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Chapter 73
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Translations

That night Ouyang Long returned home very late. The second he got into their bedroom, he saw Su Nuo leaning on the bed headboard with a book on his lap. His head was tilting to the side and he was asleep.

How come he wasn’t afraid of getting neck pain? Mr. Director laughed, he lifted him up and placed his head on the pillow.

“You’re back,” Su Nuo said as he rubbed his eyes, he seemed to be in a daze.

“Hmn. Get some rest.” Ouyang Long kissed his cheeks, “I’m going to take a bath.”

“How are Director Zhong and the others?” Su Nuo asked.

“they are both fine, don’t worry.” Ouyang Long pulled up the blanket for him and said, “It’s very late already, sleep.”

“I’ll go warm a glass of milk for you.” Su XiaoNuo climbed up hazily, how loving!

“I can do that myself.” Ouyang Long stopped him, “Sleep.”

“Then I can give you a massage.” Su Nuo hugged the blanket and complained.

Ouyang Long extended his hand and pinched his nose.

You couldn’t even keep your eyes open, don’t even talk about massaging.

The sounds of water came from the bathroom, Su Nuo yawned while pinching himself.

“Hck!” It hurts! That made him wake up a bit.

Giving a massage to his boyfriend that was home late was something that must happen! That can enhance their relationship after all!

“How are you still not sleeping?” Ouyang Long returned to the bedroom to dry his hair, that was when he saw Su Nuo extending his own body.

“Waiting for you.” Su Nuo hugged the blanket and sat up.

“Why wait for me?” Ouyang Long lifted the blanket and climbed into bed.

Of course to get some entanglements!! Though they were both too exhausted to do “Bleep1”, something like French kisses were completely doable!

“I can massage your back.” Su Nuo kneeled beside Ouyang Long.

Ouyang Long didn’t object to it anymore, he lied down and closed his eyes.

“Wait, take off your clothes first!” Su Nuo pulled Ouyang Long’s pajamas.

“There’s no need to take it so seriously.” Ouyang Long had been working for the entire day, so all he wanted to do was to lie down and not move an inch.

“Take it off!” If you don’t take it off, how can I put on the oil! I must be professional in doing things like giving a massage! Su Nuo was very stubborn about it!

Mr. Director didn’t have another choice, so he cooperated, letting Su Nuo pulled his pajamas off.

My man’s statue is just so awesome! Even the muscles on his back are a sight to behold! It’s definitely way better than that Qiu ZiYan! Su Nuo praised him again and again in his heart! Then he squeezed out some therapeutic oil and warmed it by rubbing it in his own hands, then he gently rubbed it on Ouyang Long’s shoulder blades.

Though Su Nuo wasn’t strong, the gentle massaging was very comfortable. Ouyang Long relaxed his own body and thought, his little idiot was such a good boy!

After five minutes, Su Nuo found it hard to keep his eyelids open, he was just too sleepy! It was as if a slumber spell was casted on everyone of his cells, the strength on his hands turned weaker as well. Finally, massaging turned into something more like gentle rubbing!

Ouyang Long was a bit weirded out by it, so he turned his head back. The result was, he immediately laughed.

Su XiaoNuo’s eyes were closed, he looked like he was drunk and dizzy, his mouth was slightly opened, it was as if he could plant his face down on his back in any given moment.

“Sleep.” Ouyang Long pulled him into his embrace and brought him back into the cozy blanket.

“You don’t want a massage anymore?” Su Nuo asked half-asleep, he didn’t even open his eyes.

“Nope, I don’t want one. Now, good night.” Ouyang Long pecked on Su Nuo’s cheek, “I love you.”

“Hmn. I love you too.” Even though he was about to sink into a deep sleep, Su Nuo wasn’t going to let go of the chance of a heartfelt confession!

“How much do you love me?” Ouyang Long asked.

“Super-duper loves you.” Su Nuo buried his head into Ouyang Long’s chest.

