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Chapter 4: Ferocity of the world.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

The first prize was 10 million crystal coins, the second prize was 5 million crystal coins, the third prize was 2 million crystal coins, and the fourth prize was 1 million crystal coins. Even if it was not evaluated, there were participation prizes. The participation prize per person was several hundred coins, which was also the focus of participation.

Xie Yan opened the competition process.

First, there were preliminaries, then the semi-finals, and lastly, the final stage. The preliminary contest was live cooking, where one would send an entire video data to the organizer and enter the semi-finals through screening. The semi-finals were to be held in the provincial capitals of each star Province, where the participants would participate in the semi-finals of each star domain and make a banquet for ten people with the ingredients provided by the organizer within a limited time. For the final competition, participants needed to go to the capital star. It was not clear on how to succeed, but it was a self-explanatory process. All related costs would be borne by the organizer. There were many ways to follow up.

This form of sponsorship usually existed for the promotion of certain kinds of goods. What purpose did the sponsor have? Xie Yan didn’t want to worry about it for the moment. He saw 10 million crystal coins, 10 million!!!

The shopping pain from before could be appeased by the fact that Xie Yan could also earn money by cooking. Xie Yan listed the raw materials, ingredients, and cooking utensils for cooking as the first things he needed to buy. He placed his order and went back to the shopping website. He stood up and said to Huo Nai, “Come on, come out and work.”

Huo Nai: “…?” What? I have to work? Do you know who I am?

The idea came naturally like breathing, and then Huo Nai was shocked all of a sudden. Who am I?

When Xie Yan saw his expression, he broke through his pondering, “Don’t think you are a freeloader. Haven’t you ever heard of the most glorious job? You need to trade your labor for food.”

Huo Nai: “= 口 = !!”

He swore that no one in his life had ever told him that he needed to trade labor for food! Although he lost his memory, some things were still conditioned!

Looking at Xie Yan’s stepmother’s face of ‘no work, no food,’ Huo Nai stood up, changed his face in a second, and asked politely, “What can I do for you?”

Xie Yan nodded with satisfaction and was very satisfied with this response. After all, although he was beautiful and delicious, it was obviously not enough to keep him full. Xie Yan had a white face, so how could he do all the hard labor? He had to do what he could!

They drove down the mountain.

Xie Yan wanted to go around the mountain before, but if there was no one around, no one would be there to collect his body if he bumped into danger. Walley was a service robot, which was not suitable for such coquettish operations as field exploration. Xie Yan didn’t want to pull him out. Now that there was Huo Nai, he could go out and explore. After all, there were too few kinds of ingredients around the villa. He caught the rabbit in a trap, but he needed more meat to strengthen his muscles.

Xie Yan brought a high-voltage electric shock stick, and on his back, he was carrying a big bamboo basket. Huo Nai couldn’t stand it, so he took the bamboo basket and carried it himself.

“Isn’t your back hurt?”

“It’s no problem with this little wound.” Seeing that Xie Yan was thin and small, Huo Nai felt that he would be crushed by adding something inside. He was a little impatient.

Xie Yan felt that he was not suitable for the role of being taken care of. He lifted the corner of his mouth and said, thanks. With the electric shock stick used as a crutch, he went up the mountain

He had a badge-like item on his chest, which was recording everything, and he would edit it later. Many bloggers were making this kind of video on Earth. Xie Yan liked to watch them since they made him feel as if he went back to his childhood. Xie Yan was overjoyed by the lush grass and mushrooms on the mountain.

As a child, his parents were very busy, and so he grew up with his grandparents. Grandpa was a carpenter, and grandma was a teacher. After retirement, Grandpa didn’t like living in the city, so he lived in an old house at the foot of a mountain. The place had a pleasant climate, and many things were planted around the house. Many people would grow orchards and tea plantations to make money, but they didn’t sell all the fruit from trees. Instead, it was used to benefit the villagers. Xie Yan learned a lot from Grandpa, from what mushrooms could be eaten to wood carving, and he also went all over the mountain with Grandpa.

The whole mountain was like a treasure trove. Every time he went, there was a new harvest, and he was always looking forward to the next time he would go there. It was the happiest time in his life. He was free in body and mind and was very happy.

It’s just that time was merciless. In the process of going up the mountain, Grandpa accidentally stepped on a small stone when climbing. The man fell down and broke his legs. Xie Yan went home and was told by his neighbors that his grandfather had been sent to the hospital.

Although there was no danger to his life, after that time, Grandpa’s spirit was like a balloon with a hole in it, and it quickly deflated. He grew old at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the man became dull, forgetful, and could not even remember the way home. The family took turns to take care of him, and he died three years later.

