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Chapter 4: Chen Lan is Discharged from the Hospital and the Two are Separated

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Chen Lan was sent to the hospital that night. The emergency doctor couldn’t forget how terrible the face of the person who carried him in was. It looked like someone had killed his family and the death god wouldn’t let their souls go.

It took a little while before the check-up was completed. After seeing the results, the doctor couldn’t help asking, “What’s his occupation? This stomach’s condition is too scary…”

Li PanEn listened, his heartbreaking, “He’s a bartender.”

The doctor shook his head. “No wonder.”

“Doctor, how is he? Is it serious?”

“It’s really serious, I have no idea how he tolerated the pain from his stomach until now,” said the doctor. “We’ll need to operate on him right away. You’re a family member, so prepare the money.”

Li PanEn unconsciously clenched his fist and nodded.

He couldn’t just leave Chen Lan behind. When he had gone out, he hadn’t broughtanything with him. He wanted to call several students who had a good relationship with him but in the end, they were all students and didn’t have much money. After much thought, he finally called Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan, though a little bit evil, was also warm-hearted. He came without saying a word and also brought Chen Lan’s clothes.

“What happened? He was fine when he left work. ” Meng Chuan came up and asked.

Li PanEn didn’t want to talk or speak now, so he just lowered his head and kept silent. His fingernails dug into the palms of his hands as thoughts raged through his mind. Why did he get angry with Chen Lan? Why didn’t he notice Chen Lan’s abnormality earlier? Why didn’t he take care of Chen Lan? Why didn’t he give him the best in the world?

“Don’t blame yourself too much. If he sees you like this, he will be hurt again.” Meng Chuan couldn’t help but feel sorry for Li PanEn’s appearance. “Blame me. I should have advised him not to take so many orders.”

Li PanEn initially didn’t understand what he meant. Then, in that moment, the doctor came out and told him that there was alcohol in the patient’s blood and that the anesthetic had to be changed.

Li PanEn finally understood, and said stiffly, “He’s just a bartender. Why is there alcohol in his blood?”

Meng Chuan was embarrassed. Chen Lan had told him that he couldn’t tell. He said that his friend didn’t have to do it. Li PanEn noticed the clue from his expression, and he was frozen in the hospital corridor as if he was hit with a thunderbolt.

“He…with alcohol?” When he said it, his voice was shaking. No wonder Chen Lan was not happy that he had come to see him at the bar. No wonder Chen Lan took a bath and brushed his teeth first thing every time when he returned home.

Meng Chuan was afraid that he wanted to swear, so he quickly explained, “Don’t worry, he’s smart. He specializes in literary and artistic guests. He only talks. His salary is based on the number of drinks he takes. It’s easy to sell when he accompanies the guests to drink. Xiao Pian’er, Chen Lan only has you in his heart. The reason why he’s so eager to make money is because he wants you to receive a better education. He won’t do anything to harm you. Don’t hate him. He’s been working hard.”

Li PanEn’s eyes were red from this remark, and he said astringently, “I know, I just…I love him so much…”

It was late at night and they were still waiting for the emergency surgeon to arrive. The nurse was preparing Chen Lan for surgery and Li PanEn wanted to go in and accompany him, but was stopped by the doctor on duty.

“Let’s talk about the patient’s history. Which hospital did the first gastrectomy take place in?”

“Gastrectomy?” Li PanEn was confused.

“You don’t know? Are you not a family member? You can’t see that big cut in his abdomen?”

Li PanEn was dumbfounded. He really didn’t know. He was always pulled away from the topic by Chen Lan every time he mentioned it. And so he never really had a chance to ask.

“One third of his stomach has been cut out. It should have been at least five or six years since the cut. It’s not very good. I don’t know which hospital did it. If the cut looks like that, I doubt whether the person who operated on him had a license,” the doctor shook his head and said to himself, “and it doesn’t look like the cut was because of stomach disease. It looks like trauma.”

Li PanEn frowned, “Trauma?”

The doctor nodded, “It seems that he was stabbed by a sharp weapon. Has he ever been in a car accident? Or a fight?”

Li PanEn still couldn’t answer. At this moment, he realized that he knew almost nothing about Chen Lan’s past. He had never even seen Chen Lan’s ID card.

The doctor had no expectations for him to be able to answer, but he said, “I personally think it is the latter, because this degree of injury, if it was a car accident, it wouldn’t have only affected this place. He has no other traces of injuries to his body, so I’m guessing it must have been a fight.”

“Dr. Xing is here ready for the operation.” There was a sudden greeting from outside.