“And if you compare it to your love for your brother?” Though that was a bit mean…… Mr. Director really wanted to know!

Su XiaoNuo choked a little, he didn’t answer.

“You don’t want to say?” Ouyang Long poked his butt cheeks.

Su XiaoNuo mumbled, “If your mum and I fell into the river together, who would you save first?”


“Answer me!” Su Nuo poked Ouyang Long’s testis in return.

Then he got a bunch of kissed from Mr. Director!

Su XiaoNuo was really happy, he didn’t only win the fight, he got lots of French kisses in return!

This is just the best!

As they were worried about Mu Qiu and ZhongLi FengBai, the next morning, they woke up very early. Since reporters were going to be ambushing near the hospital, in order to avoid getting seen going to the hospital together, Ouyang Long drove to the hospital alone. Su Nuo went back to the company to pick up Dai An first and drove to the hospital.

In the hospital ward, ZhongLi FengBai was sitting beside the bed Mu Qiu was lying on, he held onto his hand the whole time.

“The doctor also said that he will be fine, you don’t have to be so worried.” Mama Zhong comforted him.

“I know.” ZhongLi FengBai’s voice was coarse, “Mum, you can go home and get some rest. You stayed here with me for the entire night, you must be tired.”

“How can I possibly sleep seeing you like this?” Mama Zhong sighed.

“I’m really fine.” ZhongLi FengBai stood up, “I will ask my assistant to send you home, is that okay?”

“Aunty, I will drove you back.” The assistant was smart, she immediately walked forward to support Mama Zhong, “The hotel is right next to the hospital. If you want to come and see Director Zhong, you can come here anytime.”

“Then I will be waiting for you at home, I’ll make you some soup,” Mama Zhong said.

ZhongLi FengBai nodded, then he saw his mother off, then went back to the ward.

Last night, Mu Qiu only woke up for less than an hour, then he fell asleep again. Though the doctor said he will be fine, ZhongLi FengBai was still very worried.

No matter how warm the ward actually was, ZhongLi FengBai’s fingertips were still completely cold. The corners of ZhongLi FengBai’s eyes were red, he couldn’t hold his tears in anymore.

“Please be okay.” ZhongLi FengBai buried his face in Mu Qiu’s palm, his shoulders trembled slightly.

“Don’t cry.” Mu Qiu’s voice was weak.

ZhongLi FengBai froze, he raised his head up to look at him.

Mu Qiu smiled at him, his complexion looked pale though.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” ZhongLi FengBai asked.

“Cold.” Mu Qiu’s lips were purple.

“The doctor said you lost too much blood, so you will feel cold.” ZhongLi FengBai pulled up the blanket a bit more, then pressed the calling button behind the bed.

Mu Qiu’s eyelids sank, gradually they closed again.

ZhongLi FengBai kissed his hand and said, “Please, don’t fall asleep just yet. Wait for the doctor to come and examine you.”

Mu Qiu didn’t reply him, his breathing turned long and soft.

“what’s wrong?” the doctor on duty opened the door and walked in.

“He just woke up just now, but he fell asleep again.” ZhongLi FengBai was worried, “Will he be fine?’

“This is normal, you don’t have to worry.” The doctor stood beside the bed and added, “But you really should get some rest.”

“I’m fine.” ZhongLi FengBai was really stubborn.

“We have the best medical staffs, we’ll take good care of Mr. Mu Qiu.” The doctor comforted him.

“I really don’t need rest, thank you.” ZhongLi FengBai pulled the curtains open to let the sun in, hoping to make the ward warmer.

So, the doctor could only sigh in his heart, such a touching scene!

In the company, Dai An was sitting behind the desk and confirming Su Nuo’s recent work schedule.

“When can we go to see Director Zhong?” Su Nuo mumbled behind him the tenth time already.

“I have to finish my job first,” Dai An said. His eyes never moved away from the computer screen, “Do you still remember that starting tomorrow, you have three days of photoshoot to advertise the high-end estate up on the hill?”

