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Chapter 105: Second Young Master of the QiLin Family
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The Second Young Master of the QiLin Family, Qi TianCong, had been spoilt from young. In his heart, Qi QingLin’s existence was one he had completely not understood since the beginning. Qi TianCong had a loving father and doting mother. Coupled with their identity as the QiLin Clan, it made him think that he was naturally a superior existence that overlooked everyone.

When he did a lot of things that ordinary people thought were too excessive, no one would say anything about what he had done as soon as he revealed his identity. For this reason, Qi TianCong felt quite happy and proud. He even thought that he was born with such a fate; a fate that everyone envied!

But this delight and pride was completely covered by a shadow when he first saw the man named Qi QingLin in his father’s study at fifteen years of age. Not only was he unable to rid himself of this shadow, it became more and more heavy instead and was now at the point where he was hardly able to accept it.

Only then did he realise that he had a big brother! A big brother who was exiled to the Second Moon base immediately when his mother died shortly after birthing him!!

When Qi TianCong knew that he was not the only child, the first thing he thought was whether all he had would be taken away by this man who arrived suddenly. When he knew the experiences this man had gone through, he thought, why was this man still alive? Shouldn’t he have died long ago?! Didn’t father want him to die when he threw this man into that damned place? But why was this man is still alive?! He even appeared before Qi TianCong and snatched all the property and power that belonged to him?!

Qi TianCong resented this. He even asked his mother if he could kill the man secretly. Although his mother reprimanded him on the surface, he still knew that his mother had been secretly trying to kill the damned man multiple times, but met with almost no success. At that time, he had been thinking: Why this man wouldn’t just drop dead?!

Qi TianCong’s resentment towards Qi QingLin seemed to be an innate characteristic, but what made him stop revealing his resentment and conceal it was when he finally hired someone to kill Qi TianCong, the killer disappeared without any news. Subsequently, continuous assassinations attempts were made on him for a month.

It was only until the bodyguards and shadow guards around him were completely killed and he was too afraid to sleep alone at night, that he saw his mother going to his father with red-rimmed eyes. Then, he saw his ‘big brother’ for the second time in his father’s study.

At that time, his father had slapped the table in a rage and shouted at his big brother, “You actually sent someone to assassinate your own brother!! Do you still have your humanity?! Are you even a person?!”

Qi TianCong saw his father in such a violent rage for the first time, and he was bellowing at Qi QingLin for him. Qi TianCong was happy. He thought, that man must be crying in fear in the face of his father’s fury, right? Or would he kneel down and ask for forgiveness?

What made Qi TianCong feel total disbelief was that this man just glanced at him, eying him like he was looking at a waste. Then he sneered at his father and said, “I’ve never been a person. As for my humanity? Do you think can be called a human when you put your own son in the death soldiers training base and was not the least bit concerned for hundreds of years, and when you angered your wife that had just come of age to death during the time she was in a weak state after just giving birth?”


“Don’t come asking me about something that you don’t even have.”

Qi TianCong saw that the man look at his adored father with an extremely mocking and cold gaze. Then, the man sneered at his parents and said, “You should be glad that the rules of the Qilin Clan forbids one from committing patricide and the position of the Clan Head is obtained by the capable. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind killing you first before getting my hands on the position of the Clan Head. In addition, get that shameless woman next to you to exercise come restraint. If she hires another assassin again, I will return her treatment towards me to that darling son of your a hundred thousandfold.”

“Don’t force my hand. You can’t afford to bear the consequences.”

Qi TianCong and his mother were stunned by this incomparably arrogant and merciless remark. Qi QingLin glanced at him and Qi TianCong’s legs nearly turned soft. He also saw a trace of dread in the eyes of his fearless mother. His father was angered so much by that unfilial son that he was holding his chest and his face was flushed in an extremely deep shade of red.

Since then, Qi TianCong had only dared to secretly curse his big brother to die an early death. He did not dare to be rude on the surface, and simply ignored the man completely. They had managed to live together in harmony in this manner up till now. If worst comes to worst, Qi TianCong even thought that he might as well view the property that Qi QingLin had snatched as giving alms to him. Anyway, his father’s property and power would definitely be inherited by him in the end.

