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Chapter 85

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Dewitt finished these two words, Wen Jin stayed still. Then he remembered that he had just came to this world, he had seen Dewitt’s mother once.

And that first meeting was horrible…

Wen Jin thought about it for a while, reached out and touched his eyes, and secretly enlarged them a little.

Dewitt, who saw his fox’s eyes grow bigger and bigger: …

“Why didn’t you say it in advance?” Wen Jin, with big eyes, loosened his hand held by Dewitt, and his face was somewhat unhappy, with an underlying sense of blame.

Although the memory of his first meeting with his mother-in-law was not very good, it was also his future mother-in-law. At that time, no one knew the outcome for Dewitt, but now it was different. Although demons and beasts were not as fastidious as the human race, his small tail was his. Wen Jin felt that since he met Dewitt’s mother, he had to follow the etiquette of the human race, to be more solemn and serious, and that is…

Prepare big gifts!

But now, he was in a hurry. Where was he going to prepare the ceremony? Looking at the clothes on his body and the traces under his clothes, Wen Jin became a little wilted in an instant. He thought that this meeting was too wrong and Dewitt’s mother would be unhappy. If she did not prepare a big gift, she would eat and wipe her son clean.

Dewitt looked at the frustrated fox, a little amused by the look of the little fellow, reached out and rubbed Wen Jin’s eyes, “Change back.”

Wen Jin ignored him.

Looking at Wen Jin’s eyes as if they were held invisibly by something, Dewitt frowned, “Do you feel bad?”

“… It’s very uncomfortable.” The main thing was that he felt bad. People say that the first impression is essential. Wen Jin thought that if he didn’t go in this state, his first impression’s score would drop to the negatives. If he didn’t show himself well, would Dewitt’s mother not give his little tail to him?

So he thought about it and looked at Dewitt with a consulting face, “Otherwise, I’ll go down like a fox today and eat with your mother another day?”

At least give him time to prepare gifts? And then the marks on his body should also be recovered.

Dewitt stopped and looked at Wen Jin for a while. It seemed as if he was thinking about the feasibility of his words. After a while, with some regret, he said, “Might not work.”


“When you woke up, I asked the housekeeper to prepare food.” Dewitt explained. He knew that the fox would be hungry as soon as he woke up. He had already sent the message when he was still asleep.

Subconsciously, Wen JIn reached out and touched his empty stomach. He swallowed and salivated, “A lot of it?”

Dewitt thought about the long list he had sent and nodded.

“I can finish it now, and I can finish it as a fox.” Wen Jin assured himself that he would never waste anything. In front of mother-in-law, they should first establish the image of a good husband who was industrious and thrifty.

See, Dewitt touched his chin, “Okay.”

“Really?” Wen Jin looked at him with his eyes shining, but on second thought, he felt wrong. How will you introduce me to your mother then? As a contract beast? Wen Jin frowned. He didn’t like that. He thought about it and then, with a look of excitement, said, “Tell her…I’m your eldest brother!”

“I can’t say I’ll be yours in the future?” Dewitt’s gaze at Wen Jin seemed to penetrate his thoughts through his eyes. In a word, he blocked Wen Jin directly and his excitement made him shake. 

“That’s not good.” Finally, Wen Jin shook his head and said with a heavy face, “No, she can’t be so upset when I first meet my mother-in-law. If she knew that the fox was me, she would feel that I am unreliable and would not feel rest assured that she would entrust you to me for life.”

Dewitt’s face shifted. “Hmm?”

“My eyes can’t be big either.” Wen Jin said as he turned his eyes back. “I may be found out when I see what her in the future.”

Dewitt smiled and looked at the unreliable fat fox talking to himself.

After a long time, Wen Jin seemed to have made up his mind. He looked up at Dewitt and said earnestly, “Find me some clothes.”

Thinking about it, he ran to the mirror and looked at the big strawberries decorating his skin. His eyes  twinkled as if he was going to the battlefield. “I have to cover my neck.”

Dewitt, who was behind him, couldn’t hold back. His lips were raised, and he said, “Following your orders.”


Since the death of the old count, Mrs. Margaret had been the sole owner of Bertram’s manor. Dewitt had fought abroad all year round and returned home only when he was in the interior, provided that he was on vacation when he was in the interior.

In this case, Mrs. Margaret was ready to go home without seeing Dewitt. So that day, when the old housekeeper said that the young master had returned, Mrs. Margaret was out drinking afternoon tea. Her expression was cold, and she knew she needed to go back.

Her entire demeanor was calm. The maids were worried about whether the wife would not come back. The old housekeeper sat happily in the kitchen and began to supervise the food. As a result, before the kitchen started their work, there was a sound of a suspension car stopping at the entrance of the manor.

Mrs. Margaret got out of the car and looked inside the house, her eyebrows wrinkled.

The old housekeeper came out of the kitchen as early as he heard the noise. He went over and laugher decorated his face. “He hasn’t come down yet.”

“How long has it been?” Mrs. Margaret heard the words and frowned deeper, glancing in the direction of the kitchen. “You started cooking?’

“Yes, Master sent me the menu. It’s been three hours.” The old housekeeper looked at the time, continued to laugh, and said all the information he had just collected about Dewitt.

Mrs. Margaret gave him a sidelong look.

