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Chapter 102: Xiao Bai

Translated by Shinya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The reunion between Jin Yu and Zhang LiangShan was absolutely gratifying. Gratifying as it may be, even brothers need to talk about business. So Zhang LiangShan is going to discuss with his brother about the compensation for the damage to the house door and the yard.

In Zhang LiangShan’s own words, although he is a high-ranking man in the military department, and has a group of young brothers that were good at fighting. However, having a high position does not mean that he is rich and powerful. He has been in this strange place for more than five years, even seeing that there are more and more soldiers in his control, he couldn’t find a wife that he liked!

Zhang LiangShan will not admit that his standard of choosing a mate is too harsh, so he attributes all his failures to the fact that he did not save enough money for his wife yet. Because of this, the youngest lieutenant general in the military department was called ‘the most stingy chief’ by his soldiers and officers. Even though he was so stingy that he successfully made the military department give him twice as much salary, there are still countless soldiers and officers in the army who are hoping to be under his command. What’s the reason? It’s because being the most stingy wasn’t his only nickname, he also had another one ——

The most upright soldier in Capital star.

Just like the legendary generals in military history, Zhang LiangShan will appear in the most dangerous place in every battle, no matter big or small. If there are not a thousand soilders saved by him in battle, then there still at least be nine hundred soldiers. When he saves a person, he does not look at personal grudges or organizational forces, as long as he is in the same battlefield, as long as he is in his sight, as long as he can squeeze a little time to save someone, then he would rush up and pull you back from the scythe of death.

Therefore, although Zhang LiangShan has a very similar temperament to bandits, is extremely short-tempered that he would even directly beat the chief, and was extremely stingy. His reputation and popularity in the military are still terribly high. In addition, the old marshal who either plays chess and have tea or play with his grandson once described, the only people in the military department that could compete with him for the position of marshal was Fei YuSheng from the DaPengJinChi family or Zhang LiangShan. However, compared with the other, Zhang LiangShan was not back by the ten aristocratic families.

Although the words of the old Marshal seemed to be saying on the surface that Fei YuSheng and Zhang LiangShan could match each other, but we all know the important thing. The important thing was that it doesn’t mean the old man liked Zhang LiangShan. In fact, it’s very complicated. Every time the old man saw Zhang LiangShan, he wanted to kick him, because the rubbish didn’t care for his dear great granddaughter, the rubbish said she was too weak!

You rubbish is too weak!! HOw dare you say that the great granddaughter of the general marshal was weak? What kind of strong woman are you attracted to then?! One of the three bottomless gambles in the military department was whether Zhang LiangShan, someone so stingy and weird, could actually find a wife. It was said that the bets in gambling for him not being able to find a wife was 101%.


“Since you are my brother, I’ll give you a 70% discount for the cost of mental loss, work delay and reconstruction. So in total, you need to pay a thousand purple gold coins.”

Jin Yu looked at the huge man who was asking for money, and wanted to say that he didn’t know him. He remembered that he was very generous when they were on earth. How could he become like this after just being here for five years?! Moreover, he was asking <em>him</em> of all people for money, this kind of thing is impossible from the beginning. Brothers should know this clearly already!

“Big brother. I your subordinates abducted two of my B rank fighting beasts, each is worth at least 800 purple gold coins. They also abducted one C rank beast, the guy’s skill is fatigue recovery. In the black market, the price is 3000 purple gold coins. We are brothers, so I will give you 70% discount. So, a total of 2100 purple gold coins. In addition, there are three C rank fighting beasts. Although one is worth 500 purple gold coins, I will only be asking for 1000 purple gold coins from you. So, hmn, 1600 plus 2100 plus 1000, a total of 4700 purple gold coins. Big brother, I’ll save you the little changes. You only need to give me 4000 purple gold coins.”

Hearing Jin Yu’s words, Zhang LiangShan almost fainted on the ground. Let’s not mention that the astronomical figure was ten times more than his wife savings. The key was the word Jin Yu used!

“Abduction? Brother, are you talking about how your beasts willingly followed my subordinates? Are you kidding! Although what I’m doing now is spilling military secrets, I can tell you every beast that came with me were willing, OK? How can that be abduction? “

Zhang LiangShan’s tone was a little blunt, but Jin Yu doesn’t care at all. He believes in Zhang LiangShan’s character. If this person says it’s impossible, then he will not forcibly take or cheat the beast. But this does not mean that Jin Yu believes that his beasts will just leave and never return. So it should be clear where the problem was.


Jin Yu turned his head and looked at BaoZi beside him. When he heard that, BaoZi’s body was shaking, he stood upright in an instant. Then he roared at Zhang LiangShan’s house with a king’s posture.

Roar!! [You little fuckers come out this instant, or you can wait to be eaten by me!! ]

As they say, if BaoZi roars, they will immediately know the truth.

Within ten seconds, Zhang LiangShan looked at his villa and saw that there were exactly six beasts running out. The little guys were absolutely displaying all kinds of fear and relieved looks. They all came running out while screaming.

