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Chapter 3: The Two Quarrel, Chen Lan’s Stomach is Bleeding

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Chen Lan was carried back home by Li PanEn. He seemed to be exhausted after all the action, and he was on the verge of falling asleep. As a result, Li PanEn didn’t even have time to cut or eat the cake with the other, so he had to put it into the refrigerator before filling a basin of water for Chen Lan to clean out his insides.

Usually, Chen Lan did this by himself. Ever since they had started living together, Li PanEn seldom wore a condom when doing it, and so it took time to clean up afterwards. Chen Lan would be afraid of delaying Li PanEn for his classes the next day so he often went to the bathroom to clean up right after Xiao Pian’er fell asleep.

There was a frightening scar on Chen Lan’s stomach. Since the stitches used were the cheapest, it was like a centipede and looked terrible. 1 It was probably the only flaw on his body. 

Li PanEn had asked him about it when he saw it for the first time. Chen Lan just brushed it off saying he had been careless. He began to talk nonsense about it, saying it was a scar from having a baby and then skillfully used his toes to seduce Li PanEn. He asked him not to wear a condom the next time they did it and to just release inside him. Maybe he could have a child if they did this.

Xiao Pian’er had been 18 years old at that time, and he could not endure the temptation. He immediately took Chen Lan, not caring about scars and stitches any longer. Like a hungry leopard, he drove like a pile driver until dawn.

Li PanEn dressed Chen Lan, and his fingers lingered on the centipede scar for a while. After these past six years, now he was no longer a child whose attention could be easily taken away. Chen Lan’s words could only fool him on the surface. In fact, thinking about it, he would just need to find a proper time to ask.

It was not easy to make it such that Chen Lan didn’t have to work overtime. Li PanEn held him as he slept when unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Chen Lan suddenly suffered from stomach pain and curled up in a cold sweat.

Chen Lan would go to work at night all-year round and went to bed during the daytime. This made it impossible for him to eat three meals a day. As time went by, he began to develop stomach issues. Currently, his skin was already white, and his face looked like a paper. Li PanEn was so distressed that he filled a hot water bag to cover Chen Lan’s stomach and gently rubbed it with his hands.

“Is it still painful?” Li PanEn asked over and over again. At first, Chen Lan hummed twice but later, there was no movement from him. Li PanEn felt a chill in his heart. He thought that he had fainted from the pain and quickly pulled him over to have a look. 

Chen Lan, with a pale face, sniggered in his arms and said with a hoarse voice, “Xiao Pian’er, your Uncle is not hurt.”

Such a lie!

Li PanEn was so worried that he couldn’t help it. He pretended to be cold and ruthless, “I’d better take you to the hospital.”

“Don’t…don’t…Hiss…. ” Chen Lan got up in a hurry to stop him. But before he could even sit up completely, he covered his stomach and fell back, seeming to be in pain. Chen Lan seemed nice and soft in character, but whenever it came to dealing with his Xiao Pian’er, he would always take him for granted.

Sure enough, Li PanEn’s face changed a lot. He immediately rushed to help him. “Ah! Don’t move!”

Chen Lan, drenched in a cold sweat, drilled into his arms. He looked weak and wanted to hug. He didn’t care about the fact that the other side was younger than himself. He was old and coquettish but Li PanEn didn’t think about it at all. Instead, he was so upset that he quickly took Chen Lan into his arms and soothed him in a gentle voice. He didn’t realize that he had been pitted by Chen Lan again.

Chen Lan hated hospitals very much. He would always insist on going to the street clinic even if he was seriously ill. And Li PanEn listened without saying a word, since there was usually no room for compromise on this matter. Li PanEn had always wondered if something had happened Chen Lan before, which was why he now hated the hospital.

The next day, when Li PanEn got up, Chen Lan was still asleep, so he picked up some millet, cooked porridge, and called the school to ask for a day’s leave. He didn’t feel comfortable going to class when Chen Lan looked like this. 

Chen Lan didn’t get up until the porridge was cold. When he woke up, he was still a bit confused. In fact, he loved sleeping. If he didn’t have a job, he could have been able to sleep in bed until the world was destroyed. Chen Lan got up in a dazed way, followed the sound of noise and stopped at the kitchen door, only to see his family’s Xiao Pian’er cutting cucumbers. 

He had mistakenly worn Xiao Pian’er’s shirt, and the fabric covered just a bit of his legs, which was extremely sexy. Li PanEn loved him so much even when he looked like a seducer. It was a sharp contrast with his age, and it always made his throat tight.

