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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


When the autumn breeze rolled down the leaves and the waves of wheat were golden, it was also Jing Man and Mu CangZhou’s wedding anniversary. It was said that the first wedding anniversary was a paper wedding, which sounded less powerful than a gold wedding or a silver wedding.1 So, Jing Man did not have the slightest intention of having a big event and decided to take a vacation with the kids.

The events encountered outside were not so conventional, so you could take this opportunity to grow the relationship between fathers and children, and then quietly train the children to survive after they become humans.

After deciding the destination with Brother Mu, he immediately decided to go out this time without Big Bear. This was the first time the children traveled as a group after becoming human, and they were all very excited.

BaiBai was especially excited to go and play with Brother Phil.

When they were ready to get out of the leap point, they were dumbfounded by the snowy scene outside the window, where the frost had frozen into a snow white scene with snow fallen on the branches.

BaiBai bit his lip and gently tugged on Jing Man’s hem, “Isn’t the Fire Island District in the tropics, with no snow and no rain all year round? Where… is this, Daddy?”

“This is near the Arctic Circle, the snow forest area. I forgot to tell you in advance, forgive Daddy, okay?” Jing Man meticulously helped the children layer by layer to put on thick clothes and explain to them.

His face was slightly hot after speaking, and he glared back at Mu CangZhou. It was agreed that the children would be informed of the destination of the trip in advance before departure. Yesterday, this person, because of the first anniversary of the wedding, was very excited. As soon as they got home, he dragged him into the bedroom.

When the back was sore at the end from exercise, the clock showed it was two o’clock in the morning…

If it wasn’t for the reliable housekeeper AI, who took the initiative to help the children repack their bags, he fears they would only have light beach apparel to wear…

The family almost wore swimming trunks in the snow because of this guy’s capriciousness! The thought of it made him a little angry!

The children’s expressions changed dramatically at this answer.

They now knew they were going to land in a completely strange place, and although Father and Daddy were with them, Xiao Jin still had a strong sense of crisis in his heart. He pursed his lips, opened the children’s terminal, and searched the basic information of the snow forest area on it with a single glance. And when ZhiZhi heard the word “forest”, their eyes widened for a moment. They pasted their face to the window, trying to see if there were many trees planted around.

Since the kindergarten teacher said it, there were many trees for it to be called a forest! Treants liked to live in places where there were many trees, and ZhiZhi was very interested in knowing if the place where they were about to land would have a fellow companion.

Xiao Shui looked slightly worried and touched his hair, worried that if it was too cold, his hair would need to retain water if it froze. He also regretted in his heart that he could not go to the beach to roam recklessly. Since he was taught by Risa, his invisibility attribute had gradually disappeared and it did not particularly affect his normal life. Although the aquatic in the water showed a posture that was always the most elegant and beautiful, he secretly also looked forward to all the stars to surround the moon after he entered the water.2 It seems he’s going to miss it this time …

Sometimes Xiao Sang, who secretly turned into his undead form, lowered the brim of his hat to cover his green and white skin. His eyes shone with interest, and he clenched the children’s camera Daddy bought for him. After taking a lot of photos, he began to check the various testing instruments that he had slowly acquired during this period. He wanted to see if they were still working in the Arctic Circle, and looked forward to learning more about plants and animals that he had never seen before.

FanFan was the only one of the children who felt most indifferent about changing travel locations. As a feline with a King Engine3, he was already indifferent to water, and every time he traveled to the Fire Island District he was a little tired of it. And even if he didn’t have winter clothes, he could also become a big tiger with thick fur to keep warm, and his brothers could squeeze and hide in his arms, his arms can be warm! The thought of this made FanFan’s heart happy, if it was the original form, maybe the tail would be comfortably swaying left and right.

Only BaiBai felt that the sky had fallen, and the whole person was very sad. After knowing that he was going to travel, he had already agreed with Brother Phil to go to the Fire Island District today to play, saying that it was not too much to count the days with your fingers! The result was now to go back on his word! And he couldn’t see Brother Phil or smell the vanilla on him anymore!

Seeing BaiBai’s visible bad mood, Jing Man was also very distressed. He reached out and gave his son a few pats on the head and made a solemn promise, “BaiBai, this New Year we will also go to the Fire Island District, Daddy and Father will go with you. By then, you will have plenty of time to play with that little beaver. Don’t be sad now, focus on the present, okay? Today is Daddy’s wedding anniversary.” 

After finishing the mood and clothing, the group walked down to the leap point. The temperature was cool, and there was a strong dampness because of the snow, but they were dressed warmly, so they didn’t freeze at all. After a few breaths, Jing Man felt a clear, fresh air with the smell of pine needles slowly filling his lungs, very comfortable.

In the leap point centers he had been to, generally, only the outside area was open, and the transit area was indoors, which was noisy and not well ventilated, and could be a bit stuffy. But the snow forest area was very different, the leap center was completely outside the structure. And the feeling of modern technology was much weaker, the floor was even wooden.

There were tree branches sticking out of the leap center in a grand manner, and the leap point they just rode in descended so grumpily on top of a thin layer of snow, like a small stone falling into a blank canvas. There was very little traffic here, including the staff of about twenty people, and Jing Man had no trouble managing the safety of the six children.

He took the time to come up to Mu CangZhou’s ear and complimented, “Brother Mu, this place feels quite comfortable, I like the place you chose!”

Mu CangZhou pursed his lips and smiled, “Then you can experience it more and get used to it in advance. This is the place where the Quick Transmigration Bureau will be established afterwards, and we will have to live here for a long time.”

Jing Man raised his eyebrows and continued, “So, how long will it take?”

