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Chapter 101
Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Speaking of, never once did Big Boss Jin absolutely believe in these type of dubious and phony words like ‘fate’. This was because whenever he wanted any toys or things when he was young, his father and mother would always sincerely and earnestly say to him; this thing is too expensive! If you have a fate with it, we will buy it when it is discounted!

So, little shota Jin, who had not become a big boss at that time, was impatiently waiting for that fate to come. However, reality proved that there were only a few things that had a fate with him and when that fate arrived, he began to look forward to the fate with other things.

So, little shota Jin thought that that such a thing like fate was utter nonsense!

However, after a long period of wandering during the apocalypse, Beast Tamer Jin was unexpectedly converted by a guy and turned from a person who did not believe in fate at all to thinking that there might really be such a thing sometimes.

One must never underestimate such a change. It must be known that the person or events that could make the most obstinate atheist believe in the existence of such an ethereal thing had to be incomparably powerful and valiant!

And the one that JinYu met was an incomparably valiant man.

At that time, JinYu always knew more than others because of his tamed beast companions. For example, he always knew where it was safer, where there was still food left, and when there was a premonition of disaster.

What creeped and weirded JinYu out was that, except for the first time when he and his beasts found a safe point with food that was deserted, in the more than thirty times that he stayed in a safe point, he was always able to see a person in the place he found.

The first time they met, they were very 囧—

There was only one loaf of bread left in the room and the two arrived at the same time, so they simultaneously reached for the bread.

JinYu’s animals were still hidden in the shadows. By comparison, the man opposite him was almost twice his size. So, it was natural that Beast Tamer Jin was roared at in a blatant threat. JinYu’s reaction was also very immediate. After all, survival was always the most important in the apocalypse. Besides, he believed in his animal partners more when compared with people. So, it is also very natural that the tall and bulky fellow was threatened by a tiger, two wolves, two Tibetan Mastiffs and a kitty.

The final result was JinYu chowing down, and the hefty man going hungry.

The two had a tacit understanding even if they had fought over food, and each occupied the corner diagonally opposite the other in the safety point. It was not worth wasting their physical strength over this. JinYu hugged his family’s XiaoHua and let the other animals out to find something to eat. In fact, there was no lack of food for the animals that were with him at that time — dead people were everywhere.

But JinYu would try his best to find other types raw meat. Although he was not such a Holy Mother to directly prevent the animals from eating people, he tried not to let them eat too much if it was possible. Originally, there was no communication between them as neither of the two regarded this meeting as much. Finally, they left the safety point almost at the same time, thinking that they would never meet again.

But such was fate. It was often so very strange.

When they met five more times after that, they introduced themselves in a familiar manner. Yet, they did not journey together after getting acquainted because both sides had their apprehensions. JinYu saw that big man was injured when they met the for the tenth time. Recalling that there was a small clinic nearby, he kindly asked XiaoHua to carry back some bandages, hemostatic drugs and anti-infection drugs.

The hefty man said he owed JinYu a life and would pay it back next time when he left. Yet, JinYu just smiled, thinking that it was impossible for them to meet the eleventh time after meeting for ten times in a row.

Three days later, JinYu hurt his leg because of a careless accident and was nearly unable to escape. When DaHuang dropped into a ground fissure because he went to save JinYu, a powerful hand grabbed one of DaHuang’s hind legs, and pulled on JinYu’s right hand to drag him to a safe place.

This was their eleventh meeting, JinYu and this hefty man had speechlessly stared at each other for a long time and then they simultaneously broke into laughter.

The hefty man patted JinYu on the shoulder, “Kid! This is fate! We have been brought together by fate! We will be brothers from now on. Remember to take care of each other when we meet again!”

At that time, JinYu smiled and nodded. Therefore, both JinYu and the hefty man spared no effort to look after each other in their next nine encounters. Although they did not travel together, the hefty man told him that they were fated to be brothers and would definitely see each other again!

JinYu thought so too.

It was only until the twenty-first time the two met that JinYu watched the hefty man, who had been slapping his shoulder, being unexpectedly and defenselessly swallowed by a sudden ground fissure. JinYu stood in his original position and stared blankly for a long time till DaHuang fretfully bit his sleeve and dragged him away. He sat in a daze at safety point for a whole night and finally summed up with bloodshot eyes: Such a thing like fate was really fucking unreliable. Sometimes it’s present and sometimes it suddenly disappears without even a greeting.

The hefty man roared out a sentence as he fell into the crack. Although JinYu had always remembered it, he never believed it.

“Kid! We’ll see each other again! When that time comes, remember to call me Big Brother!”

So JinYu would call others Big Brother when he saw them, but he always added a surname in front of the address. JinYu was the only son in his family and he once had a big brother in his heart, yet JinYu never addressed him as such before.

At this time, JinYu lowered his head to cover his eyes. He couldn’t help laughing nervously as his shoulders repeatedly shook. It seemed that he felt that the resounding and deep voice that just threatened him was extremely funny.

Qi QingLin, who standing beside him at this time, could profoundly feel the turbulent feelings – ecstasy and disbelief, anger and sadness – in JinYu’s heart. The emotions complicatedly tangled together and made him reach out to hold JinYu in his arms. Qi QingLin was somewhat at a loss upon seeing these complex feelings.

“Ha… Haha… ”

“Fuck me sideways!! (格老子的) Which bastard dared to blow up my house?! Which group do they belong to?! Don’t they know that LaoZi is a big shot from the military department?!!”

The man who appeared in front of the crowd was a person built like a hill. He had black eyes and hair like JinYu. Fierceness and resoluteness was carved on his face and his muscles all over his body stood out starkly. He was definitely not a target to be trifled with.

