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Chapter 90: Do I look bad?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Liu LinLin was one of DaDao’s technicians and did not need to follow the other technicians on the spot. At this moment, she was sitting in her seat, listening to the news from the receiver, while…her eyes peeped quietly at the figure standing on the balcony.

Marshal and Dao Dao had went in for a long time. During that time, the young man on the balcony who followed Marshal had remained standing in the same position. it was unknown what he was doing. The windows all around them were closed.

Liu LinLin knew that she should concentrate on her task, but she just couldn’t control her eyes. Whenever she was free, her eyes would consciously look at the figure. She remembered that the young man was very good-looking. Although his hairstyle looked strange, it still did not affect Liu LinLin’s evaluation of him.

When he and the Marshal had walked in, Liu LinLin had a discussion with her colleagues.

At first, they found it strange. They had heard the story between the Marshal and his contract beast and they were curious about the Marshal’s contract beast, who the Marshal cared so much about and had launched a whole team to search for news of it. Therefore, they thought that the Marshal would be the kind who could not leave the contract beast alone. They thought they could see it today.

But they didn’t realize that the Marshal would bring such a young man instead of the beast when he came here this time. He was really good looking, but it was also true that he wouldn’t do things like a normal person taken off a random road, and…when Liu LinLin went to pour water, she saw it.

She saw the Marshal holding the young man in his arms and the Marshal kissing him on the forehead.

Being able to have the marshal doing such actions, this person was probably…

In Liulin Lin’s mind, that started running wild, she suddenly heard a colleague next to her shout, “What’s the matter? Lin Lin, where is the dynamic code?”

Liu LinLin hurriedly returned to her cubicle. After responding to her colleague’s words, her five fingers flew fast over the light screen, and then she was stunned, “Lost…?”

The man’s face turned cold in an instant. “Lost, how could it be lost?”

A dynamic code was a very important step in an encrypted communication, if the dynamic code was lost… Liu LinLin suddenly turned her head to another colleague. “Is the wave frequency still there?”

“Yes?” The colleague glanced at the screen and returned unconsciously. After seeing Liu LinLin’s expression clearly, his fingers unconsciously returned to the screen. Once refreshed, his face turned into shock. “It’s gone?!”

The loss of dynamic codes and wave frequencies indicates that they lost contact with the group that had entered the warehouse. With these three words falling, the original quiet atmosphere of the room suddenly condensed.

“How could this be…” The hands and fingers in the room were running fast, they hand no clue what they should do when they looked at the huge amount of data on the light screen

Liu LinLin also clenched her teeth, recalling that she had been in contact with all kinds of beast news for more than a month, and then looked at the closed room, her face was somewhat bleak, “Do you want to call for help?”

Having the Marshal and DaDao go in meant that it was not an ordinary place.

“No,” someone said firmly, “DaDao-ge said that there was no need to rescue before it was forced. It was just a loss of communication. Maybe it was through some special equipment. Let’s wait.”

Liu LinLin looked at the news on the light screen, her fingers curled up together, and the past scenes floated before her eyes. Although they had not yet found out who was providing assistance to the beasts, they knew why the Uttar people came into contact with them and why they received assistance from the Uttar people. If things really went in the direction they wanted, then it was possible for the Marshal and DaDao to go in at this time…

Liu LinLin had a bad feeling, which made her heart beat faster. It was then that a white finger bent and knocked on the table in front of her. Liu LinLin was stunned, subconsciously raised her head and saw the face she had repeatedly admired in her heart for a long time.

“Little girl.” The man said.

“… Ah?” Standing in front of her alone, this person can give Liu LinLin a kind of illusion that dreams appeared in reality. She was stunned.

“Do I look like a scum?” Wen Jin smiled at her.

“… Ah?”

“I look like the kind of person that starts as a mess and ends up making everything a mess… Am I still human?” Wen Jin continued to laugh. After Liu LinLin paused, he returned with a voice that she couldn’t understand. Wen Jin looked into Liu LinLin’s eyes and asked the last question, “Am I handsome or not?”

Ah, this word had not yet been exported, Liu LinLin quickly thought of the name of the other party’s self-introduction before, and consecutively nodded, “Handsome!”

Wen Jin gave a light laugh and was satisfied. He waved his hand around the table toward Liu LinLin and went straight out the gate.

Liu LinLin blinked her eyes until Wen Jin’s figure disappeared from the room. Before the Marshal left, she seemed to have been warned them to watch the young man, and if he went out like this… where was he going?


Wen Jin was still sorting out the messages on the screen given by Dewitt in his brain. The amount of information was too large. It took a lot of effort for him to understand as an outsider. Then he suddenly felt a slight fluctuation of energy in the distance. In a twinkling of an eye, none of the indoor detectors responded, but Wen Jin felt it and smelled Dewitt in it, so he left the balcony.

In the cold wind, Wen Jin walked out of the room and looked around the empty room. When he shook his figure, he stood at the door of the warehouse. Under the moonlight, his black pupils looked in that direction and they were very cold.

