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Chapter 74: Photoshoot and He’s Stalking Me

Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels Translations

“Are you sure you don’t need me to come over?” Ouyang Long couldn’t rest assured.

“I’m fine. I’m driving back to the company right now.” Su Nuo started the car, “If Dai An knew of this, he’d probably start fussing again.” It was always really annoying when he started doing that.

“Okay. Be careful,” Ouyang Long said. “Call me when something’s up.”

“Okay.” Su Nuo hung up and was ready to leave, but someone suddenly knocked on the car window.

And then… he saw Mr. Director who flew down onto the ground with his jet-black wings casting shadows?

Of course not.

It was actually that abominable biker who crashed into people!

“What do you want?” Su Nuo lowered the window and and his tone wasn’t very amiable.

“I’m really sorry,” The scarred man had a very nice-looking box in his hands, “From the direction you’re going, I thought you wanted to go to this store?” 

What is he trying to do…

“You’re wrong,” Su Nuo said coldly.

Even though I’m a food lover, I am also a food lover with intelligence and dignity.

I would not accept this.

“This is my phone number.” The scarred man handed him a piece of paper.

Why are you so annoying!? Su Nuo glared at him through his dark sunglasses, and continued in his cold voice, “ If you don’t need anything, I’m leaving.”

Super aggressive, extremely manly.

“My name is Luo Li. You can call me anytime if something goes wrong.” The scarred man didn’t mind his bad temper.

“Your name is Luo Li??!!!!” The fuck?? Su Nuo was shocked, this name was really weird! He’s probably not even biological from his mother and father! This super tall strong dude is named Luo Li!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! This is not funny at all, I am so going to tell Mr. Director, big brother, and Dai An.

“What about you?” the scarred man kept asking questions.

Su Nuo stepped on the excelerator and answered coldly, “My name is Ma Li Su1.”

The scarred man didn’t get to respond.

The little red sports car raced down onto the road, leaving the scarred man called Luo Li in the dust.

“Princess!” Su Nuo drove back to his house, and Dai An was busily cooking in the kitchen.

“Wash your hands and get ready to eat,” Dai An greeted him.

“Oh,” Su Nuo stood in front of the kitchen’s door, “Princess, look at me.”

Dai An was busy picking up the crabs with pliers.

“Princess.” Su Nuo didn’t give up.

Dai An had to turn around and said, “What is there to look at—ah!” Why was he covered in dirt?!

“Princess!” Su Nuo looked at him with sad eyes, “The Emperor (I) got injured!”

“What happened?” Dai An quickly approached him and inspected him, “Did you fight with someone?”

“The Emperor met an assassin,” Su Nuo said seriously.

“Take off your clothes so I can take a look.” Dai An took out the tissues and dried his hands.

Su Nuo exhaled, “You’re so thirsty.”

“Stop acting,” Dai An forcefully took his shirt off, “What happened to you?”

“I got hit by a bicycle.” Su Nuo said honestly.

There was no wound on his body, Dai An breathed a sigh of relief, and then crouched down and tugged Su Nuo’s pants off.

Su Nuo: …….

The Princess was so wild!

“Ah!!!!!!” Dai An yelled.

“Even though my underwear is covering it, you were still shocked. Princess is making me really uncomfortable,” Su Nuo said cheekily. “Is it that big2?”

“Why is your knee like this?” Dai An’s eyes were on fire.

“I didn’t want my knee to get like this either…” Su Nuo said innocently, “It’s because I got hit by a bicycle.” I can’t control the outcome!

“You need to attend many photoshoots these next few days! Yet you come home like this!” Dai An rarely yelled.

“I could just get it bandaged later.” Su Nuo tried really hard to make Dai An calm down, in case his manager faints.

“You’re really going to kill me.” Dai An was so angry.

Why is he so worrisome!!!

Since Su Nuo had to work the next morning, he stayed at home to calm down the Princess (Dai An), and temporarily abandoned his handsome director.

“What are you doing right now?” Before going to bed, Su Nuo called him.

“Reading. You should go to bed early,” Ouyang Long said.

“Okay,” Su Nuo lay on his bed, “I’ll be shooting in the villa the next three days, so I won’t be able to come home.” It’s so cruel that we have to be apart!

“I know.” Mr. Director thought of the weird half-naked photoshoot, and couldn’t even express his feelings at the moment.

“Then I’m going to bed, good night.” Su Nuo was afraid that if he talked too much, Mr. Director would change his mind and and force Su Nuo to go home.