A few years slowly passed in this manner, until one day when Qi QingLin could only meet people in the appearance of a Qilin due to of his bloodline. What excited Qi TianCong was that, it was rumored that that fellow would be at his weakest in the early morning of the first three days. Thus, he and his mother spent a lot of effort and finally successfully injured that person!!

Qi TianCong was radiant with delight! This was because he knew that it was not easy to recover from such a serious injury! The shadow that had been covering his head was finally going to disappear!! However, his long awaited days lasted merely one month. In the next three months, assassins continuously came after him. What made Qi TianCong feel extremely furious and scared was that those assassins never killed him. They would only devise ways and means to seriously hurt him before leaving. Several times, Qi TianCong had almost to felt death breathing down his neck.

Furthermore, the daily business of the Qilin Clan, which his mother was in charge of, was operating at a loss for three months in a row. Thus, he and his mother was horrified to realize that the man was not dead and was out for revenge!

When Qi TianCong thought that he would die from this revenge, the assassins surrounding him disappeared, and his mother’s business also took a turn for the better one sudden day. Qi TianCong was surprised as he got the news. It seemed that his eldest brother had found his predestined partner? After hearing this, Qi TianCong sneered. A predestined partner? There were still people who believed in such ridiculous words? For people of their position, women and even men were just affairs that came and went. Who would give up everything for one person?

Although Qi TianCong thought this way, he never voiced it out. He and his mother wished that Qi QingLin would only care about his partner and nothing else from then on. Then they could completely transfer the properties and assets they had in their hands away before Qi QingLin made a big move. After they were done, even if that fool Qi QingLin snatched the position of the Clan Head, he would only be getting an empty shell in the end!

Originally, everything should be perfect!!

But for some unknown reason, the most important part of the transfer of assets and property that his mother had mentioned, which was also the last part of the business, mysteriously went wrong a month ago!

There was clearly no problem in the past half year. How could something like this just have to happen before the Southern Trade Conference!? His mother had said with a smile that after the Southern Trade Conference, all the property would be transferred and Qi QingLin would only be left with a debt laden mess. But now, his mother’s face was nearly full of anger, anxiety and ferocity! So much so that his father who had trusted his mother so much was also in a towering rage last night!

As a result, Qi TianCong, who was blinded by anger, disregarded the consequences and brought his own beast, the Tiger King, to get even with Qi QingLin.

This man must have done it!!

It must be him!!

Who but him would oppose their family? Other than this wretched person, who else would do such sinister little actions behind their back!!

This person must be jealous of all his things, so he would get revenge and destroy everything Qi QingLin had!!

He, Qi TianCong, was a proud Son of Heaven. How can he allow such a thing to happen?!

Didn’t he find his predestined partner? Didn’t Qi QingLin care about his partner very much? Then Qi TianCong will expose the man’s treachery and cunning in front of his partner! Let them suspect each other and resent each other! Then he would capture that partner and humiliate him severely in front of Qi QingLin before killing him!!

In this way, Qi QingLin would not have any energy to oppose or obstruct him again! That’s right! He had the Level A+ Sandstorm Tiger King and his shadow guard! He should have done this long ago!

What Qi TianCong had never imagined was the change in Qi QingLin would be so great the third time he had met him.

Qi QingLin was still indifferent to the extreme, but was no longer like a dead man. He still looked at him like eying a waste, but there was a little more laughter and pity besides the faint anger from before. This person who would only cold snort at those talking to him now spoke in such a a sarcastic tone. Was this person still Qi QingLin?!

Just like a once ice-cold black stone sculpture that suddenly had a soul, Qi TianCong could tell that this man was more spirited than before just by looking. Perhaps, he was much happier than before.

It was just – happiness? How could this damned man have happiness?! He should have been locked up in the darkness of the secret base all his life! How could he have happiness?! How could his life get better and better when Qi TianCong and his mother were becoming more panicked every day?!