It was the first time Xie Yan felt the magic of time. People’s aging came so fast, even beyond people’s imagination. Xie Yan revered time, loved life, cherished his health, and tried to moisten his life by being positive every day.

Alas… It was bad luck to come to this world, but it was not that bad, was it?

There were disordered footprints in the grass, and it was destroyed. Some bark of the trunk near the ground had been scratched. Obviously, the power of the animal that had caused this was not small.

“Be careful, there are boars.” Huo Nai stopped and pulled Xie Yan to his side unconsciously. He stood in front of Xie Yan with a serious expression.

“Huh?” Xie Yan looked up and found that one of the gouges was very deep while the others were shallow. It was very messy and should be a big wild boar with several little wild boars.

When he saw the traces, he was full of energy. He slapped Huo Nai heavily on the shoulder and said excitedly, “Hurry, follow them!”

Huo Nai: “???”

“It’s all meat! A natural, pollution-free, healthy boar!” Xie Yan’s excited tears were coming out. Although the fish and rabbit meat was delicious, pork was more tempting. “Let’s go!” 

He couldn’t wait as he rushed forward. He already figured out 108 ways to eat pigs. Now he was about to get them back!

Seeing his excited appearance, Huo Nai thought it was amusing. He wondered how long it had been since this little one had eaten meat. He was infected by the positive emotions radiating off of Xie Yan, and his whole person couldn’t help but get up in spirit, as he kept walking and explored the way forward.

A snake slithered among the grass. It was a viper that camouflaged into its surrounding environment and was very difficult to see clearly spot. It followed the two people in front of it, waiting for the opportunity to strike. It wanted to bite these people’s flesh with its sharp teeth, inject a toxin into their bodies, and enjoy its meal slowly.

The two seem to have no perception of it.

The snake was complacent. Its tail even slightly raised in a good mood as it thought it would eat a good meal.

“There are snakes.” Huo Nai whispered, “Be careful.”

The snake stretched its neck to attack. Huo Nai lunged forward, grabbed seven inches of the snake, and was about to use the tree to kill it when Xie Yan quickly stopped him. “Don’t!”

Huo Nai slowed down, thinking that this person didn’t understand. “This thing is very dangerous and must be killed.”

Xie Yan’s face was shocked by the violent look in the other’s eyes. “But the meat of a snake that has been dead for a while is not delicious!” 1

Huo Nai: “……” He had never seen Xie Yan’s brutality since he had woken up, and he lacked a real understanding of Xie Yan. For the first time, he saw such a concentrated and ferocious man.

Xie Yan took the snake from his hand, and Huo Nai stared at the snake. He was alert and ready to take it from his hand at any time. He was afraid that Xie Yan would be accidentally bitten and then poisoned to death.

Then he saw Xie Yan skillfully knot the snake, take out a pair of abandoned trousers from the basket, tie them at the place of the leg hole, throw the snake in, tie the top, and form a sealed pocket.

Huo Nai: “……” How can you be so skilled? How many times have you practiced this!?

Xie Yan looked at Huo Nai’s indescribable expression and said with a smile, “Snake meat is best when its skin is peeled off and then killed. Its meat is diced, fried with hot oil and chili peppers. It’s so delicious when it hits your tongue.”

“…I’ve been taught. “

After new rain on Mt. Kongshan, Xie Yan also found the Tricholoma matsutake (pine mushrooms), 2 which were very good in texture. One needed to move the pine needles, remove the Tricholoma matsutake, and recover the spot with the pine needles so that the matsutake could grow again.

There were many bamboo shoots here, and Xie Yan grabbed some fat ones and put them in the bamboo basket. Many of the bamboo shoots had been eaten by the boars.

“Look at this bamboo shoot. It’s been eaten by a boar.” Xie Yan pointed to the leftover bamboo shoots on the ground.

Huo Nai looked over and found teeth marks on the bamboo shoot. The boar’s bite power was incredible. He wanted to remind Xie Yan of this when he heard Xie Yan sigh, “How delicious! The meat of the boar is being nourished by bamboo shoots!”


Huo Nai talked to Xie Yan, who was in the same mood as if they were visiting a treasure room, and each time they got something new. Xie Yan, this guy, looked at the problems from a damn strange angle!

The swarthy boars were drinking in the shallow stream. One bigger one was dragging four smaller ones, the boar was obviously very alert while drinking water and looking around.