“Why didn’t you go to class?” As soon as the incubus spoke, Xiao Pian’er shrank like a deflated ball. Chen Lan let him do almost everything, but he was as strict as his father when it came to his studies. He was absolutely not allowed to slack off for a minute. If he delayed his class time to accompany him, Chen Lan would definitely not be happy.

In the face of such a Chen Lan, Li PanEn inevitably felt guilty, “I have caught up with all my lessons for the morning, and I will go after lunch in the afternoon.”

“Reading by yourself is different from what the teacher will say.”

“Un,” Li PanEn observed his eyes carefully, “I’ll borrow notes from my classmates after class in the evening.”

Chen Lan relaxed, poured a glass of water and went to the bedroom to find proper clothes. Li PanEn noticed keenly that he had just added some hot water to the cold water. Chen Lan was used to drinking cold water and ice water because he worked in the bar all the year round. He kept away from hot water. Even if he made hot tea in the winter, he would drink it when it was cool. Li PanEn didn’t give him much advice before since Chen Lan always refused to change, and continued to do his own thing. But today Li PanEn suddenly felt conscious of the other’s stomach pain from last night that he immediately followed him out.

“Is your stomach better?”

Chen Lan took off his shirt and changed his clothes with his back facing him. “It’s better. I’m hungry. What did you cook?”

“I cooked porridge.”

Chen Lan put his toothbrush into his mouth, making his cheeks bulge, “Okay, I’ll have some with pickled vegetables.”

At this point, it could only be regarded as brunch. Li PanEn fried up an egg, cucumber, and served it with pickled vegetables. Chen Lan said he was hungry, but actually only ate half of the bowl.

Li PanEn saw that he had no spirit, and his heart constricted, “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No,” said Chen Lan, smiling as if nothing had happened. “The jet lag hasn’t reversed.”

At this time of the day, Chen Lan’s schedule was indeed reversed since this was the time he normally went to bed. This reason sounded very convincing so Li PanEn didn’t think any further.

At noon, Li PanEn packed his things and went to school. Before he left, Chen Lan wanted to bring him a bottle of yogurt. When he opened the refrigerator, he saw a cake in it and was surprised. “Xiao Pian’er, did you buy me a cake?”

Li PanEn was tying his shoelaces at the door, and Chen Lan heard a, “Mm-hmm.”

“For this Uncle?”

“Yeah, it’s your favorite strawberry cake,” Li PanEn said. “I ordered it in the morning yesterday, so it may not be very fresh now.”


Li PanEn heard the sound of chewing in the room. He wanted to go in, but he would have to change his shoes again. So he could only stand at the door and talk to Chen Lan who was inside, “The cake is too sweet, so eat less, since you can’t digest it.”

Chen Lan turned around and had some cream on his face. “But I didn’t eat it yesterday. It’s bad luck not to eat cake for my birthday.”

Li PanEn don’t know where the lore came from. Besides, his birthday had been yesterday. Li PanEn wanted to stop him, but he was happy he was eating. Chen Lan’s appetite seemed to be much better than earlier and his heart was soft, he gave up.

In the evening, Chen Lan went to Queen’s bar before six o’clock. As soon as he arrived at the bar, he picked up a cup of hot water, went over to the medicine drawer and took some out. At this time, the guests hadn’t come, and Meng Chuan and the others were playing cards together. Seeing him come in hurriedly and anxiously, he smiled, “What are you running for? No toilet paper after having diarrhea?”

Chen Lan always liked to joke with him, but this time he didn’t answer back. Meng Chuan was not used to this so he stretched his neck and looked. Chen Lan sat on the bench tightly clutching his stomach and his head hanging close to the ground.

“Another stomachache?” Meng Chuan knew what was going on at a glance. Chen Lan had good height, good skin, a good body, but not good health, especially his stomach, which caused him issues every once in a while. However, he also liked to see how long he could last. He hid medicine under the bar and would take two pills when he couldn’t stand the pain.

In Meng Chuan’s eyes, he was a ‘work-a-holic.’

Although Chen Lan was not comfortable, he had never let it affect his work. But today was the first time he looked so weak and pale.

“What’s wrong with you? I can take you to the hospital.” Meng Chuan came up.

He didn’t say okay but when Chen Lan heard the word ‘hospital,’ he felt a strange warm current rushing straight to his throat. He couldn’t help but vomit on Meng Chuan’s leather shoes.

Meng Chuan, “……”

“Sorry…” Chen Lan dared not face Meng Chuan at this time. He took a piece of paper and wiped his mouth then quickly hid in the back room.

“You…” Meng Chuan was so angry that he didn’t even care. 