“Big brother. This does not look voluntary, does it? “

Hearing Jin Yu’s words, Zhang LiangShan’s face sank suddenly. Like Jin Yu, Zhang LiangShan never doubted him, because they had saved each other’s lives many times. After all, at those times, the darkest side of human nature are often revealed. Their trust were not comparable to that between ordinary people.

Just now, Jin Yu didn’t directly contradict his words, but let his beast roar to make a call-like action, that is to say something to him.

“Sun Ling? What is this?”

As soon as Zhang LiangShan turned around, he looked at the middle-aged man. The man had stood not far away from him from the beginning, he looked a little surprised at the arrival of Jin Yu. This man was sent by the military department to assist him in his task, as such he had the trust of the military department, and Zhang LiangShan also believed in this man. Moreover, since this man came here, his task has become much easier, so he has no doubt about this man. But now that his brother has come to find him like this, Zhang LiangShan knew that things were not as simple as he thought.

Zhang LiangShan’s tone was very light, but with his muscular body, no matter how light the words came out of his mouth, it seemed like it was a threat.

After hearing Zhang LiangShan’s question, the middle-aged man named Sun Ling’s face scrunched up and he looked at Jin Yu for a few seconds before finally shaking his head and saying, “Lieutenant general, I can guarantee that all the beasts I recruit are willing to participate in our plan! You can see that they are not rebellious and anxious! When these beasts came, they were obviously happy and willing! Lieutenant general, please be fair!”

After listening to this man, who not only didn’t explain but also did not apologize and instead bit back, Jin Yu was angry and smiled. He didn’t know where this guy got his confidence from. Plus it wasn’t like he knew the language of the cats.

Jin Yu took a look at the beasts from his shop. Three of them were felines, two were canines, and one was an insect. How could the guy fool all three types?

“Tch, so troublesome. What do you call that? Don’t cry until you see the coffin? I don’t have much here.. Xiao Bao, translate for them. I’ll give you bamboo shoots and fried meat in the evening.”

After hearing Jin Yu’s words, Xiao Bao, who was originally sleeping, woke up in a flash. Instantly happy, he went straight to Jin Yu’s arms. Then big boss grabbed him around his neck.

“You’ve gotten fatter.”

Big boss Qi almost killed Xiao Bao. [Oh! You’re calling me fat!! I’m obviously plump!! Plump!! It’s not easy to survive from being malnourished. Why am I crying?! I’m fat! I’m at most as big as a washbasin now!!]

Xiao Bao’s resentment soared to the sky, and the little eyes were still staring at Jin Yu. The latter couldn’t bear to be stared at by his resentful eyes. He could only sigh and hug Xiao Bao who now couldn’t sit on Da Bai’s head anymore, but had to sit on his back instead due to his size. It was a good thing that this guy slowed down growing when he got to such a big size. He  really missed his cute child!! He missed the apple sized dumpling.

“Cough. They said that the middle-aged uncle told them that they could lift their spiritual contract with human beings and avenge those who had been bullied before, so they came here. Of course, they didn’t come for revenge, they wanted to know how to break the spiritual contract.”

Zhang LiangShan looked surprised when he saw Xiao Bao. It was a national treasure! And when he heard what Xiao Bao said, his face was not so good. If Xiao Bao’s words were true, he couldn’t imagine how many unjustly killed beasts he had sent there by his own hand.

Although Zhang LiangShan agreed with what he had done now, and once it succeeded, it could solve the most dangerous contradiction between a human and a beast, but before it succeeded, the sacrifices it made were absolutely enormous. Therefore, the matter was classified as confidential and the beasts needed to be completely voluntary. He didn’t expect them not to we willing.

“Sun Ling, give me your orders from the military. Then, get out.”

Sun Ling knew that he would suffer when Xiao Bao spoke, but even so, he didn’t think Zhang LiangShan would punish him. After all, it was because of him that Zhang LiangShan was responsible for the task and that he was able to accomplish it so smoothly.

However, the development of things was far from what Sun Ling thought would happen.

“Lieutenant General Zhang!” Sun Ling’s face was extremely ugly. He was also a subordinate of the top ten families and a colonel in rank. He had always been respected by others. It was a disrespectful scolding, even if it was a bit heavy, few people say it to him. Zhang LiangShan was really deceiving people!! As expected, it was just like General Fei said, it wouldn’t make a big change!!

“You didn’t understand me? I said, get out! “

At this point, Sun Ling could not keep calm any more. His face flashed with a gloomy look. The next moment, with a sneer, he put the secret order of the military department on the ground and turned around and left. There was no one left here, there was no one left here! With his ability, no one else could fight for it!!

When Sun Ling left, it seemed that he inadvertently gave Xiao Bao and Jin Yu a glance. Today’s humiliation will be paid back in double!!

This very secret look didn’t attract the attention of Jin Yu and Zhang LiangShan. In their eyes, it was just a cannon fodder passing by. But Qi Qinglin, who had been standing on the side all the time, saw this look, and then his whole body went cold. At the next moment, a black figure leapt towards the other not far away.

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So the brother was deceived by his subordinate. The one who thought himself important was nothing more than a cannor fodder. And Yes! Big Boss, remove the threat to your wife. Remove him from the face of the earth!

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