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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lu AnHe forced a smile, “Mr. Lin, you…”

Lin Han, however, couldn’t even change his expression to match, he was only silent, focusing with all his mind, not letting go of any word in Lu AnHe’s heart.

【Impossible, apart from me and the boss, no one else knows about this.】

【Moreover, Mr. Lin has never seen the boss before, how could he…】

Lin Han couldn’t explain his feelings, and countless speculations were confirmed by Lu AnHe’s words at this moment. There were too many things in his head, but he had to force himself to calm down and listen to what Lu AnHe said.

【He had clearly forgotten all about it.】

When Lin Han heard these thoughts, he suddenly felt a dizzying sense of disbelief. He had thought that his lover had fallen in love with him at first sight, even though he probably didn’t even know how to like someone at that time.

Now someone was telling him that they may have met a long time ago, perhaps with silent love, in the early morning when he didn’t notice, or in some long, quiet twilight.

Lin Han concealed his emotions and raised his head again, “But He YunTing told me that it was because he felt he couldn’t get his memories back, so I thought maybe Lieutenant Colonel Lu was covering up something that even he didn’t know.”

Lu AnHe subconsciously answered, “No, it was the boss himself…”

Only in the middle of his sentence did he realize that Lin Han had been trying to get him to say something from the beginning.

【In the end, I can’t hide it. I have to tell Mr. Lin…】

Lin Han saw Lu AnHe turn calm, staring meaningfully at him, before he sighed, and finally simply admitted, “Yes.”

The other didn’t know Lin Han’s ability, he only thought that the other was nervous earlier when grabbing him to ask, as he smiled bitterly, “But probably… it’s not what you think.”

Only then did he slowly pull his hand out of Lu AnHe’s hand, pursing his lips. He heard Lu AnHe say, “He did it of his own free will.”

The air seemed to freeze.

Lu AnHe paused deliberately, thinking Lin Han must have had a lot to ask, and thoughtfully gave him some time. But he waited for a while before the young man in front of him slowly moved his lips and tentatively asked in a whisper, “Did he like me back then?”

Lu AnHe didn’t expect Lin Han’s first question to be this.

The other’s expression still looked painful, even though he got his answer he was still unhappy, “Yes.”

Lin Han’s expression was too sad, and Lu AnHe couldn’t bear it so he said, “He has always liked you.”

Lu AnHe’s tone finally became calm, “Just like now.”

Lu AnHe also said this to someone for the first time.

“There were some details that he wouldn’t tell me at that time.” Lu AnHe raised his eyes and looked out the window, remembering something. “But there was no doubt that he liked you. He wasn’t quite the same then as he is now,” Lu AnHe said, “at least in matters involving you.”

“But he’s the kind of person, as you know, who keeps everything to himself, thinking that as long as he doesn’t say anything, everything will be fine. Even if other people praise him and step on him, he himself will only be a person bottled up inside. I’ve been following him for too long, so I can’t help but ask some questions. I don’t know when he met you or why he likes you, but it’s been at least a few years.” Lu AnHe smiled, “I found out by chance. At that time, he knew about you from some other channels. He wouldn’t actively seek you out, and he wasn’t even sure if he liked you, but he couldn’t help but pay attention to you, so it’s normal that you don’t know anything. If I hadn’t spent so much time with him, I wouldn’t have found out.”

Lin Han’s voice shook a little, “…When was that?”

“Several years ago, I remember that you were just about to graduate.” Lu AnHe pondered, “At that time, the base had a half-day public holiday every week, he would call on me with a strained face, saying that he was going to make a trip to the Imperial Army University. But there was really no mission at all, he just wanted to watch you from a distance. At that time, he also asked me where you would go later, and what would have to go wrong for the mecha to be delivered to you.”

Halfway through Lu AnHe’s sentence, Grr heard the movement and burrowed out, subconsciously shrinking when he saw the stranger.