Fortunately, there were no guests in the bar at this time of the night. Otherwise, there would be no business tonight. The experienced janitor hurriedly came to clean up the floor, wiped the stool clean and sanitized everything.

Fang Meng, the onlooker, couldn’t understand what happened. Meng Chuan had a serious habit of cleanliness. He couldn’t bear any dirty things. It was incredible that such a person could bear Chen Lan’s vomit without lashing out.

The break room had a small sofa in it. Chen Lan rested on it until nearly eight o’clock before changing into his work clothes. As soon as he came out, Fang Meng grabbed his wrist and pointed to the bar. “Look, there’s a mysterious handsome guy. Meng-ge is starting again.”

Naturally, it was the age guessing game. Meng Chuan liked to tease people like this every time there was a new guest, and it could almost be considered a routine at Queen’s bar.

“Look, there he is.”

The mysterious guest turned around and their eyes met. Chen Lan was stunned. He was familiar with this person, but he couldn’t seem to remember who it was after thinking about it.

When he came closer, Chen Lan saw that this man was wearing a black coat and gold rimmed glasses. He was tall and elegant. The whole person was labeled ‘tall, rich and handsome.’ No wonder Meng Chuan was so excited.

After staring at Chen Lan for a while, the newcomer concluded, “Over 35, under 40.”

When this sentence came out, several people were stunned. This was the first person to guess Chen Lan’s age correctly in such a long time.

“You… How could you tell?” Meng Chuan was ready to make money for other people’s drinks. As a result, he was surprised that he didn’t play according to common sense. For a while, his curiosity was far greater than that win

The newcomer lifted his glass gracefully and took a sip. He smiled and said, “The look in his eyes.”

He often acted like he was 18 years old from the outside to the inside, okay? Chen Lan rolled his eyes in his heart and suddenly had no interest in the other man.

Meng Chuan on the other hand… If it was an animated film, maybe his eyes would have turned into hearts. Chen Lan couldn’t help but scold in his heart, ‘Boss Meng! You are a straight man!’

“That’s great. I’ll pay for this cup. What’s your name?”

The newcomer smiled politely, but he glanced at Chen Lan intentionally or unintentionally, “My name is Qi Ye.”

Qi Ye? It was a good name, but it sounded fake. Chen Lan didn’t take him seriously. He turned around and mixed his cocktails.

Although this man was annoying, he seemed to have a good alcohol tolerance. He took all the orders from Chen Lan and Meng Chuan wanted to make Qi Ye a regular guest. After a while of chatting, he found that the man’s attention had mostly been attached to Chen Lan so he could only walk away.

“How long have you been here?” 

Chen Lan answered him with a service-like attitude, “A few years.”

Qi Ye felt like he had brought up the topic forcefully, “I was just observing you, take no offense.”

“You think too much, I’m not that stingy.”

Qi Ye smiled, “I’m just curious about you. You don’t look like… I mean you don’t match your age. “

“You think I’m an alien.”

As two people chatted, when one person did not cooperate, the other person would usually get very embarrassed, but Qi Ye smiled away this embarrassment and also did not get angry.

At this time, there was a noise in the corner of the hall. Meng Chuan sharp ears caught a familiar voice, and a trace of unhappiness flashed across his face.

In the corner sat two big men with large tattoos on their arms. Next to them sat a middle-aged woman. And next to them was a girl in her twenties with her skin exposed.

Chen Lan looked up and frowned.

This was a famous hoodlum leader in the neighborhood. He was called Qing Ye. His younger brother, Zeng Ge, was next to him. As for the woman next to him, she was a famous broker on the bar street, Aunt Xin. She would specially looking for customers for girls who were willing to provide special services. Frankly speaking, she was a female pimp. At this time, the young girl’s face was full of tears. Aunt Xin accompanied her with a smile, but her eyes did not look very happy.

It was not uncommon for a discerning person to know what was going on at a glance. Queen’s Bar benefited from the fact that the owner was a principled human and only provided drinking services. Meng Chuan never took the initiative to deal with such business, but didn’t care much about the personal behavior of the guests in the bar either. After all, in this type of environment, you didn’t know who you could offend, so he could only turn a blind eye.

The girl was still crying, and most of her makeup had been smeared. Chen Lan realized that she was quite young, maybe not even 20 years old. Looking at their postures, the brothers had taken a fancy to this girl, but the girl didn’t want to go with them. They didn’t want to use their way, so they brought Aunt Xin to help.

“I’ll ask you for the last time. Can you come with me today?” Asked the young man with a calm face.