“Go to sleep then,” Ouyang Long made a kissing sound through the phone.

Ah, my man is so gentle. Su Nuo praised him inside his head and proceeded to open a browser tab on his phone. He was surprised to find that the author had updated with another chapter.

Then I must read this chapter before going to bed!

Last time, the story ended with Su Nuo Nuo mysteriously disappearing, causing Ouyang Jin Long to show his true form because he was stricken from grief and anger. He changed into a fiery nine-claw golden dragon! Destiny disturbed the rotating universe, the human world went up in flames, and that beautiful household was gone in an instant; everything was heartbreaking. 

And then the story’s main character appeared! Then the masterminds behind this unrest have finally surfaced!

“Ha! Ha! Ha!” After the three segments of laughter like in almost every tv series that contained a villain, a tall one-eyed male finally appeared. He crossed through the lands, and unleashed his black flames which devoured all the grass and nature.

And in his arms, there slept the beautiful crystal-like male, Su Nuo Nuo.

The readers commented that all of them were crying. If Ouyang JinLong saw his lover without any clothes on in someone else’s arms, his heart would definitely shatter into small pieces. 

Nani??? Su Nuo felt a little weird; the part of the story before this never mentioned that Su Nuo Nuo wasn’t wearing any clothes, though. It never ever mentioned that Su Nuo Nuo was naked!!

It’s really annoying to make me think about that ah!!

What was even more annoying was that the author has also been affected! She probably felt that this naked picturing will have a nice ring to the story. So the author lifted her hands, and carefully wrote a description of Su Nuo Nuo’s grim pale face, delicate body, slender fingers, the soft beep— between his two legs, his pink nipples, and his tender-looking and seductive beep— at the rear.

But how can that beep— and the other beep— be seen as the same time. That was not scientific! Su Nuo  was confused, some things really just do not make sense! This irresponsible author was just simply annoying!

“Ouyang Jin Long!” The one-eyed man yelled in a loud voice, “Nuo is in my hands, come get him if you’re brave enough!”

The thick clouds were torn apart by rays of golden light. A nine-claw dragon flew down from the sky, its mouth spewing scorching flames, and it instantly turned into human form upon landing.

“Give Nuo back!” Ouyang Long roared with anger.

“He’s mine.” The one-eyed man smiled evilly. “I will claim his body and destroy his purity!!”

“Don’t you dare!!” Ouyang Long fumed, and his eyes changed to dark red.

“Then, kill me!” The one-eyed man clutched Su Nuo Nuo’s slender and beautiful white neck and shamelessly threatened, “But I promise that he will die first.”

“Wu…” The sleeping Su Nuo Nuo seemed to sense the danger around him and frowned.

“What exactly do you want?” Ouyang Long was like a beast trapped and cornered.

Then the one-eyed man said the classic lines, “If you want to negotiate with me, then crawl under my armpit, HA HA HA HA!3

Fuck! Su Nuo felt a little worried, how could there be such a bad person?! He’s so rude and mean!!

All the readers had divided into two factions in the comment section. One faction said that Ouyang Jin Long must not give in ah! It’s about dignity and pride! The other faction said he needed to do it to be able to save his beloved and he had to endure the insults! This side was also very touching ah! It didn’t matter if he had to crawl! If this scene happened, the future Su Nuo Nuo would love Ouyang Jinlong even more!

The comment section was a mess as two sides fought each other, and even the author was probably frightened, so she ended the story and told the readers to please continue to look forward to the next update.

Su Nuo thought about the story seriously and proceeded to join the faction that didn’t want Ouyang Jin Long to crawl. If I were Su Nuo Nuo, I would not want Ouyang Long to suffer through this kind of insults! I wouldn’t let him do it if I had to die!

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An knocked on the door. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“Insomnia,” Su Nuo was very energetic.

“You were fine earlier, how did you get insomnia?” Dai An pushed the door open and entered the room.

Because there was no Mr. Director’s loving touch, no french kiss, and no beep—, I can’t sleep! Su Nuo thought, but he said calmly, “Because I was thinking about tomorrow’s work.”

Super hypocritical!!

“Why are you thinking about your work?” Dai An was confused, “You’re not a new star who just debuted, are you afraid of taking photoshoots?”

“I’m a little uncomfortable since I took a long break,” Su Nuo wrapped himself in the covers.

“What do you mean a little uncomfortable?” Dai An didn’t care. “Even if we had to rest for a year, we would still be better than Qiu ZiYan!!”