But Lu AnHe didn’t look mean at all, and was wearing clothes similar to He YunTing’s, and was still talking to Lin Han, so it hesitated for a moment before rolling over with a grunt, then extending its paws and burrowing down Lin Han’s pant leg into his hand. The warm and fluffy touch of the little ball soothed Lin Han’s mood at the moment, and he subconsciously stroked the creature in his hand, trying to find some comfort from it.

Lu AnHe also thoughtfully waited for a while, waiting for Lin Han to raise his head again, before continuing to speak.

“Then you graduated, probably looking for a house at that time? I don’t really know the exact details… Anyway, he disappeared for half a day and came back and told me that Mr. Lin’s problem was solved.”

Lin Han was dumbfounded.

He was indeed thinking about an apartment at that time, but he didn’t expect that his mentor would take the initiative to throw an olive branch at him and solve the problem with great efficiency when he only came up with the the idea. At that time, he only felt grateful, but it turned out that there was someone who had been helping him silently behind the scenes.

Lin Han’s lips twitched, “Is there more?”

How many times had he missed him? How much more silent guardianship did he receive from the other?

Lu AnHe watched Lin Han’s movements, who was clearly upset, but also afraid of displaying his emotions, constantly stroking the small fur ball in his hand for relief.

He paused and nodded, “Later… I couldn’t stand it, so I suggested to him that he should try to reach out to you. He didn’t even consider it at first,” Lu AnHe was a little embarrassed, “but you know how talkative I can be sometimes, so I finally persuaded him after a while.”

Lu AnHe tried his best to skim over the past, but Lin Han could still imagine what it was like.

Even though he shouldn’t think about it now, he had his own constructed picture in his mind.

He YunTing, that blockhead, must have first refused indifferently, or simply ignored Lu AnHe, but gradually became curious under the various hypotheses of the other party, and finally asked Lu AnHe how to make contact.

At this moment Lin Han was actually made to laugh by his own imagination.

Unfortunately, it would be good if it was really like that.

“I told him that people usually pick special days to do things that are monumental to them.” Lu AnHe said, “I thought he would pick a day that at least had something to do with you. Who would have thought he would have chosen his own birthday?” Lu AnHe said and was a little bemused, “He said that this was a special day. I think it’s good that he thought of it, so I didn’t say anything more.”

Lin Han’s heart suddenly rose a gloom. He still remembered that Wen TianYao found an excuse to celebrate He YunTing’s birthday, and that the other party had no memory of the date, while Lu AnHe was rounding up, saying that General never celebrated his birthday. Later, he himself jokingly asked him if he only remembered what he wanted to remember, and the other party stared with a blank expression before saying no.

Now it seemed that it wasn’t ‘no’, but something must have happened that day.

“It was three years ago on his birthday, right?” Lin Han suddenly spoke up.

Lu AnHe didn’t expect Lin Han to guess, “Yes.”

Lin Han’s words came out with difficulty, “That day… What happened?”

This time Lu AnHe’s silence became longer.

“He didn’t tell me.” Lu AnHe tilted his head, “He contacted me late that day and didn’t say anything. The next day he came to me and asked me if there was any way to completely forget someone. I thought at first that you had rejected him and that’s why he said that, but when I thought about it, it wasn’t right. With his character, it is absolutely impossible for him to be like that all of a sudden, too. No matter how I asked, he refused to tell me. It was actually very strange, even if something happened, you guys didn’t even cross paths, not to mention I know him the best, if you wanted to end it, you’d just stop paying attention directly. There was no need to erase that memory at all.

“But he insisted on doing it anyway. He was very determined and only told me that no matter what the situation was, even if he later sensed that something was wrong, I couldn’t tell him. So…” He said, “I kept the secret for three years. But I knew you would see each other again.”

Lin Han’s palms broke out in a thin layer of sweat, and couldn’t control his hand so he used a little more force, pinching Grr a bit, who made a small noise out of discomfort.

Lu AnHe looked up at Lin Han again, “I think it was my selfishness. I think it was too bad for him to miss you like that. At that time, when he came back from eliminating the star pirates, he told me to find the best mecha master.” He smiled, “The invitation to the celebration banquet, I sent it. I told him that there was a mecha master who was excellent, do you want to meet him?”