“Of course, I remember.” Su Nuo sat on the desak and ate his corn, “I’m very professional!!”

“I wonder who forgot last time that he had a job last time and went to the countrysides for a BBQ?” When he mentioned that, Dai An just found it unbelievable, he was just going to have some roasted lamb, but he went all the way to the countryside and ate it in front of the bonfire?!

“That’s just one time!” Su Nuo fought back.

“What about the time when you were walking a fashion show, then you began thinking about boiled fish? You almost fell off the walkway!” When it came to Su Nuo’s cringe-worthy histories, Dai An knew a whole lot!

“That’s because you didn’t let me eat anything the night before!” Su Nuo was very angry, he thought, Dai An didn’t have the right to scold him about that!

“What if you got fat from eating a bunch of food?” On the subject, Dai An lifted up his clothes and examined, “You can’t have any fat at your stomach. You should only eat vegetables tonight, I’ll monitor you, don’t you dare run away!”

Su XiaoNuo held the corn in his hand, he immediately felt depressed.

Ai Fei is just so mean and unreasonable, how could Su Nuo not eat any meat?

Dai An continued to work, he sent a bunch of emails.

Su Nuo sighed as he ate the corn, he sighed very frequently.

Eating only vegetables…



Five minutes later, the manager lied on the table and admitted defeat, “Please, I beg you. Just go to the sofa and quietly read a book, let me work in peace.”


“We’ll go have a seafood dinner tonight.”

Hahaha! Yes! Su Nuo succeeded, and he immediately stopped making any more noises. He sat on the sofa to message his handsome boyfriend, he asked about Mu Qiu’s current condition.

Ouyang Long messaged back very quickly, “Both Director Zhong and Mu Qiu are fine, don’t worry.”

Su Nuo took a sigh of relief, he searched around the forum. As expected, the forums were dominated by news about ZhongLi FengBai. The titles were all overly exaggerated, the scariest one was a post called “Heavens-shaking Reveal, ZhongLi FengBai’s Mysterious Boyfriend is From Outer Space”, it was even the hottest post on the forum!

The author’s imagination was off the charts, in the post, Mu Qiu was described as a prince from another planet. One day, he was soaring the cosmos on a gold carriage pulled by a gold flying horse. Without intending to, he caught a glimpse of the cold and elegant ZhongLi FengBai on earth. From that moment onwards, he had fallen in love. In order to win the beauty’s heart, he gave up on the throne, his fortune, and his life to live on Earth as a lowly company director!

Such a moving story!

Many netizens commented on the post, saying how heart-wrenching the love story was, and that they deserved everyone’s blessing!

However, can love be completely smooth-sailing?! Of course not! They must endure hardships, they must face separation, only that could show the strength of their great love!

Mu Qiu was just too handsome, so many princesses from different planets secretly loved him! Amongst all the admirers, the evillest one of them all was the tentacle princess of the tentacle planet. In order to get Mu Qiu, she went completely off the rails! And the assault on Mu Qiu this time was due to her as well, it was because of the flames of jealousy in the princess’s heart!

You people thought those were just some thugs?

You people are too naïve!

Those are the tentacle planet’s royal army force!

As a holy prince of an empire, it was a simple task for Mu Qiu to fight those sticky creatures! However, to protect ZhongLi FengBai, he decisively gave up on his own life by placing the protective stone he had on ZhongLi FengBai instead!

The holy stone glowed with eye-blinding gold light, forming a strong barrier around ZhongLi FengBai. The barrier was just like his lover’s strong arms, protecting him from all harm!

“No!” Seeing his lover wrapped in the sticky fluids and the tentacles, Director Zhong screamed at the top of his lungs, “Please, let me out of here. I want to die together with you! If anything happened to you, how would I be able to live the rest of my life alone?! Even time and earth have their ends, but this sorrow, this hate will forever linger!”

Even Su Nuo was triggered by this, he even forgot to eat his corn!

This kind of off the rails story was just too much, normal people would never be able to accept it!

