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Chapter 83

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“He’s my lover.” Wen Jin’s mind was full of fantasies, and Dewitt was not worried about Chen Xiong knowing, so he said it directly.

“Oh.” Chen Xiong blinked. “Does he touch you a lot?”

Dewitt looked at Chen Xiong, and it made Chen Xiong pause. Professor Lin, who was still looking for clothes in the room, heard this and looked at the scene. He couldn’t resist it for a moment and coughed twice.

Chen Xiong looked back at Professor Lin, who had a sudden cough. Then he touched his head and thought, “No, I mean, have you ever done something…closer?”

There was a loud bang in the wardrobe.

Chen Xiong turned his head completely this time. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you just finding some clothes?” As Chen Xiong spoke this, he walked over. However, he was in his original shape, so he was huge and developed laterally. It was not convenient to walk in Professor Lin’s office that held all kinds of instruments.

“It’s all right.” Professor Lin rushed out of the wardrobe before Chen Xiong broke through and showed helplessness. “No… I’ll send someone over to get you one.”

“Huh?” As Professor Lin’s voice fell, Dewitt’s voice came out. “What’s wrong?”

When Chen Xiong saw that Professor Lin was all right, he stopped, turned around, reached out and touched his square chin. His facial expression was covered with black fur. “I mentioned to him about the Honghuang continent.”

Dewitt gave a rhythmically gentle pause and turned his head to look at Wen Jin. The former immediately reached out and hugged him tighter.

“If you are interested, I can tell you all I know.” Chen Xiong looked at Wen Jin and said earnestly.

Wen Jin’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

“Yes.” Chen Xiong scratched his face and replied, “And I seem to have seen you in the books before… The monks in Honghuang mainland all paid attention to self-cultivation and recuperation. They should not be too indulgent in some respects. Besides, you are suffering from cold, right?”

Wen Jin blinked his eyes and realized what Chen Xiong had said about ‘some aspects,’ then he thought of something else, and his face became hot.

“Huh?” Chen Xiong wanted to say something, but after noticing Wen Jin’s expression, he stopped. “Do you know?”

Wen Jin was silent for a moment and answered, “I know.”

“Oh.” Chen Xiong drew out an extended ending. “Then you say it to him yourself?”

“Okay, but the thing about Honghuang… You have to tell me about it.” Wen Jin held Dewitt’s hand then looked at Chen Xiong earnestly and persistently.

Chen Xiong waved his strong hand and made a promising gesture. At last, he showed a worried expression towards Wen Jin and gave him a pleasant smile. “Okay.”


Wen Jin finally took what Professor Lin had found him, it was a not too thick coat, and then walked out of the door of the scientific research institute with Dewitt in a half-embrace.

Dewitt seemed to be trying to get him into the car as soon as possible, so he took Wen Jin directly and took short cuts, turning down a lot of remote paths, and on the way, they did not meet Melson again.

As soon as Wen Jin left the house, he saw Dewitt’s suspension car, and in the twinkling of an eye, he was taken into the vehicle by Dewitt.

It was so fast, Wen Jin was thinking, Dewitt had started the car, set the temperature directly to the highest, then took all his jacket off, covered Wen Jin. With his ability, he set his body temperature to the highest.

This was undoubtedly painful for Dewitt, who began to sweat in almost half a minute.

“He said that you know. What do you know?” Nevertheless, Dewitt seemed to feel nothing. He reached out and wanted to hold Wen Jin in his arms.

During the whole process of Dewitt undressing and adjusting the temperature, Wen Jin kept thinking if he should tell Dewitt all about it.

It seemed that his little tail was interested in this kind of thing in the past, but that was because he didn’t know the importance of dual cultivating. If he knew about it, he might be reluctant to take part in it.

And if Wen Jin told him that everything would be his… Wen Jin lowered his eyes. He thought for a long time about how he would be stronger by that time. Countless ways and results could be imagined, but ultimately did not even how to speak.

So, when Dewitt reached out, Wen Jin made up his mind to solve the problem using violence. He reached out and clapped Dewitt’s arm directly, then grabbed his opponent’s wrist, which was the most powerful one.

Dewitt: …?

“Listen to me.” Wen Jin kissed Dewitt’s lips. He could feel that there was something he needed most in the other’s body. The feeling of longing warmed his body. Wen Jin was not very conscious of his practice from childhood to adulthood, but he never thought of depending on the strength of others to achieve his goals or taking something from others for his own sake. Like Cheng Xong, Wen Jin suspected that if he were still in Honghuang, if he did not meet Dewitt, he would probably never do so for a lifetime, and eventually, he might freeze to death.