Xie Yan tied a rope into a clasp, and then pulled out a movable ring (think lasso), ready to capture all the wild boars. Even if he couldn’t finish eating it now, he could take it back to the corner of the villa and keep it. This kind of wild boar was rarely encountered as it was very vigilant in nature. This time, it would not be easy to let them escape and find them again. Of course, even if they ran, there would be one less.

“Are you going to tie the boar up with a knot?” Huo Nai thought Xie Yan’s behavior was a little whimsical.

“Otherwise? Do you want to kill it on the spot?” Xie Yan retorted.

The expression on Huo Nai’s face was pronounced, “Why not?” 

Xie Yan said helplessly to this monstrous Starman, “If we kill it now, we have to carry the boar back. If the smell of blood leads to other things to us, are we going to run and throw away the meat? Besides, the meat is not fresh if it has touched the air for such a long time. It’s better to drag the boar home.”

Xie Yan threw out the loop. The first time, he didn’t hold on to the rope. The rope didn’t even reach the forest, and it fell on a branch.

Xie Yan: awkward.

The second time, the rope loop fell on the ground, far away from the wild boar. The wild boar saw them at the other end of the rope, turned around, snorted, spewed out white steam, dug a hole in the ground with his hoof, and kicked out dust. The boar cubs followed their father’s buttocks and were not afraid of human beings.

Xie Yan: No, it’s obvious that Grandpa was very skilled at using it at the beginning!

The wild boar rushed over, Xie Yan threw the rope away very wisely, picked the tree beside him, and climbed up the tree. Huo Nai smiled.

“Stop smiling, hurry up!” Xie Yan didn’t expect wild boars to be so fierce. Shouldn’t they be afraid of people?! Or had wild boars touched radiation in this interstellar world and been mutated?

Huo Nai didn’t listen to his words and went towards the tree. When the wild boar was about to be successful, he stretched out his right hand and clapped it directly on its short neck. Then he dodged and let the wild boar continue to crash forward from his side.

Three steps later, the boar fell to the ground.

Xie Yan: “…!!!”

Say, are you secretly learning the 18 dragon subduing palms behind my back!

Even if this man had a good figure, why was he so skilled?! Xie Yan went up the tree so fast that when he wanted to go down, he found that his palm had been torn open, and a big piece of it was rubbed off in the middle.

His body was always holding him back.

Seeing his hesitation, Huo Nai asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing.” Xie Yan felt that there was no need for a big man to correct his feelings for this little injury. He secretly hated that he had changed into this body that could not even bear the pain. He was ready to bite his teeth and slide down. But Huo Nai seemed to see it, and he opened his arms and said, “Jump straight down.”

“I think you’ll take a step back to avoid me.” Xie Yan looked at him in silence.

“How can you look at me like that?” Ho Nai said, “Am I like that?”

Xie Yan was so moved that he thought it was right to save him. Then, he heard Huo Nai add, “If your hand is hurt, how will we eat in the next few days?”

Haha, it was for food that he was being considerate. Now, Xie Yan jumped down without hesitation and then was hugged by Huo Nai.

Xie Yan’s teeth accidentally touched Huo Nai’s cheek, making a small mark on his face, like a personal seal.


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Being a chef myself I am not that interested in food porn novels, yet I loved “I Am a Chef in the Modern Era” and this one is also very good as a novel and the way it describes foodstuff as well, the way to capture or grow it, etc. I love it! Thank you, Addis and Sulo, for offering it to us and for educating us. Now I know how to capture a snake, LOL. Just in case, should I need it. I know how to cook an alligator or a crocodile, I can only assume that the snake… Read more »

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Audry Gazali
December 4, 2019 8:42 pm

I’m starting to get impatient for the updates. 😀 This story is interesting and oh my….. it makes me hungry for chinese food. 🤤 The characters are also interesting. Thank you for choosing this story!

December 4, 2019 9:24 pm


December 4, 2019 10:18 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

December 8, 2019 11:52 pm

Thanks for the chapter! For anyone out there who thinks that the grandpa’s story is only fiction, Don’t! I have seen beloved family members become shadows of themselves after losing their mobility & source of mental challenge. Preexisting health issues aside, there is nothing more dangerous for older people than immobility, especially caused by an accident & the more mobile they are to begin with, the worst it hits them. So should a loved one get into a hospital &/or find themselves with reduced mobility, keep them active & alert by any means necessary: light exercises for the body when… Read more »

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Kill any living thing to be consumed, humanely. We are supposed to be civilised and reptiles feel pain; to pretend otherwise is arrogant ignorance. Skinning alive is disgusting on so many levels.
The Grandpa story is warm and sad too. When confidence is dented & life affected by it, elderly can give up 😢
Thanks for translating and editing.

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