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Chapter 2: Birthday Present for Chen Lan

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Li PanEn seldom went to the Queen’s bar. First, Chen Lan didn’t like him going there. Second, it was too far away. He had to go to school two times a day. Li PanEn didn’t know that the apartment address chosen by Chen Lan was convenient for him to go to school, but not convenient for the other to go to work. It looked like the same distance as his school on the map, but, actually, it was not the same at all. The subway was not direct, and the bus had too many stops in between. If someone wanted to go there at the fastest speed, they would have to walk through a construction site for half an hour and go into a tunnel to get on the subway.

The construction site was a rotten building and it was haunted. It was said that people had died in that building and there were prostitutes in the tunnels. Every time there was a major robbery in the city, that was always the first place police would check. Li PanEn didn’t know how Chen Lan traveled to work for the last few years. He had walked to work for more than five years without anything happening to him.

But even if Chen Lan was not happy, Li PanEn was determined to go there. Today was Chen Lan’s birthday. Strange to say, he and Chen Lan had been together for so long but he had never met Chen Lan’s family, and he didn’t know what month he was born. Chen Lan didn’t seem to care much and when asked he would just gossip about all day, saying he couldn’t remember it, but Li PanEn didn’t care. This year, the old man was turning thirty-six years old.

Before he stepped in, he heard Chen Lan laughing.

“Chen Lan, you are such a riot. Your family’s Xiao Pian’er won’t scold you when you go back home smelling like smoke?”

“Whoever smokes here is not up to him.”

Xiao Pian’er showed up as soon as his voice fell.

Meng Chuan’s eyes were sharp, and he immediately laughed, his face had a funny look. Chen Lan was by the front door, but he didn’t see Li PanEn, and his mouth became even worse.

“He’s a little broken child that cleans me up. You look down on me.”

Li PanEn walked slowly, straightened his mouth, squinted and asked, “Who should I clean up?”

Chen Lan looked like he saw a ghost. The glasses in his hands clinked together before they fell, but Li PanEn caught them quickly.

“Why are you here? Ah no, who asked you to come here?” Chen Lan was surprised and said this harshly, but his eyes shone with happiness.

“I’m here to pick you up from work.” Li PanEn put the glasses down and nodded at Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan, as he manicured his nails, said, “Go. Someone is in a hurry to celebrate your birthday, twelve-year-old Chen Lan.” 

Chen Lan looked dumbfounded, “Birthday?”

Li PanEn knew he wouldn’t remember. He just sighed in his heart and dragged Chen Lan to the dressing room to change clothes.

When they were about to leave, Chen Lan asked, “No overtime tonight?”

“Last week, Xiao Pian’er asked for your early leave, fake baby Chen Lan.” Meng Chuan could immediately see their love. Every time Chen Lan saw Li PanEn, he had on a silly, white and sweet look. It made him want to be the head of the FFF gang1 and bring a bucket of gasoline.

“Thank you, Meng-Ge.” Li PanEn said politely.

Li PanEn had become different in the last two years compared to his teens. He had lost his childishness and become more calm. He didn’t need Chen Lan to cover him all the time.

Chen Lan was not only young in appearance, but also did not act like a person who had a thirties mentality. He had little sense of his age. At the beginning, Li PanEn, who was only 18, would not play with him, let alone have in-depth contact with him.

In the past few years, his sense of disobedience finally turned 180 degrees. Of course, all of this was based on only looking at his face.

Chen Lan seldom lamented about the time flying by like clouds and other nonsense like his peers. Except for one situation, where Li PanEn wouldn’t come to bed and this affected his entire routine. Li PanEn was used to him not having sex too often. So he told Chen Lan they would do it only when he was able. 

At the age of thirty-six, even if his appearance could cheat others, Li PanEn was still afraid that he would hurt Chen Lan by doing it too roughly. So he would often restrain himself from doing it while thinking that Chen Lan was not in a good shape to last. 

At this time, Li PanEn scolded the ageless seducer in his heart

“What did you say?” Chen Lan looked behind him.

Li PanEn came back to his senses. Did he just say something?


The two people went out the door. There was a Harley parked outside and Chen Lan’s eyes began to light up. “Is that yours?”

Li PanEn knew that he would like it. He was greatly satisfied and nodded.

“How did you get it?” Chen Lan ran over, touched it up and down, rubbing his hands over the motorcycle.

Li PanEn threw the keys to him. “The prize money from the competition.”