“Hey! Kid! Are you the one who blew up my gate? Get your ass here and apologize to LaoZi, or LaoZi will beat you till your face is full of blood!”

JinYu’s shoulders shook even more upon hearing this. Qi QingLin raised his head in an instant, his golden eyes were full of ferocity.


“Eh! This guy is not easy to deal with! ….Forget it, my brother once said that a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. LaoZi won’t beat you if you apologize.”

Hearing this, Qi QingLin rolled his eyes. How can this fella be so stupid?! He’s even dead determined to save his face.

“DaBai and BaoZi to the left. Go and restrain his hands and feet for me. XiaoBai, head for his shoulder, claws on the left side of his face.”

JinYu’s slightly muffled voice sounded, and DaBai, BaoZi and XiaoBai began to act in an instant. The hefty man was slightly shocked when he heard JinYu’s voice. His body that was about to struggle and attack suddenly trembled violently just as he was threatened by DaBai, BaoZi and XiaoBai. The man looked at JinYu’s lowered head and familiar figure with disbelief and involuntarily cried out, “Bro?!”

JinYu raised his head abruptly upon hearing this word. His indifferent eyes were bloodshot. JinYu walked to the front of the big man in an instant and punched him on the chest.

“Big brother. Why are you still alive?”

A familiar face, a familiar tone, even the animals around him similarly needed a spanking! Zhang LiangShan burst out laughing. He broke free of DaBai and BaoZi and tightly held JinYu in his arms as he patted JinYu on his back with all his strength.

“Bro! Jin-zi! XiaoYu! [1] Hahaha! You’re all right! Hahahaha!! I knew it, I just knew we were fated to be brothers!! I am so happy to be able to see you in this damnable place! Hahahaha!!” T/N: XiaoYu means Little Fish.

Although JinYu was patted so much by this big fellow LiangShan that he was rolling his eyes, he still could not help smiling. It was one of the four great happy occasions of life. He had finally met his close friend in this foreign land.

“Big brother, you’re going to clap me to death. Quickly stop, or you’ll regret it.”

JinYu very naturally called him ‘Big Brother’ when they met each other again. However, this hero who was immersed in joy did not understand the meaning of JinYu’s words at all. He still continued to hug JinYu in his arms and clapped him on his back. Just when he was about to pat for the twenty first time, a certain Boss who was left out in the cold finally burst into flames and waved his hand. The fellow who was still patting people was directly swatted by Qi QingLin to a side. Fortunately, Boss took into consideration his partner’s reputation and did not swat the guy directly into the wall.

“Urgh, cough cough cough! Fuck, which bastard sent LaoZi flying?!”

Zhang LiangShan jumped up and roared. Then he saw his family’s bro being held in the arms of a man who looked at him with a dark expression.

Zhang LiangShan raised an eyebrow and folded his arms with narrowed eyes, looking like the perfect example of a big shot,

“Boy, what is your relationship with my bro?”

Qi QingLin snorted coldly upon hearing the words. Then he turned his head and disregarded Zhang LiangShan.

But Qi QingLin’s instep sunk in the next second. Boss raised an eyebrow and grudgingly replied, “He is my partner.”

“Partner? What kind of rubb-, eh?” Zhang LiangShan thought that no matter what the relationship was, it would definitely lose out to his ‘brothers-for-a-lifetime’ relationship with JinYu. But what did this boy say? A partner? What partner? What type of partner? Fuck, is there another meaning for partner? Why did he feel like it was somewhat hard to understand the more he listened to it?

“Bro?” Zhang LiangShan finally stared at JinYu with tiny eyes that were of doubt. The latter shrugged at this big brother, “My other half. We plan to spend our lives together.”

“…” Thus, Zhang LiangShan fell silent. After a long time, he sighed and walked to JinYu’s side and patted him on the shoulder. He spoke to JinYu in a serious tone, “Don’t worry, bro. I will find you a wife who can give birth in the future!”

“Ah?” This time it’s JinYu’s turn to be baffled.

“Tch! This boy will become a son-in-law (弟婿) if you and he are a couple, but there are three ways to be unfilial; the worst is to not produce offspring!! No matter what, he can’t give your Jin Family descendants!! So Big Brother has decided to have more sons in the future and let you pick one to raise!”

Although it was a grand and intimate action to be able to give one’s baby to others to raise without hesitation, JinYu looked at this tall and beefy big brother that was as large as a mountain and could not help but retreat as he forced a smile, “Er, Big Brother, although you look very heroic and very upstanding, but that… It’s better for you to keep the child! I’m afraid sister-in-law won’t like it.”

JinYu definitely did not want raise a son who could crush him to death as soon as this son pounced on JinYu when he grew up!

Zhang LiangShan paid no mind as he waved, “What’s this?! Lao Zi’s requirements when looking for a partner would merely increase by one. Which is to give birth to more sons, so that she’d be willing to give them away!!”

Thus, JinYu stared at this fellow brother from Earth who he had not seen for a long time, and did not know whether to cry or to laugh. Finally, he could only fiercely rub his face and sigh, “Damn it (你阿玛的), fate is such a dubious and phony thing!” Lao Zi won’t believe in you anymore!!

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So no petshop war, but I have a feeling that Qi QingLin will send this Big Brother flying and very soon too.

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I really really like the story. Also, I think it needs a bit more editing hehe…

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A friend, yay~ Glad that JinYu finally found someone who went through the same experience as him (in terms of living on Earth in the past and being transported to this world)

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Someone else who appears to have transmigrated here too and even earlier than JinYu.
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