Lu AnHe also had to go back to the base, and didn’t stay for long.

Lin Han was sitting alone on He YunTing’s bed, holding a small plush Grr in his hand, raising his eyes to look out the window. He was waiting for the sun to set little by little, when he finally heard the rattle coming from the door.

At this moment, he almost forgot to breathe.

The sound of steady footsteps approaching closer and closer, his mood was indescribable, but with He YunTing’s each step closer, Lin Han felt his eyes more and more sore.

I should greet him with a smile first, Lin Han thought.

The bedroom door was left open, and the other man saw it and seemed to pause for a moment before continuing to approach the source of the light.

The man crossed the long, empty hallway, and the echo of his footsteps was heard everywhere.

He came step by step, across the tens of thousands of light years that the two of them hadn’t seen for a long time, and also stepped through the years of time that had been forgotten.

He reached the door, and Lin Han heard his breathing.

“I’m back,” he said.


The silence seemed to last only a few seconds, yet it seemed to last too, too long.

Grr was the first to react, he subconsciously blew up a round of fur first reflexively after seeing He YunTing, but soon felt that he shouldn’t be too afraid of him after all these days of bravery, and then jumped back up a bit and stared at this fierce man proudly. The stare-down didn’t last long, as he soon realized it was time to catch up on his favorite show, and decided not to bother with the man for now, jumping off Lin Han with a squeak and heading to the other room.

So only the two of them were left in the bedroom.

Lin Han finally looked up at him, the same way when he left, curled his eyes at He YunTing, smiled sweetly and softly, and said, “Welcome back.”

The smile on his face was too gentle, as if his hands hadn’t been shaking half an hour ago, as he had said those words to Lu AnHe. He seemed to have been sitting quietly and nicely like this, waiting for his beloved to triumph.

He YunTing was even more silent than when he left, but when he saw Lin Han, his brow was softened a bit. He almost wanted to smile, but was afraid that his expression would be too ugly, so he just uttered an “Mn.”

Lin Han didn’t even want to recall the unpleasant invective when the formation passed through Central Avenue, but even if he wanted to plug his ears for him, He YunTing couldn’t have cared less.

He thought about how he was going to greet He YunTing.

He should be staring at him at the central statue in full bloom, with a hidden pride in his heart, unbeknownst to all, that this was his hero alone. Then when the cheers dissipated, he would wait for him at the end of the flower field, a smile, a hug, or a kiss, whatever it was, and would be able to sweep away all the tiredness.

But these were neither here nor there, even if it were facts, he needed to make himself accept his memory-loss.

Lin Han thought about what He YunTing used to be like. He must have looked silly when he first graduated, with some unrealistic fantasies, thinking he must be able to design and manufacture the best mecha for the most valiant warriors. He didn’t know anything at that time, he was devoted to his career, he didn’t like to communicate with others, and he had a youthful self-conceit.

He YunTing saw him at that time.

Where was he standing? What did he look like? Did he look stupid? Was he helpless? Did he want to call out to him at some point and say, Lin Han, hello?

He once thought that only mecha was cold and romantic. But only now did he know that there was someone who had long been close to him, perhaps he walked towards him with a bunch of tulips hidden behind him, with a heart full of love that hadn’t been resorted to.

—That was what really belonged to him, the quiet, unmoving tenderness.

A gun-calloused hand covered his face very slowly.

“Why are you crying?”

It was only when He YunTing spoke in a bit of panic that Lin Han realized he was in tears. He just looked at He YunTing, but he couldn’t say anything.

He YunTing wanted to wipe the salty tears off his face with his fingers, but he didn’t dare to use force, so he just tried to soften his voice and asked, “What’s wrong with you?

