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Genre: BL, Fluff, Drama, HE, Fantasy, powers, supernatural, beasts, transformations, transmigator

Novel status in Original Country: Finished, 171 chapters + 6 extras

Translation status: Ongoing

Editor: Addis

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Addis’ Summary:

Thousands of years ago, a small planet collided with Earth and destroyed the world. In five days, ninety percent of humans had been wiped out, leaving behind the last ten percent to earnestly struggle on death’s door.

Jinyu was one of those people who survived. Due to a special heredity trait, he could understand beast language. After the apocalyptic disasters, Jinyu had been living for a month with the few small beast brothers that he’d subdued. Previously, Jinyu had thought that he would live like that until he died. Yet, inexplicably, one day he opened his eyes to find that he was in a monstrous, lawless world that was full of vitality and life.

Jinyu’s transmitigation into the future let him skip over almost one hundred thousand years. In the year 106825, beasts rule the galaxies and ‘pure’ humans are extinct. As the one and only ‘pure’ human left in the entire universe, Jinyu braves this new chaotic world to find a place for himself and thus begins to work at Beast Store number 138.


Chapter 1: The chaotic world is full of bitterness


Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations 

Jinyu stood on the street that was made of an unknown material and lifted his head to look at the chaotic sky, filled with long-winged horses, deer, cow and sheep; huge bats, dragonflies and sparrows; and two-tailed cat and foxes with three to four tails who teleported from one spot to another in an instant, and felt that he was in a dream.

This was a crazy and bitter dream. All of his understanding of the world was shattered. Towering skyscrapers and houses made from grass and mud coexisted. Ancient people wearing long robes followed behind bright and shiny robot men. In the sky, moving screens showed the animal world. Yet, what left him speechless was the heading–

In memory of our former homeland.

“Oh, if I don’t wake up in three minutes, I’ll have to buy sleeping pills from the ruins tomorrow.” As Jinyu spoke, he walked towards a dilapidated wooden house by the side and waited until he had reached the house before he gave himself a savage slap. “Holy shit! That hurt like fuck!!”

Eyes full of tears, Jinyu jumped up swiftly and fiercely rubbed his face and then, under the gazes of people standing by the side who were wearing clothes that ranged from the Stone Age to the punk world, he rushed away, looking rather pathetic. As he was leaving, he heard a burst of discussion: “Tch, another demi-human who couldn’t find a job and can’t accept reality!” (1)

“Ai… this is the tenth one I’ve seen today. Tsk tsk, actually, demi-humans can be servants of the aristocracy, don’t they know how to be grateful?”

“Forget it, forget it, there aren’t many demi-humans left now, anyway. And they’re demi-human. When there’s even less demi-humans, they’ll have to go into the conservation district.”

Demi-humans? Conservation district? Aristocrats? Servants?!

These phrases echoed in Jinyu’s brain. He squatted at the corner and faced the wall so he wouldn’t ’t be noticed. Although, at this moment, Jinyu was still very convinced he was dreaming, those few phrases from earlier dug deep into his heart and unearthed a bad feeling.

“No no no….. Even if the end of the world had happened and volcanoes erupted, there were earthquakes and floods one after another, yours truly and my pets would still be living tenaciously. The earth hasn’t been destroyed. How the fuck did I suddenly traverse time and space?”

At this, Jinyu suddenly lowered his head and looked at his chest. There was a blue gemstone in a half circular shape around his neck. But what made his pupils shrink was that although the stone was unchanged, its color was no longer as pure as the blue sky and the deep sea. Within that blue, there were strands of jade green.

“…..This is a joke, right?” Jinyu was silent for a long time before he managed to open his mouth. And then he used his other hand to give the other untouched side of his face a slap before he suddenly sat down in the dirt.

Wearing a slightly bitter smile as he looked around him, Jinyu’s feelings were as chaotic as the environment. This world was obviously not his world. His world was riddled with scars and it had almost reached the end but, in his time, there were no flying horses and cows, no bats and dragonflies that were bigger than people, and it definitely didn’t have that blue sky and steady earth.