The doctor immediately turned around and Li PanEn was politely invited out to wait in the corridor outside.

It was late at night, and the number of people who were admitted to the hospital was still on the rise. Emergency patients were brought into the hospital with their families crying in distress.

Li PanEn didn’t move, didn’t cry or make any noise. He just sat down and didn’t say a word. His mind was in a mess but his face was as calm. Meng Chuan was afraid that he was too tense so he went to the small shop downstairs and bought him a cup of hot milk tea.

“Don’t worry, he will be okay.” Meng Chuan consoled, “Chen Lan is the most tenacious person I have ever met, and he remembers you in his heart and is reluctant to let anything happen that will affect your relationship.”

“I know,” said Li PanEn, sounding a little too calm.

Meng Chuan looked at the child and sighed in his heart. Chen Lan had done something very wrong this time.

The operation lasted for nearly four hours before Chen Lan was finally pushed out of the operation theatre at dawn. The doctor in charge of the surgery wiped off his sweat and said Chen Lan was okay, but Li PanEn was still in a bit of a trance.

Meng Chuan was relieved at last. He hadn’t slept all night. He was so tired that he didn’t even want to talk. He said good-bye to Li PanEn and went back to rest. Then he came back with some things for Chen Lan’s hospitalization. It seemed that Chen Lan wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital for a while. He also needed to be replaced by someone else at the bar.

Li PanEn stayed in front of the hospital bed, and dare not leave. He was afraid that the first thing Chen Lan would see after waking up was not his family’s Xiao Pian’er. Li PanEn was so cold and serious that neither of the two patients in the next beds dared to speak. 

He didn’t mean to be stiff, but the doctor’s words were stuck in his brain, like a steel nail, which made his heart ache. He took Chen Lan’s hand, gently pressed it against his face, closed his eyes and softly rubbed it.

“I’m sorry…”

When Chen Lan was ill, he would become very quiet. He would no longer have the appearance of having excessive energy at all. It seemed that only in times like this, he would be in his real state. He was always dishonest even when he slept during ordinary days. 

Chen Lan could make trouble with Li PanEn under the quilt, or hook his toes along his calf and play with him, like a mountain demon with endless magic power. But at this time, the old demon seemed to have lost his magic power. His eyes were closed tightly and his face was lifeless.

The nurse came to check the surgery site but Li PanEn didn’t dare to look at it. He hung his head and felt immense pain in his heart. They had been together for years, and it was Chen Lan who always worried about him, about his family, but never about himself. 

Li PanEn couldn’t take care of Chen Lan. He could only accept Chen Lan’s efforts in the name of love. Chen Lan was so kind to him that he had forgotten that two people couldn’t live by just loving each other. He had to act and he had to take care of Chen Lan. No one needed to be taken care of it was just that they <em>wanted</em> to be babied. 

Chen Lan slept all morning and woke up at lunch in a foul mood. He wanted to sleep for another 500 years but Li PanEn was distressed and dared not let him go back to sleep. He had to stay awake after anesthesia, otherwise he would hurt his brain.

“Is the wound still painful?” Li PanEn moistened his lips with a cotton swab.

Chen Lan nodded wildly, “It’s killing me. I won’t go to the hospital anymore. Everytime I come, I get my stomach opened.”


Li PanEn looked more distressed than Chen Lan did, “Does it hurt badly? Do you want me to talk to the doctor and give you some more pain medication?”

Chen Lan shook his head and laughed, “No, just kiss your uncle.”

The people on the other two beds looked away at the same time.

“When you’re healed,” Li PanEn said softly, “we can kiss as much as you like.”

The person on the left bed moved, picking up an iPad and opened a game. The person in the right bed grabbed a cup of water.

Chen Lan thought for a moment, and naughtily said, “Mnh, there’s no flavor in your mouth. You need to eat something spicy.”

The sound of ‘game over’ came from the left bed and the sound of water spraying out from the mouth came from the right bed.

Li PanEn didn’t play along with him. Instead, he picked up Chen Lan’s water glass and handed it to him, “Darling, wait until you’re discharged.”

The sound of the game got even louder from the left bed and the sound of a severe cough came from the right bed.

“It’s itchy…” Chen Lan giggled, his face pale.

After a while, Chen Lan couldn’t bear the exhaustion that weighed down upon him and went to sleep again. Li PanEn knew that he had no energy to talk because of the pain of the recent surgery. He pretended to be relaxed, but he was deeply worried about it. So he went to consult the doctor and let Chen Lan sleep till the evening.