“Our Xiao Pian’er is so good at business. You even bought this Uncle a gift.” Chen Lan was very happy. A smile formed on his face as he turned around and straddled the bike. He put the helmet on his head easily with one hand and said boldly, “Come on! Let Uncle take you for a ride!”

Li PanEn originally planned to take Chen Lan for a ride on the bike. He had studied for several days to do so, but he couldn’t bear to interrupt Chen Lan’s happiness when he looked so excited. He obediently sat behind Chen Lan and hugged him.

He thought that a Harley was too fast. If something happened, he would protect Chen Lan and never let him get hurt. Er, forget it, Li PanEn was stunned by Chen Lan’s skillful movements and left all these ideas in the wind.

Chen Lan was good at driving. When he leaned forward and stepped on the gas pedal, all those traffic regulations became waste paper in his mind. He acted like he was an old driver.

Chen Lan was very happy. He drove to places that caught his interest and shouted into the wind, “Ah! I’m thirty-six! An old man! Xiao Pian’er’s old man! Hahaha!”


Chen Lan, like a wild bird released in the forest, grew wings and easily avoided the flow of traffic. He raised his face into the wind and his shouts were smothered. 

At that moment, Li PanEn held him in his arms and had an illusion that Chen Lan did not belong to the world. He was more like a night elf who came to the world in a magic story and incarnated as a person due to the midnight bell. Such a Chen Lan fascinated him.

The night scene of B City was famous for its beauty. It was past the point of the evening news and the streets were ablaze with neon lights, flaming trees and silver flowers. Not long ago was the Lantern Festival, so the street trees were still covered with purple lanterns. They were like the wisteria blossoms streaming through the streets like in a drama.

Chen Lan sped past two streets like the Flash.

Li PanEn’s hands tightened to keep him out of the cold wind. He felt Chen Lan’s heart beating violently with excitement and his own heart almost turned into water. He wanted to give him better, the best in the world, give everything to him, so that no one could match him, and Chen Lan would only be happy with him. At this moment, Li PanEn made a silent decision in his heart. Through Chen Lan’s laughter, he kissed the back of the other’s neck below his helmet.

Sealed, effective.

In this world, probably no one else could make him feel this way.

“Xiao Pian’er, what are you thinking?” Chen Lan asked him from the front.

“I missed you.”

“Ha, me too!”

Like the Flash, they crossed two streets but were stopped by the traffic police at the third crossing.

Li PanEn hadn’t even opened his mouth yet when Chen Lan lifted the windscreen of his helmet and said, “Uncle, I’m sorry. We are students of B University and we just came to B City for a short time. We still don’t understand the rules here, please let us go.”

… Uncle? What the hell?

Chen Lan had a very deceptive face. At this time, the heavy helmet was pressed on his head, making his shoulders look narrow and young. Originally, his voice was deep, but Chen Lan had a bit of a cold and a bad nose these past two days. In addition, he deliberately sold a cute tone. Let alone the traffic police not knowing him, even if Li PanEn himself met him in the street he would be confused.

Sure enough, the policeman who had taken out the ticket, put it back. He blushed and said, “Well, that’s, I won’t investigate if this is your first offence, but you can’t ride anymore. Go back quickly. It’s dangerous when young people don’t know how to cherish their lives.”

“You are right. We’ll go back right away. The dorm should be open for a while longer. Thank you, Uncle.” Chen Lan was about to step on the gas pedal, and was suddenly pulled by the traffic police. 

“You can’t ride.”

Chen Lan said anxiously, “If not, how can we take the bike back?” His eyes were full of helplessness in panic and grievances. He had clear emotions. This acting skill shocked Li PanEn with a small earthquake. The country owed Chen Lan an Oscar.

The traffic policeman was also very embarrassed. He touched his nose and said, “Can I call you a tow truck? Or you can push it back?”

As soon as Chen Lan heard this, he immediately said, “The tow truck costs money, and we are poor students that can’t spend that kind of money. Let’s push it back.” After that, Li PanEn was dragged down, and the two men left, holding the bike up with their hands as they slipped away.

Just out of sight of the traffic police, Chen Lan pulled Li PanEn. “Hurry up, let Uncle feel it again.”

Chen Lan didn’t take the traffic police officer seriously, but Li PanEn was determined not to let him drive. No matter how good his driving skills were, he couldn’t regulate his speed. In case if something happening to Chen Lan, he couldn’t ignore his gut feeling. Li PanEn didn’t do what Chen Lan wanted this time. He took the front seat and pointed to the back seat. His meaning was obvious.

