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Chapter 10: All About Love
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

T/N: Since this chapter has a bit of smut lol, I don’t want Li PanEn to say Uncle during sex, so in this chapter, uncle will be written as ‘Shu’. Actually, not all, but most lol

Chen Lan was angry because his Xiao Pian’er wasn’t letting him go to work.

“Shu is only thirty-seven years old. I’m not too old to move. Why can’t I go to work? Don’t bully your uncle just because you have stronger wings now.” Chen Lan was so angry that he grabbed several peppermint leaves from the balcony and threw them all into the hot kettle.

Li PanEn felt helpless, he turned around to hug him, “I am not letting you go to work, because I think you are too tired, you need to rest.”

His words were true. Chen Lan seemed to have hurt his health after all those incidents. His body was obviously not as good as before. He caught colds and fevers very often, and he also had to pay great attention to his diet otherwise, he would have a stomachache. Li PanEn was inseparable from him every day, his whole mind was focused on Chen Lan. Even if Chen Lan wanted to hide his condition from him, he couldn’t. He had never been under such strict control before, and he was not used to it.

Chen Lan’s expression softened after being hugged by him, “But you have just started working and your salary is not high. You can’t bear all the expenses at home.”

In the middle of the year, Li ChengHuai bought a house for the two of them in the city center. Chen Lan refused to take anything from him, but Li PanEn didn’t mind, so he reached out to take the key for Chen Lan. Chen Lan couldn’t stop Li ChengHuai giving things to his son. As such he didn’t object anymore, but he didn’t want to move in.

Li PanEn turned Chen Lan over and placed him into his arms. He said with a smile, “Two paths, we move to the house in the city center to live. I will pick you up at 12 o’clock every night on time. Or…” He delved his hand into the Chen Lan’s clothes as he kissed his ears. He exhaled hot air deliberately against Chen Lan’s ear, “I will lock you up as my personal prostitute…”

Chen Lan pulled his neck away as Li PanEn continued to tease him. He mumbled in his heart, where did this kid learn those words? His wordings were so familiar too. After a bit of thought, he remembered. Hell, weren’t those his lines?

“Little bastard, you don’t learn the good things, you only learn my chick-flirting techniques!” Chen Lan took off his own shirt smoothly and covered Li PanEn’s head with it, “See how I’ll punish you for it.”

“But I’m uncle-flirting, so it’s different. Hmm……”

At last, Chen Lan gave in. Though he didn’t say it, Chen Lan knew in his heart that Li PanEn was just showing care. This child already had the thought to completely support him financially when he was just 18 years old. He always wanted to earn money, just so that he could sleep next to him every night. Of course Chen Lan wanted to just sit back and do nothing as well. Unfortunately, for him to learn some new skills just so he could work in the day was difficult as well. Now that Li PanEn finally had the ability to realize his dreams, as his uncle, could he not give him all the support he could manage?

Li PanEn started his career in the school. Due to his excellent performances, he was even invited to teach students at a night school. After he finished teaching all his classes, it just so happened to be 11 o’clock at night. He would buy hot porridge and some bread nearby, then drive his car to pick Chen Lan up. The timing was perfect.

Now that he was a teacher, he was always dressed in a neat suit. Li PanEn was tall and he had a straight posture at all times. Whenever he got out of his car, seeing his firm eyes and his handsome face, always made Meng Chuan blush.

“I noticed that your Xiao Pian’er is very attractive lately. The more he grows, the better he looks.”

“Rubbish, of course he is, who do you think raised him?”

Even without Meng Chuan pointing it out, Chen Lan also noticed that Xiao Pian’er might have inherited Li ChengHuai’s temperament as a politician. Li PanEn was particularly suitable for wearing formal suits. At the moment, he didn’t have his tie on, the collar of his shirt was slightly opened. That made his usual abstinence dissipate, making him brimming with testosterone.

He’s going to be the death of me, Chen Lan thought.

“Is your shift over?” Li PanEn put the porridge and bread down on the table. Even his voice was sexy.

“Very soon, Xiao Lin is inside changing clothes.” The two of them were already dating for so many years, but Chen Lan was still subconsciously attracted to him, he would often lose himself as he stared at Li PanEn. Chen Lan poured him a glass of juice, then he sat on the table and ate the porridge obediently.

“Has it turned cold already? The weather’s beginning to get colder. Let’s buy a thermos lunch box tomorrow.” Li PanEn watched him eat the porridge slowly, and his satisfaction almost overflowed from his eyes.