During that time, Meng Chuan arrived with daily necessities such as a washbasin, towels and dinner for Li PanEn. In fact, he had no appetite, but he couldn’t let Chen Lan worry about him again and could only force himself to eat.

In the evening, his professor called him, and Li PanEn remembered about school. He asked for a long holiday, saying that he had to stay in the hospital to take care of his family member since they had just undergone surgery.

Chen Lan’s Xiao Pian’er seemed to have grown up overnight. Once upon a time, he was a little wayward. Now, he was just like a little loyal dog who didn’t have a tail at the back of his buttocks, who helped massage sore muscles and helped take medicine.

It was like he suddenly found it fun to take care of Chen Lan. The little loyal dog was always very busy, but Chen Lan felt it was abnormal. One day when Li PanEn fed him porridge and collected the bowl, Chen Lan, who couldn’t bear it any longer, finally stopped him, “Xiao Pian’er.”

Li PanEn looked back nervously. “What’s the matter? Does the wound hurt again?”

Chen Lan’s expression was complicated. He looked at Li PanEn with guilt in his eyes, “Did I frighten you? Don’t worry, Uncle is in good health. This time was just an accident. Don’t be afraid.” Then he reached for his head.

Li PanEn was stunned at first, and then he felt a sour feeling in his nose. He bent over and held Chen Lan in his arms. He whispered, “I’m not afraid. I’m just worried that I can’t take care of you well. I’m tired. I didn’t understand before. You can give me more time and I’ll learn slowly. If I make you uncomfortable later, would you please tell me? I want to know.”

Hearing this, Chen Lan was surprised and moved. The child had now really grown up and knew about the pains in life. Not wanting to be like a normal sick person who cried, Chen Lan quickly buried his head into his family’s shoulder, “Really? Uncle is uncomfortable now.”

Li PanEn said, “What’s wrong?”

Chen Lan moved to his ear with tears in his eyes, and opened his mouth with a perverted comment in a dignified way, “It’s uncomfortable below.”


After being taken good care of by his dog for a week, Chen Lan finally regained some energy to move around. And Li PanEn dared to ask him about the scar on his stomach.

“Oh, I fell down from my bike and fell on some construction waste near the construction site,” Chen Lan said. “The glass pieces were really long that one of it went through directly.”

Li PanEn was skeptical. “It happened when I finished the college entrance examination?”

Chen Lan nodded, “I was afraid it would delay your exams, so I didn’t tell you.”

Li PanEn’s heart warmed, “So you didn’t abandon me. You were injured but couldn’t find me, right?”

“How could Uncle ignore you?” Chen Lan touched his head, “At that time you changed your cell phone number. I couldn’t find you, and went to B city, I didn’t expect to meet you. It was coincidental.”

Finally learning the truth after all these years, Li PanEn was moved but felt guilty. He didn’t know Chen Lan was hurt. When they met again, he had punched Chen Lan. Thinking about it, he had been so naive. 

In fact, he also wanted to ask Chen Lan about his family, but he was afraid of touching the sad things in Chen Lan’s life. Even as he thought about it, if Chen Lan wanted to say it, he would always say it, and so Li PanEn decided he could wait.

After staying in the hospital for half a month, Chen Lan said that he didn’t want to stay any longer and made a big fuss about wanting to get out of this place. Li PanEn couldn’t help but ask the doctor. The doctor didn’t want to approve, but Chen Lan was in a good mental state. Because of active cooperation, he recovered better than other patients. In addition, the complaints from the left and right adjacent beds made the doctor embarrassed, so he had to reluctantly agree. He just asked him to take medicine on time and take care of his condition after being discharged.

Being back home after weeks of absence, Chen Lan felt very nostalgic. The house was a mess, pickled vegetables on the table were moldy, and there was a bad smell in the air. Chen Lan was about to clean with a mop, but he was stopped by Xiao Pian’er who drove the man to bed and gave him a pillow to play with.

“I’ll do it. Don’t move.”

Chen Lan was very happy and did not refuse to be treated like the emperor. He stayed in bed and enjoyed Xiao Pian’er’s kindness to him. Li PanEn cleaned the table and wiped the floor, washed the clothes and took them to the balcony to air dry. 

Li PanEn had good body proportions, exercised frequently, and had tight muscles. When he was in his first year of college, he had a scout approach him to ask him to be a model. He was scolded by Chen Lan and fled. It was a joke. But he told Xiao Pian’er he could only show his body to him alone.

