Star Pirates last time.”

“It is said that the General blew up all the opponent’s mecha, and that’s how he came back.”

Qin Zian looked like he had support, “I told you so! It’s not a day or two, there must have been such seeds at that time.”

Everyone was silent for a moment, the atmosphere was a bit stiff, and someone interjected, “At that time, His Majesty the Emperor also held a celebration feast, right? I don’t know…”

Clang. Lin Han’s pen fell on the table with a clatter.

The students instantly fell silent and looked at the young man in white uniform in unison.

The always mild eyebrows now had a few rare cold color, and after seeing the crowd of eyes cast at him, he said lightly, “Do you have any questions?” He picked up the pen that almost fell out and put it away, raised his eyes to look at this group of students who were already considered outstanding, “If not, this is it for today. I’m leaving now, make yourselves at home.”

The students hurriedly put away their gossip and said goodbye to Lin Han one after another. Lin Han looked calm and spoke in a calm tone, taking off his gloves as he walked to his office.

Everything was the same as usual, if he ignored his excessively straight back and his slightly trembling fingers tugging at the edges of his gloves. He remembered the Star Pirate situation from that time. But people sometimes believed in what they heard when they couldn’t see the truth.

The same way everyone usually thinks that He YunTing fought off the Star Pirates heroically and decisively, when something else happened, and then deliberately observed in a different way, they all changed their tune.

“Why did the Star Pirates have to kill all the people”, “Is he using these people to vent his emotions” became the new topic, and some people began to stand on high ground and criticize such behavior with the mindset that it wasn’t their business, but they didn’t even want to understand what exactly happened.

No one knew that the Star Pirates wanted to die with He YunTing in the cruelest way possible, and if He YunTing hadn’t reacted quickly to cut off one of M2742’s mecha arms, all would have ended differently.

It was funny to think about it now, Lin Han thought, if the battle had been less intense, maybe he and He YunTing would still be strangers now. This man might just be a label or symbol to him, and he wouldn’t even take it to heart when he was being denigrated by these people who didn’t know the full truth.

But he remembered the other party’s first susceptible period, remembered the Erinnerung Nebula in the border area, remembered his first direct contact with space, obviously He YunTing at that time didn’t even know how, but instinctively comforted him, telling him the meaning of existence.

The reason why lovers were called lovers was because they would hold their entire heart in front of you, with all the actions and words to tell you what love was, and then tenderly teach you how to love people.

Loving and being loved was never a luxury.

It could be the most mundane dew in the morning, or a flash of bright color on the shoulder patch of a military uniform, or a star in the sky that couldn’t be named, or a thin layer of caramel covering the top of a pudding that had just been taken out of the oven and burnt by the blow torch, emitting a sweet aroma.

Qi Jiamu had already parked his flying machine in front of the Institute, so when Lin Han changed his clothes and came out of the gate, his mood had been restored. But he didn’t expect to run into the student he just met — the one who was the first to say ‘murderer,’ Qin Zian.

After bidding farewell to his classmates, Qin Zian reluctantly reviewed the various mecha he had seen at the Institute today, revisiting the representative ones. He, of course, saw the flying machine parked at the entrance and was curious about whose it was when he saw Lin Han push open the door and walk toward the flying machine.

“Teacher Lin!” Qin Zian called out to him, his tone excited, “Is this your flying machine?”

Lin Han turned back to the door and was noncommittal.

Qin Zian was afraid Lin Han would get angry, so he hastily added, “I didn’t mean anything else! I couldn’t help but take a look at it because it resembles the model of my flying machine. But look at this one, it seems to be the military’s flying machine? And with a private flight path kind.” Qin Zian was full of envy, and didn’t expect an easy-going mecha teacher to also have such a background, he couldn’t help but want to get close.