Why mention him though? But… that still sounded very nice, ‘to be better than Qiu ZiYan’. Su Nuo nodded his head and said, “I think so too.”

“Let’s think about this. If Qiu ZiYan accidentally exposed his lace panties during a photoshoot, what would happen to him?” Da Ai broke through Su Nuo’s wall of worry easily, “We cannot laugh at him if that happens.”

“I will not laugh at him.” HA HA HA HA HA HA!

“So sleep well.” Dai An tucked him in, “Even if something happens during the photoshoot, at least there won’t be pink lace panties to be exposed and the-the stockings too! Right!?!”

“Yeah!” Su Nuo nodded earnestly.

“Good night.” Dai An dimmed the bedside lamp.

“Good night.” Su Nuo watched him exit the bedroom and then laughed silently in his covers for three whole minutes.

His imagination was filled with the ‘Qiu’s abs in the photo with the exposed lace panties’ scene. Su Nuo completely could not stop laughing! Hahaha haha haha this is not funny at all! HA HA HA HA!

I’m such a manly man compared to him!

Su Nuo felt content and satisfied, and he finally fell asleep.

He had a night filled with good dreams.

The next morning, Dai An knocked on the door at exactly six o’clock with a plate of crispy pie.

“I want to keep sleeping.” Su Nuo pretended to be dead in the sheets.

“This is from your favorite dessert store,” Dai An grabbed a strawberry and waved it in front of Su Nuo’s mouth, “It’s the new product.”

Su Nuo ate the strawberry with his eyes still closed, “Put it aside and I’ll eat it later.”

“If you don’t eat it in 20 minutes, the cream will soak into the crisps, and the crispy texture this dessert has will be gone, causing devastating damage to this delicious food.” Dai An was very calm. “It’s also a limited edition, only twenty-five sold a day, so if you don’t eat it when it’s good, you will have to wait for tomorrow’s batch, and you might not even get it tomorrow.” 

Su Nuo instantly opened his eyes, and ran to the restroom with his crazy bed hair.

Dai An was very satisfied.

Ten minutes later, Dai An praised Su Nuo at the table. “This is actually the fastest time you’ve ever gotten up to wash.” He couldn’t get any better than this!

“That’s because you, princess, are so good at ** up.” Su Nuo looked very serious and carefully split the dessert with a knife and fork.


Mr. Manager took a deep breath and tried to keep himself from yelling. “Can you please change your words next time?! Like a ‘Morning Call’ or something!”

“Then princess, you are so good at ** up.” Su Nuo answered without missing a beat.

Dai An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The first day of filming shooting required Su Nuo to wake up early, so after breakfast, the two of them drove to the half-mountain villa. The photography team was an old partner from the previous cooperation, so they were very familiar.

“Morning, Nuo Nuo,” The gay photographer hugged him.

The female assistants were jealous of the photographer. They wanted a hug too.

“Go get ready,” Dai An brought him to the dressing room. “The brand’s people are coming around nine o’clock.”

“The Ultimate Boss?” Su Nuo asked. 4


“Probably not. It might be the advertising manager,” Dai An said. “For this kind of event, the president doesn’t have to come. He’s not a professional in this field anyway.”

Even though what Dai An said wasn’t wrong, my brother said the president was one of his good friends. 

Even out of politeness, he should probably come and see the photoshoot. Su Nuo was curious as he dressed up. He heard that this person just came back from abroad, and he kind of wanted to know what this person looked like.

Then, an hour later, he saw the scarred man.


This is not real!!!

“Hello, I’m Luo Li.” The scarred man had a very profound smile.

”Pu…! Cough cough!” Dai An was obviously also shocked by the name, but he noticed Su Nuo choked on water with a red face. He hurried to pull out a tissue and cover Su Nuo’s mouth, “Sorry, Director Luo, the water was too hot.”

And Su Nuo was still in shock. He vaguely remembered that his brother said it was ‘Ah Li’ or something, but actually, it was this Luo Li dude.

Life is really really dramatic!

“You guys get ready first. I’ll go outside and watch.” The scarred man was very conscious and turned around to walk out of the lounge.

“Oh my God!” When the scarred man left, Su Nuo grabbed onto Dai An’s sleeves and complained, “He was the one who ran into me with his bike!”

“Seriously!?” Dai An was surprised.

“Yes! Even if he turned to ash, I would still recognize him!” This sentence was very very vicious but also refreshing at the same time. 