Three hours turned into nineteen hours. Mrs. Margaret only looked up halfway, took a look at the stairway entrance, and turned straight away. She went to the kitchen and told people to cook everything later. Then she went on to invite people to have afternoon tea.

Their afternoon tea in the lady’s room was a lot of trouble-breaking, especially for people of this age. Today, the eldest of the South family had a child. Tomorrow, the eldest child of the West family got married. Then what was the change of position here and there, the joy of promotion and the grievance of a demotion? Every day, the crooked things were actually integrated. Next, you’ll find that it’s roughly the same.

Mrs. Margaret was rather cold, so she just sat next to her and listened with a cold face, like a queen dowager, with a deep winter version of motherhood.

She must have been mocked in secret by many people, but only in secret. No one dared to say anything openly to the wife of a deceased, meritorious Count, who also had a son who was in the position of Marshal. Nobody dared to move, let alone speak publicly. Most of them had to go to Margaret when they had any good news. People who sent an invitation letter, whatever their hearts think, on the surface, they had to face all kinds of laughter.

But most of the time, Mrs. Margaret would also go, and then continue to look at other people’s children having children, other people’s children getting married and such. During all of these events, her gifts were always perfect, but the language was flat.

However, in the afternoon tea of that day, the ladies who went there obviously felt something was wrong.

The reason was that a lady said that her daughter was going to get married.

“In how many months?” Rarely did Mrs. Margaret take the initiative when hearing such a topic. 

The woman was stunned, then muttered after a time, and then Margaret paused, “Is your sister free?”

Mrs. Margaret asked several questions, one by one, this woman were surprised and flattered. Her whole person was shining and answering to Mrs. Margaret. Explaining with all her heart and soul, and after that, she had a unique sense of accomplishment. However, when the afternoon tea was over, a few old and young ladies gathered together for a moment to think and felt something was wrong.

“She asked today all about marriage?”

“She…she’s going to have her second spring?”

“Gee Gee, what do you think? Who will she go with for her next spring? The old count will be unable to bear the temper…”

“… It’s not for Dewitt, is it? He, recently he’s been busy. Does he even have time?”

Several ladies looked at each other. The host talked about the discussion between the West and the East. Before long, the news that Marshal may be getting married became a rumor.


Wen Jin was stiff, wearing a formal suit and a small scarf around his neck. it surrounded his whole person tightly. When he came down, Mrs. Margaret was drinking tea at a table in the hall. The old housekeeper stood beside her.

At the first sight of Wen Jin, it was obvious that the whole house was shocked by Wen Jin’s clothes, and then looked up at Wen Jin’s face, and was shocked again.

Wen Jin, in the eyes of all people, also reacted to a problem. He turned his neck, full of strawberries, and looked at the straightforward Dewitt. Then he looked down at his scarf rolled several times thick around his neck. In that moment, Wen Jin felt like he was wearing the emperor’s new clothes.

So he gave Dewitt a fierce glare and even sneaked out his hand to pinch him.

At the same time, he was very anxious. What should he do? He came out in such ugly clothes just to cover the marks on his neck. Now Dewitt simply let his preparations fail. His mother-in-law must think that he was responsible for getting on the bus first, buying tickets and cleaning them up.

Just as Wen Jin’s heart was anxious, he kept changing his eyes, and from time to time he tried to make them bigger and better. The old housekeeper in front of him was also looking at Wen Jin.

He looked good and had a good body. He seemed to have a good relationship with the young master. Especially when two people looked at each other, Wen Jin’s embarrassment and Dewitt’s gloating were strong feelings. No one could say that Wen Jin was not familiar with him, but the young master looked at him and he suddenly felt like he had grown up. It goes without saying that he definitely recognizes it.

But… but he was also a man.

The old housekeeper’s smiling face stiffened and looked down at this wife carefully.

Dewitt grabbed the dishonest hand of his fox and turned his head. Just as he was about to speak to Mrs. Margaret, the latter’s chilly voice came out. “There will be two lucky days at the end of next month.”

Wen Jin:?



“What are you doing?” Mrs. Margaret frowned at them and said, “Didn’t you come back to get married?!”


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November 29, 2019 4:52 pm

I love you Mrs Margaret. Wen Jin, reassured your Mother In Law loves you.

November 29, 2019 9:32 pm

Certainly, I did not expect that. It’s like all those worries were for nothing.

Thank you for the chapter!

December 5, 2019 7:43 pm

Hurray! Dewitt’s mom is awesome. I can imagine how happy she is to know her son is finally getting married!
The author did a much better job handling the dual cultivation scene than she did with that first skipped over sex scene. This time she made the story flow smoothly without dwelling on the technicalities. Well done!

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Laurelie Irvine
December 15, 2020 4:28 am

Is mother-in-law a kuudere!?
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unicorn squad
July 27, 2022 3:11 pm

This was such an entertaining chapter I couldn’t stop laughing. Those strawberries turned up anyway. I wonder if the mother-in-law realizes her son isn’t marrying a young lady. Too Cute!! Thank you for the chapter.

March 14, 2023 11:01 pm

Okay, so she’s naturally taciturn but has a measure of insight and doesn’t seem to be against their relationship. This might end decently well. I suspect that she hopes being tied down will help her in getting her usually absent son to come home more often to visit. I do wonder if her stony face will break if he comes out with a fox tail and ears. Who can possibly resist a cute boy with fox tail and ears? It’s too cute.

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