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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


After the New Year, the people of Sky Blue Star gradually felt that the process of life seemed to be accelerating. The effects of joining the Wisdom Galaxy spread like a cold Siberian wind, penetrating into every aspect of everyone’s life.

The treants, represented by Zaka, were very gentle and selfless, and after negotiating with the top management of Sky Blue Star and thoroughly understanding the technological situation of the planet, they quickly formulated a plan to help.

However, it was not a model of unconditionally supplying high-tech products and keeping them inactive, but sharing slightly advanced technologies that could be 100% applicable to Sky Blue Star. They sent people to teach the local cutting-edge talents systematically and let them absorb it themselves, so that they can pool their ideas and teach others to fish.

Most original research started with choosing an idea with unknown validity, and then verifying it from all aspects. There are too many variables from zero to unknown, and many talented people end up hating themselves for choosing the wrong path.

Now, Zaka had shown Sky Blue Star a myriad of right paths in all sectors, and everyone was just pushing hard for those goals. These changes may seem more intuitive to the top management, but for Jing Man and the rest, life was just getting easier and easier.

When life was very smooth and happy every day, people would more often choose to live in the moment, enjoy life wholeheartedly, and feel that every second of time was passing very slowly and comfortably.

But ask him exactly how it was comfortable and he could not say the reason.

From the end of the New Year until April, Jing Man felt as if he was living in a honey pot. From the moment he opened his eyes to the moment he laid in bed at night, his mood was floating in the air, happy and joyful.

The kids were now able to take care of themselves, they all knew how to behave and monitor each other, so he didn’t have to worry much every day. The parents, in hindsight, wanted to give the family more bonding, and from time to time they would make time for family gatherings, and they didn’t talk about things that were annoying.

In terms of studies, he still applied for online classes. Most of the time he was very free, but also more immersed in his studies.

The two of them were getting more and more acquainted with each other, and they often knew what each other wanted with a look and a gesture. He thought this life of leisure could go on forever, but one day he received a message from his father – [ManMan, thanks to the help of the Wisdom Galaxy, our own Quick Transmigration Bureau at Sky Blue Star has been set up. Zaka and others are selecting people to join the team, I have an application slot, do you want to go and have some fun.]

Quick Transmigration Bureau… He’s so comfortable that he’d forgotten about this important thing!!! Because he seemed to have impaired memory, he couldn’t remember what had happened before at all. So, he could only take what Brother Mu said as a reference – they traveled from the future to the present and only had two years of vacation. At the end of the two-year period, someone will come to pick them up and leave, at which time, relying on future medical treatment, his memory may come back.

That’s easy to say, the problem was, too much had happened in the past two years. The bond with the six hatchlings and their parents was a factor they hadn’t considered at all before. According to the time the egglets appeared, by the time he celebrated his birthday this year, two years would be up!

When the time came, he was to leave behind the amiable and gentle parents, and the children waiting pitifully to be fed, or to accommodate with the other side to see if they could take a few more years off, it was best to stay here and not go back. But listening to Brother Mu, it felt like the people over there were not very talkative, which could be too much trouble.

Thinking about it, Jing Man rolled in bed depressed, the happy buff from a good night’s sleep could not let him get up on time.

Mu CangZhou was cooking and received the message. He put down his things, walked into the bedroom, and asked, “ManMan, do you want to go to the Quick Transmigration Bureau?”

When he heard the question, Jing Man hugged the quilt obsessively, and his beautiful peach blossom eyes lost their luster because of his depression, “I think… I think it’s better not to go…”

Mu CangZhou did not understand, sat on the edge of the bed and asked with a smile, “Why not go, in a short time we will have to go back ten years, you don’t remember those colleagues? Let’s get to know each other again while we still can.”

Jing Man sighed, “That’s what I’m afraid of, when the two years are up, we’ll have to leave. What about the kids? We have old and young at home.”

He waited for a long time, but no one responded. Jing Man looked up in confusion, while Mu CangZhou was about to sit down, the two of them bumped their heads together, causing Jing Man to grit his teeth in pain.

“All right, rub it, rub it…” Seeing this, Mu CangZhou, despite the fact that his own forehead also hurt, hurriedly checked the affected area for Jing Man. Seeing the red, swollen bulge, he was distressed.

The seriousness of his expression made Jing Man want to laugh. When he laughed, he pulled the wound on his forehead and started to grimace again. After a moment of confusion, they both laid down on the bed together.

Jing Man was lying on his side in the arms of Mu CangZhou, and his eyes were tracing his face.

The more he looked at him, the more he was attracted to him. The spirit of a face fanatic was unbeatable.1

At this moment, Jing Man couldn’t care less about the pain. He only felt that Mu Cangzhou was truly superior, every inch was kneaded into his own aesthetics. 

“ManMan, you think too much.” Seeing that he was indeed not in pain anymore, Mu CangZhou was finally relieved. He sniffed the light fragrance of the person beside him and only felt his spirit soothe. At Jing Man’s uncomprehending look, he continued, “Parents and children have their own lives, and we can’t always be there for them. We have traveled to the past and changed some things. So, do you think life in the future will be the same as before?”

Jing Man blinked his eyes, long eyelashes like a fluttering butterfly, “What do you mean?”

Mu CangZhou elaborated, “It’s true that we can’t accompany them, but after we leave, the Quick Transmigration Bureau will generate “Jing Man” and “Mu CangZhou” in this realm. Two dolls with the same personality as us will live in our place. The memories will be stored, and when the memories are read, it will be just like we have been with our family all these years.”

“Damn, it can still be like this!” The child who had never seen the world was completely swept away by the advanced technology of the future, Jing Man regained happiness.