The girl shook her head over and over again, crying like a pear blossom in the rain, and looked around the bar with her eyes asking for help. The people around were very active when they watched the bustle. But when she looked around, they avoided her gaze like the plague. It was none of their business and no one was willing to make trouble for themselves.

Sometimes people were really indifferent, so Chen Lan was a very valuable talent.

Meng Chuan knew that he couldn’t stay still, but he was a step too slow. By the time he reacted, Chen Lan had already gone over and pulled the girl away.

Next to him, Zeng Ge took the lead in rushing over. He grabbed the girl’s other hand and tried to stop him. Chen Lan jumped and beat him with a fist, which made Zeng Ge stagger back several steps.

Chen Lan looked thin, but he was good at fighting. That was why he had been at the bar for so many years, but always been safe. The bar was such a place that once you moved your hand to strike, it can’t be solved with words. Without blood, neither side would stop.

Meng Chuan was so angry that he asked Fang Meng to clear the venue quickly and asked two bartenders to come out and pull them away.

Qing Ye felt like he had been beaten in his own territory. Where would he suffer from this kind of suffocation? He was about to take out his cell phone and call for someone to come help him but, a long hand pressed the end call button. In a rage, he raised his head and was about to scold the other. He was stunned by the smiling eyes of the ghostly person. He took several steps back and didn’t even care as he pushed his way through the crowd and ran.

Chen Lan was having a good fight with others. He was just distracted by Qing Ye’s running and so was attacked by Zeng Ge in the abdomen. He rushed forwards angrily and used his shoulder to knock him down. He kicked hard at the two feet.

Qi Ye slowly came over and pulled at him, “Stop fighting.” He turned to Zeng Ge on the ground and shouted, “Don’t move.”

Chen Lan wiped his mouth which made a big movement, and he hissed with pain. He hadn’t paid attention to it earlier, but now, thinking back on it, the bastard had smashed his face with a glass of wine.

Qi Ye was trying to ask if he was hurt but Chen Lan sneaked under the bar like a loach. He took out a mirror and looked at his face carefully. When he saw the red and swollen right side of his face, his expression changed. It turned out to be much more solemn than when he just fought.

“It’s over, it’s over, I can’t go back,” he said. “How can I tell Xiao Pian’er…”

“It’s okay. It will just swell for two days. You didn’t break anything.” Qi Ye thought that he was weird, but a little funny.

“The problem <em>is</em> the swelling.” Chen Lan wailed.

Meng Chuan looked away the mess to face him and scolded angrily, “Chen Lan, do you have any conscience?”

Chen Lan smiled and felt very embarrassed, “Sorry, Meng-Ge, you know I can’t help it…”

“You’re the only fucking hero in the world!” When fighting, he broke a blue and white porcelain cup. Meng Chuan was very distressed. “Will you pay for the broken things?”

“You know that I’m poor,” said Chen Lan, lying on the bar and trying to wink at him. 

Meng Chuan wanted to scold him again but Qi Ye suddenly took out a card and handed it to him. “How much is it? I’ll pay for it.”

Meng Chuan’s eyes widened, his face turned red and white for a while, but Chen Lan looked over with a smile, took the card away and put it back in Qi Ye’s coat pocket. He shooed him, with a posture that said ‘go away,’ squatted down to help Meng Chuan clean up the debris.

“I’ll pay for it. Take it from my salary.”

“Humph…” Meng Chuan didn’t talk any more. 

Qi Ye was so embarrassed that he was refused by the other. He thought that his relationship with Chen Lan would go further if he offered to pay, but things didn’t develop as he imagined.

Meng Chuan counted the broken things and paid attention to the two people. Chen Lan looked stupid and cheeky but he was actually very smart. What was Qi Ye thinking? He must have seen it early on. Meng Chuan can’t help finding it funny. Who could match Chen Lan in his ability to make a man think he was a girl? He was the so-called white in the water. No one in the world could stop him except his family’s Xiao Pian’er. It was no wonder Chen Lan deliberately embarrassed Qi Ye when he made such a careful plan.

The guests were all scattered, and there was no need to continue business for the night. Meng Chuan let a few bartenders to clean up the shop before letting Chen Lan and them go.

When he left, Qi Ye followed again, saying that he would not be able to fight alone if those people came back, and so he would accompany him for a while. Chen Lan refused but the other followed him anyway. It took him half an hour to walk from the bar to the subway. When Qi Ye talked to him, he saved his energy and instead hummed a tune.

