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Chapter 106: The Owner Had a Score to Settle
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Big boss Jin Yu was a very nice, polite, loving person. He was loved and adored by many of the beasts.

That was something a person said while he was trying to butter Jin Yu up. Most of the beasts thought the statement was exaggerated, but most parts were true. A certain loyal puppy boss who always only look at Jin Yu’s good sides also thought so. Jin Yu was very pleased with that.

However, official information always lacked something. Moreover, rather than official information, people often liked to trust the things passed around in secret more. Or in other words, gossips, underground information, or if you want to take it further, it could als be called side history?

Cough, cough. In truth, the big bosses and little workers in the dark street had been passing around another version of boss Jin’s personality.

Boss Jin was a very kind, gentle, caring and attractive person. However, that was on the premises that you were willing to hand him gold coins, never fight against his will, and allow yourself to be used as training targets for his beasts. Yet, if you don’t hand him gold, plus went against him, plus bullied or ill-treat his beasts, then boss Jin would be a very domineering and unkind person who had no love and liked to send beasts to bit you up. Although something like a split personality should never exist in the protagonist, boss’s face turning skill was faster than flipping a page of a book, even the professionally trained can’t bear with it!!

As they say fire, theft and whale prevention. Those were the necessary vigilance for everyone.

At the moment, No. 138 beast pet store had a sign hung on its front door, ‘The owner has a score to settle and the shop is closed for the day’. Miserable wailing came from the yard of the store from time to time, it left room for endless imaginations for the passers-by who come here looking for a beast. Ehhh… He had a score to settle, if it was a deep score, then they didn’t think a day was going to be enough.

It’s just that they could understand the reason for the closure, but their curiosity was something more important than eating and drinking water. The door was closed when they were beating the people inside, so no one knew who they were beating, that was just too mean! Say, at least give a hint! It’s better to share after all.

So, as neighbors of villa no. 138, those big bosses who were still complaining before were all wearing happy expressions. What, you want to know who we are beating in there? Oh, I have the first-hand news! What? You want to know? You can know, just give me gold coins! In fact, hsi neighbors could just mind their own business and continue on, as long as the huge whale didn’t harm them.

The big bosses in the dark street were not going in for it, as it was not like their gold coins come out of thin air. Plus, just hearing one small info cost 100 purple gold coins. Fuck you, you are basically stealing money!

However, the big bosses were at their limit on the third day. It was just too mean that they shut the door and beat people for three days straight! They really wanted to see which poor soul was so unlucky. They were also laughing at the poor soul’s misfortune, at last, there was a guy that had it worse than them! So, in the end, the big bosses each contributed one purple gold coin, and finally they knew who the poor soul who was wailing every day was. However, after knowing who the person was, the big bosses were a bit shocked. After a long time of stupor, they coughed and coughed. Hmn, they just passed by and heard nothing!

But if you pay attention to the cold and gloating eyes of those big bosses, you could always understand that a truth. Often, the real information are in the hands of those who ‘just passed by’. It’s just that those guys like to pretend to be stupid, so that you would ignore their existence.

But there was no perfect wall in the world. Although the big bosses kept their mouths shut, they couldn’t stop the news from those who profit from selling information. On the third afternoon of locking and beating up the second son of the Qi family after his unwelcome visit of No.138 beast pet store, Yuan JingYa who was trying to find his son so hard that she almost went crazy made a grand entrance!

At this time, boss Jin Yu was laughing with his boss as they trampled over an internet game. This game was a holographic online game, which claimed that it was impossible to cheat in…… That’s why boss Jin Yu and his boss was cheating in it together. Why you ask? Oh, didn’t I said not long ago? Official information can’t be trusted. Playing online games where you can also cheat in was just so fun, boss Jin Yu had to admit! He already wanted to do this in his last life!!

Cough, cough. Of course, cheating in an online game while a person was being beaten was a bit mean. However, that also depended on what kind of scum they were dealing with, does it not? Of course, Jin Yu was absolutely outraged at the fact that his boss was scolded by others, he was also rejected by his own relatives. If it was not for the reason to lure his mother out, boss Jin Yu would have definitely throw the person straight to the most remote wild planet. Haha. To be honest, when compared to the fierce beasts on the wild planet, his beasts were all too kind. Hmn, it’s understandable to be slightly mischievous from time to time, right?

Of course, in order to settle the score in their strongest boss’s stead, the beasts were all giving extra efforts in coming up with ways to torture the scum. This was not in Jin Yu’s expectation. It’s necessary to butter up the strong to survive after all.

Ouuuu! [Boss! Report! There are several hostile forces approaching rapidly! In addition, the second son had already volunteered to sell himself to our shop as sparring practice.]

As BaoZi spoke, Jin Yu’s mouth began to rise. Neither side had perseverance. One side could have gotten rescue if he hung on a little longer, while the other could have stayed clear of the trap if they just waited a little longer. Yet, in the end, neither had patience.

“Hey, hey, can you stop bullying the dungeon boss there? You guys are a family after all! You only know to kill dungeon bosses every day, and then sell the best equipment to the NPCs!! You know, if those players know, they would curse with the most vulgar of words at you every day.”

Jin Yu pushed Qi QingLin, who was fighting a dungeon boss by his lonesome. However, Jin Yu didn’t see any sadness on the guy’s face at all. But of course, why would he be sad, yesterday the guy tortured him in bed all night, so this bastard was naturally in a great mood!! As Jin Yu thought more about it, the more he began to grind his teeth. Who in the world did he think Jin Yu was doing this for?! He couldn’t help but kick the boss in his back, and then the boss’s hand slipped, so he was killed by another boss in game.

“What are you looking at?! Want to fight?!”

Qi QingLin smiled at his angry partner, then pulled him into his embrace and took a few bites. “It’s just a game, it doesn’t matter. In reality, I can even die for you after all.” He was really in a good mood and it was all because this person cared about him.

This sentence succeeded in getting some blood up his head, the boss turned around and walked into the yard with a murderous face. That was that, but even if his mood was great, it didn’t mean he accepted being killed in an instant by a rubbish dungeon boss he fought for an hour with!! He was never going to lash out on his own fish 1, but when it came to others, they were just perfect for him to let out his anger!!


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Translator Notes:

  1. Jin Yu, the word Yu had the same pronunciation with fish.


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December 4, 2019 10:31 pm

Here comes the action! I can’t wait to see what this Big Boss has in store for the evil second wife.

Thank you for the chapter!

October 7, 2021 10:29 am

If Qi ShaoLin (now Qi TianCong) thought he was an only child, I suppose there’s no longer a sister?
Wicked step mother is going to be sorry.
How could Qinglin’s own father abandon him at birth though? Was it guilt, because it seems he contributed to Qinglin’s mother’s death during his birth? Tragic. Whole family deserve beating & throwing out.

Official LMW release!


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