“Okay. Let’s go.” Dai An closed his laptop, then he was shocked by Su Nuo’s expression, “What’s wrong?”

“Your king is a bit dizzy, can you come and help me a bit?” Su Nuo reached his trembling hand out.

“Did you eat something bad?” Dai An asked worryingly.

“……” Not that! Su Nuo screamed in his heart! He’d never do anything so inelegant, such as eating something bad!

“There will be a bunch of reporters later, you can choose to not reply their questions.” Dai An carefully reminded him, “You also can’t smile to them!”

“Hmn.” Su Nuo hadn’t pretend to be indifferent for a long time, so he tried pretending in front of the mirror. He looked at himself in the mirror, then he felt that it was just like he used to be before, he looked like he was completely indifferent to the world!

Then he couldn’t help but take a few more glances!

Yes, the feeling of royalty!

Hahaha! This is too perfect! He hadn’t lost the touch at all!

Everyone will have to praise me!

Dai An felt like all the strength were sucked out of his body. He stood on the sides, looking at Su Nuo moving around in front of the mirror.

Can someone tell him, how this little idiot got to become a super idol?

This is completely unscientific!

“Mr. Dai” ZhongLi FengBai’s assistant called.

“What is it?” Dai An asked.

Su Nuo was immediately very tense. If everything was fine, why would he call us? Don’t tell me something happened to Mu Qiu!

Maybe he had lost all his memories?

Cough, cough! A child’s words are innocent, they don’t count!

That will never happen!

The assistant said, Mu Qiu had already woken up, he was also in good conditions. As such, Director Zhong didn’t want to see anyone for now.” After a few seconds, Dai An hung the phone up and said, “We might have to go on another day.”

Going on another day was fine, as long as he didn’t lose his memories, then everything was fine……

Su XiaoNuo took a deep breath!

In the hospital ward, ZhongLi FengBai was using a spoon to feed Mu Qiu some water.

“Go to sleep.” Mu Qiu’s voice was small.

“No, it’s fine. I will stay here with you.” ZhongLi FengBai helped Mu Qiu wiped his mouth.

“I;m fine. You should go get some rest.” Mu Qiu’s voice was still very weak. Mu Qiu didn’t remember hos long he had been unconscious, but he did remember that every time he woke up, someone was beside him.

“I know you are fine, but I’m also fine.” ZhongLi FengBai grabbed Mu Qiu’s hand, “My mum made fish soup. You should have some, it will help your body recover.”

“When did my mother-in-law came?” Mu Qiu sounded very shocked when he heard that.

“Last night,” ZhongLi FengBai answered.

“……” Their first meeting was because he fainted from fighting with thugs, that was just too tragic! Director Mu found himself very unlucky.

“When you were unconscious, the doctor told me that you might lose some of your memories.” ZhongLi FengBai wanted to laugh but also cry at the same time.

“You don’t have to listen to his nonsense.” Mu Qiu grabbed ZhongLi FengBai’s hand back, “I might forget others, but I will never forget you. Do you know how hard it was for me to finally trick you home?”

ZhongLi FengBai’s eyes turned red, he pulled Mu Qiu’s hand to his own mouth and landed a kiss there.

“What did you think when the doctor told you that?” Mu Qiu asked.

“If you really forgot about me, then we can just die together!” ZhongLi FengBai’s way of dealing with problems was very brutal!

Mu Qiu laughed, “Well, I guess that’s good too.”

“Mu Qiu.” ZhongLi FengBai’s eyes were getting redder, “Don’t forget me.”

“Hmn.” Mu Qiu squeezed ZhongLi FengBai’s fingers, “Idiot, I don’t really have amnesia, I’m just asking.”

“At the time, I saw you covered in blood and I thought……” ZhongLi FengBai felt suffocating, he couldn’t even finish the sentence.

“Don’t worry. I’m hard to kill.” Mu Qiu wanted to lift his hand up to wipe ZhongLi FengBai’s tears away, but he didn’t have much strength.