“No, the temperature is just right,” Chen Lan picked up a piece of bread and put it in his mouth, he chewed it twice, and said, “Next time, you can just buy porridge. I’m old already, I might get very round.”

When Chen Lan said that, his face was bulging out because of the food inside his mouth. When Chen Lan said the word ‘round’, his mouth puckered a bit. Li PanEn’s heart trembled, only two words flashed in his mind, so moe!

Since the moment Li PanEn entered the bar, a man with sunglasses kept walking back and forth with a glass of wine in hand near Li PanEn. Finally, he worked up the courage and walked to the two of them. Before he could even speak, Chen Lan suddenly raised his head up, “I’m sorry, he has an owner already.”

Chen Lan chewed the bread in his mouth as he stared at the man wearing sunglasses, he looked calm and stern. The latter immediately backed away and said a soft sorry.

During the whole process, Li PanEn didn’t even move his head. He just stared at Chen Lan’s mouth, wondering whether to do it in the bedroom or the living room tonight.

“There are so many flies,” Chen Lan couldn’t resist scolding when he walked out of the bar.

Li PanEn opened the car door for him. He couldn’t help laughing. When it came to pests flocking around people, there were not any less flocking around Chen Lan, too. Even so, Li PanEn didn’t get angry about it and yet, Chen Lan was already scolding. While driving, Li PanEn glanced at Chen Lan’s white and tender cheek. He thought hatefully, how he wanted to leave a mark on him, telling the people all over the world that this person was his, so all of them should stay away from him. Once the idea was born, it suddenly became uncontrollable.

Both of them failed to hold it in till they reached home. As soon as the car stopped and entered the garage, Chen Lan’s hand moved over. Li PanEn was already teased by him on the way, so he had been hard for a long time. He immediately pulled the man over, Li PanEn moved Chen Lan’s legs apart and placed him on his lap.

The temperature in the car rose exponentially. The two kissed each other without hesitation. Li PanEn especially liked teasing Chen Lan’s waist, since it was especially sensitive there. His waist was almost like a switch. As soon as he touched it, Chen Lan’s body would shiver and he’d melt into a pool of mush. Chen Lan had no resistance to it and Li PanEn could play with him all he wanted.

At this moment, Chen Lan was dizzy from all their kissing, his clothes were half unbuttoned, and his cheeks were red. It made Li PanEn’s heart throb, and he couldn’t hold back anymore. Li PanEn bit on Chen Lan’s delicate neck, sucking out a kiss mark on his skin. The sudden jolt of pain made Chen Lan wail, he opened up his arms and clung onto Li PanEn, burying his head in Li PanEn’s chest while gasping for air.

This action aroused even more of Li PanEn’s possessiveness. He took off Chen Lan’s clothes completely, then took out the lube in the car compartment. He squeezed out a good amount of it, then quickly inserted his fingers into Chen Lan’s entrance.

“Hgn…” Chen Lan moved his head up to Li PanEn’s neck as Li PanEn licked his shoulder blades.

Li PanEn pecked on his skin from the side, while his fingers never stopped moving inside him. Chen Lan didn’t last very long with the continuous teasing. Soon, he didn’t have much strength left. Li PanEn was always a little too rushed when expanding his insides. Though of course, it was mostly because Chen Lan always flirted with him. Yet, oddly Chen Lan liked this kind of preparation that was accompanied by a bit of piercing pain, it gave him a more intense sense of being owned, that was especially true when they were doing it face-to-face, as he could see that the one with him was Xiao Pian’er. When Chen Lan looked at Li PanEn’s face, he was constantly reminded that it was his Xiao Pian’er’s sexual organ that was inside him, and that always made it easier for him to reach orgasm.

When they just got together, Chen Lan directly cummed from how painful the thrust was, which made Li PanEn suspect that he had SM tendencies. Li PanEn was very cooperative with him in this aspect. Knowing that Chen Lan liked it, he would always do his best to give him some pain, at least to an extent that won’t hurt his body.

In recent days, they did it quite frequently. So, his entrance was loose enough and opened up quite easily. With the help of the lube, the entry process was very smooth. Li PanEn held Chen Lan’s weak waist and thrusted straight to the end. He didn’t hesitate or hold back even a little, Chen Lan’s tears came out because of the pain. Even though he was always flirtatious and bold, when it came to it, he’d sob and whimper.

“Xiao Pian’er… It’s so comfortable. Shu likes it… Move faster…”

There was limited space in the front seats, so it was a bit difficult to go faster. Li PanEn picked him up and moved him to the back seats of the car. Li PanEn had not yet taken off his shirt, when he leaned down and pressed Chen Lan’s naked skin to his clothes, he almost had a strange sense that he was humiliating Chen Lan.