Chen Lan smiled and sat down behind Li PanEn generously, “Okay. Take Uncle for a ride.”

Li PanEn was afraid that Chen Lan would be upset. It seemed that he wanted to do more. Li PanEn’s heart suddenly fell into a mess.

His speed was not fast and it was almost like riding a donkey. It was staggering and sometimes they turned a corner. At this time, there was no one on the street. The moon peeped out from behind the treetops. There was a light shadow of the moon on the asphalt road, like a piece of silver frost. Li PanEn’s heart started to pound and he turned to kiss him, but both of them were wearing safety helmets. The obstacle was too big, so he lightly pressed against Chen Lan’s safety helmet with his own.

Chen Lan didn’t understand what he meant. He thought he was being called. He raised his hand and lifted the windshield up. He smiled and said, “What’s the matter? Are you hungry?”

He was wearing a big helmet, and his bangs were pressed against his eyebrows. Li PanEn looked at his eyes, which were bright with excitement. Somewhere in the bottom of his heart, like a fire, suddenly lit up with intense feelings. “Hungry.”

“Then what shall we eat?” Chen Lan leaned his head on Li PanEn’s shoulder, swinging his legs as he thought seriously.

Almost home, not far away was the park, Li PanEn suddenly stopped the bike, and took off his helmet. Chen Lan turned his head and looked puzzled. Li PanEn didn’t speak as he took off the other’s helmet for him. During that time, he carefully rubbed Chen Lan’s ears.

“What’s the matter?” Before Chen Lan could ask, he saw Li PanEn bowing and their lips coming together.

There were no people, the time was perfect but the location… Oh well, it may be a little out of line, but he’d done a lot of things out of line today, which were worse.

… The child wanted that. Chen Lan understood and felt a little happy. He put his hands around his lover’s neck and plunged himself into the long kiss.

Li PanEn was much bigger in size than Chen Lan, so his arm was enough to completely wrap around Chen Lan’s thin waist, while his other arm reached under Chen Lan’s shirt. Chen Lan’s body was very soft, and his skin was so tender that it almost felt like it was covered in a layer of water. After being subjected to a cold breeze for the whole night, Li PanEn’s hands were dry and cold. The roughness of his fingers brushed over Chen Lan’s soft and smooth skin, magnifying the sensation of touch and the both of them were greatly stimulated.

Some spring insects were chirping in the bushes, but even they couldn’t cover up their blush-inducing movements in the silent garden. Plus, Chen Lan was never one to suppress his moans. On the contrary, he liked to moan right beside Xiao Pian’er’s ear, since that would give him a straight-forward feedback of how much he liked every thrust.

What’s amazing was that his Xiao Pian’er had already been stimulated by him for six years, but he still didn’t learn a thing. How big a response he had when he first heard Chen Lan’s moans? Well, his reactions only magnified and never shrunk even after the first time. 

Li PanEn was a doer, he didn’t like to talk much when in the midst of sex. When stimulated, he would turn into a pile driver, working even harder in his thrusts until Chen Lan’s whimpers would begin to turn more intermittent. However, that was also what Chen Lan liked about him.

The Harley made an unbearable squeak. As they were right in the middle of it, a flashlight came across them from a short distance away.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” It must be the patrolling security guard of the park.

Chen Lan had been rudely snapped out of the pleasantness of reaching his climax, and even though his throat was sore, he sounded even fiercer than the patrolling guard as he replied, “What’s there to fuss about? Have you never seen people having sex?”

The guard obviously didn’t expect to find two men doing it. He stumbled a bit, then quickly ran away with an expression that screamed, ‘What the fuck?’

“Xiao Pian’er, your uncle is so hot inside…” Chen Lan’s eyes were blurred, he rubbed Li PanEn’s cheek with his chin as he said those words. He also shook his waist a bit, showing a dissatisfied expression of ‘why aren’t you moving’ on his face.

“! ! !”

Of course his Xiao Pian’er wouldn’t just stand idly around with the teasing. Without saying anything, he pressed Chen Lan down on the Harley’s seat. He had but one goal: fuck till death.

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Translator Notes:

  1. FFF gang is the bunch of people in shinigami-like clothings that appeared in the anime Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. They comes out whenever they see hetero-couples being lovey-dovey at school. They’d usually burn the guy lol


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