He was disgusted with this idea.

The white fox had a beautiful body, soft hair and a changeable image in the eyes of the world, but in the eyes of Wenjin, he believes that the white fox was the most undesirable species in the world. He could never imagine rolling around in the mountains with any one person or monster, doing something like dual cultivation, and then soaking himself in the dust.

Wen Jin felt that even if he was mad, he could not do it. But Dewitt’s appearance changed his mind.

Wen Jin formed a stubborn cold death option and secretly began to look forward to another way.

But before looking forward to the road, he thought he needed to explain everything to Dewitt. He did not accept the dog’s blood incident, which he regretted afterward. He knew Dewitt and others in this world didn’t know the importance of dual cultivation, and he would make it clear to Dewitt before he did anything.

Wen Jin was so cold that his lips were shaking. He organized the language and thought about it. He took out the book which had been stuffed in the space door and put it in front of Dewitt.

“I’m cold now because of the lack of dual cultivation…” Wen Jin blinked and noticed that Dewitt was puzzled by his two words and gave him a quick smack on the mouth with his lips.

After a moment of frowning and thinking, Wen Jin simply opened the book. The pictures were the most obvious. After Dewitt looked at it, his expression was obviously shocked.

“I need you,” Wen Jin whispered. “I don’t want to do this with others. If you don’t agree, I can try to think of other ways.”

Dewitt’s eyes swept through the book, and even though he could not read the words, but he could understand the pictures, the movements, and the intertwined figures. Then, combined with the meaning of Wen Jin’s words, Dewitt felt his entire body heat up.

After a while, he raised his head and looked gravely at Wen Jin.

“This method is called dual cultivation, and it causes one to recover. That is to say; you would…need to…give it to me.” Wen Jin said, frowning. “Dual cultivation is very precious, and now my body, you can only lose yang and give it to me. Without it, it really hurts my body. If you don’t want to, I can understand.”

If he was well in the future, he wouldn’t recommend that he make up for his little tail, but now he must ask for it.

Wen Jin muttered this and Dewitt’s face fluctuated, and he wanted to say something.

“Wait. Listen.” Wen Jin did not give him a chance to speak at all. He cut off Dewitt’s words. Then he pulled the book away and gave Dewitt an intense look. “If you refuse me this time, the two of us will be finished. It’s over. I won’t take you with me when I return to Honghuang. I’ll never stay with you again. I’ll go somewhere you can’t find.”

Dewitt’s eyes darkened.

Wen Jin raised his head somewhat stubbornly, stopped his trembling body, and then squeezed out a voice of coercion and lure, reiterated, “I need you.”

After a pause, Wen Jin turned his head askew and seemed to think of a better word. He rolled his eyes again and fixed them on Dewitt. “I want you.”

After Wen Jin’s words, Dewitt, who had been sitting in front of him, rushed forward. He directly sealed Wen Jin’s lips. After a lingering wet kiss, Dewitt completely sealed Wen Jin in his embrace. He looked down at the little fellow who was hiding under him. He was short and leaned over to his ear and bit his earlobe.

Looking at the little soft flesh turning red with the naked eye, Dewitt’s low laugh sounded in Wen Jin’s ear, “I may really have to change to a bigger car.”

Wen Jin turned red and was forced to turn around. His red ears were exposed to Dewitt’s eyes. The latter narrowed their eyes and kissed Wen Jin gently on the forehead. “I love you.”

Wen Jin shivered but did not move.

“I’ll give you everything you want, let alone this one thing?” Dewitt’s hoarse voice flowed in Wen Jin’s ear.

The latter paused, turned his head, and with a certain shyness in his eyes, struggled to get out of the oppressed atmosphere, and glared at Dewitt reluctantly.

“Baby, I want to do this with you all the time.” Dewitt allowed Wen Jin to jump on him and then stabilized him when Wen Jin almost fell without paying attention. He took the man into his arms and said, “Won’t you let me take you?”

He gave a light laugh, reached out and touched Wen Jin’s cheek, and kissed him gently on both of his eyes.

He was so beautiful.

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November 27, 2019 9:54 pm

Dual cultivation is right up Dewitt’s alley! And if it means that his beautiful fox can recover from freezing, it’s even better. But, hey, I thought that the author is no good at writing smut. And since dual cultivation is all about smut, how will she cope? Let’s see in the next chapter!

Thank you for the chapter!

November 28, 2019 3:03 am

Yaaaaaaaassss…… looking forward to the next chap


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