But he and Lin Han had an age difference, and really had nothing in common. Qin Zian thought today Lin Han shouldn’t have heard him and his classmates having that discussion, and He YunTing related matters should be of interest to everyone. He was the first line of knowledge, so he could only bring it up again, “Speaking of the military, then Lin teacher you must know General, right? I heard that he is on V Proton… Mr. Lin?”

Qin Zian never expected that Lin Han, who looked so nice, would ignore him this time and go straight to the flying machine. He was so embarrassed that he subconsciously shouted, “Mr. Lin, you…”

You’re not even interested in this news? He waited for a moment before Lin Han, who wasn’t far away, finally spoke.

“When you were talking about General, did you even think before speaking?” Lin Han’s voice was not loud, nor did it contain a trace of anger.

“Why do you think you can talk to me?” Lin Han stood still with his hand on the door of the flying machine, didn’t fully turn around, only slightly turned his face sideways and answered Qin Zian’s question just now with no expression.

Qi Jiamu saw Lin Han’s irritation and asked tentatively, “Mr. Lin?”

Lin Han nodded, “It’s nothing.”

The original promise was to go back to Lin Han’s apartment today, but just after driving a short distance, Lin Han suddenly proposed to drive to He YunTing’s place.

Qi Jiamu naturally agreed, “Okay.”

He heard half of what Lin Han said just now, and with the rumors in the base these days, he could guess the general idea.

“General’s rumors, the base also heard about it, right?” Lin Han seemed to be able to guess what Qi Jiamu was thinking and spoke.

But it wasn’t the first time the base had faced this kind of thing, and they only found such rumors absurd, and no one would even listen to them. Except that they thought the rumors would stop at people who kept 100% trust in He YunTing, but they didn’t expect that they would still spread to places like the Institute. In this way, it seemed that it was only a matter of time before it actually reached the ears of the people.

Qi JiaMu wanted to comfort him, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to speak, so he could only say carefully, “Don’t worry, Mr. Lin, no one at the base is taking this seriously at all.”

“We all know that no matter what the situation is, the General must have his own reasons.” Qi Jiamu wondered if he had said the wrong thing and looked a little nervous.

Lin Han knew he was trying to be relieved, he couldn’t always let others worry too much, and smiled a little first, “It’s okay, I know.”

The two were silent for a while, and Qi Jiamu, as if to make Lin Han feel better, simply told him another piece of news he had heard today.

“Mr. Lin,” Qi JiaMu paused, “the news received from the V Proton Star in the base said that the work on the antigen aerosol delivery is basically complete. So…” Qi JiaMu had never liked anyone, so it was impossible to guess what kind of mood Lin Han was in at the moment, but after all, he received He YunTing’s order to take good care of Lin Han, thought about it and continued, “In less than two days, the General will be able to return. No matter what, this is good news for you.”

When he heard Qi Jiamu say this, Lin Han’s first reaction was naturally surprise and joy. But after a brief moment of reflection, he felt a little more dejected.

Two days were enough time for the words Qin Zian said to spread throughout the Empire, right?

Not only the core, but all regions would know that the General was cold-blooded and ruthless, that V Proton Star had been reborn, and that he was just an executioner with blood on his hands. He remembered the time when the two communicated, He YunTing sullen but unwilling to tell him what happened, just wrinkling his brow and expressing himself honestly, telling him he missed him very much.

It was that time, right, when he found out that he had killed so many people, only to be told that they might be saved. But even though He YunTing was really upset at the time, he refused to even tell him.

Lin Han suddenly wanted to laugh a little.

When they didn’t get to meet, he hoped the other side would come back sooner the better, and every communication seemed to carry a heartfelt longing. The two of them wanted to see each other as soon as possible, wanted to hug each other, and wanted to kiss each other, but they both knew not to rush or ask.

But now he actually didn’t think so.

If he wanted to let He Yunting bear these public opinions and rumors that had no basis as soon as he arrived, then he would rather He YunTing wouldn’t return so soon, and face these kinds of chilling non-committal words directly.

He couldn’t bear to.


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