Mu CangZhou smiled helplessly, “It’s just a basic operation, we’ve experienced it many times before. We can say that this vacation, except for your amnesia and Zaka’s early contact with Sky Blue Star, the rest is all in the calculation.”

“So… Will we change many, many things?” Understanding Brother Mu’s explanation, but thinking of the horror of the butterfly effect, Jing Man began to panic.

“No.” Mu CangZhou said categorically, “The world has its own ability to repair itself, and only those who have frequent contact with us can be affected. We’re just back on vacation, we’re not running for president.”

Hearing him say that, Jing Man completely put his mind at ease. Thinking of something, he smiled wryly, his peach blossom eyes shining, “Brother Mu, why don’t we not take the initiative to participate in the Quick Transmigration Contest this time, and see how the world’s restorative power works?”

“Well… That’s fine. But if nothing moves by the last day of selection, we’ll have to sign up ourselves.” It’s not harmless to be slightly inked for a few days, but if you really don’t go, it might be a bit of a big deal. Mu CangZhou knew that as the subject of the quick transmigration, they would be inextricably linked to the Quick Transmigration Bureau and was curious about what would happen next.

Sure enough, by late June, the two received a handwritten letter from Zaka.

A handwritten letter! In a world where you buy things in the morning and receive them at noon, a handwritten letter was a rare thing. The handwriting on the first page was arrogant and full of anger.

[Did you two masters not get the notice? You are qualified to join the Quick Transmigration Bureau, so why don’t you apply? The selection process will end at the end of June, and only one hundred people worldwide will be able to join. It’s fun to join the Quick Transmigration Bureau, so do it quickly! If you don’t come, I’ll go to your house and arrest you!]

This page was written with a lot of anger, but on the second page, he was afraid they wouldn’t go, so he started to say something softer, and the handwriting was much more regular and clearer.

[I’m sorry I sounded so bad earlier. I thought about it carefully, you must have forgotten to register, so I had someone prepare the registration form, just sign the places I circled and come on time for the medical examination. I’d love to see your family again! There is also a children’s room at the Quick Transmigration Bureau, so bring the kids if you can! I miss the little peach tree.]

At the end of the letter, Zaka drew a sketch of two lush trees standing side by side.

After receiving the letter, Jing Man laughed with joy. It turned out that… This was how the world line ended, by torturing Zaka to get them to join the Quick Transmigration Bureau. The two of them immediately did not hold back, picking up their long-prepared luggage and rushing back to the snowy forest area with their children.

After six months, there had been a dramatic change. Just down from the leap point, they could see the difference. The last time they came, the people were scattered and the grounds were decaying. Now, the leap station was completely renovated, the materials used were taken from nature, maintaining the pure wood color. However, many places were painted white and transparent colors. Although a roof was added, the permeability remained unabated.

The field contained small nodes of local culture in the snow forest area everywhere, giving the illusion that this leap station was even a landscape, and people were willing to stay a little longer. The staff had also changed, with young and fresh faces rippling out the vitality of the snow forest area.

When the wind blew, the snowflakes decorating the eaves made a tinkling sound, like wind caressing a harp, in contrast to the original curtain of heaven and earth.

“Daddy! Is this the place where we came last time?” BaiBai looked left and right, his face flushed with the beauty of the scene and the boisterousness of people coming and going.

Xiao Sang’s eyes were also wide open as he silently read the little story carved on the floor. He remembered that last time there were termites hidden under this floor, but now there was not even an ant estimate, let alone termites. 2

When buying tickets, Jing Man found that the price had gone up a wave. Jing Man searched the star network for this reason, saw pictures and short videos, and was mentally prepared.

But seeing the same actual scenery as the Ice Kingdom, he also received a great shock. He nodded and smiled, “Yes, they redecorated.”

ZhiZhi seemed to be looking for something, their eyes searching. After a long time, they pulled Jing Man’s sleeve, “Daddy, Uncle Zaka is in that direction.”

It was not appropriate to attribute this special power on the wonderful induction between treant and treant, but mainly because ZhiZhi ate a lot of energy from another, and now smelled and craved…

The two parties successfully met, Jing Man looked around and asked in a lowered voice in surprise, “Zaka, should you not be very busy? How do you have time to pick us up yourself?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he received an accusing look.

Zaka coldly snorted, indistinct face plated with a layer of cold, but familiar taste, “This side of the development was too fast, I was afraid that you would find a way to delay the medical examination time deliberately and not come. Half a year has passed, but I have not seen you take the initiative to find me.”

On the surface, he was not too happy, but this treant’s chattering nature still had not changed.

On the way, he drove himself, like a child offering a treasure to an adult, pulling Jing Man and the others around to see the new places and explaining the stories behind them.

By the time he got back to the Quick Transmigration Bureau, he had forgotten all about his anger with Jing Man and his lack of concern for his friends. He was so happy and smiling that he taught FanFan to turn into a cat-sized tiger and affectionately held him in his arms for a long time.

Time flowed slowly, and soon came to the end of the two-year vacation on this day.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 颜狗; yán gǒu; lit. face dog: Internet slang for someone that is incredibly fascinated by people that are good-looking.
  2. caicat: did the author forget that it was a white fungus infestation in chapter 62?


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I don’t know why, but I’d rather they didn’t go; not that I fully understand the consequences… would the eggs and everything that’s happened unravel, seeing as they’re from the future, or does this timeline continue independently? If so, I’d be a chicken (or ostrich) and not want to go!
Thanks Addis, Caicat & Springbreeze for the chapter.

July 5, 2022 3:27 am

Thank You for the new chapter (♡ >ω< ♡)

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Thanks for the chapter! I don’t want to think about timelines & consequences, my brain is too tired.

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