The weather was very good and the sun was shining down. Li PanEn, on the balcony, looked like he had sprinkled gold powder all over his body. His waistline was visible through his translucent shirt, and it looked like he was starring in an MV.

It was a body worthy of the child he had raised.

Maybe Chen Lan’s action of swallowing saliva was too obvious. Li PanEn’s eyes narrowed slightly and turned to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Chen Lan’s eyes narrowed with a smile, “Xiao Pian’er, do you think uncle’s current treatment is very similar to someone else?”

Li PanEn’s attention was written on his face. “What?”

“The Emperor,” Chen Lan sat up, “with three thousand beauties by his side.”

He had just finished and Li PanEn’s eyes narrowed further. Chen Lan was secretly pleased, as expected.

Li PanEn went to his ear and kissed him, “You want three thousand beauties?”

“Who doesn’t want to?” Then Chen Lan knelt and straightened with humor in his eyes.

Li PanEn’s eyes darkened, and he reached for Chen Lan’s face, “Wait a bit. I’ll let you feel what it’s like to be with three thousand beauties.”

Chen Lan, who had been flirting for a long time, felt like he was stupid.

“I’ll take a bath.” Li PanEn interrupted the hot gaze and went to the bathroom.

Chen Lan was lying on the bed, thinking that he was really sinful. He had lived such a hard-working monk’s life for another month and he didn’t want to wait any longer.

Unfortunately, a few days later, the school called, and the professor told Li PanEn that there was an academic exchange meeting in C City, where he could take a student over. Li PanEn was the proud disciple of the professor, and he wanted to take him.

Li PanEn was worried about Chen Lan’s body and hesitated for a while. Unexpectedly, Chen Lan’s ears were sharp, and he told him to get out of the house with a wave of his hand. In this way, Li PanEn, with his luggage in hand, embarked on the plane to C City with his Professor.

After he left, Chen Lan slept at home for another two days. Xiao Pian’er was not there and the rooms were empty so he was bored. He felt like an old man in an empty nest. On the third day, he could not bear it and packed up before running to the Queen’s bar.

“Oh, look who’s here?” Fang Meng saw him first.

Having not been there for more than half a month. There were some new changes in the bar, the color of the spotlight was changed, a few new chairs had been added, and the alcohol selection had been renewed.

“So when I wasn’t here, you’ve had a good time.”

Meng Chuan heard the voice, ran out from the back room with a box of rice, saw Chen Lan, and immediately showed his disgusted expression. “I also said that you needed to get rest after that day, but it’s been long enough, right? Hurry and get back to work.”

Chen Lan said with a smile, “Meng-ge is demanding. How dare I not do it?”

Chen Lan stayed that night and he had to practice for a few days. When mixing cocktails, his hands were a little raw, and he almost dropped his glasses. Just after ten o’clock in the evening, Qi Ye came to see him with a smile on his face.

“I heard you were ill? Are you all right now?”

This person hadn’t been scared away by his attitude last time. Chen Lan felt this in his heart and said, “I’m better.”

“That was your boyfriend that day?” Qi Ye felt this was not taboo.

Chen Lan was happy to think of Xiao Pian’er. Qi Ye got the right topic. “Yeah, we’ve been together for six years.”

“That’s rare,” Qi Ye put down his glass. “Those in our group usually don’t have a fixed partner.”

When Chen Lan noticed that he used the word ‘our,’ he was shocked. Did he just admit that he was gay?

Qi Ye read his eyes and smiled softly, “You don’t need to be so alert towards me. I admit I’m interested in you, but I won’t destroy other people’s lives. What’s more, it’s obvious,” shrugged, and continued to laugh, “you’re a bottom.”

Chen Lan relaxed and felt that the previous deliberate targeting was a bit unscrupulous. After all, the other side didn’t do anything to him. Chen Lan didn’t like to owe people, so he took out his old lines and started treating the other side a little better.

In the middle of the conversation, Fang Meng ran out and said that Chen Lan’s mobile phone was ringing, it was Xiao Pian’er.

Chen Lan was stunned. If he called at this time of the night, he must have something urgent to say. He wiped his hands in a hurry to answer the phone. Qi Ye stopped him and said, “Don’t you think you should go to a place that’s more private?”

This was a wake-up call for Chen Lan. His wound was not completely healed and yet he still had snuck out of the house. With that child’s character, he would worry to death. So he smiled kindly and went to the break room with his mobile phone in hand.

Qi Ye held his glass and watched Chen Lan close the door. His eyes narrowed unconsciously.

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