He had heard a lot about the Quick Transmigration Bureau from Mu CangZhou, so he had no doubt that his memories would return after the Quick Transmigration Bureau came down. He was still very concerned about this point in time, which was related to his own interests.

Mu CangZhou looked down and thought for a long time, “It should be March 15.”

While Jing Man was calculating the number of days and months to go, a staff member stopped Xiao Sang and turned his back on them, pointing at them, and the scene did not look very pleasant. Seeing his son being stopped, Jing Man’s brow furrowed, and now he couldn’t care less about his imagination and ran quickly to ask what was going on.

The staff was relieved to see that an adult had arrived. He pointed to the wooden floor, his face bitter, and said bitterly, “Sir, it looks like you are here for tourism, right? Take care of your son when you go out. He is going to dig the floor with a shovel!”

Jing Man squatted down to check, the wooden floor was indeed poked with a few scratches. It was very ugly, like a few pimples on a clean face. With all the evidence, his side was indeed at a disadvantage. Still, he knew that Xiao Sang, although sometimes too forward thinking, and could not connect with others, was still a very good obedient baby, who would absolutely not damage public property for no reason.

So, he pulled Xiao Sang to his side and asked with a trusting smile, “Xiao Sang, tell Daddy why you are poking the floor. It’s lying here serving the people, and it’s not in your way.”

Just now, the staff rushed out and indiscriminately told Xiao Sang to stop, so the child was scared. He bit his lower lip and pointed to the floor with the shovel in his hand, “There’s something underneath, it’s growing underneath and it’s coming up.”

The staff member was also a temperamental person, he said impatiently, “Our project is personally supervised by the master builder, using the best wood substrate, the soil underneath is also burned with fire, there is not even a grass seed! What does such a small child know?”

Seeing his aggressive look, Jing Man was displeased. He made a gesture of calm and continued to ask Xiao Sang, “How did you sense it? Is it a plant or an insect?”

He didn’t forget his Xiao Sang’s talent – he had a great affinity for nature and could feel two magical rocks when he walked into a small river gully. Xiao Sang put the shovel back into his backpack, squatted down and touched the board twice, and answered, “Something like a mushroom.”

Then, it could be a mushroom.

Thinking of this, Jing Man looked a bit severe. Remembering when he was following his teacher on a trip to collect reference material, he talked about—

“Students come and look, this tree is infested with white fungus. Although from the outside there are only some small white mushrooms, you can feel it when you touch it with your hands, the bark on this side is very loose, isn’t it? The small mushrooms can grow from the inside of the tree to the outside, which means that the tree has been eroded almost. You can think about how the mycelium is distributed inside the tree when you draw, that picture is beautiful.”

Jing Man carefully examined the floor and found several small mushrooms only a few millimeters in size between the cracks. This proved that this floor had been eroded by the fungus. If not dealt with as soon as possible, in a short time, this place would turn into the same as rotten wood, and completely collapse.

“Underneath, you…” Halfway through the sentence, he raised his eyes to the staff and read a hint of displeasure in the other party’s eyes again. However, Jing Man’s gaze was too sharp, too calm, and put out a few flames in the staff member’s heart. His mood eased and he took the initiative to ask, “Sir, what have you found?”

Seeing his attitude changed for the better, Jing Man nodded and continued, “The bottom is infested with white fungus, it is recommended to check it out quickly before it ends badly.”

The staff waved their hands, “No way, the fungus was checked last month, it won’t happen.”

Mu CangZhou also came forward, “Check it, my child is undead, he’s very sensitive to these things.”

Perhaps trying to convince Jing Man and his group with facts, the staff did not say anything else and soon brought the instrument to check the fungus. He just pressed against the board and started the test, and the instrument immediately sounded an alarm, “Beep, beep, beep–” 

The staff immediately sat down, cheeks red, solemnly apologized to Xiao Sang and Jing Man, and refunded the cost of this leap. Seeing that the uncle who was still embarrassed just now ran away in a hurry with the instrument to seriously check what kind of fungus had infested the board, Xiao Sang pulled the corner of Daddy’s coat and asked, “Daddy, I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?”

“Of course not, Daddy trusts you to do the right thing.” Jing Man smiled and thought his son was really cute.

Mu CangZhou pondered slightly and added, “Xiao Sang is too hands-on, which is good, keep it up, but talk to us first about anything you think of afterwards.”

“Otherwise, it will be like today, you are obviously doing a good deed, but people still thought you wanted to destroy the floor.”

Xiao Sang nodded thoughtfully, but in his heart, he was thinking, since Father and Daddy were willing to supervise, instruments only for children over the age of eight can be ordered!

When they arrived at the snow forest area, of course they had to experience forest activities. Jing Man didn’t book a hotel this time, but a cabin at the foot of the mountain. This cabin was very large, but the design was rather rugged, with only two large rooms for sleeping. The rest was a large, fireplace-lined living room.

After some consideration, there were too many variables around the campground to feel comfortable letting the children stay in one. So, the two husbands decided to take three children each and sleep in separate rooms.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Paper wedding (纸婚): A marriage printed on paper. The bond is as thin as the paper, so it must be taken care of carefully. The 25th year anniversary is a silver wedding, while the 50th year anniversary is a golden wedding.
  2. 众星捧月; a myriad of stars surround the moon: An idiom that means to view someone highly or to revolve around somebody in support. Xiao Shui may be saying that he was looking forward to getting everyone’s attention and praise.
  3. King Engine: This is a reference from One Punch Man. In the series, there is a character named King, who has an incredibly strong and loud heartbeat. So, the author may be saying FanFan has a strong and healthy purr.


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