Chen Lan seemed to have noticed as well, he twisted his waist around and tickled Li PanEn’s chin with his feet. His tone was seductive, “Professor Li… What should I do next? Your student doesn’t know…”

As soon as those words came out, blood rushed up to his brain and Li PanEn’s scalp felt numb. He grabbed Chen Lan’s ankle and dragged the man over. Pulling his buttcheeks apart slightly with both hands, he rammed into him hard.

“If you don’t know. Your professor can teach you…”

“Ah…Xiao Pian’er… Slow down…ahh… ”

Every time they had sex, they would do it until both of them were satisfied. Li PanEn released in him twice this time. At the end, Chen Lan didn’t have any strength left, so he pretended to have fainted. Li PanEn wrapped him up in his clothes, then carried him back.

The house given by Li ChengHuai was very large, it was much more spacious than the place where they used to live in before. There was a separate bathroom connected to the main bedroom. Li PanEn filled the bathtub with hot water and was going to put Chen Lan in for cleaning. At that time, Chen Lan wasn’t his usual bold self, instead, he was like a child who was afraid of drowning. He held onto Li PanEn’s arm tightly, fearing that he might drown in it.

Chen Lan was still awake when they entered the elevator. But as soon as they entered the house, he really did fall asleep. The things that happened afterwards were all out of reflex. Li PanEn found it a bit strange. He noticed this phenomenon quite a few times. Chen Lan seemed to be a little afraid of water. There was no bathtub in their old place, so maybe he just didn’t notice at that time. Later, when Li PanEn was tidying Chen Lan’s clothes, he found two sets of swimming trunks in the wardrobe. He remembered that Chen Lan had taken him to swim before. According to reason, he was not afraid of water to this extent.

When Chen Lan woke up, Li PanEn asked him about it. Chen Lan thought about it, and began to talk nonsense about how a horror movie he saw was so lifelike that it left a scar. Li PanEn nodded on the surface, but began to mutter in the bottom of his heart. He had come up with a pattern now. As long as Chen Lan started to change the subject, it meant that he had asked something important.

Towards the end of the year, a message came from Li ChengHuai. The Lu brothers were arrested for drug trafficking abroad, and they were sent back to China. They were just handed over to the prison in city B. After Li PanEn got the news, he paid them a visit behind Chen Lan’s back in the name of visiting his father’s old friends.

Some things he had to know—for example, why Chen Lan pleaded guilty in the first place, and what he had experienced during his time in prison.

Lu ZongZe thought it would be Chen Lan who would come to see him, but when he came out, he saw such a young man with cold eyes. He narrowed his eyes and recognised that this was Chen Lan’s lover.

“To make a long story short,” said Li PanEn. “I’m here to negotiate with you.”

Lu ZongZe had shaved his head. When he raised his head up, his eyes were full of wrinkles, “You want to know about Chen Lan.”

Li PanEn said, “Yes, I can do something about you and your brother’s sentence. You know I have this ability.”

Lu ZongZe looked at him suspiciously. He had heard about Li PanEn’s father a long time ago, which was why they only dared to make a move against Chen Lan. Li PanEn’s words were very attractive. If they can get Chen Lan out in good condition. It seems that it’s not difficult to reduce their sentence.

“Why do you want to do that?”

Li PanEn lowered his eyes and spoke slowly, “Chen Lan is afraid of water. He curls up unconsciously at night and wakes up in the middle of the night. When I’m not at home, he turns on the light to sleep. He was not like this before. He is afraid. As for the reason, I think you know better than me?” Then he looked up at Lu ZongZe.

Lu ZongZe’s face suddenly turned ugly. After struggling for a long time, he said, “Those things are put in Tao Qing’s place. You can go to him for them.”

Li PanEn removed the camouflage in his eyes and they turned sharp in an instant, “Thank you for your generosity.”

Lu ZongZe’s eyes darkened, “What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything. You can keep rotting away here in prison. I will try to get people to sentence you to life imprisonment and to never reduce your sentence.”

“You…” Lu ZongZe’s eyes were about to pop out.

Li PanEn turned his head and sneered, “When you started hurting Chen Lan, you should have considered whether you had the ability to bear the consequences. Now it seems that you do not.”

“I gave you everything!”

“Yes, I’ll turn it over to the police after reading it. Framing someone like that, I don’t know how heavy the sentence will be,” Li PanEn finished, as if he didn’t want to say another word to him, and he left.