Qi TianCong, who cut an extremely sorry figure at this time, saw a man wearing the same black pajamas walking out slowly behind Qi QingLin. The man seemed to be very refined from a distance. Although he could not see his face clearly, the whole person’s temperament was very natural and affable.

Almost in an instant, Qi QingLin, who was colder than an iceberg suddenly became gentle. He looked at the black haired man with eyes that were full of care and contentment.

“Qi QingLin, you scum, bastard and unfilial son! You’ve tried to assassinate your brother, killed your mother, and even wanted to anger your father to death. You are so treasonous and heretic that you’re even inferior to a beast. You still have the face to stand here?! Aren’t afraid to defile other people’s territory?!”

Qi TianCong yelled at Qi QingLin after gnashing his teeth. The contents of the yells made the little brothers squatting in the corner of the wall tremble, let alone the house of beasts that had long sworn their allegiance. These fellows retreated to the corner of the walls almost at the same time, and then made the classic action of hugging their heads, curling their tails and balling their bodies up.

Boss Qi, you can flip out. But please don’t hurt the innocent by mistake! We are unable to bear your beating!

Qi QingLin gave a rather sinister smile the moment he heard this yell. His whole body released a great deal of murderous and violent Qi (戾气) in a moment. Even his golden eyes were bloodshot and red.

Wu Ying’s calf trembled after he had witnessed this. He scolded Qi TianCong, this pile of feces, half to death in his heart. Fuck, don’t drag Lao Zi along if you want to die! The master was in a violent rage now, and the result would be the entire Dark Street and even the whole Capital turning into ruins!!

Seeing that Qi QingLin was about to explode and commit murder, JinYu, who was standing on the balcony, rubbed his eyes and turned Qi QingLin’s face towards himself, “I say, where’s this idiot from? He’s full of nonsense even in the morning.”

When Qi QingLin was rubbed by his partner, he lost half of his fury. Then he stared at Qi TianCong and coldly snorted, “The Second Young Master of the Qilin Clan. One of the scummy piles of shit.”

Oh, it turned out that this was the legendary Second Young Master Qi…

Hearing this, JinYu narrowed his eyes. He reached out and grasped Qi QingLin’s fist. The he waved to BaoZi, DaBai, ErHei and other beasts lying in the corner.

“Little ones! Close the door and release the beasts! Fuck, Lao Zi’s most hated enemy of the people is here. Beat him to death!”

Since then, they would have to beat the Second Young Master even while eating and sleeping. When they released this idiot depended on when the idiot’s family sent the ransom. The ransom did not need to be too much – an amount that would bring the family to ruin was perfect. Fuck, you dared to bully Lao Zi’s people, Lao Zi will torment you guys to death!!

At this moment, all the people and beasts in Number 138 Beast Store, including Qi QingLin, felt a gust of evil wind and all kinds of strange chills… XiaoBao looks at the dumbstruck Second Young Master Qi and shook it’s panda’s head. This idiot, he bullied the Boss in front of their master. Let me tell you, this is more scary than bullying the master in front of Boss, okay?!

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December 3, 2019 2:32 pm

Only thing more scarier than bulling the boss in front of the master is xioabao crushing you to death with his butt alone.

December 3, 2019 10:33 pm

Oh my, I love this, showing his love and support. I love this story so much, thank you thank you thank you.

December 3, 2019 10:56 pm

It was fascinating how JinYu casually stopped Qi QingLin’s outburst, at the same time preventing the destruction of the Dark Street. It just took one rub. Yes the power of the predestined partner.
As for the second young master, who asked him to come here and disturb the morning? Serves him right.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 7, 2021 8:45 am

This contradicts Ch.22, where the Qi family’s 2nd Young Master is named Qi ShaoLin (and a Young Mistress is mentioned too, but not named). There are also missing words and order that makes it confusing. The author seems to have lost track of characters?
Anyhow, Qi whoever-brother is in big trouble; bigger if not for JY.

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