“You guys didn’t fight yesterday, right?” Since Luo Li directly contacted Su Nuo’s agency, Dai An didn’t know Luo Li’s relationship with Han Wei.

“It’s wasn’t a fight. I just glared at him through my sunglasses,” Su Nuo answered.

“That’s fine. This shouldn’t bother anyone.” Dai An was relieved.

“But I told him my name was Ma Li Su5!” Su Nuo said with a grim face.

It was so shameful.

“… This, actually, it’s fine.” Dai An comforted him, “The priority is to finish the photoshoot, don’t worry about the small things.”

“Okay,” Su Nuo felt less worried; the world sure was small.

The first set of photos was set in the garden outside the villa. The willow tree that had sprouted during spring had new yellow buds which shone brightly. Su Nuo sat in the rocking chair, tea on the table, a book in his hands, it simply looked like a real oil painting!

The female assistants were all very excited. Nuo Nuo really was so cute that he had to be protected! Couldn’t help wanting to hug him and pat him!

The story of Su Nuo Nuo and Ouyang Jin Long must continue!

Luo Li stood at the side and and stared at Su Nuo, his eyes never moving away.

Su Nuo felt Luo Li’s eyes staring at him, but he couldn’t say anything. So, the only thing he could do was to complain inside his head, and then he took advantage of the break between shoots to call his brother.

“Why did you call me so early?” Han Wei yawned.

“… You’re still sleeping?” Su Nuo felt guilty since he disrupted his brother’s rest. He really shouldn’t have!

“I went to bed late last night. What is it?” Han Wei asked.

“Nothing, just go back to sleep.” In fact, Su Nuo wanted to complain about the scar-faced Luo Li, but this kind of thing was obviously not as important as to let his brother rest, so forget it. 

“Just say it, something probably happened.” Han Wei knew him too well.

“It’s not really that big of a deal.” Su Nuo asked, “Are you on good terms with that Luo Li?”

“Yeah. I can rely on him, and he also helped me a lot when I was in Italy.” Han Wei said, “Otherwise I wouldn’t let him know our relationship.”

“… Alright.” Su Nuo gave up.

“Did he bully you?”Han Wei frowned.

“No!” It’s not really bullying, Su Nuo mused, “He kept looking at me.” Saying it out loud made Su Nu felt like a girl; after all, manly men wouldn’t care if someone stared at them.

“I’ll warn him.” Han Wei said, “If there’s anything, call me, okay?”

“Okay,” Su Nuo hung up on the phone, and turned around to find that the scar-faced Luo Li was heading his way.

“… Hello.” Since he is my brother’s friend, I shouldn’t be too cold towards him.

“I’m really sorry about yesterday,” Luo Li handed him a glittering golden card.

“What is this?” Su Nuo was confused.

“The VIP card for the store from yesterday.” Luo Li said, “You didn’t eat, so I’ll use this to compensate you.”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to.” Su Nuo refused him, “You didn’t do it on purpose.” I must not accept this! I will only accept gifts from brother, from Dai An, from Mr. Director, from my fans, and from Zhong Li FengBai… Okay, that’s a lot of gifts than can be accepted. But! I will not accept his gifts.

“Nuo Nuo,” Dai An called, “Get ready.” 

“I’m leaving first.” Su Nuo ran over to Dai An.

I don’t know why, but I feel like there’s something off about him. I should just stay away from him!

Luo Li smiled and shook his head. He was ready to go back but his phone suddenly rang.

“Hey, stop bothering my brother.” Han Wei was annoyed.

“This quick, huh?” Luo Li lost his smile.

“If you step out of line, I’ll beat you.” Han Wei was a little angry.

“Don’t worry. I just want to borrow him to take a promotional photo.” Luo Li said, “I won’t do anything to him.”

Since they had been friends for many years, Han Wei naturally believed him. So, after he warned Luo Li, he hung up the phone. 

Luo Li touched his chin thoughtfully, then he called the secretary and asked her to order some desserts and snacks.

This move had clearly won the hearts of the staff, especially the female assistance! This kind of expensive desserts must be bought by others so it tastes better!

“Boss, would you like some?” Feeling the resentment radiating off of Su Nuo, Dai An asked him.

Although he was seen as a breathtaking flower who never ate anything, eating an elegant dessert occasionally would be fine, as long as it was not like a pig’s leg that he was eating.

But to his surprise, Su Nuo refused!

It’s not scientific to be a food lover but to refuse delicious food!