“You should get better soon.” ZhongLi FengBai buried his head on the bed right beside Mu Qiu’s head, “Then, we can get married after that.”

What a memorable moment this is!

Mu Qiu’s lips curled up happily.

If he knew this would happen, he didn’t even mind being stabbed a few more times!

On the other hand, Su XiaoNuo’s afternoon was really boring. Firstly, because he had no work, secondly, both Han Wei and Ouyang Long were busy. Even Dai An thought he was annoying, he gave him a piece of blackcurrant lollipop and kicked Su Nuo out of the office! He was very cold and forceful.

This is obviously discrimination! Su Nuo sighed all the way as he strolled around in the company. At the end, he decided to go outside for a walk.

For a foodie like himself, a walk was of course plagued with…… eating!

It was teatime after all, he couldn’t afford to waste that!

As such, Su XiaoNuo drove Dai An’s car around and went to a famous dessert restaurant. The chocolate sweets and honey toasts there were all very, very tasty, it was a place very worthy of visiting! Though because of his statue, he couldn’t eat in the restaurant directly, getting takeout, then heating it back up at home should suffice!

With his heart and mind captivated by desserts, Su Nuo locked the car door and ran straight towards the restaurant. Then, he got hit by a bicycle…….

AHHHHHH! A traffic accident!

“Are you okay.” The one who hit him immediately pulled him up.

Of course he was not “okay”! Su Nuo screamed in his heart, did you think just because your bicycle didn’t have a motor, meant that you could not look at the streets! Bicycles could hurt people too!

His knee was hurting so much right now!

“I’m really sorry.” The person supported Su Nuo and led him to the bench on the sides, then the person carefully lifted Su Nuo’s trousers up.

Completely! Bloo!dy! Kne!e!2

“You!” Su Nuo was super angry, he thought in his heart, I still have a photoshoot tomorrow!

“I will bring you to the hospital.” The man took off his helmet and Su Nuo got a better look of the guy. He looked like a thirty-something years old male, on his cheek was a light scar. Just from the looks alone, Su Nuo knew he wasn’t a good guy!

“Never mind, never mind. Be more careful next time.” Su Nuo didn’t want the incident to get any more attention, so he shook the man’s hand off and walked towards his own car while limping.

Although, the honey toast was just a few steps away, it would be too eye-catching if he walked into the restaurant while limping and dirty. As such, he just limped back to his own car.

So much pain!

Psychological and physical pain together!

After Su Nuo got into his car, he used a piece of tissue paper to wipe the blood off. Then he called his handsome man while filled with anger, “I was hit on the road!”

“Ah?” Ouyang Long was scared, “When?”

“Just now!” Su Nuo screamed.

“What did you got hit by?” Ouyang Long felt like he sounded fine, so it was probably not a car accident.

“A bicycle!” Su Nuo glared out the window, only to find that the one who hit him was already gone!

How so very lowly!

“Are you okay?” Ouyang Long was helpless but also had a headache, he was just not together with him for a few hours, how could he get himself into trouble so soon?

“My knee is bleeding!” Su Nuo wanted to exaggerate and say that his “legs broke”, but he decided to give up on the idea and told the truth.

“Director, the chairman is calling for you to go back to the meeting.” Su Nuo could hear the voice of Ouyang Long’s assistant through the phone.

“You should go to the meeting.” Su Nuo immediately piped down and turned obedient, “I’m fine, I just wanted to complain to you.”

I definitely cannot affect my handsome man’s work!

I’m such a good boy. Elegant and covert, enjoy reading literature! Perfection!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Bleep is the sound when certain words are censored, so here it basically means sex. That’s what the author wrote, so I decided to put bleep here, instead of changing it.
  2. lol, this is what the author wrote. I know I can make it more suitable to English by turning it into “Completely! Bloody! Knee!” instead, but that’s the author’s image… Also, even in Chinese it looked as ridiculous as this, so it’s here to stay XD.


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