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Chapter 100

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As the saying goes, it’s better to kill a gentleman than to offend a villain. Of course, the premise of this saying is that the gentleman isn’t a hypocrite and the villain is actually a villain. 

After all, a gentleman is always more tolerable than a villain. Even if you offend him, they’ll kill you in an honorable way and won’t go to backstab you.

However, villains are different. The villains won’t directly shout or curse you directly. They’ll destroy you mentally, by getting closer to you and seemingly defeat you in the most straightforward and honorable ways. Until he finally goes in for the last kill, he will smile at you complacently. Let me tell you, fucker, you said I was ugly that month, now aren’t you the ugly one? Haven’t you been abandoned? Now, who do you think the ugly one is?

Consequently, this kind of result would always make people furious or glum.

In fact, the above words mean that you would rather offend Qi Qinglin, the ultimate boss, rather than a seemingly innocent boss. It’s not that our boss is a villain, but when Boss Jin feels that his own chastity or there’s someone else stealing his spotlight, his combat effectiveness and ability to ensnare others is better than the second most powerful villain.

Wow, you asked the first obss how he existed? Ah, he shady Qi boss is more often than not known as a hypocrite.

Right now, the corrupted JinYu who’s chastity was endangered was standing in front of a villa in Anjie. Looking at the number of the villa’s yard, JinYu somehow felt as though he had seen it somewhere before.

“Tch……Anjie 108.” JinYu rubbed his chin, eyes suddenly lighting up. “This number is very unlucky even though it’s strong.” 

Next to JinYu were the big beasts of the petshop: Baozi, Da Bai, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Bao. Even though Er Hei wanted to join the party, considering how this was a militant beast, JinYu let it and WangWang watch the shop. As for Xiao Xue? Oh, that beast should now be very happy with the beasts on earth since it can now interact with them and even go as far as to be in a loving relationship. He always has been a boss that put the interests of his own people at heart.

Woof woof? [Boss, did you hear Xiao Xue’s please?] Baozi tilted its head to the side. 

JinYu looked at the beast, calmly shaking his head. “You must be hallucinating.”

“Let’s guess, what exactly is this Anjie 108?” JinYu said this and tried to ring the doorbell but in the next moment, he was stopped by Qi Qinglin. Simultaneously, Xiao Bai meowed, like its tail was being stepped on, and said [Boss! Boss! THis place is where that man tricked me into coming to! He said he could undo the spiritual contract!]

So, between the lightning and flint, JinYu thought of a middle-aged aristocrat man who seemed to be very gentle in the Royal Hunting Academy. It was very impolite to use cat-beasts languages to track Xiao Bai. At that time, the man really said he could undo the contract between humans and beasts. When he said that, JinYu was very interested in letting Xiao Bai become a spy to explore the truth. Unfortunately, he didn’t think the gang would find him.

Of course, when thinking about it now and looking at all the facts uncovered today, he thought he really had a great interest in “hero villa.” After all, up to now, even the most intelligent researchers and scientists in the Capital Star have not worked out a way to break the spiritual contract. However, people here say they can.

“Tsk tsk, I really am liking this Anjie more and more!” JinYu exclaimed loudly. A group of big guys turned around after hearing the boss’ words. One of them smiled at JinYu and asked,“Why? IS it because we’re hospitable, easy going, and amicable?”

JinYu glanced at the bigshot then looked at the bag of vegetables he was carrying, nodded, and said, “It’s because you’re so easy to trick.”

The bigshot’s face flushed red instantly. His eyes blazed with fury. JinYu added, “All the people who work in Ajie are all hidden masters…..” The hero villa is in front of them. 

However, the bigshot naturally thought that JinYu was talking about him. He smiled happily and grinned, “Hahaha! You’re right about that! I’ll tell you that I’m still the Capital Star’s biggest stockholder in the underground casinos. Hahaha, we’re in Anjie to figure out the unrestrained and unparalleled forces leisurely. Who told you that I’m the eldest of the thirty Northern cities?”

With that, the big shot left with a bag of vegetables. 

Looking at the retreating silhouette, JinYu, Qi Qinglin, and all the other beasts were silent. This guy could just expose his hidden identity just like this…What’s more, he didn’t even look like the bigshot that once only wore a pair of underwear and was picked up by Baozi. To their surprise he was actually the boss of the underground casinos here and controlled thirty of the Northern cities. 

“En, if it’s like this, or after waiting for a few days and its empty, then let’s go here to play.”