Dai An was worried, “Why?”

“I’ll just drink juice,” Su Nuo unscrewed the cap and drank his fruit juice.

Although the dessert looked very tempting, Su Nuo just didn’t want to eat what Luo Li bought!

“Nuo Nuo doesn’t want it?” Luo Li brought chocolate nut-italian crackers in front of Su Nuo.

“Thank you, but I don’t want any,” Su Nuo was very determined, and he roared inside his head ‘Don’t call me Nuo Nuo, call me Mr. Su!’

“What about the almond pancakes?It’s low fat, so it should be okay for you to eat it,” Luo Li offered again.

“It’s okay. I don’t want it.” Su Nuo continued to shake his head and refused.

Feeling like something’s wrong here, Dai An very timely disrupted their conversation, “Pardon, Director Luo; Nuo Nuo’s hair is a bit messy, and we need to fix it.”

“Okay,” Luo Li shrugged.

After he walked away, Su Nuo muttered under his breath, “This man is so annoying!” 

“Why?” Dai An said honestly, “I think Luo Li is treating you well.”

“You can’t be deceived by his appearance,” Su Nuo said firmly. “He doesn’t owe me anything and yet he’s treating me so well that it feels creepy. He definitely has ulterior motives!”

“… All right, whatever you say,” Dai An said. “Just don’t start a fight.”

As Su Nuo walked, he thought, ‘Does Luo Li desire and yearn for my beauty?’

Shit! Shit! This is going to be terrible, but the more I think about it, the more likely that’s going to happen. If that’s the case, Mr. Director would be very angry! He will certainly prevent me from taking publicity photos! But if I stopped shooting in the middle of this, how would my brother explain this case? I can’t say, ‘I suspect he’s in love with me so I don’t want shoot’. That sounded so stupid and narcissistic!

“Ah…” Su Nuo couldn’t but sigh; he was between a rock and a hard place.

Since things are already developing this way, I can only take one step at a time.

The morning shoot was quickly over, and according to the original plan, the afternoon should be the bathroom shooting! If this happened as usual, this was certainly no problem for Su Nuo, but the scar-faced Luo Li was here! 

My God… the more I think about it, the more embarrassing it gets!

“Can we shoot the living room and the kitchen first?” Su Nuo suggested, “My leg was injured yesterday, so can I wait until tomorrow to shoot the bathroom scene? The result would be better.”

“No problem,” The advertising manager was very cheerful and said yes.

Luo Li had no problem with this either, and he appropriately averted his eyes from Su Nuo during the afternoon shoot.

But that wasn’t enough for Su Nuo. He especially hoped that Luo Li would disappear completely! Even though it’s only the butt, I’d only let him to see it on a flat poster, without him staying at the set to see the real 3D version! It’s a matter of principle!

 Su Nuo didn’t want to trouble his brother any more, so he pulled Dai An aside and whispered, “Is there any way you can get him to leave?”

“Why do you hate Luo Li so much?” Dai An wondered. “I think he’s decent.”

Because he has ulterior motives towards me! Su Nuo clenched his fist and growled inside his head. He then forced himself to calm down, and he said, “Because he has a scar on his face.”

Dai An: ……

That’s your reason?!

“In short, you’Re going to help me figure out a way!” Su Nuo was sad and angry.

I really don’t want to take the nude photo in front of him!

Ugh, this is so annoying!

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Translator Notes:

  1. You might have guessed, but… he just introduced himself as ‘Mary Sue’.
  2. Yes, he’s talking about his dick.
  3. Not sure if this counts as classic in any way, but I’m not going to look into it.
  4. The boss of the company brand.
  5. Again, Mary Sue.


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Wow… a rival 😁
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November 28, 2019 10:56 pm

Yup this guy is no good. Being friendly is fine, but excessive friendliness and gifts, and whatnot is too much. Hopefully this guy can be delt with soon, before it goes from excessive to creepy.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 29, 2019 8:50 pm

Sir Addis and ExR translating team. I am still here reading Mr. F. however, I have a request : can someone do a drawing of Nuo’s backside in thong underwear? QiuZiHan muscular body in thongs make me gag, but Nuo? Omg! The story inside of the story confuses me lots.. the new character Lou Li seems shady to me too. Nuo has a good sense about this guy. I love his loyalty, his bashfulness is so endearing, and he is not a ditzy model as others would think. Thank you for this chapter.

July 2, 2020 10:43 pm

Destroy what purity 🙄


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