All the way, Qi Ye was talking. Chen Lan covered his face with his hood and would carefully touch it occasionally. As soon as he walked out of the tunnel, he saw a familiar figure from afar. Chen Lan’s heart was full of alarm bells, which was not good.

The man on the opposite side obviously saw them and walked straight over.

Qi Ye stopped and asked, “Who is that?”

Li PanEn was about to speak when Chen Lan started to say, “My man.”

Qi Ye didn’t understand at first. When he realized what this ‘man’ meant, he was suddenly struck by thunder. The elegance on his face didn’t last. He just uttered, “You…you…” and didn’t say another word for a long time.

Li PanEn was moved in his heart. It seemed that the spring had suddenly opened in his heart and trickled out. He looked at Chen Lan excitedly. His eyes could drown people. Did he hear Chen Lan say that he was a man? Xiao Pian’er was in a good mood. He was in such high spirits that he could not wait to take Chen Lan home and show him how to be a ‘man.’

“I’m sorry. Thank you for helping me out today. I’ll invite you to drink some other day.” Chen Lan patted Qi Ye on the shoulder and handed him a card. No matter how he reacted, he took Li PanEn and left.

The weather in early spring and the wind at night were still very cold. Li PanEn who was spirited, walked for a while, until his excitement also gradually calmed down. He returned to his mind, reached out to pull Chen Lan’s hand, his tone sounding wronged as if his beloved toy had been touched by the neighbor’s child, “Who is he?”

At this time, he was just under the street light. So it became very obvious that Chen Lan had a wound on his face. He had clearly been hit by someone and his heart was thumping. Li PanEn immediately left his thoughts on Qi Ye behind, reached out his hand to lift Chen Lan’s hood, and asked inquisitively, “What’s wrong with your face? Did you fight with someone?”

He was finished. Why didn’t you go home? Chen Lan looked up to the sky.

“It’s just a little wound, it doesn’t matter, it’s not serious…” Chen Lan, with a careless tone, quietly avoided the other’s hand and was about to move forward.

Instead, Li PanEn grabbed his hand, “Where else are you hurt? Who did it?”

He used a lot of strength. Chen Lan was wounded but didn’t pull away and allowed himself to be dragged forward. His arm and calf were twisted by Xiao Pian’er. Chen Lan became upset because he hadn’t had supper and his stomach didn’t feel so good. Suddenly he became impatient. “I’m alright. A little girl in the bar was being bullied. I couldn’t help but rush up and defend her. What’s the matter?”

Li PanEn was very angry. What was the matter? Chen Lan had no other problems. He had a good heart and a good eye. He liked to help others. If Li PanEn talked too much, he was nosy, but it was okay if Chen Lan didn’t mention it. Li PanEn thought of that year when he was enlightened by Chen Lan, eventually guiding them to bed. Li PanEn didn’t know how to sum up what he was feeling. What he thought was unique treatment Chen Lan had for him was actually something Chen Lan normally did for everyone, that made him boil with anger.

“Are you so enthusiastic about saving others?” When he tasted jealousy, he started to talk.

As soon as Chen Lan heard this, he knew what his family Xiao Pian’er was thinking but his stomach pain became worse. He really shouldn’t have tried to eat as much cake as he had in the daytime. The cake was too sweet, and it turned sour in his stomach. Just now in the bar, he didn’t know which acupoint the other had hit with his fist, but he didn’t feel any pain then. It was only now that he had begun to suffer.

Chen Lan couldn’t tell him clearly. He sat on the ground and began to mutter, “I have a stomachache…”

Every time they quarreled, Chen Lan would always say that he had a stomachache, followed by some sweet and soft talk, or seduce Li PanEn directly, so as to make whatever it was they were quarreling over invisible. 

Li PanEn was usually eager to eat him. So whether it was real or fake, he would shut up and take Chen Lan home without saying a word. But today, he was in a different mood, plus Chen Lan’s face was still suffering from unknown injuries. If he didn’t ask clearly, he was not sure if he would ever get an answer. It was hard for him to act tough, “Let’s go back after we’ve made it clear.”

“You’re bullying uncle…” Chen Lan held his stomach, sniffled and looked really uncomfortable.

Li PanEn’s heart was trembling, but he pretended to be indifferent, “Stop pretending, old goblin.”

Chen Lan looked up, his eyes a little red, and wet under glow of the streetlamp. It was like he was bullied by someone. Li PanEn was in a bad mood immediately. As soon as he wanted to say ‘forget it,’ he saw Chen Lan’s face suddenly change and bend over to throw up blood.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Addis: I have a scar on my finger from where I compound fractured it and got stitches and it really does look like a centipede.


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