But he couldn’t wipe it clean, just wiping away some, there were more warm tears one after another, falling into his hands. Lin Han’s whole face was covered with tears, but not even a sob escaped his mouth, the tip of his nose was red, while his pupils became clearer and clearer because they had been washed by tears.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” He YunTing used both hands and began to apologize, “I’m late, I’m late coming back.”

He had just finished saying this, but Lin Han suddenly couldn’t restrain himself, reaching out his arms around the man standing in front of him and burying his face in his waist.

You shouldn’t apologize and you’ve never come late.

He sat on the bed, hugging He YunTing’s waist and began to cry. Lin Han felt that the tears he had shed since childhood were almost concentrated in these six months.

Why didn’t you come to me? What exactly happened to make you forget me?

You’re very conceited in many things, but only hesitantly wavering and indecisive on the issue of liking me.

What has happened in the time that you forgot about me?

“Why?” He asked. Lin Han hugged him hard.

He YunTing lowered his head to look at the man sitting on the bed, said “I’m sorry” very softly, and then very slowly took his face, leaned down and pressed his lips to it.

The kiss was more bitter than ever, yet it was also more passionate than ever because it had been so long since they had seen each other.

Lin Han climbed He YunTing’s neck, his tears also melted into his tongue, he wanted to nestle his whole being into the other man’s body. If he could do that, there would be no incomplete times between them.

He YunTing’s lips and tongue also carried a different temperature from the previous days, his embrace was getting tighter and tighter, and he also closed his eyes to chase and tease him. The scent belonging to him spread out in the room, Lin Han was kissed by him to the point of leaving him no breath, so he himself unabashedly leaked out a little pheromone, allowing his deep kisses to make some hard, blush worthy sounds.

Lin Han had been seducing He YunTing little by little, and now the other side finally didn’t have his earlier rejection. The two were extremely close, in the gap between their lips, Lin Han looked at his eyes, which were tainted by love. The two of them were very close to each other, and Lin Han looked at his eyes, and there was an intoxicating sensuality tainted by lust, and also a clarity that belonged to He YunTing.

Lin Han was forced to open his mouth and shivered as he was hooked to the other man.

After a while, He YunTing began to explore downward without any guidance, his lips started from the tip of Lin Han’s nose, swept through his lips, chin, and finally he pressed Lin Han’s waist with one hand and pushed him down on the bed, while he leaned up and bit the knot of his throat.

Lin Han only felt tickled, but beyond that, there was a very different kind of satisfaction.

He YunTing pinned Lin Han to the bed, squeezing all ten fingers in, his hand a size larger than the other. Lin Han felt the familiar gun calluses and cooperated by clasping his fingers together with his.

For a long time the two didn’t speak, until the entire room was filled with the pheromone of the two intertwined. Before He YunTing propped himself up from Lin Han’s body and looked down to meet him.

The youth lay on the bed with his arms spread wide. He was still panting, his chest was heaving, his hair was a bit disheveled, and his lips were kissed red and watery, but his eyes were still very bright. He looked at He YunTing with undisguised pure love.

As if to say, you can do anything to me.

He YunTing simply couldn’t stand such a look, so his eyes darkened a shade, then he lowered his head again and pressed up to kiss him. This time he didn’t hide his desire, the two pressed together through their clothes, even their heartbeats dissolved together.

“Lin Han,” He YunTing seemed to be really discussing with him, as long as he said no, he could even stop there.

But Lin Han still had undried tears in his eyes, he had long been made soft by the other, resistance and pushing back were useless things.

Don’t ask me, and don’t stop.

He longed to be picked and loved. His heart was sore and soft, but he didn’t want to think about anything as long as he looked at the person in front of him.

Love. The desire and soul overlap, he wanted to be soothed and filled, filled with the years he wasn’t there, filled with the sadness that shouldn’t exist here. Lin Han pressed one hand on the other’s waist, his voice became astringent and hoarse from the tears and kisses, and he called the other’s name one word at a time, “He YunTing.”

He tilted his head up to the other’s lips and said softly and slowly, “Do me.”


The author has something to say: No hints, get it?

Please hype He YunTing up!

Don’t lock me up!!!

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