At night, when Chen Lan got off work, he saw his Xiao Pian’er staring at him with reddened eyes, as if he had been bullied by someone. Chen Lan was immediately frightened, and hurriedly went up to touch his face, “Xiao Pian’er, what’s wrong with you? Who bullied you?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Lan was pulled into his arms. Chen Lan was a little confused. His eyes then fell on a file bag in front of the car window; that made Chen Lan even more puzzled. He patted Xiao Pian’er on the shoulder and comforted him, “Is that your teaching rating this year? You didn’t pass? It doesn’t matter. There’s still next year. You’re still young and don’t worry about it…Hmn.”

Li PanEn seldom kissed him so hard, as if he was almost gnawing on Chen Lan’s lips. He was predatory, and Chen Lan couldn’t breathe when he kissed so hard. Chen Lan didn’t know what was wrong with him. He mustered enough strength to push Li PanEn’s shoulder and as he did that, he felt watery liquid on his hand. Li PanEn was crying. Chen Lan panicked completely, stood up and pushed him away, holding his head, “What’s the matter with you? Tell uncle who bullied you.”

Li PanEn did not get angry. He changed to holding Chen Lan gently, as if he was carefully holding some rare treasure. His voice was hoarse, “Chen Lan… Chen ZiXi.”

“Hmn?” Chen Lan answered immediately.

However, Li PanEn didn’t speak any more. He had too much to say in his mind, about the recording pen, about the photos, about the confession… At that time, he only knew that Chen Lan was framed, but he never thought that the truth was like this. Now, when speaking, any language seemed pale and useless in front of Chen Lan. He couldn’t say a word. He just felt that there was a lump blocking his throat, choking him with pain.

“Later… No matter what happens, I will never leave you again, I promise.” After a while, that was the only thing he said.

Chen Lan was held in his arms and heard Li PanEn’s heartbeat thumping. He vaguely guessed what was going on, and gradually calmed down. He hugged him back and sighed, there was a smile in his voice, “Really, it’s like you don’t grow up…”

Li PanEn buried himself in his shoulder, “I don’t, I will always rely on you, I will depend on you for my whole life.”

Chen Lan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, “OK, I’ll let you stick to me…”

Li PanEn didn’t let Chen Lan see the information he brought back. He was afraid of giving Chen Lan another trauma, so he handed it directly to the police after finishing the sorting. For Chen Lan’s wounds, he could only slowly help him heal along with time. Fortunately, this time, he had enough time and patience.

In this world, there was always a way to clean up the despicable. Even if he did not interfere, no one would let them get away.

Li PanEn thought of himself as a good person, but he was not a saint. Chen Lan was his last boundary. If anyone touched him, Li PanEn would not have any compassion. Plus, compassion was only ever applicable to those who did have compassion to begin with.

Two weeks later, it was winter vacation. Li PanEn applied for a long holiday and visas. He took Chen Lan to a tropical island. While enjoying the warm sunshine, he guided Chen Lan to overcome his fear of water in the clear sea water that allowed them to see the bottom of it. When they came back from the seaside, they took a bus back to their hotel. The driver of the bus seemed to like a particular Chinese song very much. It was played all the way they were on the bus.

There were not many people on the bus. They sat in the last row side by side and watched the sea and sky that had almost the same color. The ocean breeze gently brushed past their hair, bringing along the salty taste of the sea water.

The bus drove steadily on the road. Li PanEn gently pulled Chen Lan’s head onto his shoulder to make him sleep better. He wrapped Chen Lan’s hand in his palm, then held onto it tightly.

It was dusk outside the window. The setting sun was coming close to the sea surface. He closed his eyes and finally heard part of the lyrics from the song.

“You know that my life, I will guard you alone. No matter through happiness or sadness, bitterness or sweetness, right or wrong. Accompany me to walk the long path of life, slowly and steadily, until the end of time1.”


Until the end of time.

The author has something to say:
In the middle of this chapter, there’s something deleted.

T/N: You probably know which part was deleted, don’t you? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Also, if anyone is interested:

Chen Lan 陳藍 (Chen ZiXi 陳梓錫)
Li PanEn 李爿恩 (Xiao Pian’er 小片兒)

Li ChengHuai 李承淮

Meng Chuan 孟川
Fang Meng 方盟

Lu ZongZe 陸宗澤
Lu YunSheng 陸雲生 (Qi Ye 祁夜)

Mr. Green 青爺
Zeng JianMin 曾建民

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Translator Notes:

  1. The song is probably this one: It puts me to sleep lol.


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