Woof woof?! [Are we going to win a prize?] Xiao Bai barked excitedly. This fellow was a natural born gambler, even more this fellow was to have lots of fortune in these games.

“Yes, you’ll beat them. We’ll be in charge of losing.” JinYu siad. “I’ve always wanted to see what it feels like to lose money in a casino! This time it’s with acquaintances at my own place!”

Consequently, all the beasts and Boss Qi looked at JinYu and asked themselves: Does he want JiaWu to pack e casino? Is this just for your partner to play? Well, if your partner knows that the casino has become his own, this will make sure Xiao Bao doesn’t let a certain fish cheat right?

“Oi oi, why are you still holding my hand? I’ll go in and greet our neighbor’s neighbor’s neighbor!” JinYu rolled his eyes and waved his hand. “Besides, I have the beascertificae. My beasts were tricked incoming here. Anyway, let this boss come here and have a look.”

Hearing this Qi Qinglin’s eyebrows rose and he lowered his hand. Just when JinYu was about to ring the doorbell, Qi Qinglin said, “Just a reminder there’s a high voltage that will shock you on the doorbell.”

In the next second, Boss Jin withdrew his hand just like he had been struck. He turned around to look at Qi Qinglin, face full of fury. “Little QingQing, you’re getting naughty.” If he had been slower by a second, then wouldn’t he have been electrocuted to death??? He wasn’t Batman, Thor, or anything, if he was electrocuted he’d die!

Qi Qinglin just chuckled. He didn’t want to tell his fish that someone as blakc-hearted as he could be infectious. There’s a large, similarly evil-minded thing right beside him.

Relax, at most, I’ll only let you be electrocuted for a bit.” So that next time you won’t throw my hand away.

Hearing this JinYu’s lips twitched. He decided that next time if Qi Qinglin ever took the initiative to grab his hand, he would never let go to avoid this kind of situation.

“Hehe, then, what do we do now?” He still cares about the people in the hero’s villa. If he didn’t get it right, then would he find a bi secret? Maybe there are a group of villas in the villa where people discuss how to liberate and overthrow the ruling government. Hahahaha, how could this be? It’d be too funny, the joke of the century.

Like this, with a funny expression on Boss Jin’s face,Qi Qinglin ignored him and instead looked at Xiao Bai.

The latter instantly started shaking, jumping onto its paws to press the doorbell. Well, although it has thunder abilities, as long as it’s a B level beast or above it would be safe for the beast to ring the doorbell. Did the boss asked him to ring the doorbell to highlight the dangers of the doorbell or to highlight the correctness of his own words?!

“Who is it?”

After the bell rang, a man’s face appeared on the screen outside of the villa. 

And, looking at this fellow, Boss Jin couldn’t help but sigh. He really had no choice now. This was the middle-aged man.

“Hehe, hello. I’m the next door beast store’s owner. I heard from my beasts…,” Boss Jin used his most pleasant smile to describe the situation but he was hung up on before he could finish.

Your store’s beasts? You guys don’t have any beasts!”

A slap. The screen closed. 


Afterwards, something rotten-smelling was released. Xiao Bao even used is paws to cover its eyes, fucker, the boss will be mad!!

“Ha……haha……hahaha……” JinYu looked at the screen that had hung up on him, laughing dangerously. “So it’s like this huh….I came here to cultivate for so long, and now you came and made me angry.”

“It’s worthy of your house number, however, I don’t know if the Liangshan heroes lost their lunch boxes in the end! You fucking hang up on me!! Fuck you!!”

In a flash, JinYu’s body released a powerful mental attack. When the invisible mental forced passes, the 108 hero villa in front of JinYu, from its gate of the courtyard to the front door, all exploded!

At this time, several beasts around JinYu couldn’t help but take a step back. Fuck, when did the boss become so powerfuL?

When the beasts retreated, because the explosion made by JinYu caused such a reaction in the hero’s villa, a void as loud as a lion’s roar could be heard:“This fucker! Which one of these rascals dare run to my hero villa and smash my villa?! Do you want to die?”

……So Boss Jin listened to this and covered his face secretly, saying that he would never casually pick his name according house number next time. When the fucker responds for real next time, he wouldn’t want to deal with such sentimentality.

Furthermore,this voice, er, wasn’t it a bit like the someone from the earth’s? Even stranger, it sounded familiar?!

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And the petshops war begane… or not. That depends on who this slightly familiar voice’s owner is.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 29, 2019 10:34 am

What if it’s his grandpa or something like this???🤔👀

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