Although it was a bit difficult to get it all sorted out, after he’s finished, he understood it.

Wen Jin did not know whether to thank Dewitt or not. That fellow didn’t want wen jin to die together with him due to the [contract that binds the contractor andn contractee, so if contractor dies, the contractee will die too] if he died one day. So from the day he came to life, he had been trying to send someone to investigate the contracts. He hoped that before he died, he would unravel the contract and set Wen Jin free.

That was because there was such a cushion because of the current situation in Assyria, the speed and progress would be fast when they started to investigate the beasts.

Wen Jin stood in place for a long time before he took his steps. He walked on all the way. Halfway through, he heard a sound of footsteps behind him. Then someone stopped him unsteadily, panting heavily, “Wait, wait!”  Liu LinLin looked a little nervous. “You, where are you going?”

Wen Jin ignored her and went on, but after two steps to the black warehouse, he seemed to think of something again. He turned his head and looked at the Liu LinLin. “Is this a dangerous task?”

Liu LinLin was stunned, then looked at the warehouse, and her eyes moved. It seemed that she didn’t know whether to say if it was or not.

Wen Jin gave her a sidelong look, without any intention of pressuring her.

Wen Jin continued walking while flipping through the info in his mind.

In that document, first of all, the experiment that broke out two decades ago in the war between Uttar and Assyria, where people thought that beasts were human, but in fact it was an experiment of Assyrian beasts. Below the information was a note from Dewitt commenting that this should have been known earlier on. Because it was after that war that the Uttars planted dense seeds of discord in Assyria, and each seed targeted the beasts. They created the gladiator arena, poisoned the beasts, and then attacked the beasts. It seemed that the Uttars were hostile to the beasts.

From ancient times, the contract beasts were the biggest stumbling block in the way that the Uttar conquering the Assyrians. If they wanted to conquer the Assyrians, they had to get the contract beasts for good reason.



Today’s Qi beasts were different from the god beasts hundreds of years ago. Nobeast cores, no abilities, most of them didn’t possess divine sense. But in today’s Assyria, the real powerful ones were no doubt the Assyrians. So why did the Uttar people insist on attacking the Qi beasts so much?

This was also Dewitt’s biggest question.

Imagine, from his awakening to the discovery of the depth of the invasion from the Zerg and Uttar, to today, and not to mention what kind of relationship the Uttar and the Zerg have reached, every time they appeared together, it was because of the contract beasts.

They had been able to penetrate into the scientific research institute and Dewitt’s Legion. They had the opportunity to destroy Assyria too much. Their eyes had always been on the contract beasts. Why?

“Marshal?” Inside the dark street, DaDao opened his eyes wide and watched Dewitt suddenly rush out. In front of them were a group of red-eyed, gruesome-looking, horrible-looking beasts. Dewitt was so fast that DaDao felt that he could hardly catch him with the naked eye. One of his arms was been bitten off but he stared at the unresponsive terminal on his remaining wrist.

After watching it for a long time, DaDao grasped the blade behind him with one hand and shivered slightly. Looking at the other man, his face was determined.

Dewitt’s eyes were sharp. There was only one explanation.

The Uttars were afraid of some potential with the beasts. This possibility was discovered by their experiments twenty years ago. The reason why the beasts chose to meet the Uttar at this juncture made it make sense.

Twenty years ago, the Uttar’s study made them discover the powerful possibilities of the Qi beasts, which led them to destroy the Qi beasts, and made them hostile to anyone who wanted to study the Qi beasts, so they would attack Professor Lin and destroy the research institute. The Uttars knew that these secrets could make the beasts stronger, and they were afraid, not only of the possible consequences of these secrets, but also of the fact that the Assyrians knew the secret.

So, after finding that it was impossible to get rid of the beasts and kill them, the Uttar people changed their thinking. They began to use this as a bargaining chip in exchange for the chance to meet and negotiate with the beasts themselves.

That was why Dewitt didn’t want the Uttar to come into contact with the beasts. Once the Uttars came into contact with the beasts, once negotiations were reached between them, Assyria was likely to lose even the last breath of life. He never underestimated the Uttars, who had already been associated with the Zerg, and both stood on the opposite side of Assyria, if even the beasts let them succeed.

“Marshal -!” Seeing the herd of beasts pouncing at them, DaDao ran behind Dewitt with panic in his voice. 

But Dewitt kicked the beast, which was thrown at him from behind, and landed steadily on the ground. His cold eyes flashed over the beasts.

Twenty years ago, the Uttars learned something through experiments. And hundreds of years ago, why on earth did Eaton Melson not hesitate to tamper with history and fabricate history to make Assyrians and Qi beasts develop to the present level?

If it weren’t for Wen Jin, it would have taken Dewitt longer to figure out.

Hearing the scream of DaDao behind him, Dewitt subconsciously reached out and touched his chest. After touching the space, he was stunned. Then he remembered that he had left his necklace to Wen Jin after the attack in the arena that day.

After a pause, Dewitt dropped his hand.