A small planet had collided with Earth and brought disasters that were severe enough to destroy the world. In five days, ninety percent of humans, who were previously the self-proclaimed lords and kings, had been wiped out, leaving behind those who were desperately fleeing and hoping earnestly to struggle on whilst at death’s door.

Jinyu was one of those people who had survived. Because of a special family heredity trait, he could understand beast language. He could even communicate with and use his mental powers to control small animals. Maybe it was a silver lining, but because of the apocalyptic disasters, his mental energy tore apart his mind for an entire day and after he woke up, the horror had already increased tenfold.

Due to this, Jinyu was able to survive until now. Before he came here, he had already been living for a month with the few small beast brothers that he’d subdued. Previously, Jinyu had thought that he would live like that until he died. Yet, today, the minute he opened his eyes, he was in this monstrous and lawless world that was full of vitality and life.

At least, on every face, there wasn’t an expression of despair. But the question was, how on earth did he get here?

“Could it be that when yours truly was sleeping, a second explosion happened?” Suddenly, an extremely bright light burst in his mind, scaring him so much he began shaking. “Forget it, forget it, there’s no use thinking so much. Since I’m already here, if I survive it’ll be my fucking luck!!”

He swiftly shook his head and stood up from the corner. He faced the sky and let out a long whistle, “Xiaobai, Dahua, cat, dog, tiger, wolf!! Live well in the sky, when you’re reborn, be reborn well, your owner, me, is still alive, I’ll burn paper money for you every month!!”

This voice was more terrifying than a wolverine’s cry and all manner of rats from every nearby corner and the sparrows on the roofs were all scared away. At the same time, it attracted the furious roar of a man next door who was answering the call of nature. Jinyu smiled forcefully and immediately retreated, running in big steps to a skyscraper called ‘Dragon’s Gate Hotel’. He thought for a moment and then turned around and headed into a tottering grass hut with a banner, ‘Dragon’s Gate Inn’.

“Hey, old man, I’ll help you wash the bowls, sweep the floor and cook; will you let me stay the night?” After all, he’d just arrived in this strange place, who knew what kind of dangers he would encounter if he slept in the open?! 

[T/n: Jinyu is actually using the polite ‘you’, lol]

An old man with narrow eyes, bushy eyebrows and hair sat at the front desk. When he heard those words his eyes opened to look at Jinyu. He bared his teeth to expose an opening and said, “I have domestic robots.”

Although Jinyu didn’t know the effectiveness of these domestic robots, this definitely didn’t stop his imagination. “En, that thing is so cold and lifeless. I can gossip with you, massage your legs and massage your shoulders, right?”

Hearing these words, the old man brightened a moment, and then said again, “I have domestic robots.”

“Tch, look at how alone and friendless you are, with no one to talk to, it’s really quite miserable. With me here, I guarantee there’ll be warmth in your heart!”

No matter how the old man said he had domestic robots, Jinyu still shamelessly found all kinds of reasons to stay, until the old man finally turned angry.

“Whose family are you from! Why are you so shameless!!”

Jinyu readily accepted his words and replied, “If you just take me in for a night, I’ll be from your family.”

The minute these words left his mouth, that slow old man’s face twisted like he’d swallowed a hundred houseflies. In the end, the old man sighed, “Forget it, it’s only one night anyway. If you don’t leave tomorrow, I’ll find a beast to swallow you whole.” Fortune telling told him he shouldn’t leave the house today. But even sitting at the door enjoying some sun could attract such trouble?!

When Jinyu heard these words, he grinned, “Heheh, please rest assured, it’s my first time here so I need to adjust to things. I’ll adjust in a day by tomorrow!”

The old man stared at Jinyu and said suddenly, “Youngster, you didn’t illegally come here, did you? Don’t think just because you are a bit good-looking, I’ll let it go. This is something I’ll never budge on.”

Jinyu’s mouth twisted and he immediately shook his head, “No way, I’m a grade A law-abiding citizen!”

