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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


In order not to favor one over the other, Jing Man did not choose from the six children, but directly took the three younger children to share a room and let Mu CangZhou take the older ones. 

When he got this result, Xiao Shui felt sad for the first time that he turned from fourth to the third oldest. It turned out that in addition to protecting his younger brothers and taking on more responsibilities, the other thing was that he couldn’t be at Daddy’s side!

It was not that he didn’t love Father, it’s just that… the Jing kids wanted to be around Daddy more than anything else!

When they entered the room, what they saw was a two-meter wide bed. Interior decoration was very simple, combined with the wooden structure, one could also faintly see a trace of a free and bold American rustic style. The owner’s aesthetic was very rugged. In addition to the moose specimen hanging on the wall, the carpet was also covered with a whole sheet of faux leather, which happened to be white tiger pattern.

Although it was artificial, Jing Man was still afraid FanFan would have a psychological shadow. He put down the things and asked him, “FanFan, if you feel uncomfortable, we will change rooms with your siblings.”

Just now he took a glance, he had no idea what the interior decoration was, anyway, the carpet was not tiger skin! However, FanFan had very thick nerves and didn’t see anything wrong with that. He was surprised when he came over to see what the carpet looked like, and happily hugged Daddy’s waist and pouted, “Daddy, Daddy, look, this room is a little white tiger like me! Can I become my original form and play on it?”

Seeing this, Jing Man smiled helplessly and nodded his head in agreement. 

Back to the other children, BaiBai’s whole heart flew to Brother Phil, hugging the terminal, beaming and giggling from time to time.

Xiao Sang was looking forward to rummaging around the room. He went through every drawer, every cabinet, even under the bed and around the desk. Knowing that he had his hands full, Jing Man didn’t stop him and let him explore the place.

After taking out the things he brought and needed immediately from the suitcase, a quarter of an hour had passed.

Just now, he could hear the noise from the opposite room, but now he couldn’t hear it anymore.

You’ve gone out to play, haven’t you? How can you not take us!

Jing Man wrinkled his nose and went to the window to take a look, and as expected, he saw a glimpse of bright colors. Xiao Jin, ZhiZhi, Xiao Shui and Brother Mu were all outside the door. Brother Mu was sweeping the snow from the door with a big broom, and the children were running around without being too cold. He turned around and pet FanFan’s hairy head and asked, “All cleaned up, right? Let’s go out too.”

FanFan wailed, rubbed against Daddy’s side, and then lifted his butt off the ground, twisted his back and walked towards the door. When he reached Xiao Sang, he pawed his brother twice, signaling him to stop lying on the floor and shining his flashlight under the bed. These two children were soon ready, only BaiBai was still holding his terminal, closing himself, not hearing anything.

We can’t let him go on like this, now he’s like this, what will he do when he enters his teenage years?

“Don’t be like this on vacation.” Jing Man went over and turned off his terminal, with a strong disapproval in his eyes.

BaiBai turned his head back to look at his brother, got a hint from Xiao Sang’s eyes,and shouted, “I know, Daddy! I have nothing to pack. I’m ready to go out!”

Seeing that he had the good sense to do so, Jing Man left the details alone and led the children slowly out the door. When the three older children saw Daddy and their brothers come out, they immediately flocked over to him.

Xiao Jin held up a branch of different lengths and thicknesses and said, “Daddy, you’re here! Father said we could use the old fireplace in the hall, so let’s gather some firewood!”

Jing Man went over and felt the palms of the three older children’s hands to make sure they were still warm and that the snow and cold air had not lowered their body temperature. When his mind was at ease, he nodded and smiled, “Okay, let’s compete to see who can collect more and better firewood within half an hour!”

The Jing children loved this kind of competitive environment, and their short legs immediately swung up and scattered.

Jing Man coughed twice and called them back, “Don’t worry, Daddy will introduce you to the specific rules and which branches are the best ones!”

The children nodded and sat in rows on the stumps cleared of snow at the entrance, listening carefully to Daddy’s words, “First of all, we can only pick up the dry firewood that falls on the ground, no hands to pull the branches! That’s you, Xiao Sang, put the plastic saw away! We are guests of the snow forest area, and cannot destroy the original ecological balance! And then you cannot go too far, only in that small forest over there to collect firewood, do not run to a place where we cannot see the house we live in! Right, in addition to firewood, other things are not allowed to be moved. Such as mushrooms, pine cones, and unfamiliar nuts, all do not touch. Many things in the wild are poisonous, you have to protect your own lives, do not let Daddy worry!”

Feeling that what should be said had been said, he took the three big kids that just collected firewood to come over, and introduced them to which were good for burning, which were too wet to take back and also can not be lit, which would make too much smoke… After checking the children’s body positioning star pins were intact, only then were they reassured to collect firewood.

At this time, Mu CangZhou had cleared out the open space in front of the door, with snow piled to the side, like a small grain pile. He came over and warmed Jing Man’s ears, lowered his eyes and kissed him on the cheek, “Are you cold?”


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Doubt MCZ is happy with the sleeping arrangements.
Fun in the snow.
Thank you for translating and editing.

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Thank You for the new chapter ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

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