Thousands of years ago, unlike what Assyria now said in its history, it was not the Assyrians who took the God beasts away from their mother star, but the God beasts who took the Assyrians away from their mother star and came to what was known as Assyria today.

At that time, Assyria was not a barren life star, but like an ancient Uttar, an aboriginal. Assyrians were weak, but the god beasts were extremely powerful. They waged war on Assyria, their mother planet, and strived for a place for themselves and the descendants of Assyrians.

However, at that time, the number of God beasts was not as large as Assyrians, while the Uttar were in their heyday. Their spiritual manipulation could control almost every Assyrian firmly in their hands. The god beasts were distressed by the harassment of Uttars when they controlled Assyrians.

Against the backdrop of such constant wars, the first person came forward and publicly declared that his partner was an Assyrian, and gave birth to two race-crystallized beasts, pushing history to the next chapter.

Assyrians had always been fascinated by beasts, and after the birth of the first crystallization, more and more beasts began to be willing to mate with Assyrians. The offspring they gave birth to would have demon cores that Assyrians did not have in the past.

This was God’s gift, the most incomparable talent, in such a combination, the two races multiplied and thrived, and the Uttar naturally, in the cruel reality of the jungle, had to leave Assyria. However, the Uttars were not willing to leave their homeland like this. Before they left, they had talked with the head of the Beast God clan. The purpose of this conversation was to provoke the Uttars to do exactly what they did today.

The tone and manner of provocation might have been wrong, but as long as the other side’s weakness was hit, it can be figured out. At that time, the Uttar people warned the god beasts that if the Assyrians were allowed to multiply like this, one day the Assyrians would become more and more powerful. Could the harmony between the two races really be maintained when that happened?

Unfortunately, after this conversation, the Uttars left Assyria and the Assyrian land became more and more peaceful. Aassyrian aristocrats began to realise the value of the god beast and expressed his endless greed and desire for the power of god beasts. There were always scum like him in any kinds of groups. Those aristocrats ended up being executed by the Assyrians themselves. however, the incident incited uneasiness in the leader of the god beasts.

This was where the contract originated from.

It was claimed to be a life-and-death contract, eternal and indestructible, firmly linking the two races together, but in fact, it was a guarantee of the God beasts to their own. The contract was solvable and only the beasts knew how. The price of liberation was to destroy their beast cores.

Due to the disparity of abilities between the god beasts and the Assyrians, the only core that would possibly be destroyed was that of Assyrians. That was what the old god beast’s leader, who was the first to link Assyrians and god beasts together, thought. such a contract obviously made them at peace again.

In this way, Assyrians and beasts lived in harmony again for nearly a hundred years, until twenty years after the death of the elder clan leader, something completely unexpected happened to him – the ability of beasts began to weaken.

This was different from the Assyrians becoming stronger. Even if the Assyrians became stronger, all they got were the god beasts, and ultimately they couldn’t escape their control. And the meaning of weakness was totally different, which meant that almost every God beast carved with a contract, changed.

It was because of this that a very magical man appeared on the land of Assyria when the god beasts began to be anxious.

It was rumored that this man had a long gown, 3,000 green silk, cool temperament, held a series of amazing magic weapons that could be stuffed into empty bracelets, could supply spiritual necklaces and so on. The man told them that the reason why the spiritual beasts were weakening was that the reiki of Assyria was becoming thinner and thinner, and that once the spiritual beasts nourished by the reiki of heaven and earth lost their spiritual spirit, they would die directly.

Wen Jin knew this best.

For monks, Reiki was the most important thing. Cultivation was a defiance of the natural order; cultivators were just borrowing more lifespan from the heavens. when cultivators lost spiritual energy, that means their lives would be ending soon.

This apparently shocked the gods beasts of the time.

At that time, however, the cultivator said a second point.

That is, unlike human beings, everything these beasts possessed, from their power to divine sense, were born due to spiritual energy, let alone their fate.  And iif they lost all of this, they would become the weakest, wise, incapable, and short-lived, just like that of the most common monster.

Unlike Assyrians, these gods beasts had so many memories of their mother star that they believed what the monk said.

Wen Jin stepped on the open ground gently, and then the ground was opened directly. He floated down to the ground and looked coldly at the two Uttars standing below, who were stunned and shocked.

The cultivator pointed out the life-and-death issues related to the whole race of god beasts, and naturally offered solutions. He told the beasts that there was such a land of paradise, which had infinite spirituality and environment far beyond Assyria in its heyday. He could take the god beasts, but he only the pure ones.

This was because the process of space warping might not even be bearable for god beasts, let alone Assyrians. Therefore, this proposition was put in front of the god beasts at that time.

Stay in Assyria and weaken yourself until you die, or cut off contact with Assyrians.

The so-called cut-off refers to destroying the Assyrian beast cores and then heading for the legendary ideal continent. And this ideal continent was called Honghuang.

It was the home of the cultivator. It was also the ultimate goal of the Uttar people when they began attacking the beasts. 

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