The old man’s eyes narrowed and in the end, he only laughed coldly before leaving. Looking at that back, Jinyu couldn’t hold back the cold sweat that was overflowing. At the same time, he made a decision. He had to understand the basics of everything in this new place in the shortest time possible in case someone attacked him, stuffed him in a cloth bag and threw him into jail while he was walking on the streets.

After an entire afternoon and night’s shamelessness, swindling and cheating, appearing fierce as he talked to brats, helping old but not weak old men cross the roads, and many other similar things that left Jinyu as exhausted as a dead dog, he finally returned to that Dragon’s Gate Inn. By the time he returned, he had roughly understood this new world’s situation.

This was indeed a chaotic world.

The year was Year 106825. The location was within the Obsidian Galaxy. The planet he was on was the mother planet within the Obsidian Galaxy, with an atmosphere most similar to earth.

Through a little girl’s words, Jinyu knew that the humans here had all taken a spaceship from the mother planet, Earth. In the beginning, the atmosphere was different. Humans and animals all more or less underwent changes. Ten thousand years later, in today’s time, the atmosphere had stabilized because of the humans’ unflagging efforts. But the changes had already entered humans’ blood and bone marrow, becoming a part of their genes.

And because these changes were largely an increase in a body’s constitution and ability to attack and defend, these people had thus already accepted these changes. At least, many youth even felt proud because of this. These humans were called the ‘New Humans’. As for the original humans, because their bodies were severely eroded by the environment, they had become rather weak and fragile, and thus they were called ‘demi-humans’.

By now, there were no more ‘pure’ humans left.

Within the Obsidian Galaxy, there were around ten more planets that humans could live on besides the mother planet. But those planets’ atmosphere and ecology were rather harsh, with changed beasts and strange plants hidden in every corner. Thus, besides explorers, hunters and others, there were rarely humans who could live for long on those planets. But at every high location in every planet, there would be a hunters’ hotel built by humans, serving as a place that provided convenience and kept a close watch over the developments on that planet.

This was the most common job in this world. It seemed that out of every five people, one would be an explorer or hunter. They went to other planets to hunt beasts, look for precious stones for a livelihood while hoping that they might strike rich overnight. They were almost all New Humans, with changed beasts’ blood within their body, or strange plants’ abilities. They could strengthen a certain ability of their bodies, allowing them to survive and move within the other planets’ harsh conditions.

Other than self-strengthening, every explorer and hunter had a beast, or many beasts, that fought alongside them. This was the reason that Jinyu saw a disordered sky, filled with long-winged horses and teleporting cats that carried humans on their back. Since the beasts had many needs, the planet had given rise to all sorts of services catered toward them. For instance, beast hospital, beast instruction school, beast hotel…

Upon hearing this news, Jinyu finally let out a relieved breath. Because now, he had finally found something he could do to earn a living. If he wasn’t physically fit, didn’t do martial arts, didn’t have a laser sword and couldn’t be an explorer or hunter, then, he could still depend on his own abilities and become beast-psychology vet, or a decent employee at a beast hotel. (2)

The exhausted Jinyu lay down in the grass in the inn and slept soundly. In his opinion, the days ahead would be incomparably good. Only, Jinyu had forgotten something very bitter about traversing to this technologically-advanced and chaotic world that would cause his upcoming days to leave the splendid brilliance he had imagined, returning instead to intense and smoldering chaos…



This chapter uses ‘chaotic’ (混搭) and ‘bitter’ (苦逼) a lot…

  1. The Chinese word for ‘demi-human’ is 亚人类, which is a term used in Chinese games and fantasy novels to refer to humans that look like humans but are not fully humans
  2. Beast hotel in Chinese is actually ‘托管所’, which is like a place where you could leave your beasts/entrust your beasts to the employees there. I translated it to ‘hotel’ for lack of a better word.

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Jinyu readily accepted his words and replied, “If you just take me in for a night, I’ll be from your family.”]

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